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Issues when due to move club at end of season

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Not sure if this is the right place or if it’s even a bug but it definately should be altered somehow if it’s as intended.


ive agreed to move from Nottingham Forest to Newcastle at the end of the season.

its currently January.  I wanted to do it at the end of season so that I could help Forest to get promoted first if poss and to continue bringing my younger players through etc.

im not able to transfer in or out nor can I do any contract renewals etc

i get the reasons why, as I’m leaving, but for example a player moans they want a new contract and I agree but I’m then unable to fulfil the promise as I can’t offer a contract, making him unhappy. 

Same goes for a player wanting to leave who is poisoning the squad atmosphere.

maybe a better way would be to restrict things aside from if it’s done through the media comments etc

i stuck around til the end of the season to help them but I feel like it’s a hinderance instead and would have been better to leave immediately which I don’t feel is realistic.

i should be able to continue business as usual which is exactly what I had said in the media comments when the announcement was made that I was leaving.

i realise sometimes the manager sticking around would go badly but not in all instances so I don’t think it should be forced on the club for it to go badly. 


As it is at the moment it was pointless me delaying to the end of the season, so if this is working as intended then what’s the point in it even being an option if it’s so restrictive.


hope that makes sense to what I mean. 

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