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allow to set personalised player instructions for U23/U18

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For Liverpool I've taken control of the reserve team and youth team tactics, meaning they are copied from whatever tactic is active as tactic #1 for the first team. 

(Ideally I would have liked to have given control of the reserve and youth team tactics to the U23 and U18 managers, but since in FM20 this means you are also giving up control of the "position/role/duty", "additional focus", and "intensity level" personalised training options, this is a no go for me. Please look into this SI and set it so that you can remain in control of personalised training even if other managers are in control of tactics in youth teams)


This works fine, aside from one thing: when I click on the player positions in the tactic overview on the U23/U18 team, I cannot set the personalised instructions the way I do for the first team. All the names I see for the positions are here greyed out, and I can not activate the names by clicking on them. The only workaround is to move a player UP from the U23/U18 team and then set the personalised instructions via the tactic screen for the first team. When I then move that player back down to the U23/U18 team, his personalised instructions stick from how I arranged it in the first team tactics..


To be able to give the players in the youth teams personalised instructions is very important when you're having them play with the same tactic as the first team. In my U18 side I have a player called Harvey Elliott who I am very eager to see if can grow into the same role as Salah plays for me in the first team (inverted winger). But because I cannot set the personalised role in the U18 team, Elliott ends up playing winger (because that's the positional role in the tactic, seeing how there are more right-footed players in the AMR position that left-footed players). I don't want Elliott to go through the next years playing winger in the youth teams when his personal instruction should be to play inverted winger!

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