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Really happy with how the month has gone since we've struggled with injuries.  Especially out wide and had to try a different diamond tactic with seems to work well vs "lesser teams".


It started bad against Chelsea after Dewsbury-Hall gave away a penalty which Frenkie de Jong converted after 20 minutes.  N'Golo Kante scored a solo effort which had me shouting at my players.  He's ran from his own half and slotted past Iversen with a weak effort, no foot put in, was awful.  We made some changes in the second half and we had chances but our goal came after 91 minutes and it was far too late.

A new tactic came into play vs Newcastle and we looked good.  Chabot finally getting his first Rotherham goal since he's had about 10 offside :lol: after 50 minutes.  Out of nothing Ryan Kent equalised for Newcastle and it looked like we were going to share the spoils until Axenat converted Olosundes cross to give us all 3 points.  Again we used the same tactic vs Watford and Axenat put us ahead after 2 minutes and that was game.

We went to our normal tactic vs Manchester United, if we used the diamond attacking we'd of got stuffed.  We tried but Chabot gave away a penalty which Pogba converted for Manchester United to take all 3 points.



The league is still looking great, we still have a good chance to get 4th and Axenat is on fire still.

FA Cup

I'd say we were just the better team away at Palace but my word Matty Cash scored an absolute bloody awesome goal to put Palace ahead, Axenat equalised and we couldn't find a second.  In the replay Axenat got himself a hat--trick and Queiros got us our 4th but Matty Cash again scored two absolutely bloody belters.  Top draw goals.

We smashed Orient to continue our cup run.  Gwodz getting a hat-trick and John-Jules getting his first goal in 17 games :eek:.  He's been playing out wide, comin' on as a sub and injured.

We can win this one!


I'd like 9 points in the league in Feb but those Dortmund games in the Europa League :(, we can try.


Transfer Window



Watford selling Weah weakens them quite a bit, he's quality.

Tottenham spent 200mil!  What!  They actually bought Neres for 91mil.   They bought Hungarian midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai for 70mil.  Two insanely good newgens for 45m and 57m each and Manchester Uniteds CB Luiz Felipe for 59mil.  Check the newgens!  Ashraf looks absolutely epic.



We spent 25mil ourselves, spending some wages as beat Real Madrid and Benfica to a player signing!!!  And my word I think he looks bloody good for the money, might lack flair but I think he's our best midfielder my miles and that's where we need to strengthen.  He also has an awesome name :lol:




The same season :lol:

Oh I also forgot!


Nothing special but can be HG, cost 50k and has room to improve.  Supposedly can be as good as Iversen, we'll see.


Same again, has the potential to be as good as Longstaff/Dewsbury-Hall so if all else fails we can sell him for profit, he's costing us 400k and he'll be taught to literally be a BWM, nothing else.  We actually use one in our Diamond formation so it won't be a bad thing to have.


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Right, that's my last update before Xmas.  Thank you for everyone that's been following and reading my Rotherham journey and I hope you all have a good Christmas :D.

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What a brilliant month!  It couldn't have gone any better!


Normally I'd write what happened in games but this month I want to share three pictures.  The type of wins that win you leagues or get you that Champions League spot!  Wind scoring late in every game to give us 3 points each time!




Iversens own goal was such a freak goal.  Burnley player how shot low, another had slid in making the ball hit Iversen to deflect into the net.  Thankfully a clear penalty and Wind finding the net won us the game.


He's becoming one of the best strikers in the world.  He's brilliant.  Who needs Geubbels when you have Axenat!


Check out Liverpool!  They were 19th after 7 games and now they're pushing to win the league!


11 games to go, let's hope we can keep hold of fourth place.

Europa League

First I was greeted with


So I'm like, awesome, that works for us.

Then the next question was


Oh damn, maybe it'll be a struggle.

Nah, Dortmund offered little attacking threat and Cornet assisted and scoring in both games was just too much for Dortmund.  I love who we play next, I feel I need to get more revenge on them.


The board have been awesome


Means I can cover the wages of all my best players, giving new contracts and then look at bringing in some better players in the summer.


March has some tough games.  If we can win them ALL then we'll look strong for a bloody treble.  The City game is a big'un and honestly we should beat Sheff Utd and Vigo.  Let's see though.  Up the Millers!

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It started so well!


I played some fringe players vs Bournemouth but they played well and we grinding together a good result.  I played my first team against Manchester City and we played our game, they might of had more possession but Axenat scoring a quality goal gave the Millers the 3 points they needed.  Norwich game we should of won, they did nothing but a ball over the top that Olosunde somehow passed to their only attacking player who then shot at Iversen who fumbled in, I couldn't believe what I watched.

7 out of 9 points is strong but it could of been 9!


Still going strong and our fixtures are kind enough that we could take that 4th spot.


FA Cup

We didn't play well vs Sheffield United but a penalty after 33 minutes gave us the win and what look like a winnerable quarter final draw, until we actually played it.  Run over :(.


Maybe I shouldn't of brought John-Jules on for Axenat for the last 15 minutes but we had to try something.  We might of just edged the game but we were awful from the spot.  Maybe next year will be our year.

Europa League

We're the competitions top goal scorers and it's showing.  We battered Vigo at home scoring all 4 in the first half.  Cornet brace, Embolo and Chabot with one each.  They pulled ana way goal in the 77th minute but surely it didn't matter, it didn't.  They played better at home but two away goals in the first half meant they'd of had to pull off a robbery.  They managed two second half goals but it wasn't enough.

Some tough draws for us to get futher though.



Can we reach the final?

Youth Intake

It was pretty poor, not worth taking a screenshot because no one will make it here, the only thing to come out of it was another poaching.


International debut

Find it strange it's taken Olosunde until 27 to get his first cap, he's always played well for me and it wasn't 'til I actually answered in the press he deserves a call up does he get his first start.  Well done to the lad, it's about time!


April is a difficult month, let's see if we can get back into some good form and where it'll take us.


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Good luck @SpillBlood this has been a great read keep up the good work! Fingers crossed you can get that 4th spot in the League and maybe even the Europa League trophy!

