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FM20 - Rotherham United

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The transfers are done and my word have I spent but WHAT A SQUAD!

Only 10x more... :lol:



What I've spent on my whole team in comparsion to others seems nothing!



And wage wise.


Right, let's show the whole squad this time.



Iversen we all know about, he'll be our #1 but for some reason Manchester City let a good prospect go for 28k, seems odd.



Right backs

The same as last year.  Olosunde is my starter with Alpha as back up.  Olosundes physical stats make him such a good player in my tactic and I've tried to find the best sort of player I can on the left.


Left backs

Hickey is still progressing, he's going to be club grown I think, I do like the look of our new left back.  English, 23, needs to work on his Stamina but has room to improve.



Center backs

My scouts were going bad for Konsa as he was listed.  It'll be Davies and Konsa paired and Burn and Fry paired.




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There isn't much change here to show.  We generally have the same midfield because they're great but we lost Ilic and gained a very good player in James Garner.


I needed a 6th CM/DM and it took a long time to find a player in my budget and had some useful stats.  He was cheap and has room to improve still.  I'm looking to train and play him deeper, especially with a finishing of 6.


Garner will start as DM with Efkan and either Wiles or Dewsbury-Hall beside him.


Same again.  Tulloch starts with Ogbene behind him.  Chong starts on the right with Appiah behind him.


Maybe we don't have enough depth here but it was hard to find players.  Barry went back and was actually listed but choice to play for Leicester, we were just one of the many teams who bid for him.  On deadline day I found a player, he's going to cost us to loan but he looks like he'll do better then Barry did.



I think the squad core is very strong, we've kept our best, we've sured up the defense.  I can't believe I got 5mil for Robertson, felt like robbery.  I didn't enjoy letting Ihiekwe go, I'm a big fan of his irl but I have no room for him, he'd never get a game.

With the likes of Robertson, Mattock etc gone we've lost the original defense I'd still been using until this year.  The only players still standing from day 1 are Olosunde, Iversen, Barlaser(though he hasn't been here 100% of the time) and Ogbene.

There were some brilliant players I hadn't heard of before I'd of loved in my team but we don't have the finances, imagine having these two players in your team.  Oh and oops we're in the red.


Nathan Wood, cost 30.5mil from Middlesbrough.


And my personal favourite, Nohan Kenneh, he looks incredible, I'll be trying to get him at some point on this save.  Cost 26.5mil from Leeds.


Right, let's start the season.  It's an away game at Burnley!  Glad we won all our pre-season games and this year I let my assistant take control, I was too busy with the transfers :D


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Welcome to the Premier league

What a treat of a game.


Geubbels should of scored within the first minute.  They got a penalty from a "foul" from Olosunde, it went to VAR and it was soft.  Efkan then curled in a cracking freekick.  Olosunde gave us the lead when a ball over the right from Wiles let Olosunde drive into the box and drive in low.  McNeil picked up in the middle of the park and put it away to put the sides level.  We needed to get a foot in.  Wiles then scored a peach from the edge of the box, driven low into the bottom corner.  Chong got lucky, right place right time as be pounced on a deflected loose ball but I'll take that.  McNeil again, his own half, drives down and smashes in, what a goal.

Don't think it'll be long before he makes his England debut, my word he's a decent winger.



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We couldn't of asked for better.  9 points in 6 games.


We started amazingly.  The Burnley report is above but oof, did we dominate Norwich.  We were 3 - 0 up after 22 minutes with Tulloch getting the opener after 17 and Geubbels getting a 3 minute brace, Chong made is 4 after 63.  Geubbels got injured for two weeks and we missed him.  West Ham dominated us, we couldn't cope with their passing ability or pace and we're not very good at defending set pieces.  James Garner had probably the worst game he'll have in a Rotherham shirt as well.  West Ham did get an early penalty which was never a pen and thankfully they missed.  Again set pieces at Exeter, though we scored 5 and we attacked very well.  Fry lost Omole twice and we conceded from two corners.  Pybus knocked in a cross after 93 minutes but it was too late for Exeter, alarming we're conceding 3 to a league two side.  I was impressed with Daramy, scoring a brace on his first start.

The Chelsea game I thought we had!  We defended well and it was only through a Kante screamer we went in at the half 1 - 0 down.  Chong turned on the style, his cross hitting off Tomori for an O.G after 53 minutes and then an amazing solo goal which rewarded him with goal of the month but up ahead.  We we were looking good and then out of no where it's 2 - 2 with Ajer scoring from a set piece.  It looked like a draw until Pulisic seems to decide he wants to play football and scored in the 89th and 92nd minute, we couldn't cope.


Newcastle game was a close encounter, they hit the woodwork 3 times though and had two clear cut chances they won with Olivier Ntcham scoring a powerful volley after we cleared the ball after 13 minutes.  The FA cup game vs Chelsea could of been anyones, I played some fringe players and they played well, Chelsea did edge it but they had some very good, expensive first team players on the pitch.  We only a quick ball over the top and Federico Chiesa showing his skill in the 87th minute that knocked us out.

And then we played at Home again and my word we played well.  The post-match was asking how we gave Tottenham 60% of the possession and if we're okay with it.  Well Tulloch scoed a first half hat-trick, including a two minute brace after 10 and 12 minutes.  I was fine with them doing nothing with the ball.  Houssem Aouar scored a cracking long shot after 33 minutes but that's all they offered.  It was our best defensive display so far in the league.

It seems quite alarming how many goals we're conceding from long shots. 

5 points clear and a positive GD, couldn't of asked for more.  Let's hope this continues.



Though September looks bloody impossible.  Maybe I can get a point from Watford.  I'd be happy with 1 point from this month :lol:


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Well I wanted one and we got three thanks to the new M.E. 


The Watford game was played with the new update which seemed to quite us massively.  Daramy got a brace and we attacked well.  It's a shame he's now out for the Brighton game with food poisoning but Geubbels is back.  I had to change the midfield.  Efkan, Wiles and Dewsbury-Hall aren't playing well.  Tchouameni assisted on his first start and Barlaser was solid.

The Arsenal game, we tried, they scored after a scramble in the box and maybe Geubbels could of scored but we were 2nd best.  Iversen played really well.

And against Liverpool, Iversen played even better.  We went 1 - 0 up thanks to a quick ball out from Iversen, Tulloch took it, sprinted up and placed it.  We went into half time 1 - 1 with Iversen keeping us in it.  Liverpool came out and battered us, Kai Havertz neetting a hat-trick in 15 minutes and Everton getting a 94th minute goal.  They were class.

Tulloch picked up an injury against Liverpool and he's currently our best player so it's a miss.




We're 9th with 12 points after 9 games, I'm happy with that.  We're on course to stay up if we keep this pace.



Since it looks like we have some sort of Winter break? I'll post October/November and Decembers games together.  Wait, is there a winter world cup?  Yes, there is.  Ergh.


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We had enough games this month to post about but after this... see you in January and oh there's only one Daniel Iversen!


I mean, that isn't why.  This is.


What a month!  This new ME is working for us.


Brighton we went down but we responded and managed to draw but Brighton had enough chances to win.  Alpha gave them a penlaty, then gifted them a goal, so I subbed him after 30 minutes for how poor he was playing, I can' t remember the last time I did that.  We should of never won at Cardiff, they're doing well and it was a smash and grab!


The Everton game we edged it and probably should of won.  Our goal comin' from Pickford rolling it out to Keane, Daramy picked it up and said thank you.  Sadly it only lasted two minutes as Siggy picks up a long pass over and hits in.

The Manchester City game though.. we stole it form them!  Iversen was immense!  Tulloch and Geubbels both took their chances.  Infact I'd of never imagined a City player doing what they did.  Declan Rice is in there corner, just hits an awful ball out.  Garner collects it, plays in Tulloch who hits in.  Long ball from Chong, Geubbels is in and Ederson doesn't get a strong enough hand to it.  I mean look at this!


