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FMT: Fastest way to select/highlight all players in a shortlist (for scouting)?

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I have a shortlist with a hundred players or so in it. I also play FMT on Android (Samsung). So having to tediously highlight each player and request they be scouted is an incredibly painful and time consuming task.

I have even tried highlighting them all with mouse and keyboard via Samsung Dex, but it doesn't work that way either.

Is there any more convenient way around this? I was hoping that there would be a shortlist action to "Scout all players on shortlist", but that doesn't appear to be available ...

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There isn't!

This is something that as been requested many times, but untill now SI haven't implement.

Perhaps next year.

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One thing I notice at the top of each shortlist is a tick box labelled "Keep scout reports up to date" - I applied this in hope that the scouts would start scouting the players on it, at the very least those without scout reports.

But nothing appears to be happening after a couple of in-game weeks. Do I need to adjust the scout Assignments for this?

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