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Solid month but it might not be enough!  It's mad, the difference in these draws could of won us the title.  (Including the Norwich draw at the end of March)


Everton was even game but they equalised in the 93rd minute!  How many times has that happened this year?  Wallacer dwelling on the ball in the bloody box, not just punting it out, they took it off him and slotted in.  Normal Crystal Palace game really, it took us the second half to find our goals but Gwozdz scored a beltter and Konsa doubled from a header from a corner.  Wolves we were the better side and Cornet got us ahead after 3 minutes but after we lost both our left backs to injury Obafemi, the speed merchant who was playing at Southampton equalised in the 85th minute.  We got a pen in the 88th and Wind put it away!

This is a huge blow for us.



Then again we showed real character against Liverpool.  We outplayed them in the first half but Mo Salah gave them the lead after 19 minutes and we went in behind!  Jerome Oguene was sent off after 62 minutes and that was a game changer for us.  I went full on attack mode and Rugani popped up to equalise after a loose ball after a corner in the 84th minute and that man Axenat got us the winner after Wind crosses in after 89 minutes.  Wind had the chance in the 96th minute to put us further ahead from the spot but Alisson saved his penalty!

Now Leicester was a tough game, we went in ahead and they were bloody awful in the first half, they equalised through Alfie McCalmont in the 62nd minute so I thought, we attacked Liverpool, we can attack Leciester... right? Wrong.  Maddison was played in and doubled their lead 4 minutes later.  I still think it was offside!  Thankfully a cross in and a Wind header equalised things but we really needed a win here.

Those games in hands could leave us in the Europa spots but we do need to play Arsenal still.



Europa League

Cornet was just his normal Europa League self, scoring and assisting one of Axenats brace.  3 goals away from home the tie was pretty much over.  They took the lead when we played at home but Wallacer equalised and that was it.  Easy.  I haven't shown stats yet for the Europa League to show you what I mean by Cornet.

Look how good he's been :D


Now we face Bayer 04 Leverkusen.  Embolo is back from injury and should be up for this one.  We should really be getting to the final!  Come on Millers!

4th and a Europa League Trophy would be nice!


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We did it!


We're 4th!  Thanks to Liverpool beating Chelsea on the last day and we drew with Arsenal, it was our place to take.  It's mad to think how amazing our form has been and those draws as wins could of been league champions!



Axenat is amazing, he's got the golden boot!




And I won an award :D


Next game though is huge...


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Europa League Final

Will it be renamed the Cornet Final? He's been amazing so this season in the Europa League, I hope it caps it off with a performance to be proud.

Line ups:


Sub benches:


First Half

1st minute - Cracking full ball by Chelsea, cross is in but the headed effort is saved.

2nd minute - It's all Chelsea, Martial is in but hits wide. 

4th minute - Chelsea corner swung in but Ampadu hads over.

5th minute - Long ball over but Martial hits wide.

(We're getting battered here)

7th minute - Rotherham pass outside the Chelsea box and Gwozdz hits one but it's wide.

7th minute - Another Chelsea long ball but Iversen denies Martial.

8th minute - Chelsea long shot but just wide.

10th minute - 1 0 Rotherham!!! Counter!  Wind plays a great ball that Axenat picks up and places in!!! 41st goal of the season!!

13th minute - Hudson-Odoi runs down and shoots but it's saved for a corner.

14th minute - Another counter but Cornets shot is saved.  Corner comes to nothign.

16th minute - Martial misses another chance.

28th Minute - Iversen makes a strong save to keep us ahead.

32nd minute - We break but Winds shot is just wide.

34th minute - Chelsea break but their shot is just wude

36th minute - Cornets shot is saved after some good passing with Olosunde.

37th minute - Chelsea corner, cleared twice and Iversen saves their fault attempt.

46th minute - Great passing from Chelsea but Iversen denies Martial.  Corner is also saved after an attempt by Martial.

Half time

Bloody hell, what a mad half.  We're ahead, just.  Martial is playing very well without reward. 

Second Half

50th minute - Wait, it's a goal!?  I thought it had clear offside on it!  Rugani hits it up to Cornet who crosses in, Axenat charges down the ball and kicks in!  It's 2 - 0 to the Millers!  That was a great run by Axenat!!!

54th minute - It's 2 - 1!  Chelsea been knocking.  Sane plays it back to Reece James who crosses and De Jong volleys it in.

61st minute - Huge save by Iversen to deny Martial from a tight angle.

67th minute - It's 2 - 2.  Sane hits a great ball over to Silva who collects and hits a good shot in. 

Chelsea literally just play long ball football it seems.

73rd minute - Another long ball but Iversen saves it's a corner but also saved.

76th minute - Olosunde makes a mistake by Iversen denies!  Thank goodness.

77th minute - Cornet has a shot saved for a corner but nothing comes off it. 

80th minute - Cascardo and Henrichs come on for Garner and Olosunde.

82th minute - Before the subs went through, Olosunde gives away a penalty!!! Damn it!!!  Abraham slots it in.  It's 3 - 2 to Chelsea.  Time to go attacking! 7 minutes left.

89th minute - Embolo is coming on for Gwozdz and going 4 - 2 - 4.  Is it too late?

94th minute - HUGE MISS!  Wind squares it to an unmarked Wallacer who hits wide!

95th minute - Oh look, another long ball.  Abraham collects and makes it 4 - 2.

Chelsea win and they deserved it, they had 9 CCCs. 




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End of Season

What an amazing season.  Europa-League Runners Up and Champions League place league finish.  We potentially have the best striker in the world playing at the club and we need to build upon that with some stronger players behind him.


Dewsbury-Hall has been injured most the season so that's actually suprising.  As you can see it's not ideal we're playing a striker such as Wind in the AML spot and I need to bring someone in. 


This years vision, I managed to negotiate out "sign high profile players".  Axenat wasn't when he came, he is now.  I like being youth players for cheaper to keep the finances good and making them class.  It's also why I left "do not sign players over the age of 30" because I never do.


Just came through, well deserved.  For a player I bought because of his min. fee 'cus I needed an extra wide player, he's been incredble.  He's one of my favourite players for the club right now.  Axenat, Cornet and Iversen(though they're making it sound like I need a better goalkeeper all of a sudden).

