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This is something I've noticed in the last few iterations of Football Manager, and it's strange and pretty annoying.

When viewing the Focus of Attacks widget during the match, it clearly shows one side at either end of the pitch. Logic would tell you that when you're the away side, you would be at the right side of the graphic and therefore, the arrow, which points down the opposite end of the field, would indicate what side your team is focussing on on the basis of the arrow -- i.e. when you the away side, the bottom arrow pointing towards the opposite end of the field would indicate attacking down the left-hand side. But when you check it post-game in the post-match analysis, bizarrely, your attacks down the left have actually been down the right, and vice-versa.

I can't be the only person that finds this misleading and, of course, when you know about then "error" (?) you can read it properly by just taking it as the opposite of what it appears to indicate. However, it must be misleading for any player who hasn't twigged.

I can't figure out if it's deliberate or not because surely the developers would have picked up on this after several versions of the game and rectified it by now, so can anybody explain why it is the way it is in the match engine widget?


This is what the in-match widget indicates.


However, post-match, it turns out those attacks have actually been down the right hand side.

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