Incredible month, absolutely incredible.  Captain Iversen is improving everyday. 


Oh and Benny got a cap!


Damary is playing really well here, especially with Geubbels picks up one of his knocks.  I'd like to see if I can sign him at the end of the season tbh.




He's clearly a Miller :cool:

Could you imagine that after 13 games?! I knew I'd got myself a good side together!



Now I need to play friendlys which is... different.

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December/January/The time we had a Winter World Cup


It's like the morale from our friendlys turned us into a defensive unit!


We were perhaps the better team vs Wolves but they got the goal, that simple. Tranmere we weren't great but it's a FA cup run in the making. I hate watching Leicester, they have such a good side, used wrong by bad management.  Dodgy formations and they were 20th in the form table, I could see why.  They don't even have a goalkeeper anywhere near as good as Super Iversen.  Bournemouth we both had four clear cut chances, no body could score.

Villa, they're 20th for a reason.  Easy game.  We should of never drawn vs Southampton, our defense could us in it, they had 5 clear cut chances with Michael Obafemi who has incredible physical stats battered our defense who have been superb.  He's only got 4 goals in 20 games but look at those physical stats!


Reading, a simple win, even is Barlaser got sent off in the 87th minute.  Chongs contract is up at the end of the season and he's off to Villarreal, we couldn't get him and his wadges/bonuses are a bit too much for us so I'm using Appiah instead.  He was the one who won and scored the penalty vs Southampton. 

Now this is what happens when you have a brilliant defense.  Iversen is hands down of the best keepers in the league.  Davies and Konsa are really starting to gel.



We're generally second best every game but we're putting shots away, that's the difference.  Dewsbury-Hall and Olosunde both screaming absolute cracking goals vs Arsenal, Guendouzi pulled one back in the 45th+2 and I expected game on but they didn't really turn up.  Liverpool did but couldn't shoot on target, 59th minute Robertson got sent off for an elbow and we managed to play our game and keep them out.  Our goal was a simple long ball from Davies, no one intercepted, Daramy ran down and put it in.  It was that simple.

I'm really happy with our depth.  We've had injuries with Chong(even though he's now behind Appiah, I don't care how good he's played, Appiah will be here next season).  Tulloch is out again.  Geubbels was out.  Burn and Fry were both out with the flu but still we've plugged on and this is what the end of January looks like.



This is what I mean with Leciester, they sold Ndidi!  That's mad!


Look at our wages compared to the rest :lol:.


This is after giving Tulloch, Burn, Dewsbury-Hall and Appiah new contracts.

Captain Iversen has been sensational.  Shame you'll never see a goalkeeper get player of the month.


Let's just see where this form can take us.  It's incredible to watch.  Like I said, we're generally second best every game but we seem to be the ones actually putting the ball in the net.


Oh I almost forgot.

I got a job interview offer, you're okay lads. I'm a Miller ^_^


New gates reciepts, hopefully shall be beat.


and another international player which is always a plus.


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Another very solid month.  9 points from 6 games and a the FA cup run in still very much alive.  We're in the quarters but no one has been drawn yet.


The fans were unhappy we lost to Manchester United because we threw away the lead and "disappointed to see the team lose".  It's Manchester United!  We performed well with Ogbene pouncing on a loose ball to put us ahead but United were too strong with Bailey leveling things and Luka Jovic putting them ahead in the 73rd minute.  We couldn't reply.

The Watford and Brighton games both ended in the same manner.  They both scored very very late in the game but were ruled offside.  We went in vs Watford 3 - 0 up and our second half performance was poor, I'll take the three points though.  Brighton scored their 2nd in the 92nd minute so to lose would of been a sucker punch. 

Chong came back into the fold vs Norwich and ran the show, he was brilliant.  Scoring one and assisting two, it's such a shame we're losing him, he's brilliant.  Look at how much he's improved!


So Southamptom took their chances with time, they were the better side and I can't have too many complaints.  We scored out 2nd in the 89th minute but couldn't find a 3rd.

The lads showed real character in the Burnley FA Cup game.  We went 1 - 0 up through a mistake at the back and Daramy slotted it in after 3 minutes.  21 minutes in and we were 2 - 1 down.  Daramy picked up an injury but the substituation somehow worked.  Geubbels came on and we were the better side in the 2nd half.  We were 3 - 2 up thanks to a goal from Geubbels and Efkan but Burnley got a penalty.. and missed!  It was a huge miss, if they'd of scored it'd of been 3 - 3.  Geubbels got himself a brace though in the 81st minute and it was game over.

Burnley got their revenge in the league though, we didn't take our chances and they did, that simple.  They took the three points.

We're looking like we should finish in the top half which is absolutely brilliant for us.  Let's see if we can continue this form.  I'm happy winning half my games!



And it's nice to see Geubbels finding some form!


If we get six points out of this, I'll be buzzing.


I also asked for more transfer/wage budget since finances are good.  They gave them me, so I'm looking for the right player.  I've sent a few to be scouted and I've put staff adverts out since there's quite a few holes in our back room.  A huge negative is players such as Geubbels are worth their min. fee and have no interest in signing a new contract, I could lose them soon. Ah well, onto March!  Well, time for work and March will probably be done tomorrow after work :D.

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A bad month.


We were the better side vs Bournemouth yet we only found ourselves taking a point.  Geubbels finally put us ahead before two minutes later Lewis Cook scored a great solo effort and we couldn't find a second.  Suprisingly we were the better side at home vs Manchester United but a blocked pass from Luiz Felipe landed back at his feet and he managed to find an onside Luka Jovic because my word it was close who slotted in.  That was their only chance of the game and we missed 4 CCCs, Ogbene missed a huge chance at the end.

Same again at Villa Park, we went 2 - 0 down after 21 minutes and we were bloody awful.  I went 4 - 2 - 2 - 2 and attacked, we went down to 10 through injury but goals from Chong and Tulloch meant we got ourselves a point.  They're 20th with 1 win and we nearly get them their second, not good enough.

And we also lost Geubbels for 4 weeks :(.


What else can I say about the FA cup game.  Konsa stops the ball from going off, Sancho just picks it up, runs down and scores after 7 minutes, I thought that was game over but we went in at half time at 2 - 2.  Appiah scored an amazing 20 yard effort and Tchouameni scored from the edge of the error but Liverpool were brilliant in the second half and we couldn't cope.

Hopefully we can find some form so we can finish in the top half, 9 games to go and 6 points ahead of Tottenham.



And another international, not sure he'll stay, he makes too many errors but it'll increase his value.


We can get 9 points here!  Surely... right?


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What a great month!  Much better!


We tried vs Leicester they created the better chances, it was good to see a manager using that team properly.  Ben Davies got himself a goal and assist which was nice to see from a CB.  We lost to an own goal when Iversen pushed a shot from outside into Konsa and it bounced in. 

The Wolves game we were brilliant.  Tchouameni scored a belter from the edge of the box after 6 minutes but Aaron Hickey got himself sent off at 14!  I couldn't tell from the M.E what he'd actually done wrong!  Ben Davies popped up though with a headed corner in the 27th minute and we went in 2 - 0 at half time.  Appiah won and scored a penalty in the 56th minute and then Wolves attacked.  Curtone and Jimenez pulled two back in the space off 11 minutes but we managed to defend and hold on for 20 minutes.  Was a great effort from the lads.

The Cardiff game for once against them we were the better side.  Another Ben Davies assist and he's flicked a corner on and Daramy poked in.  Tanganga was sent off for Cardiff in the 85th minute but that was already over.  My defense played too well for Cardiffs attack.

