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[FM20] - My journeyman save

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I'm in 2020/21 season, and after a TERRIBLE 1st year (i was sacked from 2 teams, BFC BERLIN (german 4th tier, without winning a game in 4 months) and TAMAI (italian 4th tier, where i took up the team from the bottom to playout, but lost the final so got relegated in 5th tier), CASARANO, a 4th tier italian club (the city is in Salento, Apulia), hire me before the start in the 2nd season. I started without license (i've gained the first two steps during the 1st season) and without football player past experience.

After a little revolution, that's the team.


That's are the first three months in charge. As you can see, in the SERIE D italian cup, we defeat three teams and now we are in the round of 32.


And that's the League table. Media predicted me in 4th place. Last year the team arrived 6th, few points out the playoff zone (that are useless, because only the 1st go to Lega Pro).


The vision target is to reach playoff, i think that it's possible to do it, because the team isn't bad...But we are in serious financial problems..


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