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FM20 Touch Bugs - Android

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I accidentally posted this on the Mobile section so i'm reposting this for Touch 


Hey, i have encounted a few bugs on FM20 Touch, i hope this is enough information for you but please let me know if you need anything else.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

OS: Android Pie 9.0

System on Chip: Quallcomm MSM8998, Snapdragon 835

CPU: Octa-Core (4x2.35 GHz Kryo and 4x1.9 GHz Kryo)


Storage: 264GB Flash Memory

Graphics: Adreno 540


Bug 1: Facial Hair

Description: When on the Manager creation screen, selecting different facial hair styles does not work.

How to replicate: Career --> Set up club etc --> Create a fresh new manager (none on device) --> Appearence, select facial hair

Please note: all of the facial hair are not working but i am just providing two screenshots just to show you. 

Facial Hair 4 https://prnt.sc/pz1pqi

Facial Hair 6: https://prnt.sc/pz1p74


Bug 2: Perm player as a loan

Description: When playjng the game, one of the players i signed on a free transfer, comes up in the news telling me he is a loan signing.

How to replicate: Play the game and keep a close eye on the inbox news

Player Contract: https://prnt.sc/pz1lrm

News Saying Loan: https://prnt.sc/pz1mus


Bug 3: Duplicate Managers

Description: When creating a manager for the first time, playing a little then deciding to go to start screen to start a new save, the manager you created has been duplicated.

How to replicate: Career --> Create first save & manager --> save in game, manage a club for a month + --> quit to start screen --> Career --> set up club etc --> manager will now be duplicated on the manager select screen

Duplicate Manager: https://prnt.sc/pz1nlo


I will try to be active on the forums but the best place to contact me would be through my twitter, @19NT95. If my email address display ps to you privately or anything, you are more than welcome to email me too! (I understand it is not made public)

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Thanks for getting in touch and providing your feedback.

1: Has been mentioned and addressed in the following post, it's with our Dev Team who are looking into a fix.

2: We didn't find the issue ourselves but if you have a save game from before the deal was completed, we'd be able to take a closer look; instructions on how to send us a save our detailed in the post below.

3: Unable to reproduce this issue ourselves following your instructions above; Could you create a new profile and let us know if it reoccurs?

If possible, could you please report each issue in separate posts as it makes it easier for us to track the progress of the issues.

Thanks again,


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1. Thank you :)

2. I can't get a save just before it happened as i saved over it as i progressed in my career and it wasn't a transfer or anything, the player stays as a perm player at my club, i was just saying that it told me the player, it was literally just a little error, it didn't change the player to a loan or anything, it just told me the player was a loan player at my club in the inbox,it didnt affect the gameplay in any way, it was just a little error but if it happens again i'll make a new post and keep my reports seperate for you

3. I would need to delete the game then reinstall it etc i think but i can give it a go in a bit for you 

That makes sense regarding seperate posts, i'll do that for you next time :) if i manage to replicate what i have said above, i'll make a new post for each thing seperatly. 

Thank you for the response though, i really appreciate it 

Edited by 19NT95
Spelling mistake

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We'll keep track of these two issues and hopefully they won't reoccur, we appreciate your feedback and hope you are enjoying the game!



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I've seen bug 2 occur frequently as an international manager, each time relating to the player ending a goal drought.

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Please help


Bought Fm20 touch for use on my android Samsung 10inch tablet and it installed and worked fine

Day 3 it ceased responding to my touch (it seems slightly uncalibrated, but no other apps have this issue)

I've tried clearing the cache and forcing stop and restarting but nothing allows me to do anything but log in, and then as stated the touch is off

What needs doing to get it working and stop the problem recurring 

Please assist asap


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Hi @RogerSE20,

There has been a few suggestions regarding the input issue on your device, if the alignment is off when you first launch the game then backgrounding the app momentarily and returning to the game has worked for other users. We'd recommend not backgrounding the app whilst playing as this can also cause alignment issues so please save game before doing so none of your save game progress is lost.

Hopefully this helps,


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