And then we smashed Everton, and again with 10 men!  Tchouameni scored another belter from the edge of the box and Fry took us into the half 2 - 0 up from a headed corner.  Dionkou saw red after a 2nd yellow and I replaced Daramy with Konsa and just let us play strikerless since we have two inside forwards.  A ball over the top and Appiah dribbles and hits in after 86 minutes.  Awesome.

Again against Chelsea Fry pops up and scores from a corner.  (What's with all the corner goals this month, it's basically the first time in this save I've scored from them :lol: and I've used the same routine all season and tried to use versions of it since the start) and we lead at the break.  Chelsea scored a good team goal with Martial putting it in.  Daramy puts us ahead in the 80th minute but Martial equalises for Chelsea.  They were the better side but atleast I've got a point against Chelsea this time!

Away from the league we've had a youth player poached who had no potential!


And our finances are looking good!



We've pretty much guranteed a top half finish now which I'm buzzing about. 



And maybe we can end the season with another 6 points to secure top 8. 


11 hours ago, deltablue said:

I think by this stage losing to Manchester United is something to be annoyed about :D

Maybe in a couple more seasons with a stronger squad :lol:

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May + End of Season

Well, we started the month with this injury so my 20 year old youth goalkeeper played in the month in net, he did alright.



We battered West Ham and thankfully we were 4 - 0 up before Dionkou got sent off again.  Wasn't enough to cause any problems even with West Ham pulled one back, Appiah got another for us.  Chong and Tchouameni got a brace each.  Best bit is Tchouameni was bought as a last day back up that couldn't finish and he's been scoring goals for run and ended up in a great partnership in my midfield with Garner and Dewsbury-Hall.

Newcastle game was a game where both teams scored their chances and a draw was fair.

So uhh the Manchester City game.  Just look at the screenshot.  We lost to 9 man City thanks to a 94th mintue mistake from Ben Davies and gave them the title :lol:



Spurs were just too good for us, Efkan scored from a freekick after Sanchez was sent off bit it was too little too late.

I'm buzzing we finished 7th, that's so strong.  The end of season meeting was stupid though.  "I think we can avoid the drop" and my team went "don't be stupid, we can't do that".  WE JUST FINISHED 7th!


Garner was a brilliant buy and Chong will be missed massively.


This vision went a bit.. odd.  Set pieces and high profile players.  WE'RE ROTHERHAM.  What the heck do you guys expect from me!?


Thankfully, I negotiated the new stuff out, it was absurd.



Some improvements need making for sure.


Goalkeepers - Iversen is brilliant, I'm not sure whether to loan out my young goalkeeper and bring in a solid backup.

Defenders - New LB wanted, I'm happy to sell Alpha and bring in a better backup RB.  CBs have a ? over them at the moment as some are wanted and I could perhaps get better now.

Midfielders - Inside forwards wanted, apply here.

Strikers - I'm not sure when the window opens we'll have any, this is going to be an interesting space.

Let's see what the summer brings.  I didn't want a busy window with a lot of changes but right now I don't feel like I have much choice.  Clubs want my players, some I won't be able to keep and I want some new inside forwards with Tulloch being out all the time and Chong leaving us.

Let's see what we can find!

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Season 5

I'll make a fresh post about the transfers since right now we still have no idea if Geubbels will be a Miller.  11 clubs want him, 1 bid his min. fee and he rejected them.  My attacking line up is incredible and is he left we'd be able to cope.

It has helped I got this as my wage/budget.


Right... what competition is this... :lol:?


I got a new contract which is awesome!


Do like when we over-achieve, hope we can do it again.


We've got new Millers and we'll have more.



Our Stadium is being made into a 20k seater which is really awesome, we're moving to Oakwell for a season and hopefully we'll get more fans going and more money in the back as it currently holds 8k more than ours.

Oh and I almost forgot when I said I was bringing in staff.



Better quality and holes covered I think with that many :D.

Shame my assistant retired so he's been replaced this season.


Now, for transfers.

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There wasn't any!  Iversen is still #1 and Trafford is his back up.


I sold Alpha due to his mental stats not being to my liking.  He's had great physical attributes but I don't feel he was suited here.  Burn didn't play much last season and when he did he didn't play well so I let him move on.  Alpha was replaced by Brandon Williams.  He's still in his early 20s and it's a new LB.  Hackey is moving over to the right to play back up to Olosunde.  Burn was replaced by a defender I found that has been called up by Portugal but hadn't been capped by them, I liked the look of him(even is 1 weeks poor training has killed some of his stats for some reason)




Barlaser has been decent for us but I needed one player to make way to bring in Longstaff.  I couldn't sell Efkan or club grown Wiles so Barlaser it was.  Longstaff was dirt cheap for his abilities and I felt I needed a B2B midfielder and he fits that role.  I know he's injury prone and he has awful determination but so does Garner and he's been quality at DM for me.



This includes wide players as they can also play up top.  Where do I even start here.  This was all done expecting Geubbels to go and he currently still plays for us even if our window is shut, no huge clubs he's wanting to come for him have any interest in him.

Cornet, 6.25mil min fee.  Can play uptop on the left or right.  Thanks.  He replaces Chong.


Millico will be played from the left and replaces Ogbene who wasn't good enough anymore.  A bit of an upgrade.  He'll also play 'cus no doubt Tulloch will be injured.


I'm still curious on why Wind was transfer listed.  Got good pacey IFs that maybe a good DLF can help with? Okay, I'll take him.  I think he'll be brilliant here.


And I saved the best 'til last.  He's our club record, he's the most expensive player in Hati history as the game told me but my Gyazo images expired as I've taken too many :lol:.  I want him to be trained as an AMR as a direct Chong replacement with Millico on the left and Geubbels upfront, we'd be bloody lethal.


Another one though he's suffered from one weeks poor training.

Best bit I think I've got made with transfers and I'm spending loads on players and wages.  We're still the lowest wage and teams spend more then our overall on one player!



Right the window is closed for us.  Will Geubbels stay?  We'll wait and see.

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A club in the Champions League actually bid his min. fee and he went.  Worst bit is he's gone for less wages then we would have offered and only to be a squad player.  I'll buy him back whenever I bloody can.


It's rare you get such a class player trained at Rotherham!



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Very solid start.

We seem to love a good opening day win with Longstaff getting a goal on his debut after only 4 minutes, with him also settings up substitue Tulloch in the 82nd minute.   Great debut.  He seems a solid purchase so far.

The Chelsea game was great!  We were 2 - 0 down staring at defeat after Hudson-Odio doubled the lead after 50 minute.  I'd made all 3 subs at half time.  Wind, Tulloch and Dewsbury0Hall off.  Wiles, Millico and Cornet on, putting Axenat uptop.  The next thing I know is we pull one back after 57 minutes.  Millico plays a ball down the left, Axenat cuts in and scores!  It looked all but over but in the 92nd minute, Cornet whips in a corner and it's headed out straight to Milico who whips in an awesome ball for Axenat to beat 4 defenders to head in.  Pure quality from the kid.

The Watford game,  no one really looked like winning.  Our goal came from when Axenat played a pass to Millico and he smashes it from 20 yards out!

Euro Cup II

First leg - We had 3 clear cut chances but only 3 shots on target.  Nice played a 4 - 4 - 2 formation that was struggled with.  I felt we were very lucky to only lose 1 - 0.   It was a team of backups but I still expected us to do better.

Second Leg - I played my first team.  There wasn't any backups or fringe players in the starting 11, I wanted the win.  Axenat started that after a bad pass at the back plays him in and he puts us 1 -0 up.  The next minute a blocked shot that the goal keeper has dived for lets Dewsbury-Hall hit one in from the edge of the box, he had all the room in the world.  37th minute Axenat gets his brace and it's game over.

