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So, for those that remember Foggia were a force in Serie A in the early-mid 90s under Zdenek Zeman with the likes of Guisseppe Signori. For three seasons they flirted with UEFA Cup qualification but fell just short. Under the unique style of Czech coach Zdenek Zeman Foggia were exciting to watch with their 'Zemanlandia 433' tactic which saw high scoring games regulary.

Zeman left for Lazio and soon after Foggia were relegated to Serie B (and have yet to return). After many years flirting between Serie C and Serie B 2016/17 saw Foggia finally gain promotion from Serie C along with a Serie C cup win the previous season. With a strong/exciting squad hopes were high of a return to Serie A. The first season was promising as Foggia narrowly missed out on the play offs. However during the summer before the 18/19 season points were deducted for financial mismanagement. Despite it going down to the final day Foggia failed to stay up by a single point. Without the deduction a play off challenging place would have been achieved.

During the summer this year Foggia were declared bankrupt. Contracts were immediately nullified and the entire squad departed. The promise that the squad had shown had gone. 

Foggia Calcio 1920 were reformed and have been place in Serie D Group H. On FM20 history has been altered slighty due to Serie D not being available.

Foggia have been placed in Serie C/C (as they would have been) and the team taking their place have been placed back in Serie D. The squad has been re-populated with the players who were under contract immediately before bankruptcy (as well as staff). One final twist is the return of Zdenek Zeman on to the Foggia board. Rather than re-formation Foggia are under a transfer embargo until January 2020.




Thats the backstory over with. With no players in the squad will consist of the players remaining from the Serie B relegation. A strong squad as a play off place was close without the points deduction. Serie C league Champions is the target.


The season has started well. Comfortable progress in the Serie C Cup as Bari (another Serie A name) were brushed aside. However despite a 6 win start a small blip with 2 defeats leaves Foggia 2nd (4 points behind leaders Bari). Two comprehensive wins have put Foggia back on track. Work to do...

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