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[SUGGESTION] Cup and Continental games count for Career Stats on player History page and news items

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The majority of appearance records and media stats include cup + continental games for a player's appearances towards their football clubs. However, the current Career stats for a player history will only include league appearances on the "quick glance". This results in:

- Inaccurate histories (lower appearance count)

- Inaccurate stats (lower goals, assists, POM, AVRs)

My suggestion is to expand the "quick glance" to include league, cup and continental games. Those interested in specific stats (ie, league-only or cup-only) would be able to expand a season's statistics as is currently present.

Additionally, my suggestion would be to expand this to news items as well. An example is a player I had made 15 league and 11 cup appearances in the 19/20 season. The 20/21 season news items listed him as only appearing in the 15 league games - just over half of what he actually appeared in (26 games played).




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including screenshot of history page as example

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I believe that it's only ever league on the 'quick glance' because that has always been how historical statistics are shown, not just in FM.

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