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Attributes not being highlighted when selected from filter / profile / tactics screen

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Summary: As per the title - though it seems if you try a 2nd time it works , but other times it doesn't highlight all attributes.  Similar problems observed on the tactics screen, however on player profile screen it's simply not possible to highlight attributes.

Steps to reproduce:


  1. Go to Scouting
  2. Go to Player Search
  3. Press Edit Search
  4. Press "Pick"
  5. Click on menu to "Highlight key attributes for role"
  6. Select a role / duty (e.g Ball Playing Defender (Defend))


Description of Issue:

I've observed the following

  • First time on above process: Nothing happened
  • Repeat step 5/6: highlights correctly
  • Repeat step 5/6, but for different role: no change to highlighted attributes

Related - a similar thing happens on the tactics screen.  If I click on a position in the screen, sometimes the wrong attributes are highlighted for the role selected.  I need to click on/off it to get them.

Finally - as you know - cannot highlight attributes on a players profile screen. 

All small things - but very frustrating when you are used to using them.


Screenshot below - I had "Ball Playing Defender (Defend)" highlighted - I change the option to highlight for "Central Defender (Defend)" and no change observed.


Now I've pressed Ball Playing Defender (Defend) again and it shows the Central Defender (Defend) attributes


Tactics screen - note that Sinclair (in the IF(A) role) has the Attributes for PF (A) role selected.  I reproduced this by clicking on Edouard (PF (A)) then Sinclair.



Finally - player profile - cannot highlight their attributes



File Uploaded to OwnCloud: John McParland - Celtic.fmt


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