Looks like we don't need Geubbels after all. 



League is looking good!



Is 6 points from September asking too much? I don't think so.



Still when I think we spend a lot, then we see this.  I even made profit due to Geubbels being sold.  Our FM19 Hero Vinicius Junior just moved to Inter.  Oh and so did Marek Rodak as a cup goalkeeper!

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Decent enough, could of done with a win at West Ham though.


Newcastle was the Tulloch show.  His class showed scoring a brace.  Arsenal was the Iversen show.  I mean we lost 4 - 1 and they battered us but without Iversen it could of been 10 - 1.  I was clueless how to change it a round.  We led when Dewsbury-Hall smashed one in from the edge of the box but that after that it was all Arsenal.  I shouldn't feel too bad, they went and did the same to Tottenham in their next league game, winning 4 - 1.  The West Ham game no one looked like scoring, I mean we did score twice, both clearly offside but it wasn't a good attacking display.


The Genk game we were much better.  We went ahead after Wind got his first Millers goal after scoring a penalty after 5 minutes and Wiles smashed one in to put us 2 ahead after 22.  They scored from a penalty just after the break but we should of finish with more than 2 goals.  I can't get Wind to perform at all.  The same goes for Cornet.  I know it's early days and they both need to learn how we play.

Nice to see the move to Oakwell is bringing in money.


The Charlton game let the backup/fringe players get some fitness and game time.  We were the better side and Tulloch put us ahead after 17 minutes.  They pulled one back after a great through ball after 61 minutes but it was took 2 minutes for Fry to put us back ahead. 


Going to be a tough game.

Good enough start, we need to see it continue.



October could be a good month for us.


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Very solid month.  Shame about Tottenham though.  It looked like a draw until Son scored in the 91st and 93rd minute for his hat-trick.


We can't beat Sheffield United.  We've lost 1 and draw 4 with them.   They were 1 - 0 up and went down to 10 men just before the half.  Wind scored to level it up but Mousset put them up with 10 men!  Olosunde scored in the 89th minute for us to draw.  We just struggled.  Palace was all about my defenders, they assisted, they scored, we were really good.  Stoke was a very even game but we were 2 - 0 up after Appiah scored in the 33rd and Olosunde in the 73rd it wasn't until the 92nd minute Bowen pulled one back for Stoke, it was too late then.  Tottenham just got the better of us in the end.


Never expected 3 wins in Europe, especially with the 4 - 0 win vs Villarreal, we were lethal with Wind getting his hat-trick.  Basel game was really close, Wind put us up in the 7th minute but we went down to 10 men in the 59th.  It looked like it was going down hill when Basel were awarded a penalty in the 77th but Iversen saved it and we managed to take all 3 points.  Wind has been a lot better this month, still trying to get some sort of form out of Cornet, if he doesn't improve quick I'm going to try cash in on him in January.  He's losing his place to Appiah at the moment.

Oh and against Basel, is his knee offside? This is so tight.


Table is looking good for us.  Though it could look worse next month.



This is a difficult month and we'll do well to pick up any points in the league.  I hope we can progress in the Carabao Cup.


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Went as well as expected :(


Wolves battered us.  We were lucky they only scored 2, a brace from Patrick Curtrone.  Appiah pulled one back in the 83rd minute but it was too little too late.

Liverpool game wasn't too bad, it looked like it was going into half time 0 - 0.  Liverpool scored in the 44th and 45th minute and then we scored in the 45+2.  Matt Olosunde saw red after a 2nd yellow after 65 minutes and it was game over.  Kai Havertz got his brace in the 86th minute.  That guy is unreal, we can't cope with him.  I stuck with the team that beat Villarreal 4 - 0 against City and it was looking good after they went down to 10 men after 9 minutes but it happened again.


We changed formation towards the end of the game to 5  - 2 - 1 - 2 and we started pulling it back, we had chances to draw and win the game.  Tchouameni was played through and somehow hit the post, he had so much space to aim for!  Sterling did score a belter of a goal.  20 yard low drive hitting off the woodwork and in.  It wasn't to be again.  Thankfully it was vs Leicester.  They went up after 15 minutes and I'm thinking not another loss, what isn't working?  Cornet pulled one back after 24 minutes and Konsa headed one in after 72 to give us the win.  We had the better chances but Leicester might feel hard done, they hit the woodwork 3 times!


We were class against Villarreal again.  Wind seems to love a European game after scoring a brace this time.  Cornet got his first Rotherham goal.  I say that about Wind, he was awful vs Genk, missed a penalty but then again we were all awful.  Didn't offer enough and it's a shame we lost our 100% record.

I am wondering if I need a different tactic for away games.  Our wide players can go uptop and we have players able to play at wingback so it might be a 5 - 2 - 1 - 2 job away.


Still looking okay but we need to improve or it could see us slip massively.


He's got another!



A lot of games to be played in December, we need to hope for a good month.


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Much much better month.  Was really close to being all green!


We just edged the Cardiff game.  They took the lead with Mitrovic scoring after 15 minutes but it only took Axenat 6 minutes to pull one back.  Queiroes headed one in after 35 minutes and that was that.  The Wolves game was a bit different.  We lost Josh Earl after 1 minute and Maxwell Cornet after 28 so I switched to formation to 2 CBS, 2 WBS, a DM, 2 CMs, an AMC and 2 STs. Basically some sort of Gegenpress 4 - 4 - 2 Diamond(shown below).  It worked for us, even though they had more shots, we scored the goals and took the 3 points.

I kept the same formation vs Burnley and we were the better side.  We took the lead just before half time with Tchouameni putting us ahead, putting in Bekiroglus freekick after 45+2 mins.  Williams scored an awesome goal, took on his man and struck it in with real venom after 49 minutes.  Millico slotted through Wind in the 80th to make it 3.

The Everton game just went to pieces.  We scored an absolute worldie to start with.  Millico bending one in the top corner after 3 minutes, oof.  Olosunde messed up with an awful pass and Everton countered with Siggy putting it in.  I changed formation back to my normal 4 - 3 - 3 and it didn't work.  Hickey came on to score an O.G and Isak put in an easy ball after 77 minutes. to give Everton only their 3rd win of the season.

We started the Norwich game with 3 at the back instead of the DLP and it didn't work.  Iversen was man of the match for a reason here and we managed to win with Luke Shaw scoring an O.G.  3 points is 3 points.

And the biggest plus of all this, we finally beat Sheffield United!!!  They might have conceded the most goals and scored the least but they always find a way but not this time!  Wind scoring his first Millers hat-trick make sure they didn't stand a chance.


In Europe we went back to our 4 - 3 - 3 and Appiah put us after 16 minutes with a wicked curling shot just inside the box before Hickey conceded a penalty that Frei put in, Trafford was close to saving.  Cornet put us back ahead 2 minutes later after a corner is swung in, Appiah strikes and the goalkeeper goes to save but it's blocked, the ball landed to Cornet who smashed it in, 'keeper had no chance.  Cornet finished again in the 49th minute after poking in Hickeys cross and it was game over.

We're doing very strong in the league after Decembers push.  The new formation is working a treat.



And we got, so we can improve the team if we want.




And we might have too.  We're short at the back after this injury. 


Totally missed this but seems we have a youth player wanted by Leeds.  Not the best but we'll see if he stays with us or goes.


I fully expect some transfers in January so the next post might be interesting, I want a cup run and 9 points from my fixtures.  Shouldn't expect anything less.


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Another fantastic month.  This formation is working wonders.


