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Not sure, if its a bug, but it feels like it (anyway its weird and really annoying). I like to play old fashioned commentary only (until 2D gets better). With one season over, I think it has happened 5-10 times where there is no text at all, but suddenly out of nowhere somebody has scored. Its really annoying because commentary section is downlow and my monitor is big. So, I usually notice it like 20-30min gametime later :D Imagine being a manager and acting one way, but score tells a different story. Of course I can watch the goal later on, but I need to act straightaway.

Bug? any fix? recommendation?

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Hey, could you give us a save game so we can try and reproduce this with your match settings?

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yeah, sure. But how can I do that? Ive never done it. The other thing is, do I have to recall in which matches the problem occured? I can have a look .... but theres been so many matches.


Some other bugs:

When offering a player new contract. There is twice option with the same date.

Cant move some players in set piece screen to a new positsion. Specially when they are set piece takers. But somehow I can change players and then move. So no direct way, but have to move players around to accomplish that.

Club vision is sign players U23 and sign German players. Board was unhappy that no German players were signed. So I tried to sign 18 year old Bochum German defender, but board blocked the offer, claiming that they need German players?

On transfer screen, where you can see different leagues. Club by club, how many in and how many out players. Sometime I can pick 5 leagues to choose from, sometimes 7 leagues. It changes. Small thing, but still.

Dortmund new manager was sacked after 3-4 weeks. Maybe not a bug, have a look at it.

During team talk, there is an option where I can choose, that we are 3rd and opponent is 7th and we should be winning or bla bla bla. When actually Im first and opponent is like 15 or smth. It has happened many times.

Mario Balotelli to Manchester United? :D 

I set my training load always to automatic. But every now and then it changes some players to half intensity and double intensity.

In fixture menu, there is an option to delegate or take controll friendlys. Tick it or not, nothing changes.

Alphonso Davies became unhappy that I treated him badly many times. Actually I accidently moved him once to II squad and apologized. Now it says he has asked transfer and unhappy, when actually he never asked for a transfer.

Lewandowski goals ratio so low (compared to real life). Well its a knows issue with attackers?

Ass man recommends to train def. set pieces in match preparation during the match. But there is no defending set pieces option available in match preparation.


Probably few more, but I cant remember.



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