Infact, all 3 made it into the Europa Squad of the Season :lol:


Players breaking records!






Still some nice money comin' in.  Wonder why the broadcast revenue dropped 20mil.  Suprised at Embolo being in the shirt sales though.  Not 100% sure I'll be keeping him.

I feel we have some injury prone players, some deadwood etc.  I think we'll see a big overhaul this summer.


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5 hours ago, deltablue said:

Good stuff this season. Shame you couldn't cap it all off with the Europa League.

Hoping some of the players I've sold to finance the new players will help to win the league this season.  A bit ambitious but my next post will show why :lol:.

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We've SMASHED our Transfer Record Free

I can just imagine the conversation

Rotherham Board: Sorry, you want to spend HOW MUCH?

Matt Spilly: After all I've done for this club.  I've aleady brought in 106m in sales this summer selling our backup players, imagine how much our main team will be worth!

Rotherham Board: I think you're being too ambitious

Matt Spiilly: Our finances are in great shape.  We need a wide player and he's going to be in the world elite.  Our scouts rated him 100/100!!!

Rotherham Board: On reflection, the purchase seems fair.



Yes, that's one heck of a contract but it's the only way I could get him here

My scouts found him and they said he had no interest, I made him my top target and then I got told to stop pursuising him as he wouldn't be interested.  I ignored that advice and here he is, a Miller.


The player who was also on his way who would of originally broke out record

I have my AML.



A player I was bidding 30mil for last season and they said no, he was listed for 9.5mil, he's a Miller now


He's absolutely being trained as an AML-IF.

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Rest of Transfers

I think I'm done



I've been thinking about the idea of using a BWM instead of B2B, I think it'd suit us more.  Choudhury and McTominay fit that role very well.  Infact scouts had McTominay playing backup to Choudhury but it seems the other way.

O'Doherty is just a young player I can potentially cash in with.


The same will happen with Jack.  He cost me 100k a couple of seasons back.  Now look at him!



2nd highest scorer in the Championship last season, value going up.  Great :D.


John-Jules started so well then was so poor.  19mil is insane money for him.

Kiernan Dewsbury-Hall.  Bought for 350k, was a lot of profit.  Was injury prone or he'd still be here.

Sean Longstaff - Injury prone, didn't need.

Embolo - Rather cash in, didn't think he was worth the wages.

Ben Wiles - Never really progressed like I'd hoped, ended up being dropped and then yeah, he's gone sadly.

Joao Queiros - Didn't need, barely played.

Hickey - Didn't progress, cashed in.

Tulloch - Could of been a Millers legend if he wasn't injured all the time.  Cashed in with a year left.

Ivonei - No space for him here, not using AMC, couldn't cash in but I'm getting a loan fee + all wages covered.


I'm thinking it might be too small with another defender/wide player needed but I don't have a choice with Champions League registration.   Why I need time to bring in 18 year olds for HG but the work permit rule ruins me.  Players needing a work permit cost atleast 10mil, some have potential but they're not worth 10mil thrown at them!  James/Ibrahim/Gwozdz will be future HG players.  Looks like Geubbels might be off to Manchester United.



If there's any more transfers it'll be youth players. 

Finances are still good enough.



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I love your writing style and your updates.  Great job with this team so far.


Do you have an end point in mind for this?  Once you win it all are you moving on?

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18 hours ago, iamnobody said:

I love your writing style and your updates.  Great job with this team so far.


Do you have an end point in mind for this?  Once you win it all are you moving on?

Thanks :D, it's appriecated.

I don't have any plans to make a new save or change teams.  With the way the work permits work in my save I can't go around the world getting highly rated players on the cheap and with the money going round and City/Arsenal/City/Liverpool are built/spent.  By now I've usually done better/won more but it's difficult this year.  There's more of a challenge with how good some of these teams are and how my work permits work.  I mean I'm still able to get good young players in, it's just the money being spent is different where I still need to build the core of the squad.  Like that youngster? Spend 12mil if you want a work permit, last year it was 350k :lol:

The only time I'd make new save is when the January transfer patch hits, and then again it'd still probably be Rotherham with a couple of DB edits(no brexit etc) :lol:.

I just prefer playing as the team I support and trying to get them to be the best team in Yorkshire, then England, then the world.

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Good win but two bad draws. Ignore the friendlys, I don't play them


First though.

End of Transfer Window


I think this might be a good thing.  If he doesn't get played at Utd or if they have a bad season, we might be able to being Geubbels back.  He's gotta be odds on to score against us when we play them though.

We're slowly moving up in how much we spend on wages.


And I thought we spent a lot this summer and on one player.  I can't believe how much Parrott was sold for, Tottenham robbed Liverpool.  He's good but not THAT good!  Then again looking at stats he's scored 3 in 4 so far, I guess it adds £££ 'cus he's HG.



The Premier League is nuts, it's why I feel it's much harder this year to win the damn title.  LOOK AT THE MONEY.


Cup Draws


So the Carabao cup gives us a good chance of getting to the next round but..


Rotherham United vs Real Madrid.  That's a new one!  Tough group but there would of been a tougher group we managed to avoid.  PSG/Barcelona/Leipzig and thanfully Midtjylland, not us :lol:.

Opening Games

It was just routine vs Sheff Utd.  What a great start.  Axenat got himself on the scoreshoot after 2 minutes after hitting in McTominays header.  McTominay then scored a belter, his first shot blocked by the defenders head, the second he whalloped in, lovely hit.  Garner then made it 3 after 85 minutes with a belter of his own.

Villa though, not good enough.  We were lucky to come away with a draw.  I thought when we got the early pen that Nuno Meireles put away for his first Rotherham goal it was going to be routine but far from.  Heung-Min scored against us again and we managed to hold on.

Arsenal we were much better.  I changed formation to play a bit wider and slow it down.  It seemed to work, we were the better side and Lecomte got us the winner in the 83rd minute after hitting in Wallacers long ball.  Lecomte should of scored just before that though missing such a great chance, I thought it was going to be a draw.

