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Graphics not working since update

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I have a 2011 Mac with relatively low graphics performance. Due to this and personal preference I always play Football Manager with the 2D engine. The beta has been working fine, but ever since the latest update, the graphics (match engine, manager profile, new gen faces) appear white and washed out rather than how they should appear. The 2D match engine issue makes the game difficult to play as cannot see the ball! Could carry on playing with just commentary but not the full game experience.


Looks like other people have had similar graphics issues but in different areas such as washed out tactics screen. Mine is on match engine, manager profile when on start screen, manager profile and new gen faces.

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 17.38.43.png

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Apologies I did not see this and started another thread which has quite rightly been closed.

Just tried this and unfortunately still the same issue even on the full release of the game. Also tried to the following as recommended by Sega support but still not worked: - Open Steam and access your Games Library
- Right-click on Football Manager 2020 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options
- Type this in the box: --config very_low
- Click on OK, close the window and start FM20 through Steam


Let me know if you need any more info. Thanks for your help

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