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Game importance and youth facilities have no effect on newgen PA

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Game importance and youth facilities do not influence newgen PA at all.

Description of Issue:

There is no difference in newgen PA if the 'game importance' setting is changed in the pre-game editor. There is no difference in newgen PA if the youth facilities are changed either.

I use FM genie scout to view newgen PAs, and I've found that the newgen PA median is the most accurate measure. It is still variable, but predictably so (-/+ ~10%), and when I average a set of median PAs from multiple newgen intakes, I get more accurate results.

You can see some of my results documented here:

I have also tested this before with German and English teams, so I've replicated this about 50 times overall, for 'game importance' at least.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. In pre-game editor for France (or any other nation presumably), set 'game importance' to 'completely useless', and/or youth facilities of a team to '1'.
  2. Start game with 'large' database, France down to level 4. I've done it with small and large database; leagues from multiple nations or just one - the result remains the same.
  3. Holiday until day after  youth intake day.
  4. Compare median PA of newgens to that of a standard unedited game. PA distribution also does not seem to be different at a glance.

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