I changed the team for West Ham.  They need match fitness and what a mistake.  We went in the break 2 - 0 down, we were awful.  Lecomte cannot be played out wide yet, he's so ineffective, but he's great uptop.  A good hit by Lee Kang-In and a goal from Sebastian Vegas left it looking doom and gloom.  Lecomte got us one back after 48 minutes and he pinged a beautiful ball over to the left for Cornet to strike in.  Worst bit is we had 6 CCCs and the likes of Cornet missed really good chances.  I'm hoping we push on a bit now.

It's still a respectable start and none of this was made easier with Rugani and Ibrahmin both being injured after the Sheff Utd game(Rugani is my starting CB, Chabot plays better with him next to him compared to Konsa).  Like I said, let's hope we can kick on.



This is where the real football starts, at home to Real Madrid :lol:


Oh I almost forgot, maybe Brack Jack will be a Miller


5 in 7 already, he'll keep his good sale value or he can be a good backup here.  Nice.

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What a month!  Let's keep this going!


Axenat gave us an early lead and Leclercq doubled after hitting in a powerful effort after James cut it back after 51 minutes.  Watford look like they come be coming back with Albert Sambi Lokonga hitting in a good ball over the top.  Leclercq got himself a brace though with a good low effort after a quality ball from Meireles.  Quality finished was the difference in this game 'cus it was a bloody close one.

It's a shame how many chances we missed vs Norwich we were lucky to pick up a point!  Meireles gave us an early lead with Chambers gifting him a goal with a big mistake at the back.  In the 61st minute Welsh newgen left winger Rob Rogers equalised with a quick ball down the left, he latched onto it and hit in.  6 clear cut chances later and we find ourselves behind!  Rob Rogers just cuts in from the left, runs past two defenders and hits in after 89 minutes!  Step up Lecomte!  He latches onto a long ball, dribbles down and hits in atfer 94 minutes to snatch a point!

Wolves should have been more comfortable.  Meireles was feeding balls for Axenat who didn't have his shooting boots on at all.  He finally put us 1 - 0 up just before half time after heading in Meireles cross.  Bakayoko equalised after 69 minutes after heading in a free kick with went down as a Chabot mistake.  Wait for it... Step up Lecomte!  WHAT A GOAL!  He's on as AML-IF.  Iversen boots to him just inside our half, he uses his speed, bursts through the middle and hits a 20 yarder in!  Ohhhhhhhh Ali Lecomte!  I actually bollocked the team for how they played, apart from Lecomte who got praised :lol:.

He's won awards for it!





It's been a great start, even though we've not been at our best we're getting points which is how teams win titles.  Hopefully Lecomte continues being brilliant and not just a one month wonder like John-Jules!



Carabao Cup

Played a few "back up" players but we weren't at our best at all.  A huge mistake at the back from the Blackburn goalkeeper gave us the lead after 71 minutes and Wind got himself a brace in the 94th with a penalty.  I'll take the win but we could of played better.

We have a good chance of winning the next round.


Champions League


Brilliant start!

Gwodz gave us a brilliant lead after only 11 minutes vs Genk.  Cornet hit in a corner which was left to bounce for him to attack and hit in.  Wind doubled the lead after 47 minutes after we swung in a freekick, it's headed onto the bar, drops and the players are fumbling over it but Wind manages to poke in.  David Geugan pulled one back for Genk with a very nice solo effort and it felt like they might come back until Boska Sutalo was sent off for a second yellow.  Chabot made it 3 after heading in Gwodz freekick.  Quality.  Genk look alright.

I put out my first team against Real Madrid but uhh.. Real Madrid didn't? I mean, they really didn't.  They have bang average players on, a random cup goalkeeper with a 72mil mil winger on the bench etc.  Fair enough that Dias, Laprote, Grimaldo, Odriozola, Palacios and Fabio Silva started but.. that's not a team.  We showed that after 42 minutes when we finally went ahead with Nuno Meireles scoring after Dias made a really bad mistake at the back, Axenat doubled after 45 just before the break with a cracking ball over from Lecomte and a cracking finish from Axenat.  Lecomte was fouled in the box and Meireles got himself a brace, scoring the pen after 61 minutes but that wasn't all.  Hat-trick hero Nuno Meireles!  He heads in after 67 minutes for the match ball.  Some very smart football pulled one back for Real Madrid with Exequiel Palacios finishing but that was not the Real Madrid I was expecting to turn up, actually a bit of a let down.  Millers fans and the board will be happy though!

Other News

More international players can only be a good thing.


Jack is still on fire at QPR! 8 in 10!



My "Backroom team advice" thinks I need a new Chief Scout which is odd 'cus I've replaced and there's no one I'm going to be able to attract who's better and a new HOYD, which maybe I did need so I sacked mine and brought in this guy.  He's currently the 3rd best in the game, the other two are very happy in Italy, my only gripe is I wish I could he'd come and do multiple roles :lol: those stats!


Next Month


Should be a good motnh for us.  I mean Genk just battered Dortmund and they left two starting players in Akanji and Weigl to red cards so hopefully we can spoil the part aswell.  Reading and Bournemouth are mid table but should be beatable.  Just Chelsea that's a worry, I suppose in a way that they're our bogey team.  Hopefully we can progress in the Carabao Cup.

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Solid enough month.  I'll take 4 points but before the month i'd of liked 6.


Reading knew our game plan.  We took the lead through Axenat after 33 minutes but Solanke leveled two minutes later.  We got lucky to stay at 1 - 1.  They countered us well and we were thankful for a point!  Bournemouth though, oof we played some crackin' football.  Lecomte still learning his trade at AML assisted 3 and score himself, proper performance.  Why can't we play like that more often? :lol:  Then we play Chelsea and if you follow this at all, I don't beat Chelsea, they are our bogey team.  I don't have a plan B for their 4 - 4 - 2!  They had a great chance but missed it and it looked like we were going to take a deserved point.  Phil James our LB got himself sent off in the 87th minute and Chealsea scored in the 93rd!  Iversen with a good save but Tomori, yes their CB was attacking in our box!  Followed up with a well struck effort to given Chelsea all 3 points and 3rd in the league. 

I feel like we're still gelling and I might need a couple of small tactical tweaks but I'm proud we're 4th.  I can never remember the league being this hard.



