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New European league system - W I P -

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This thread is part #2 of my idea:


So i decided to try to finish this project - lets hope i will find enough motivation and free time :)


Let me first explain how system works. I will change all european national systems. Also club continental system is different.


Spain.Germany , England and Italy (top 4 leagues) will remain only 4 national leagues but with changed format. Top division will have 12 and second 18 clubs.

Other nations in Europe will make 8 regional leagues with 12 teams in each league.

Number of teams from some country will be dynamic (i explained this in "dynamic qualification thread"). In season #1 number of teams will be based by nations coefficients at the moment. Also in season #2 and after - winner will be qualified.

Something like this:

Coefficients in this list are from old thread - will update this when i find some time.




Top domestic divisions will be changed for all countries and it will be played in 2 stages- autumn and spring season. Participating teams in regional leagues will not play autumn season. Rest of the teams will play autumn season and they will compete for qualification in championship group.

Example: league with 12 teams- 3 best teams from last season will play in regional league in autumn season. The other 9 teams will play domestic league autumn season. Teams that finish in top 3 places will qualify for Championship group of spring season with 3 teams from regional league. They will compete for domestic title and for spots in next years regional division. Autumn season will be played in 2 rounds - 10 games total. Maybe we need more games here but i need to make space for Champions cup and Euro cup games.

Teams from positions  4-9 in autumn season will play in Relegation group spring season and will try to avoid relegation.

8 regional leagues will be played in autumn season. As i said before-teams will not play domestic autumn season. They will compete for Champions Cup finals and Uefa cup finals. Top 8 spots in regional leagues (also in Spain, England, Germany and Italy) will qualify for european continental competitions.


European continental competitions:

We have 12 leagues that gives clubs for euro comps. 4 top divisions and 8 regional leagues.

Champions cup will be 32 clubs competition(8 groups of 4 teams just like default) and participating teams will be:

- last winner of CL

-last winner of EL

-winner and runner-up of all 12 divisions

-6 winners of playoff between 12 3rd places teams in 12 divisions.


Euro cup will be with 32 clubs (also 8 groups of 4 teams) nd participating teams will be:

-6 losers of Champions cup playoff between 12 3rd places teams in 12 divisions.

-12   4th placed teams from 12 divisions

- 14 teams from qualification rounds.

Qualifications for Euro cup will be played in 3 rounds.

First round will include 8th placed teams from 8 regional divisions. 4 matches, 4 teams go to second round.

Second round will include 4 winers of first round, 4   8th placed teams from 4 top divisions, 12   6th placed and 12  7th placed teams from 12 divisions.   32 teams total, 16 go to playoff.

Playoff round will include 16 winners from second round and 12   5th placed teams from 12 divisions. 28 teams , 14 go to group stage.


So you can see every of 12 leagues can give 8 teams for continental competitions. Maybe this seems to much but i want to give chance for small teams to compete and also to make sure there is reason to play your league 100% to the end.

Also i need to make sure that almost every nation recieve some coefficient point because after 6-7 seasons we can have 20 nations with coefficient zero.


Hope you guys understand this and of course i hope you like this idea.                    :onmehead:






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Wow, what a great job. This sounds soooo aweome.


But let me point one thing. You should not consider nationalities for choosing teams, but consider reputation. I don't know if there is lower divisions, but for instance you cannot don't take the Partizan Belgrade or Hajduk Split in Balkan Division and but Drita or Shkendija, you can't forget Zenit, CSKA or Spartak Moscow and but teams like Suduva, you can't forget Fenerbahce or Panatinaikos and put Valetta, You can't forget Plzen or Austria Wien and put Tre Penne...


In my opinion, division should be 18/20 teams instead of 12, like classical great countries top division (and 3 teams going in second division, and 3 promoted to the first), and you should really take reputation in consideration. So many huge teams are missing, and the gape between weak teams from weak countries and classical great teams is too huge. Even if your  idea is really awesome, I have always dream of that. 