League games

We dominated Crystal Palace and deserved a lot more than 2 goals.  Olosunde scored after such an odd goal, ball over from Williams to Olosunde as he's surging into the box, he shoots, I can't tell if it's the keeper savin' or the woodwork, but it bounces up and Olosunde rises above the goalkeeper to head in.  Tchouameni doubles for us after 28 minutes.  Olosunde crosses in and just inside the box Tchouameni scored with a powerful header.  Conor Gallagher is on the end of a Crystal Palace cross and absolutely hammers one in after 53 minutes but that's all Palace had to offer.

Tottenham game showed why I had to take something out my formation.  We played well, it was an even game.  Problem was we were 2 - 1 up and looking like it was our game until Olosunde in the RWB position does what he's supposed to do and it's my fault for doing this is look for the DLP, he just has players in the way and gifts Tottenham a goal so with 12 minutes to go it ends up being 2 - 2.  It got even worse when Troy Parrott gave Tottenham the lead just one minute later.  Thankfully Axenat gets on the end of a freekick to give us a draw.

We smashed Stoke.  Longstaff got himself a Brace including a goal that the media described as a "daisy-cutter"(new term for me) which got 3rd place in goal of the month.  It's actually a game I went back to 4 - 3 - 3, they were bottom and it meant we could attack.  It leaves us open though and Stoke had more CCCs, thankfully Iversen had a typical Iversen game, he's quality.  The difference in quality showed in goals.  Tulloch put us 2 - 1 up after cutting in, taking on his man and putting low and the 4th goal came from Aaron Hickey scoring a penalty.

We drew away at Norwich.  I went back to the 5 - 2 - 1 - 2 formation and Olosunde has a woeful game but I'd used all my subs.  We should have won, we had the chances but we just, didn't.  Jonas Hector put Norwich up after just 37 seconds and I thought, oh dear.  Wind pulled one back after 57 minutes and Paulo Diaz saw red in the 87th minute but that was it.  A draw.

The table is looking fantastic right now.



Cup games

Stat-wise. We dominated Wigan.  They had 6 shots, 0 on target.  We had 30, 14 on target but it took until the 88th minute for Sean Longstaff to put us ahead getting on the end of Cornets low cross.

We went 4 - 3 - 3 for the Fulham came and Solly March put Fulham ahead after 22 minutes.  Jacob Murphy cuts in the box and passes to March, he lets his roll to his stronger foot before smashing it in.  Efkan drew us level with a thump after getting on the end of Earls cross.  Tchouameni put us ahead with a very nice shot from the edge of the box put only a minute later Itten equalises after he breaks the offside trap after a long over the top and slots in.  I changed formation but we only won because of a huge mistake from Fulham goalkeeper Ashby-Hammond who basically stud still with the ball.  Millico took the ball off him and stuck it in an empty net.

Looks like our cup run could continue with this draw.



I totally forgot to post this earlier, these are the two formations I use.



4 - 3 - 3 is for European games or when I know I should win and 5 - 2 - 1 - 2 is usually for away games.


I spent the Geubbels money and I brought in some quality.

Firstly, I knew after my first Premier League game that McNeil would move on to a big club and he has. 


Anyway, my transfers.



9million for a prime Daniele Rugani? I had to take that, he's better than any of my CBs and should be a huge player here.


It's the same again.  Henrichs was listed at Inter and for that price how am I supposed to stay away?  With the formations I'm playing he fits in at RB and cover at CB.  Quality purchase.  Could be a huge player here as well.


I took a punt here with Ivonei after a new scout recommended him to me.  I mean he's 21, can improve, will start at AMC when I use 5 - 2 - 1 - 2 and looks pretty damn good for 12mil, don't you think? If it doesn't work, I can always sell him.

By new scout I kinda mean all these... :D


And we still don't spend big!



But we're not bottom of the wage table anymore, shows how the club is growing.



Onto February!


I'd be happy with 6 points here. 

It's March I'm glad I have the depth, look at the run of games :eek:


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I got the 6 points I wanted but we also got bloody hammered.


Just a small month really.

Bournemouth was a really even game I think we won thanks to a red card.  We got the early lead when Williams crossed in and Wind went down.  Nothing really happened until it randomly went to VAR and we were awarded a penalty that Wind put away.  Bournemouth attacked us though and managed to pull one back with Callum Wilson netting just two minutes into the 2nd half.  Lerma saw red for Bournmeouth after a very bad challenge on Longstaff.   From that freekick, it's whipped in, Rugani heads on and hits the post but Tulloch is there to knock it in.  That was it, that was game.

Ergh that Chelsea game.  We played well to start with and missed chances and before half time when it looked like it going in level Husdon-Odoi opened the scoring for Chelsea and Nehuen Perez made it two.  I changed formation and players at half time and Tulloch popped up to pull one back for us after 65 minutes. Substitute Ben Wiles saw Red after 70 minutes and then it happened, the collapse.  Chelsea attacked us and just dominated us.  Tonali, Chisea, Martial from the penalty spot and Husdon-Odoi for his brace made it 6 to Chelsea.  Millico scored a very nice goal for us but it was a little too late.

Manchester United games saw 3 points shared.  At home we attacked them and it worked well, we were the better side with Tulloch giving us the lead after 69 minutes and Efkan finishing off the game after 85 minutes.  I thought I'd try and attack them again and United put out a much stronger side, like they'd underestimated us in their away game.  They were the better side, no change of formation or players seem to be able to break them down.  Fabian put United ahead after 74 minutes after what looked like our CB Queiroes just held onto the ball and lost it in our box.  Was hard to tell what the M.E was showing us.  Angel Gomes then punished Williams and killed the game off.

6 points was a good month but that Chelsea loss was horrible.



I'm hoping for a very green March.


We've been drawn against a team we've already beaten twice in the Euro Cup II, surely we should progress here?



I've actually signed a player for the summer already.  Scouts rate him, he's cheap.  He'll become homegrown/grown at club.  I know his Jumping Reach is horrible but I'm hoping he can grow an inch or two(can that actually happen?) He looks pretty good though.  I do plan to sell players in the summer since a lot will be in their last year of contract.


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Not the best month I'm afraid. 



Too many mistakes this month.  The Everton game was thrown when Dewsbury-Hall returning from Everton made a woeful pass that gifted Everton their goal.  It was the same was Burnley.  We were brilliant vs Burnley, absolutely battered them and it was a shock we were only 1 up which was scored by an amazing solo goal by Josh Earl who has returned to the team with some amazing performances.  85th minute Iversen rolls the ball to Fry up pressure who just boots it, it bounces to Dolberg who slots in.  That's 4 points dropped.

Wolves on the other hand we were bloody brilliant.  Started well with Ivonei geting his first Rothrham goal after 25 minutes.  Axenat doubled after 36.  We were just the better team through out.  We closed the game with Wind scoring in the 85th and Earl in the 90th.




Euro Cup II

Well, I wasn't expecting that.  We used the same formation we'd always used in Europe and we were awful.  Diaz getting a first half brace and Olosunde making a huge mistake letting Moreno score in the 92nd minute to put us 3 behind.  The worst bit is at home we were bloody amazing.  We scored 3, Axenat missed a sitter just before full time that would of given us the game.  We went to extra time and Tulloch got injured and I had no attacking options left on the bench and I think it hit us hard, we lost some of our attacking impetus and it went to penaltys.  Axenat missed and that was that.  Try again next year if we get there.


FA Cup

A competition we're still in!

It was a very scrappy game with Bristol City with a lot of yellow cards.  5 for us and 3 for them.  We got a great early start with Konsa heading in Cornets corner and that was it.  Not many real chances, we just the goal to put us through.

It was the same with Bournmouth.  Ivonei put us ahead after 19 minutes with a through ball from Wind, he dribbles down and smashes low.  We were the better side until Brandon Williams was sent out for Rotherham and we had to defend but they created no real chances.