Champions League


It seems Real realised they made a mistake using a weaker team vs us and used their first team vs Genk and won 4 - 0.  Obviously we beat Dortmund, we seem to be their bogey team.  They offer nothing against us, Dortmund registered 1 shot on target, they're a Champions League team!  They went down to 10 after 51 minutes after Guerreiro took out Meireles for his second yellow.  Meireles then put us up after a nice ball through from Gwodz that he only had to poke home.  It'd had been coming, we were far the better team and had 8 CCCs in the game.  Lecomte then put us 2 up after 60 minutes. 

Carabao Cup


Through to the next round.  Choudbury scored an absolute belter and hopefully Konsas goal will cheer the board up with not making the most our set pieces.  It's such a silly thing they want from us.  It needs to go!


We can win the next round as well.



It's great to see the fact The Millers having international players for some of the best countries in the world.

Lecomte getting 2 goals in his first France start for example!






Feels like showing I should drop in the things I'd like to see in the game thread is the facilities, and how we upgrade them.  We're slowly upgrading once at a time instead of skipping out it seems and that could be changed, not like we're poor.

For example;


Tony Stewart is here to open our new training and youth facilities, he's also announcing they'll be upgrading them even though we've just upgraded them!

Maybe it's unrealistic how fast I'm upgrading them but it seems something that could be looked at and changed.  We're able to spend X money on upgrades meaning they can be upgraded to X facilities etc.


Next Month

Well, this is one heck of a hard month.  Can we get more than 3 points? :onmehead:


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Posted (edited)


Better then expected!


Ohh we should of won the Spurs game!  We took an early lead after Upamecano scored an own goal but they equalised through Romario Baro with a quality goal just before the break.  Upamecano gave the Millers a penalty in the second half which would of sealed all three points but Meireles penalty was saved!  Hopefully we can take from that.

Talk about a smash and grab.  City played their game, we had no answer, they are a superb team but they didn't create a heap of chances.  I just went bugger it!  Go for it, threw on 4 - 4 - 2 counter, long balls.  Leclercq who has been an absolute zeo at Dortmund gets played through by Cornet, he dribbles down and slots in in the 84th minute!  We get a very undeserved point!

Liverpool are probably the best team in my FM save.  I have no answer for them.  We pulled from behind twice but they get goals out of nothing.  Rodrygo scoring a volley to put them back ahead which I thought was slightly off but then Florentino Luis scored an absolutely beauty to put them 2 ahead.  I mean I'm glad we put two past them, they're just that good.  The quality of players they have is mental.

Cardiff though, we were great, back to being able to play football(well, ish).  I had to shout at them at half time, both teams missing each chances but we had so many more.  A couple of subs later and Nuno Meireles finally put us ahead after a Wallacer through ball after 65 minutes.  Leclercq doubles the lead after 67 after hitting in the rebound from Meireles shot.  Wallacer then gave us all 3 points with a quality long range effort.  Mitrovic pulled one back in the 91st minute after scoring a penalty which seemed a bit harsh but the ref gave. 

Our league position is still strong 'cus that was a hard month, next couple look like we can push on a bit, a lot of winnerable games and get that 4th spot again.



Champions League


Top of the group which I didn't expect and one game to play.  Will Real play their second team against us again? Here's hoping :lol:.

Dortmund turned up this time!  They were a much better team, Rhian Brewster putting them ahead after just 3 minutes!  We had to make subs to get something out of this.  Axenat putting us level after 79 minutes for Renato Sanches to score a good hit after 83 to put Dortmund ahead!  Thankfully Axenat saved the day with a goal in the 84th!

My first fine for performance aswell.  Leclercq was absolutely shocking.  He finished with a 5.5!


Genk was better.  Leclercq getting a brace over his former club.  Leclercq put us ahead after 39 minutes and Cornet doubled just before the break.  They scored what looked like an offside goal to me after 49 minutes but Leclercq killed the game off.

Talking about Champions League, look at Chelsea.  One player scored 6!


Other News


He was out for two days with a bruised ankle and was already playing for us before players went for international duty, what the heck :lol:


Well... why not :lol:


Bloody awful news for Jack.  Was playing superb for QPR and was really heading to be a good lower league prem player, hope it hasn't set him back too much.


Next Month


Really does look like a good month to get some points back to push us up the table and hopefully quality for the semis of the Carabao Cup.

Edited by SpillBlood

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Some of those newgens are unbelieveable. Love the HOYD! Wow, i've never seen an employee with such attributes! :eek:

Definitely looks like you'll be consolidating at least the top 4, with a relatively tiny budget. Wonder if there's any more room for expansion with the NYS? Realistically there is plenty of free land around the stadium so it should be pretty expandable if needs be?

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Posted (edited)
22 hours ago, johnstonpickle said:

Some of those newgens are unbelieveable. Love the HOYD! Wow, i've never seen an employee with such attributes! :eek:

Definitely looks like you'll be consolidating at least the top 4, with a relatively tiny budget. Wonder if there's any more room for expansion with the NYS? Realistically there is plenty of free land around the stadium so it should be pretty expandable if needs be?

The HOYD is amazing.  I don't care about how much money he's on, I ain't getting better :lol:.

I don't think there is, we upgraded to 20k and it seems that is the max capacity :(.  I'll just need to be more successful so they can build a stadium after me :lol:.

I'm hoping for 4th, until I can get a really solid core with some HG players then 4th will always be the target.  Liverpool/Chelsea/City are just currently too good, Liverpool are just a level above everyone.

Edited by SpillBlood

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What a month!  Has there been an M.E patch or has my team gelled?  I've only changed the BWM back to B2B, it can't of made that much of a difference, can it?!


Look at how many goals we scored!

We were 3 up at Everton before half time.  Meireles getting himself a brace and Ibrahim scoring a corner which will give the set-piece board members happy.  Kean scored a nice goal but it wasn't enough for Everton and Cascardo hit one in and Ibrahim got himself a brace after finishing off a smart set-piece.

We made it hard work at Brighton.  We went 1 up after just 2 minutes thanks to Axenat but Brighton equalised just after the 3rd!  Lecomte scored a brace though to seal the points.  Brighton did get one back in the 86th minute and they attacked but we managed to hold on.

