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Random Teams Being Selected for Playoffs

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I'm trying to create the lower divisions in the United States. In this file I'm using basic rules editing. The second division (in game known as the United States Soccer League Division One) has two subdivisions (USSL Division One Eastern Conference and USSL Division One Western Conference). Each conference plays 34 games and then the top ten teams qualify for the playoffs. Right now, I have a championship layoff set in each subdivision with 10 teams supposed to qualify. However, when I test it, the game is selecting random teams for the playoffs, not the top 10 teams. Anyone know why this is?

I've also noticed that the teams that are always passed over for the playoffs, even though they're in the top 10, are teams affiliated with first division (MLS) clubs. Not sure if this info helps at all.

File is attached.

USA basic.fmf

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