We're in the semi-finals but it'll be a tough ask.  Still the best outcome, the other teams left in the comp are City and Arsenal.



April is an incredibly tough month.  Man City, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal in 15 days, damn.  All we can do is and try for a late surge, keep the Europa spots and try win that FA Cup!  Up the Millers!

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I'd absolutely say a very good enough, especially since we've been plagued with injuries.  We lost both Olosunde for the month and Queiros for the rest of the season vs Leicester.


I'm really happy we were able to come back vs Leicester.  They took the lead after Leko got on the end of a long ball and slotted in.  We'd just had two very early injuries and had to change shape.  Rugani put us level with a header from a corner after 38 minutes and Cornet got us the winner after a superb long ball from Dewsbury-Hall was perfect for Cornet to pick up and hit low after 72 minutes. 

We were class vs Cardiff and deserved the win.  Again though they took the lead after Robert Mudrazija scored an absolute belter from 20 yards.  10 minutes left Axenat restored the scores and just before half time Garner put us ahead with a cracking effort from the edge of the box.  It was game over after 46 minutes when Axenat got his brace.  We got another defensive injury though losing in form Josh Earl after 56 minutes.  Luckily it was only for a few weeks.

Manchester City battered us but it took a very nice curling effort from Harry Kane to give them a win.  We defended well.

Against Liverpool I'd say a draw any day.  Axenat put us ahead but Fabino put Liverpool level from the spot after 38 minutes.  Ivonei scored a great shot though no keeper was getting to as it sailed into the top corner just before the break.  Salah equalised for Liverpool and we managed to hold on as Konsa was sent off after 89 minutes.

We were brilliant vs Arsenal and we were actually 3 - 0 up.  Tulloch put us ahead after just 12 minutes.  The second half we scored two in 4 with Cornet scoring an amazing solo goal after 54 minutes and Wind getting on the end of a long ball after 58.  They made some subs and formations and they attacked us.  Kerry Holder, who scored against us when he was on loan at Everton got one back for Arsenal and David Brooks popped up after 65 minutes to get a second.  It was squeaky bum time but we managed to defend well and get us the three points which will hopefully let us finish 6th.



Not sure what Spurs saw here.


FA Cup

This picture says it all :(.  Hickey being sent off really cost us.  We should of equalised though.  I mean our defense kept us in there and Iversen was great saving all of Tottenhams long shots but Millico had a great chance in the 94th minute and Efkan somehow hit the woodwork on the follow up shot when it was really an open net.  Was a shame to lose but I'm happy how we played so long with only 10 men.



I'm hoping for 9 points here.  We're good enough to do it and finish the season in 6th.


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We got 6th!  But we didn't get great results.

We started really well vs Watford with Axenat scoring after only two minutes.  Wilmot equalised only two minutes later though!  Cornet put us ahead after 17 and Axenat look like to finish the game after 61 minutes.  Timothy Weah pulled one back for Watford but we managed to hold on.  Wasn't our best performance.

I think I went with the wrong tactic vs Newcastle.  We didn't play very well and a loose ball after an Iversen save let Ntcham score against us again just before the half.  I changed formation and Henrichs hit in a rocket to equalise but we couldn't find a win.

West Ham we had so many chances.  Axenat missing a handful.  They took the lead with Ryan Thomson, a wonderkid newgen striker scored a 25 yarder after 11 minutes.  Rugani made a very bad pass and Thomson scored a brace.  Cornet pulled one back afte 71 minutes but it was too late.

Any of three teams could of won the premiership on the last day!



Liverpool drew at home to Bournemouth.  Tottenham smashed Arsenal and City smashed Burnley. 



Great season overall, absolutely great from the lads.  I will be looking to slightly thin the squad and bring in better places.  Will make a post when end of season stats comes in.

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End of Season


Shocked to see Appiah on the left side.  Apart from that I can understand.  I think it'll change over the next couple of seasons.



So close to it being goal of the season.  I didn't realise the fans loved Garner that much.  He was cheap as well.


I'm hoping next season we can win a cup.  We're good enough, it just depends on the day.


Well, I don't get the set piece thing and I guess we'll fail with that.  We failed with young players this season and I'm not sure how but whatever, I passed everything else.  They wanted to add "sign high profile players" but I'd rather just to try and get it down to attacking, pressing and enteraining football.




I've been upgrading my facilties at every chance I get and soon we'll be back at the New York Stadium.  We still have a long way to go with upgrading.



That's a lot more money coming in but I'm actually shocked to see Efkan Bekiroglu be our #1 shirt sale.  He's backup now and will probably be moving on this summer.  It's nice to see how much the club is growing though. 

I think there will be an overhaul this year.  I need new CMs, better CMs.  There's a free target who looks useful.  Let's see what we get!


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3 hours ago, deltablue said:

Well done on European qualification, and getting that young Egyptian defender.

I honestly think I've just done one better and I have no idea why Bayern have let me have him for so cheap.

Gwozdz only cost 8mil and he's 18!


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Just an update before my transfers are finished.


I was offered to have an interview with Chelsea, flattered but I'm a Miller.  The slight problem is Chelsea hired Marcelino who decided that my assistant should be his, no matter what I tried, my assisant went "nah, bye!" so another year, another assistant.


Here is who I hired, he was the best that I could get.  I mean he looks decent enough and he's already spent time at Villa and Everton on my save so he knows English and the teams in England.


Our 2 - 2 comeback, match of the year? Okay :lol:

I really like seeing up move up charts like this.  It means the club is moving in the right direction.  I think I have encountered a couple of bugs though.



I don't think thats criticism :lol:

And I had this, which seems to have changed but that had to be a bug.  When you see the transfers, our bank balance etc it makes sense why.


This is now what it looks like.  I absolutely do not like the introduction of how fan thinks transfers are better.  How the heck is buying a 31 year old Granit Xhaka who plays in midfield a better deal then Chabot who plays at CB?  The same goes with Cascardo who is a DM/MC and Gwozdz who is an AMC vs Nathan Remond who is an inside forward/winger.  Again Henrichs is a full back and Mudrazija is a CM.  Do I need to report this?  It's a bit odd.


I mean he might be my record but my word he's worth it.  My scouts have wanted him for over a year.



Can play on the left of my CB pairing or in the middle when I play with wing backs, he's such an improvement to Fry/Davies.

I have a couple more transfers coming in then I'll share my post either tonight or tomorrow night.

I mean it's not like we can't afford all of this, we have an upgraded stadium, class players coming in(and the deadwood has ALL been sold) and facilities being upgraded and we still have this..


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First I'll take about the outs.


Dael Fry - Hadn't the strongest season and I now had better players available to me, made sense to cash in.

Josh Early - Now the plan wasn't to sell him at all, he only had a year left and I did offer him a new contract but I had bids from multiple teams, all offering 17.5mil and I wasn't saying no.  Before his end of season surge he hadn't been the best player for us and then again, wait 'til you see my new LB, Phil James.

Aurelien Tchouamnei - Backup, cashed in.  Have better.

Efkan Bekiroglu - With a heavy heart and a year left, made sense to cash in.  He just couldn't cut it in the premier league.

Arvin Appiah - Didn't play much last season with injuries and dropping down the pecking order.  Year left, cashed in.

Ben Davies - He'd still do a job here but I thought I'd cash in and bring in Chabot.



18 year old Polish international that will become grown at club.  I thought my scouts were joking when they said, bid 8mil and Bayern will probably accept it, they actually accepted it and he's a Miller.


14mil min.fee.  I had to bid that.  He covers every spot in my midfield.  The DLP, B2B, BWM and MEZ.  He has a great personality as well.  He's been on international duty all summer and has just lost out to Italty in the Olympics Semi Final.