Well look at that Manchester United result!  Both teams attack turned up but Manchester United defense didn't!  Greenwood got them off to a good start with a cracking hit into the bottom corner.  Axenat equalised for us in the 14th but Rashford put them ahead in the 20th and we didn't do much else in the first half.  I went mental at half time, we can do better then this!  Well we did, Lecomte got four goals in the 2nd half and Axenat a brace.  Rashford scored in the 93rd but it was all over.  We were fantastic.

Newcastle was so stressful!  Meireles playing brilliant, getting the MOTM performance but we didn't put chances away at all.  Their goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez was on the verge of a MOTM performance after saved all 5 clear cut chances we had and an 8.4 rating but Konsa managed to equalise in the 84th minute after Allan Saint-Maximin hit in Naylors "cross" that looked more like a mis hit shot :lol:.

Palace was a bit like the Man Utd game.  We went behind and managed to pull one back through Leclercq, we went ahead through Lecomte but Matty Cash scored another bloody brilliant goal against us!  It wasn't enough as me shouting the touchline got us a goal from Rugani(another for the set-piece board members), Lecomte getting a brace and Meireles finishing the game off in the 90th.  Much better in the last 30.

Both teams had chances here.  Chelsea not putting theirs away whilst we did.  Lecomte scoring again thanks to a very nice ball from McTominay for him to head in and McTominay put us 2 up in the 12th minute!  Leclercq scored in the 29th and it was 3 - 0 at half time!  Remember how bad a bogey team Chelsea are for me!  Tammy Abraham got one back from the penalty spot but sub Norbert Gwozdz got himself a goal in the 96th.  Brilliant.

Even after such an amazing month we're just in the champions league spots and miles behind 1st and 2nd.  Meireles and Lecomte(both from AML and ST spot whilst Axenat was out) have been incredible.



9 in 6!  Not bad for 9.5mil!




Now I'm on Lecomtes favourite personnel :D.  Good, he has a huge future here.

Other award news, Axenat is North American POTY being every American :cool:


Champions League


I put a 2nd team out and we were lucky to only lose 2 - 1 but it was a nothing game and I had to keep my best players fit for league games, which worked wonders.  We topped the group and our next game should of a good'un.


I think we can win this.

Carabao Cup

So, in my head I've put some 2nd players out, some that might be sold thanks to interest in January, one of them being Wind.  What does he do? Score a hat-trick, he was quality.

And we got the best draw!  We can get the final, surely!?


Next month

January might be big, not just games but ins/outs.  I'll happily sell some of the squad and look for some youth players.  Some are wanted and I've basically dropped Chabot/Rugani as Ibrahim/Konsa is working better for some reason!

I think we can get a lot of points here and progress in both cups!


Edited by SpillBlood

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Strong enough month!


Reading felt like they were going to deny us 3 points aainst as they went ahead when Chris Willock hit in a good strike.  I bollocked the team at half time and Lecomte got himself a 9 minute hat-trick from the 61st to the 70th minute.  Tosin Adarabioyo, a CB I've had many times in Rotherham saves got himself sent off in the 68th minute to make it easier for us but Reading pulled on eback in the 89th minute but it was too late.

We didn't turn up vs Wolves, we were 2nd best through out and it wasn't very pleasing to watch.  They took the last after just 40 seconds and that was it.

Away at Bournemouth was tough.  All 6 games came in the first half and I'd say were 2nd best.  Did feel like a winnerable game and two points dropped.

Now Palace is usually the team we beat but we struggled.  Only thanks to sub Cornet hitting in a class strike did we manage to take all 3 points.

Villa was easy, all 3 goals came in the first half.  Meireles playing quality but... this happened.  He'll miss the Carabao Cup Final which is huge :(


On the plus side.  Lecomte getting more awards!



League is still looking very strong for us.  We're just above the rest for a Champions League spot!



FA Cup

This was tough but a Leclercq hat-trick secured us the victory.  We were 3 up before Nketiah pulled one back but we held strong and we've been drawn a very nice 5th round.


Carabao Cup

We're into the final vs City!  Better City then facing our bogey team Chelsea!



Usually I'd show more but our window has closed after everybody elses but some players have been bought for insane money so I'll show what has been brought into the Premier League.


He's a good winger but.. 115mil!?  Really? He's no Meireles! :lol:


A player I'd been admiring, I mean I hope he's in defense for them because they really do not need more midfielders.  Ilaix Moriba, Ruben Neves, Alessio Riccardi, Florentino Luis, do they really need another CM!?


Another on my shortlist, he's class and fair enough for City picking him up. 


All our business was after what I thought it might be was loaning two players out, rejecting an awful bid from Beijing for Henrichs and trying to bring in a young DM(Looks like he can be class, but he's nothing but a BWM-DM but looks like he'll excel at it) who wanted asburd wages for the role he was playing as a fringe player and even more absurd with the bonuses he wanted.


Finally Bergkamp has joined the Millers staff.  Our training currently lookgs like this and it's hard to find staff 5* staff.  As far as I know though, we currently have the best staff in the league.  We just need to keep upgrading our facilities.


Next month

Very small month so I'll put Feb and March together in one month,


Edited by SpillBlood

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Not happy.  You'll see why below.  I highly suggest you watch the videos of the chances I've linked.


Sheffield United was an easy game.  Newcastle we battered 10 men over and over and just missed chances and Martinez pulling off another amazing performance against us!  We finally went ahead in the 91st minute thanks to Gwozdz scoring a beauty.  That would of been points dropped.

Champions League

They battered us and we should of been 1 or 2 goals down, we had no RBs or RWs due to injuries and suspensionm but we held on and our goal actually came from Konsa playing at RB feeding through Lecomte at RW to give us the away goal advantage.

Carabao Cup

I can take a cup final defeat on the chin.  This is the second time we've lost the Carabao cup.  But you'll see why I'm not happy with the highlights below.


Cup final day, we take the lead.  City score a pathetic goal with our players, playing a pressing game, not pressing or putting a foot in.  Sterling then hits in from another absolute shocking headed clearence from Henrichs which you can see belew.  I couldn't believe what I was seeing when he'd cleared it like that.  But why am I really unhappy?


