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Scandinavian and Dutch players lack one particular skill

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Thousands of players in the database are wrongly tuned at one particular thing: their mastery of the English language. Currently a great deal of players players are lacking this, with some not speaking the language at all, and others only having "basic" skills in the game.

Scandinavians, and Dutchmen ought all be at least good enough to be regarded as "Good" at English in the game, with many (most?) also being "Fluent". Young people especially (which footballers are) excel at speaking English due to all the exposure on tv/videogames/etc when growing up, as well as good English education.

You should change the database so that it's not dependant on individual researchers to fix this (it's easy to forget). Suggestion: Implement a fix that automatically makes all players with Scandinavian or Dutch nationality automatically have "English" in languages spoken, with "Good" as a basis for everyone. Players who have "fluent" should keep their ability.

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We are currently looking into this issue.

It looks like some of the percentage values for fluency of English have gone a bit wrong when being taken into game.

Cheers for raising it everyone.

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