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Utilising Two False 9s As Part Of A Front 3 For Racing Club

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Hello everyone

I'm currently doing a save as Racing Club in Argentina. I chose this team because I wanted to choose someone who I didn't know the players, the staff, or have any pre-meditated ideas on how they SHOULD play and try and copy this

Early signs are quite positive in terms of creating and taking chances, and looking relatively solid defensively.

Apologies that I cant get some proper screenshots from the game done, but my tactical set up currently looks like this:



The idea I'm having, is that I have great quality from the full back positions, but not a lot of quality in terms of winger. So I was thinking a naturally wingerless formation might be a good starting point.

I also have two good quality deep lying forwards, but a lack of creativity from central midfield.


My idea was to use the full back positions and width as the main source of creativity.

But what I'm trying to do with the front 3 is use the poacher to stretch the opposition back line backwards, and be able to receive a through ball if its on.

But moreso, what I'm looking for from the front 2 F9s is a specific kind of movement.


I'm looking for them to hold their runs and attack the box LATE from a deeper position, to score from cutbacks from the wingbacks and mezzala.

The F9s need to hang out, hang out during the buildup, and THEN be there to receive the pass and shoot.

I'm trying to use the poacher to occupy the back 4, to create more space in order to do this.


the DLP/D is the main source of through balls into the poacher for goalscoring opportunities for him.


Team Instructions wise, the only things I have added are to press more, and to use low crosses. Everything else is simply left to the balanced mentality, player roles, and player traits.


Just wondered about feedback on this approach, the set up, and whether its a logical way to achieve what I'm looking for?



Thank you

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1 minute ago, macca7292 said:

It looks interesting.

How is it working in games?

Its quite a weird starting point with a club because I took over just as they've been knocked out of the copa sudamericana, so morale is low and presumably (I don't know if this is the case though), the AI manager that got them knocked out employed his style on the team, so tactical familiarity right now is quite low.

Ive had little time to work with the players, a very short pre season and straight into the league season but ive noticed:

  • Great interchange of positions across the front 3, very positive signs
  • DLP has a trait to drop deep to receive the ball. I like this because it can bring him more into a DM position but then move into a CM spot, he offers good defensive cover
  • Scoring a good amount of goals. Had two 5-0 wins so far, one in league one in a friendly v a Mexican premier league team

I'm just concerned this is a honeymoon phase.

But more importantly, I'm not sure whether the idea I have in my head is being translated into the game correctly, the idea of aggressively getting to the byline and looking for the cutback opportunity.

Although the formation looks a bit weird on paper, to me its more similar in style with the ball to a Christmas tree 4-3-2-1 formation

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I guess the best thing to do is watch a few games on full.

If you want your dlp to be a bit more mobile, you could move him to the DM strata and change him to a regista. 

I think your formation looks good though, I can see how the mezzala would move into space the f9 has left and how the left wing back should have plenty of space to attack.

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