Axenat and then Leclercq, both 60m and 50m rated strikers.  With 16 and 17 rated finishing, missing the easiest chances going.  They were CLEAR cut chances and everytime they just hit wide.  3 for Axenat, 2 for Leclerq.  The other CCC wasn't a CCC at all, it was Lecomte shooting from an angle.  Leclercqs effort, 17 finishing, 17 composure, 15 technique, either footed and he spoons it.

Check these:




Henrichs clearence.


Maybe next time, ey?

Next month


Hoping for cup progression.  6 league points will be good.  I can't see us beating Liverpool.

Edited by SpillBlood

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It was a tough month!


We threw it away at Brighton.  I need to made a defensive overhaul in the summer.  They had two shots on target and scored 3.  McTominay with a quality header... into his own net :seagull:

Everton were just better than us.  We started with Lecomte scoring after 2 minutes but Chillwell decided he was an inside forward and made my defense look like a joke.  Ollie Gill scored a brace before Wind pulled one back but it was just too much.

Still our league position is solid and it needs to be because next months fixtures are difficult, incredibly difficult.



FA Cup

We battered Exeter but only just won because of another Gwozdz beauty.  We needed to be better.

Everton again though, just edged it!  We had chances that we'd missed and they were without striker Ollie Gill but Jean-Philppe Gbamin scored in the 114th minute, hitting in from inside the box after a corner to give Everton the win.

I can accept that we had some tired legs out there after the Bayern game and the Champions League is more important.

Champions League

My word we had a tough match!  Axenat gave us a great start after just 15 minutes and Bayern didn't look like they offered much of a threat compared to their home game but Wallacer played their striker in with an awful back pass to level the game!  It took to the 114th minute for Axenat to put us ahead to seal victory!  Wallacer nearly through the dream away!

Now... this is a tough draw :eek: The Millers vs Barcelona!!!


Next month

And talking about tough.. look at this fixture list!!!

If we're still in Champions League contension after this, I'll be buzzing.  The really need to beat the likes of Man Utd and Tottenham to stay in 3rd/4th.


Other News

Nice to see Brad Jack back, he hasn't been back long and been capped by Scotland.  QPR have missed him as they're bottom of the Championship, 4 points from safety.  Can Jack help them stay up?



He'll be moving on in the summer, let's hope someone is mad enough to pay near his value.

Edited by SpillBlood

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A strong month all in all!


Especially since we've spent the whole month without Axenat who has been a huge loss!


We were brilliant against a strong United side.  Greenwood got them off to a good start after just 12 minutes but Lecomte getting himself a brace gave us all 3 points.  City though, oof we were lucky to take a point at all.  Leclercq got us off to an early lead this time and Moise Kean leveled in the 55th minute but a MotM performance from Daniel Iversen which included a penalty save from Harry Kane gave us a point. Tottenham we should of had all 3!  Meireles and Chabot had put us two up before Romario Baro scored a beauty against us again!  Stefan Smit got the equaliser thanks to Chabot dwelling on the ball in the 86th minute.  Hard 2 points to lose for the Champions League spot race.  Cardiff was the same, they were the better side and deserved the win but their goal came from an awful back pass from Olosunde and we were lucky to hold on.

I changed tactic slightly for West Ham because everything we did was coming from Meireles and his area of the pitch so I changed my B2B to a 2nd Mez.  We might of conceded after 2 minutes and again after 34 but we'd scored in the 5th, 12 and 21st and again in the 78th.  If we can score more, I'm happy.

Gwozdz has been starting becaue Wallacer hasn't been good enough, I think he'll be moved on in the summer, my best midfielder but lack of flair is absolutely killing him.



4 games to go and our next is against Arsenal which is huge.  Can we get 3rd or 4th?



Champions League

We drew at home, we had the best chance but neither team really did that well to break the deadlock and away at Barcelona it was looking the same until Cornet came on to replace Meireles and he was amazing.  Goal and an assist to send us into the semi finals!


But then we drew our bogey team :seagull:.  Then again the other options were Liverpool who have already won the league or PSG :lol:


We've lost the first leg but we have an away goal which could help us quality for the final, we shall see!

Yeah we also got this after the Barcelona game :lol:


Next month


Arsenal and Liverpool are games we really need to win to qualify for the Champions League.  Let's see if we can win the Champions League AND qualify, one way or another!

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End of Premiership Season but we have one more game!!!



What a month.  What an amazing month.

A perfect hat-trick from Leclerq gave us all 3 points against Arsenal and three great attacking performances and being solid at the back let us beat Norwich, LIVERPOOL and Watford.  We finished bloody 3rd!!! We've been amazing!



AMAZING!  Awards!!!








Other News

This is odd news but... a cup we can win I guess?


He'll be moving on in the summer.  Good servant but he isn't good enough anymore and it suits both of us.


What? He was only out for 5 weeks :lol:


Champions League



Chelsea attack me on the break, that's their game plan with the 4 - 4 - 2 formation they played... so I played possession football and look at happened :cool:



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1 minute ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Excellent season in progress.

It just got better as you posted :lol:

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Champions League Final

Injuries: Rotherham are without center back Mahmoud Ibrahim, my young Egyptian wonderkid which is a huge blow.  PSG are without Nicolo Zaniolo who was a pain in my side when he played for Chelsea and Kylian Mbappe!  Will they risk him? He is injured and recovering from a hamstring injury but he's the best player on the game!!!

Well, we gotta win.  Mourinho getting a bit cocky!


Line ups:

Konsa and Ibrahmin would of started here but with his injury I gotta use Rugani and Chabot.  I've never really used Konsa and Chabot together.  Cornet is in form and it'd be mad to drop him for Meireles who still hasn't fully recovered from injury.


I'm starting like I did against Chelsea.  I don't plan on losing an early goal on being countered.  PSG aren't an easy team to break down with that formation.

First half

19th minute: Some good passing from the Millers, a ball played down the left to James and he centers to Axenat who hits just wide.

That was about it for the first half :lol:.  They've had 1 shot, 0 on target.  We've had 5, 1 on target.

