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sam allaguy

Player Overview Screen Change

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Hi everyone,

New to skinning and would like some help in refreshing the player overview screen.

Here's what i'm looking for:swert.thumb.PNG.3e7c4e45134e74cb8893296285ee1261.PNGswe.thumb.PNG.1f92166dde7367ea803371a1f391f007.PNG

The player details/info panel to display vertically on the left side of the screen.

I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks

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Made some progress with some help from @a31632

The playeroverviewpanel.xml file in panels/player/player overview  is the main file that needs to be edited.

Who knew skinning could be this fun?



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Hi there Sam. 

Good work, seems you are having success. 

I have literally NO knowledge on skinning, but I am curious and have had a little gander into some of the .txt files in some of the various skins I have downloaded, just to try and get my head around it, and I must say it's pretty alien to me. 

You see on your Mkhitariyan image there, the back of the Shirt 77 image... Is it easy enough to add that in a skin? Because I like seeing that, to be honest, I would prefer to see that than a blacked out image of a head. 

Any help would be much appreciated, it's not vital, but would be a NICE little touch for my own amusement! 😌 


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