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[Suggestion] FMT Create a Club Additions

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It seems to me there are 2 major issues with create a club not quite working as I'd like. 

- Adding a second manager just defaults to the manager of that actual club, rather than the "Create a Club" process being implemented.

- No online element.

It feels like something akin to the rules of fantasy draft, but for players who just want to drop into Create a Club and then go on to play a largely normal game this would be ideal. It offers a different game experience, and feels to me like it would be highly suited to a situation where a few players are looking to have a game with the benefit of building their own squads.

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I’ve also noticed that when playing this format (create a club) you select a player and it shows his wage (say £650 pw), yet when you load up the game his wage can sometimes be £1,750 pw! Not ideal when you are a created club in the Conference!

I think this is a bug.

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