Second half

59th minute: We're shooting but PSG are blocking everything!

60th minute: Lovely ball over but Axenat hits wide!!! It should be 1 - 0!

75th minute: Leclercq and Meireles replace Axenat and Cornet.

89th minute: More good passing but Lecomte shoots and it's over. 

They've had 2 shots, 0 on target.  We've had 11, 1 on target.  We're just cancelling each other out.  Seems Meireles is strugglign to get into the game.  Changed him to a IW-S and Lecomte to IF-A.

Extra time first half

98th minute: Chabot with a very important block or we could of been behind.  Half time in extra time.  Going to change to positive but not change shape.

Extra time second half

PSG come out fast and Iversen makes a good save to deny Neymar.

109th minute: Leclercq has a good chance but he heads over!

111th minute: Iversen makes a huge save to keep it out and PSG go very cloe with the corner.

112th minute: Iversen with a good save again.  Going back to defensive and go for pens, which we suck at :lol:,


IT'S 1 - 0!!! TO THE MILLERS!!!!!!!!  LECLERCQ!!!!!

Meireles plays to to Henrichs who crosses in.  Wan-Bissaka heads to our bloody striker who hits in!!!! 119th minute!!!




This must have been the most boring Champions League final.  Their clear cut chances came in the 2nd half of extra time!  Damn did they miss Mbappe!


I'm actually shaking, how the hell can we lose the Carabao cup final and win the Champions league :lol:



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And I'm still not a bloody legend!  Do I need to win the prem? :lol:

Half my team are wanted and I want some new bloody in my defense and midfield.  Let's see what the summer brings.

End of Season


Pretty much what I'd expect.  Lecomte for that price is an absolute steal!


I want that premiership title!


For once I could of guessed the names that people would have wanted on their shirts.  Nice to see we're still growing and 45k shirts sold :eek:


He was worth every penny.

Trafford, Olosunde, Williams, Rugani, McTominay, Choudhury, Ivonei and Jack will be moved on.  Maybe even more.  An English CB who plays for the national team is transer listed, not 100% sure if he's an improvement but I think I might bring him in.

Champions League Awards



Actually shocked to see Chabot there.  I was thinking of moving him on this summer.


Edited by SpillBlood

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Our wage budget has gone up a lot but we have the finances to back it.



And that's after our spending.




Olosunde - Been a great servant but wanted to be on and he wasn't good enough anymore.

Williams - Wasn't good enough imo, I wanted to move him on, got good money.

Brad Jack - Good money.  Been a good deal.

Ivonei - Just, didn't work out for him as a Miller.

James Trafford - Wanted a better backup.

Daniele Rugani - Wanted new blood at the back, he was one of th two to leave.

McTominay - Don't use a BWM anymore, was good but I got better.

Chabot - Over rated, made mistakes, I think I got silly money for him.

Choudhury - Not the best performer, hasn't been for any team, so out he goes.



Yep, I spent 53mil on an English RB.  Worth it imo, he'll be my starting RB for the next 6 years.  I'll show images of the newgens.  Pereira and Angelino are HG and are solid options.


Has seemed to play quite well for Manchester CIty, England international but listed for 20m?  I'll have him thanks.


The 3rd Portuguese player at the club.  He reminds me of a better Joao Queiros who I quite liked here.  Good solid option for me, replaces Chabot.


Look at those stats!  That technique!  That passing!  His mental stats!  How has no one picked him up, or have any interest in him!?  He'll be trained and played as a Mezzala.


Another random Brazillian to join Cascardo and Wallacer.  Looks decent, wasn't expensive.


Engand international.  One for the save.  Worth it.

Players stayed

I have to highlight this, it was great.  Barcelona bid for both Axenat and Lecomte, Chelsea for Lecomte.  They wanted to stay here, had no interest in moving.  Loved seeing that.  Henrichs did want to move to Manchester United 'cus they have a better squad but we convinced him to stay.  He's a very solid option to have.

We kick the season off

We have the first game of the season on Friday night, hoping we can challenge this season.  We have one heck of a team.


Edited by SpillBlood

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Good enough opening and another trophy!


We were awesome against Southampton and could of had double figured.  Lecomte put us ahead after 18 minutes, Harwood-Bellis scored from a header after a free kick was whipped in to get a goal on his debut.  Meireles scored from a pen but they pulled one back through Fiete Arp after 67 minutes but Lecomte got himself a brace.  Cracking play from the Millers.

Can't say that against Leicester.  I was getting mad at how bad we were playing and how we let them score from nothing.  They've ran down, shot and then Nathan Defty had hit in the rebound where neither the CBs or the GK go to the ball.  Meireles was our hero after belting one in the 92nd minute!  That could of been bad.

I went to Machester looking for a draw, playing the same tactic I did vs PSG and it worked.  I mean, we scored in the 89th minute but it worked :lol:.

Palace was much better.  Axenat got a 8 minute hat-trick!  14, 16 and 22nd minutes!  He should of had more as well.  Much better.

Still early days, the next couple of months will shape the table.



Euro Super Cup

A 76th goal from Lecomte after a scrappy game gave us another cup :cool:


Carabao Cup

Tough draw, would of preffered a home tie.


Champions League

This is another tough group! I think we can top it but we'll need to play well!  This year my WHOLE TEAM can be registered, it's so nice!


Next month

I think this is tough and we'll have to play our best to see green, or just score more like we usually try :lol:


Edited by SpillBlood

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Great updates mate! Have loved reading every update and a big congrats on becoming Champions of Europe!

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On 22/01/2020 at 10:18, FM_Prospect said:

Incredible achievement with Rotherham!

How do you get your pics to that size?

I use a program called Gyazo, it's free and really easy to use.

On 24/01/2020 at 14:01, RageMaster said:

Great updates mate! Have loved reading every update and a big congrats on becoming Champions of Europe!

Cheers dude!

Decided to take a break from FM since I was tanning it :lol:.  Started the save again today, slightly edited tactic for new M.E and seems to be working well :thup:.

Need to get that Premier League title.

Part of wants to start a new Rotherham save when the new update hits for some reason :lol:

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