Good young cheap CB with room to grow(and hopefully that Jumping Reach).  Interesting to see how good he'll be become.  If he reaches bit heights he'll become a Rotherham legend.  He'll be our 5th CB and half the time we play with 3 at the back anyway so he'll get game time.


My scouts love him and I think he looks class.  Will play LCB when I have 2 at the back and CB when I have 3 at the back.  I think he'll be just as good as he looks.


Alright, I'll admit why I signed John-Jules.  Half because he was available for half of his value and I needed backup for Axenat but mostly 'cus he's related to Red Dwarfs Danny John-Jules who plays the Cat and I bloody adore Red Dwarf :lol:


Reminds of the Cornet deal.  Bought for lower than his value, versatile and looks pretty good.  I mean Embolo has been a FM legend for a few years now but he Leverkusen has wasted him for a few years now and I'm hoping I can get him to show how good he is.  He'll play AMR cover for Cornet and cover for both ST roles.  I could of gotten him cheaper if it wasn't for work permit rules.

I did save the best 'til last.


Who needs Earl? James is only 18, has room to improve and honestly feel could be the next Ashley Cole or something.  21mil in my eyes is a steal for a player of this quality.

I think my squad has gotten a bit stronger this summer and I'm still low compared to most clubs on wages!


Again there's money being thrown around in the Premiership but there's some bloody good players coming in.  I'm kinda gla Chelsea sold Zaniolo sicne he always does good against me :lol:.  Moriba looks absolutely insane.



Time to start the season.  I think we can get 9 points here.


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You can call on John-Jules!

What a month!  What a bloody month!


West Ham game the scoreline flattered us.  They had more chances but the difference is we took ours.  We started well with Queiros scoring from a corner after just 10 minutes.  We went 2 - 0 up after the break with Wind putting us 2 ahead with a mistake from Carsodo with a poor ball back to his goalkeeper.  I decided to go 4 - 3 - 3 and attack them since we were 2 - 0 up.  Cornet got our third from a quick attack after 84 minutes and 90+2 Cardoso summed up his awful day when he's tried to slide and block Winds shot for it

Aston Villa had come away with a 3 - 1 win but I felt we were the better ide and we could attack them.  2 - 0 wasn't good enough.  We had 6 clear cut chances, we were brilliant.  Cornet put us ahead after 21 minutes when he hit in Williams' cross and John-Jules got his first Rotherham goal after hitting in Ruganis flick on from a corner to give us the win.

Brighton had just won 6 - 1!  I wasn't going to try and and attack them :lol:.  They were clearly have a good attacking team.  We had the better chances but it wasn't a clear chance we scored from.  Sub Tyreece John-Jules scored a 20 yard skidding shot, again he's scored.  What is this!

Liverpool We had 10 clear cut chances! 10!  They had 3!  Alisson was on an 8.1 rating and he conceded 4 goals!  We started with Tyreece John-Jules putting us ahead after 26 minutes with a very nice finish after a Williams through ball.  Salah scored a lovely solo effort to put Liverpool equal.  Again Liverpool got a goal before half time with Everton putting in a loose ball after Iversen save in injury time.  Axenat scored after 48 though, putting in Querios' flick from a corner and he put us ahead after 66, running onto a through ball from Cascardo and slotting in.  Alexander-Arnold equalised just 3 minutes later from a freekick on the edge of the box, was a good hit.  But John-Jules scored 3 minutes into injury time when Fabino made an awful pass back to Alisson and John-Jules slotted in.  He's scored 4 in 3 and I only signed 'cus of his bloody name! :lol:







That's a hard group.  Alll we can do is try our best.


Hopefully we can beat Arsenal and then some other players some game time.  I'd like to see my young Egyptian CB make his debut but Rugani/Chabot/Queiroes are just playing way too well atm.


There's some money being thrown around the premier league!


We're slowly growing which is great, look at Man Utd though!  It's mad.

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Good enough month with a very bad loss.


Arsenal It was an even game and we both had chances but it was the Gunners who took the lead in the 61st minute with young newgen Mexican elite center-back Brian Nava scoring from a header after a freekick was swung in.  We went 4 - 3 - 3 and made some subs.  Some good passing and Garner swings in a ball to the back post, Bellerin misses and Embolo hits in for his first Rotherham goal.  Draw was a fair result.

Bristol City Uh, we lost to bottom of the league.  We didn't create anything, we were second best and just played like a nervous side all game.  Callum O'Dowda gave Bristol City the win after a controlling a ball into the box and hitting in.  No formation I tried, nothing I tried seem to make the team tick.  We just didn't turn up.

Newcastle We grinded out a win but it was far from pretty.  Newcastle scored after just 7 minutes after Bruno Guimaraes scored headed it in from a corner, Iversen came out and was beaten.  Wind managed to pull one back in the 19th minute after collecting a ball over the top, his first shot was saved but he hit in a great shot from the tightest angle and it managed to cross the line.  Things went worse when Carcardo gave away a penalty but Iversen managed to save it.  Axenat would us the game in the 82nd minute with a brilliant free kick.  I've not seen him score one and then he's scored two in two games!

What on earth seems to be going on at Liverpool :onmehead:



Europa League

We battered Red Star.  7 CCC to 0.  Cornet was amazing.  2 goals, 2 assists.  His first goal came after 32 minutes, he's played the ball into Embolo who's in the box, he plays it straight back, Cornet charges in and finishes.  It was only a minute later that Cornet plays a smart ball through the defense that Embolo runs on and hits in.  Cornet gets his brace just before half time after Ben Wiles crosses in and then his 2nd assist came from Tulloch heading in Cornets cross.  He was bloody brilliant.

Carabao Cup

Another easy cup game.  Axenat gave us the lead after 12 minutes with a freekick on the edge of the box.  The first I've seen him score.  Ben Wiles doubled the lead after a corner is swung on, Axenat plays it back and Wiles hits in.  Axenat got a brace after 48 minutes after he hits in Ibrahims flick on from a corner.  Ben Thompson gave Millwall a goal when a corner is swung in, allowed to bounce and he's there to hit in.

Great to see us competitive is every compeition so far.  It's got me this.


And one big pay packet.


October is difficult.  We'll see how it goes but there isn't any easy games there in any competition.



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Good enough but could of been better.





We beat Chelsea!  An insane game! 


Not happy with the Watford defeat.  Was a tight contest and they went ahead just before the break.  Axenat leveled it up for us but we lost Henrichs to a red card with an awful challenge and they scored their winner in the 90th minute with Marc Cucurella scoring a brilliant strike from the edge of the box.  We seem to concede a lot at the end of halves.

We should of never drew at Spurs, we should have easily won.  Axenat should of had 4 goals to his name instead of the 1 he had that many chances but we share the points after Rugani gave them a penalty which they scored from.




He's played very bloody well but it's mad to think he could of had about 10 goals this month in 3 games :lol:

We're still in a Champions league spot and that's what I'm hoping for this season.  Look how well Brighton are doing!



Europa League


Cornet was his typical brilliant self vs PSV.  Getting himself a brace.  He first scored after 3 minutes after a lovely low cross from Williams and his 2nd in the 40th after a shot in the box.  PSV pulled one back "after a brilliant counter" but the through ball came from one of my own players tackling theirs and it ended up rolling to Steven Berghuis who slotted in.  We were good enough to hold on.

We just didn't turn up vs Celta Vigo.  We can create all the chances in the world and we had 4 CCCs but our forwards, especially Embolo and Cornet didn't play well at all.  Nicolas Guerra gave Vigo the win in the 65th minute after his shot was fumbled by Iversen, he followed up to slot in.  We play them again next month so I'm hoping to get revenge.

