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Stage looking to add additional teams and crashing

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Been trying to nail down this crashing issue with my Pivot DB for the league structure of Belarus Extraliga A.

Error messages: image.thumb.png.c42baabebc680312e4cabc82a2d5eb55.pngimage.thumb.png.01debcfd7656b743631d9ce173c1365e.png

This is occurring on 14.1.2020, which is weird because that is already in the middle of Stage 2 and Stage 3 (both were properly drawn):

Stage 1: image.thumb.png.4f8bb5cdba5b7348b9dee34d6549e327.png

Stage 2: image.thumb.png.c86453ece68f5a273d1bff5909ff33f7.png

Stage 3: image.thumb.png.6a5b81c001b96407186908e99c54d474.png

Uploading database and saved games to SI Cloud Service (Belarus1-507673.zip)

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