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[FM20] - RD Koblenz - German Lower Leagues

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RD Koblenz

Welcome to Koblenz, Germany. A lovely city by the river Rhine and this is where this save begins. RD Koblenz is a team I have created in the Rheinland-Liga in the 6 tier of the German league system. I choose to create a team in Koblenz because it is a city without any big football team that has a high attraction rating in the editor. It is here I will try to create a club that will rise through the German league system and find glory and fame.


This is where the story begins with the first day on the job and I get introduced to the club. 



RD Koblenz have three local rivals all also based in Koblenz. TuS Koblenz is the biggest team of the three. TuS Rot-Weiss Koblenz and FC Germania Metternich are the other two with the last one being the smallest. The facilities are pretty okey to start with, basic youth recruitment and basic youth facilities are a good start and I have some work to do on the training facilities. There is a big stadium for the league we are in, considering it can fit 10.000 people and 2.500 are seated, that is not bad in the lower leagues.



The finances don't look to good so that is something I have to work on.


Starting Squad

Lets have a look at the players at the club at the start of the save. The first team is looking a little thin but it there look to be a couple of good players in the squad. The Under 19 squad is looking weak and expensive.


The Save

These are my aims for this save:

1. To win the Bundesliga

2. To attain Professional status

3. To have a players come through our youth academy and make it into the first team

4. To become the biggest club from Koblenz

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Koblenz looks beautiful from the photo.

Are you going to try and sign Tom Koblenz? I rated him when he was in the Derby County U23 system. He returned to Germany, I think, when Derby released him but not sure who he signed for after that.


Good luck 🍀 !


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At the start of preseason I manage to re-negotiate the club vision to not include sign under 23 players for the first team. I also tried to remove the don't sign players over 30 but I didn't want to push the board to hard. The media prediction has us at second while the board expects a top three finish, so either this is going to be an easy season or extremely hard.

RDK005.thumb.png.e7cf6305068ae5d06e587c023bacc73a.png                       RDK012.thumb.png.98d52d1afd08656a9c0a0e21e05f3968.png

I brought in some more staff since I only had an assistant manager, and as with all lower league saves it is not the best staff I could get but the best I could afford.


During the preseason we got a main kit sponsor which is good because our finances wasn't the best to start with.



The squad was looking a bit thin so after bringing in all the player that even remotely wanted to play for me on a trial. I manged to sign a few on either amateur contract or non-contracts. 


This is what my squads looks like ahead of the first game of the season.




Preseason was only four weeks long and with a small squad, I choose only to play a game per week. We lost both of our rivalry games with 1-0. Against RW Koblenz it was a hard defeat since they scored a last minute goal on extra time. All in all I am happy with the preseason since I was mostly using the matches for match sharpness and finding a tactic that would work for my squad. This is my tactic that I am going to use for the first match of the season:


With my tactic I am keeping it as simple as possible and since we are expected to finish top three I have chosen to play with an positive mentality.

These are my three best players at the start of the season. We have our best player Alen Muharemi that we signed on a non-contract and he is also the only descent central midfielder I have. Andreas Behrmann is our creative player attacking wise and Markus Hartmann is the leader of our defense with is looking pretty good so far.


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League Update

After all game in July, August and September have been played we are top of the league. With 8 wins and 2 draws the season is looking promising. We are very solid defensively, we have only conceded one goal. We have hit a bit of rough path drawing 2 of our last 3 games, the reason for this is we have been missing players that have been injured or suspended by red cards or they have accumulated enough yellow cards to trigger a suspension. We also had the draw in the Rheinlandpokal where we will play our rivals TuS Koblenz in our first official rivalry game.


The transfer window have closed and on deadline day I brought in two goalkeepers on amateur contracts. Since I only had one goalkeeper in the club that was allowed to be registered. Neither the board or the fans was happy over the signing and I can't blame them because they are far from being acceptable but I needed some one that can play goalkeeper if my first choice gets injured.


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League Update

We are still undefeated this season, with another 8 wins and 3 draws in the league during October, November and December. We are also through in the Rheinlandpokal after defeating our local rivals TuS Koblenz, we beat them 1-0 with the only goal coming from the penalty spot. In the next round of the cup we have draw our other local rivals RW Koblenz. Now we have the winter break so hopefully that won't ruin our undefeated run.


We have had our preview of the youth intake, it doesn't look promising but at lest it isn't has some positive things to say.


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Nice work. Btw how did you activate the german lower leagues? Is there a database you download from? Can’t see anyone from the editors hideaway forum.

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