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Niccolo Nardini "Mr 11" - bugged scouting/player?

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Hello there,

I believe this player (Niccolò Nardini) has to be bugged? He only has 11's, he's 18 years old and you can get him for "free" buy offering him a contract.

To add to this, he only gets a scouting score of 32 by Roma's scouts.

Steps to reproduce -> Start a save with all Italian leagues loaded in. (I've made him appear like this on 3 saves now)

Have a nice day!



Edit: Yes I know I scouted him after he signed for my club, but according to the report he can't get much better.

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Thanks for the feedback Trucce, 

May be worth raising the attribute issue in the Italian Research forum as it appears to have been set that way. 



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