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Final Third (Cutting Inside, Decisions...)

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Palace vs City Match

20:35 IF has plenty of space to cut inside but he chooses to dribble down the line

52:42 IF has plenty of space to cut inside but he chooses to dribble down the line

57:10 striker totally ignored on counter attack

81:36 again striker ignored on counter

82:16 Fernandihno should spot easy pass to B.Silva there

82:51 IF has plenty of space to cut inside but he chooses to dribble down the line

87:36 Mahrez could spot Aguero and play pass into space

88:33 but players can play such passes from deep...

89:18 again perfect vision and execution from deep and really poor technique from Jesus

91:15 Mahrez goes into box instead of supporting FB


City vs Newcastle (had 37 shots, 14 on target. goals scored were penalty, 2 direct free kick and unrealistic shot from wide)

5:18 Silva ignored, really simple pass to feet. (Focus through middle?)

5:33 Jesus ignored, simple pass

15:12 IF has plenty of space to cut inside but he chooses to dribble down the line. could hold up the ball instead?

16:26 pass to nu.9 ignored

20:46 striker ignored on counter. simple pass instead he plays it wide.

24:03 striker ignored. 

29:39 left forward ignored

31:08 wingback support has all the time to put cross is

33:41 striker ignored

35:25 great play with many one-two'a

42:35 when IF cuts in usually from very deep then makes run like this, it looks a little unrealistic

42:52  pass to nu.9 ignored  

44:35 goal from strange angle, not impossible but there are too many of such.

45:35 two posts in row, we were very lucky

46:18  pass to nu.9 ignored

45:58  through ball to nu.9 ignored

46:22 a little unrealistic first time shot

47:58 finally nice cutting inside but IF could try to shoot in the end. ball end wide again (Work the ball into box?)

62:30 Jesus could spot Silva maybe..

70:33  pass to nu.7 ignored

72:35 such one touch passing between MCs looks a little unrealistic without forwards touching the ball. happens a lot.

74:50 such passes should be intercepted much more. happens a lot and looks unrealistic.

83:30  pass to nu.7 ignored

83:46 a little unrealistic pass. happens a lot. there are enough players in the box to try to put cross in.


Crystal Palace v Man City.pkm Man City v Newcastle.pkm

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