Also maybe the collage is not the best. You can't put weak countries in the top leagues. Best and strong divisions would be better. Put Ireland, Scotland with England. Put Spain and Portugal together (and no Gibraltar/Andorra teams in first division), but France with Belgium and Netherlands (and no Luxembourg team in first division). Maybe juste Germany and Italy (with San Marino and no team in first division) should be not touched (because the idea of Nordic with Denmark, Central European with Switzerland and Austria, and Balkanic with Slovenia are very good).  1576233613-fond-europe-1.jpg


After this is only my idea. I have always dreamed of strong championships like that in the editor, so I think it's not very cool to create transnational championships with so weak teams, and forget so many strong teams.





I – The Iberic League :


Div. 1 :


1) Real Madrid

2) FC Barcelona

3) Atletico Madrid

4) Valencia

5) FC Seville

6) Betis

7) Athletic Bilbao

8) Real Sociedad

9) Espanyol Barcelona

10) Celta Vigo

11) Villarreal

12) Eibar

13) Alaves

14) Getafe

15) Levante

16) Benfica

17) FC Porto

18) Sporting

19) Vit. Guimaraes

20) Braga


Div 2 :


1) Leganes

2) Valladolid

3) Mallorca

4) Granada

5) Pamplona

6) La Corugna

7) Malaga

8) Vallecano

9) Zaragoza

10) Gijon

11) Girona

12) Las Palmas

13) Cadiz

14) Tenerife

15) Rio Ave

16) Maritimo

17) Vitoria Setubal

18) Boavista

19) Belenenses

20) Pacos Ferreira


Div 3 :


1) Portimonense

2) Tondela

3) Moreirense

4) Gil Vicente

5) Aves

6) Santa Clara

7) Famalicao

8) Chaves

9) Academica

10) Estoril

11) Huesca

12) Oviedo

13) Almeria

14) Numantia

15) Lugo

16) Extremadura

17) Alcorcon

18) Albacete

19) Elche

20) Santander




II – The Mediteranean Division :


Div 1


1) Galatasaray

2) Fenerbahce

3) Besiktas

4) Trabzonspor

5) Basaksehir

6) Konyaspor

7) Antalyaspor

8) SIvasspor


10) Olympiakos

11) AEK

12) Panathinaikos

13) Aris

14) Atromitos


16) Apollon Limassol

17) Maccabi Tel Aviv

18) Maccabi Haifa

19) Be'er Sheva

20) Betar Jerusalem



Div 2


1) Kayserispor

2) Kasimpasa

3) Genclebirlgi

4) Rizespor

5) Gozteppe

6) Alanyaspor

7) OFI Crète

8) Larisa

9) Xanthi

10) Panionios

11) Panaitolikos

12) AEK Lanarca

13) Omonia

14) Anorthosis

15) AEL

16) N Netanya

17) Hapoel Tel Aviv

18) Bnei Yehuda

19) Hapoel Haifa

20) Kiryat Shmona



20 teams => No one is missing, big championships with interesting challenges

Reputation => No huge gape, despite if there is no Andorra, no Malta in the first (and second) division etc..

Edited by maxlandersanada

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Good luck! This seems an interesting idea, but breaking the game rules in so many ways, I don't think you can manage to produce an actual playable file... you didn't last time, did you?



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9 hours ago, valve said:

Good luck! This seems an interesting idea, but breaking the game rules in so many ways, I don't think you can manage to produce an actual playable file... you didn't last time, did you?

Rules are there so we can break them :D

My file was playable but i was to lazy to finish it.  Lack of motivation and free time was biggest problem.

Now - big question is logical playability of this system because i can have many problems - coefficients for example. Im not sure how this system will effect nations coefficients.

Also i dont like for example Southwestern division with french and portuguese teams but im not sure how to change system. If i add France and Portugal as single nation divisions - then i should add also Russia, Holland- maybe Belgium...

I need to draw end line somewhere...

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14 hours ago, Wolf_pd said:

I like that thinking :D

For example - this. Europe --> Qualification Places panel. This can be done if you decide to play this file and you need information how many teams are qualified for european competitions from some regional division.



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I was thinking about a similar structure. Only the difference, that there are only big teams in top regional divisions (like CSKA, Shakhtar, Zenit), so no small teams from Estonia, Armenia and so on. But smaller teams, that are not present in the top united division, during european slots play they own tournament (like a CL with groups and play-off), and best, let's say, two teams (finalists) get a promotion to the top league for the next season. On this case all teams will be involved to the competition, and in the same time the large difference between teams from different countries will be avoided.

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