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Stadium graphics

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For those of you that remember the premier manager games, they had a screen where you could see your facilities and stadium. In those games it was soo rewarding to see not only your team advancing on the pitch but also see your stadium evolve with it.

In my opinion it would be so cool if you would click on your facilities that you could actually see your stadium.

I realize thats not possible for all leagues due to licensing but that would add so much immersion to the game.

Imagine having real models of stadiums in leagues where SI have licensing like all the ones in Bundesliga, Championship..

I get it that it would be farfetched to maybe do every single teams in every league. 

But the ones without ”real” stadiums you could maybe add the one in the ME so you could atleast see that.


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I agree that the stadium graphics definitely needs looking at.

It would be nice to see the stadiums looking like their real life counterparts as much as possible. I'm sure game researchers could help with this.

It would be even better if the stadiums could be edited within the pre-game editor (or a dedicated editor) and let the community design some masterpieces and release as stadium packs, much like what currently happens with kits & logos.

And please get rid of the picnic tables and parasols - they just look silly in game! :lol:

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