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On 11/02/2020 at 15:23, Johnny Ace said:

That looks so much better :D I've never been their, I wasn't aware of the facilities around the actual stadium, I just thought that was cool looking screenie 

I can walk to their ground in about 20 minutes. I used to live even closer. Now the closest football club to me is Redgate Clayton, who play in the Staffordshire County League Premier Division - tier 11 of the pyramid, three tiers lower than Newcastle Town. Their ground consists of rails around the pitch, the local community centre which doubles as the club house and one turnstile, which is a farce because our family have walked our dog around the side of the community centre and into the woods below the pitch while a match was in progress. Got to love non league football and the grounds. :D

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Sorry lads (and I know you were just trying to be helpful @Touristas3), but links to and discussion about 3rd party editors (especially ones that charge money for using all their features) aren't allowed, so I've hidden those posts.

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