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knockbreda first sason fm 2020

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Good luck, buddy.
Ended up in 4th in the 1st season myself with Knockbreda. W-D-L was 11-9-12 but positive GD.
Awful run after the split had me dropping out of the playoffs.

Played 14 in my 2nd season now and the record is 6-4-4. GD +9, sitting in 3rd place.
Going a bit better now but it's not easy.

It's a tricky one. My best players either won't sign new contracts or are being poached by other clubs, as most of my players are now on non-contracts.
First youth intake was rubbish. Had one winger that i promoted to the first team. But he's suited as a Defensive Winger, while i'm using an Attacking Winger there.
Afraid he will just end up as nothing for me.

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