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Interface mode won't change from full screen to windowed mode

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I've had 2 issues so far today since downloading FM20. The first being the full screen mode doesn't fit my screen, you can see the buttons at the bottom of the screen are out of frame in the first photo i attached. I had this issue with FM19 but changing to windowed mode resolved the issue. This time whenever i select windowed mode i get the prompt to accept changes but when i click yes nothing happens, tried multiple times but doesn't do anything.


The second issue i am having is that my mouse pointer does not align with where FM20 thinks it is pointing. The 2 photos i've attached show where i need to click to hit the windowed button and when the pointer is "too low" to hit the button although its visibly over the button. Once again i remember having a similar issue with FM19 that was resolved with using windowed mode.


Any help rectifying this issue would be appreciated 

FM 2020 screen size.jpg

FM 2020 Windowed mode 2.jpg



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