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Every time I wanna start a carrer, the first match (and the other when I skip the first) I have a message from my computer "FM20 is running dangerously low on memory.  Please quit and free up some memory. Try to allocate 0 bytes" and also something aboutit a wrong files (I  dont have the exact sentence.

I have no skin, nothing from the workshop, and I had the same issue in the bêta but it was solved, here it isn't. I tried with many different teams, but still the same problem.

Here is my config (I m french so maybe I won't use the exact words but I think you will understand):

Type of the system : operating system 64 bits , process×64

Operating system: Windows 8.1 64 bits 

Processor : Intel (R) core (TM) i5-44605 (here I wrote it on a paper so I dont know if it is a 5, or a S) @2.90GHZ

Memory : 4096 MB RAM

Installed memory : 4,00 G-O

DirectX 11

Tell me if you need more informations

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I am on step 6, but I dont know what I am supposed to write in (un the middle of the picture) (the numbers written were already There)


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Yes !! It finally works !!!! So happy !

In the minimal size, I Put the number they recommended me (wich is in the bottom of the picture) in the maximal size I put the available space (wich is written in the middle)

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