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opposition instructions even more of a mess now

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Back in December 3rd 2017 I made a comment in a thread called "Opposition instructions" in the forum "User Interface Early Access Beta". I cannot link to this post because for some reason this forum tells me I do not have access to that forum.

I can see what I wrote in that thread via my post history: 

"It also appears that the opposition instructions that you set in your tactic window before match (where you select what OI to put according to where an opposition player is on the pitch) does not stick when you start the match. In my game I have to go into the tactic screen while match is started, and then manually select OI "all players featuring in this position" to get the aformentioned OI to come into play. This despite having selected that I do the OI in staff responsibilities."

I don't recall this ever being fixed, but I do know that on June 20 2019 Neil Brock told me in PM:

"Unfortunately the priority level of the issue given the amount of time scheduled for the developer in that area meant it couldn't be fixed in time for any of the updates. It's an issue that will be reviewed and addressed for a future version of FM."

So with the original post from 2017 being "gone" and this bug seemingly flying under the radar for the past few years, I will try to explain this once more *takes deep breath*:

There are two issues with the opposition instructions:

1. Ahead of each new match, the OI instructions are reset to personal instructions. This despite me already setting the positional instructions  and then going back to the personal instructions page and ticking "positional instructions" in the OI column. In previous versions, once I've done this prodecude then the OI page would be set to use positional instructions ahead of each new game. It would "stick" for the rest of my managerial career. But for some reason FM20 makes this even more of a chore now, by not "remembering" that I want to use the positional instructions instead of the personal instructions. So for each game I now have to go into the OI once match has started, and manually change every OI from personal instructions to positional instructions. This is an incredibly boring chore to do during every match.

2. Once the AI puts on a sub, the OI defaults to use personal instructions. This despite me setting positional instructions as default ahead of game. This is what I've been trying to explain since 2017 now: if I choose ahead of game to set positional instructions for all the opposition starting 11, then it makes zero sense that I would abandon that practice once they put on a sub. For example: in the positional instructions you can see from the above screenshot that I've set every opposition player to be showed onto their weaker foot. However, when the AI puts on a sub then by default that player has selected "personal instructions" in the OI page - and thus this player is not showed onto his weaker foot. I have to go into the OI instructions during match and change this manually each time AI puts on a sub.

To me, this is shocking that you haven't fixed since 2017. In FM20 you've made this even worse (as explained in point 1 above). 

Is it not possible to lock into the manager's preferences his choice of either personal instructions or positional instructions, and then have that setting follow him into EVERY match and be applied both to AI starting 11 and subs they put on? How hard can this be? That's 2 clicks to find the OI menu, 11 clicks to select the AI starting eleven OI, and later 2 more clicks for each of the 3 substitutes AI puts on. That's a total of 19 clicks during each game that feels like an absolute chore! 

For the record, I've played around with this both doing tactic meetings myself, and letting one of my staff do them. It makes no difference.

Please, someone confirm that they understand the issue and that it is still in an issue that will be reviewed like Neil Brock claimed.

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you are not alone brother

its driving me crazy, and i refuse to play the game due to this.

hoping it will get fixed.

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My feeling is that i’ts so many bugs in this game they don’t know where to start. I guess they fokus on the bugs that most people tell about. I don’t know happened with this beutiful game. I guess we have to live with all these bugs specially these bugs that not all players notice.

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