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Incorrect individual pressing descriptions

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I have noticed that the description of an individual's pressing instruction in a high pressing system, like the Gegenpress, seems off. For instance, this inside forward who is part of a team that has the highest urgency of pressing selected, looks like this and never gets higher than less urgent no matter what role I give him:



In my Gengenpress, only the Pressing Forward has his own contribution to the press described as


Even a ball winning midfielder in central midfield only gets up to :



So, most of the team on an extreme pressing Gegenpress team instruct only appearing as less urgent or standard, with only one player on 'more urgent' - even though its the same full green bar for all of them.

This doesn't seem to happen when the team instruction isn't set to extremely urgent pressing (a brief 'clean slate' experiment showed me - but not sure about merely 'urgent pressing' TI). I've uploaded my save you so can have a look. File name ends in Chelsea and was uploaded around 19:33 on 30th November.


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Hi @Vlowman

Thanks for your post - Unfortunately i need the full file name to locate your save so If you could find the file name and post it into your next comment then i will gladly look into this further for you.



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