Carabao Cup

We weren't at the races and we had some players playing very poorly.  I just can't seem to get Gwozdz to play well but it's early days for him.  Their goal came from a player basically walking through our defense and hitting in and I wish I was kidding :lol:.  Tactic change and some subs saw us come back strongly with Heinrichs scoring a powerful shot and we progressed on penalties.  I'm happy with that, a cup run and Brighton seem to be one heck of a team currently.


This will be a tough game though.



There's no reason to not see November full green, hopefully we can perform like our opening month because we're good enough when we put those chances away!

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Very strong month. 

We seem to love being Crystal Palace!  We've played them 8 times and won every single game.  Dewsbury-Hall got us off to a great start after scoring a belting shot from outside the box after just 2 minutes.  Axenat got himself a 2nd half brace to seal all 3 points.

Wolves are usually a strong team against us but we kept Patrick Cutrone quiet for once.  Axenat got us the winner after he finishes Garners long ball over the top.  We probably should of had more.

We seem to struggle against the bottom teams, like we're there way back to form and it happened again.  We just didn't turn up against Leicester, they were the better side and Agustin Almendra won them the game in the 73rd minute after putting a loose ball after Iversen saved.

We're 4th with a game in hand since the Europa League and playing Sundays, this is great.  There seems to of been an M.E update though and the 5 - 3 - 2 doesn't work like it did, at all.  Seems we're playing attacking 4 - 3 - 3 from now on.


Oof, Axenat could win the golden boot this year.


Europa League


Great challenge from the team to see off Vigo.  They had enough chances to score but Iversen held them out.  Ibrahim got his first Rotherham goal after heading in Cornets corner and then Cornet himself put us 2 ahead just before the half. 

We battered Red Star, everyone has this group stage :lol:

My youth prospect looks to be progressing well.  I'm hoping to get him to his potential so he can play a part here.


I'm also needing to tie down my best players 'cus teams are after them.  Champions League teams could of bought Garner for £32mil until his new contract.  Tottenham were sniffing, he was looking like he wanted to move but then asked for a new contract.  He's brilliant at DLP-D so it's a no brainer to extend his contract.


Atletico and Porto were just two teams after Axenat, I don't want to sell him at all.  He gets a bumper contract but he's worth it!



My coaching team managed to stop him comin' deep to get ball as I really don't want that on my AF and we're looking at hitting free kicks with power.  He doesn't score many, hopin' it'll add to his tally.

We're playing 9 games in December :eek:.  I'm not sure which way it's going to go.  Hopefully we'll progress in the Carabao and keep a Champions League spot bu the start of January.  We'll see!


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On 21/12/2019 at 12:40, deltablue said:

Super start. Wonder why Liverpool have been so poor (though in past versions I've seen them relegated a few times). 

They've started their comeback.  Kai Havertz and Ilaix Moriba are just too good to let a team fail for too long.

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Pretty solid month I reckon.


Everton were the better side but thanks to a brace from Embolo we managed to take all 3 points.  We were the better side against City, we were 2 - 0 up in 11 minutes but mistakes by Garner and Rugani saw us 3 - 2 down after 24!  We had the chances but Valentin Delaunay, a french MC newgen wonderkid got himself a brace and City took all 3 points.  We played better vs Norwich but only after I made a couple of subs them a bollocking.  Axenat gave us an early goal after just 3 minutes but Mayoral scored just before the break so we went in level.  We played a lot better in the 2nd half and it was only in the 93rd minute Norwich found their 2nd but we were well ahead bu then. 

Bournemouth got themselves a late equaliser after Callum Wilson picked up a ball over the top, ran down and hit in after 85 minutes.  It was an even game and probably a fair score but I gotta somehow get my team to stop concededing at the end of halves.  We were brilliant vs Burnley and 2 - 0 could of been 6.  Cornet put us ahead after 33 minutes after hitting in Axenats freekick and Garner put us 2 up just before half time with a shot from inside the box, a good 3 points.

We slightly edged the Manchester United game and all 3 points could have been ours but Breel Embolo had his penalty saved after 63 minutes.  I mean I'd of taken a point before the game but we could have taken 3! 

Tottenham was a close game.  Embolo gave us the lead after 35 minutes but our left back James fouled Troy Parrot in the box and Dele Alli equalised from the spot.  Rugani gave us the lead with a header from a corner after 57 minutes and Tulloch, comin' as a sub and it's still bloody injuried all the time did very well running down the left and slotting in.  A huge mistake at the back by Konsa, who'd Iversen had rolled the ball out to and Konsa booted it off Parrot and it flew it.  Thankfully we held on for 3 points.


Still in a Champions League spot which is amazing, it's very damn tight up there though so hopefully we can keep it going.  Axenat is playing awesome even if he does miss his chances, he's still joint top goalscorer!


Carabao Cup

I can't believe we lost this, we were cruising and in the last minute they somehow stole an equaliser and won on penalties! :(

Cruel, I felt we could of potentially won the cup if we'd of qualified here.


Europa League


PSV just edged it which is a shame as it means we finish the group 2nd which we've come out with one heck of a tough draw.  We went behind twice and managed to equalise but it was Romano Postema who got himself a brace and scored their winner in the 94th minute.


Can we beat Dortmund? Wait 'til February to find out!

Axenat has won himself a different award, go on lad :cool:.


The transfer window is now open and rumours are flying about but unless we sell, we won't be bringing in anyone in apart from youth players.  Though I have zero lined up.


My board have agreed to yet again improve our facilities which is great to see.


January is tough, 6 points would be good but we should beat Palace!  I mean we have 8/8 so far :lol:


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Really happy with how the month has gone since we've struggled with injuries.  Especially out wide and had to try a different diamond tactic with seems to work well vs "lesser teams".


It started bad against Chelsea after Dewsbury-Hall gave away a penalty which Frenkie de Jong converted after 20 minutes.  N'Golo Kante scored a solo effort which had me shouting at my players.  He's ran from his own half and slotted past Iversen with a weak effort, no foot put in, was awful.  We made some changes in the second half and we had chances but our goal came after 91 minutes and it was far too late.

A new tactic came into play vs Newcastle and we looked good.  Chabot finally getting his first Rotherham goal since he's had about 10 offside :lol: after 50 minutes.  Out of nothing Ryan Kent equalised for Newcastle and it looked like we were going to share the spoils until Axenat converted Olosundes cross to give us all 3 points.  Again we used the same tactic vs Watford and Axenat put us ahead after 2 minutes and that was game.

We went to our normal tactic vs Manchester United, if we used the diamond attacking we'd of got stuffed.  We tried but Chabot gave away a penalty which Pogba converted for Manchester United to take all 3 points.



The league is still looking great, we still have a good chance to get 4th and Axenat is on fire still.

FA Cup

I'd say we were just the better team away at Palace but my word Matty Cash scored an absolute bloody awesome goal to put Palace ahead, Axenat equalised and we couldn't find a second.  In the replay Axenat got himself a hat--trick and Queiros got us our 4th but Matty Cash again scored two absolutely bloody belters.  Top draw goals.

We smashed Orient to continue our cup run.  Gwodz getting a hat-trick and John-Jules getting his first goal in 17 games :eek:.  He's been playing out wide, comin' on as a sub and injured.

We can win this one!


I'd play 9 points in the league in Feb but those Dortmund games, we can try.


Transer Window


Tottenham spent 200mil!  What!  They actually bought Neres for 91mil.   They bought Hungarian midfielder Dominik Szoboszlai for 70mil.  Two insanely good newgens for 45m and 57m each and Manchester Uniteds CB Luiz Felipe for 59mil.  Check the newgens!  Ashraf looks absolutely epic.



We spent 25mil ourselves, spending some wages as beat Real Madrid and Benfica to a player signing!!!  And my word I think he looks bloody good for the money, might lack flair but I think he's our best midfielder my miles and that's where we need to strengthen.



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