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Reserves and U19's appear to have been playing themselves on Fixture list.,

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Summary: Reserves and U19's appear to have been playing themselves according to their fixture lists. 

Description of Issue: If I click on the Reserves Fixtures or the U19's Fixtures for the recently completed season, then it appears to show that they have been playing against themselves on multiple occasions. 

This is the fisture list for the senior squad for the start of the season. Everything looks fine. 


Now just for a minute ignore the "Res Fixtures" and "U19 Fixtures" at the bottom, (because I didn't see them initially), and instead I used the "Filtered" option to select "Reserve Squad".


What I am expecting to see is the Fixtures for my Reserves Squad and instead what I see is this. 


I should be looking at the Fixtures for Linkoping Reserves, but on no less than 7 occasions they have played a friendly against Linkoping Reserves. Linkoping Reserves were playing against Linkoping reserves? 

When I click on one of these games, (the bottom one on 15.09.2021 for example, this is what I see. 


So what was actually a 3-0 away win against Tulllinge TP FK Reserves is showing on the Fixture list as a 3-0 loss at home to myself. 

It's exactly the same for the U19's. 


If on the other hand I go back and use the following buttons dfb59f35f5a74b770368384b14f5d0af.png then everything appears as it should. 



Steps to Reproduce: As described above. 

Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud32440fe3c852c1a92364481073e16c99.png

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