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Wide players (wingers and wing backs)

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There are two parts to this, the lack of crosses even though the instructions are set to them and there seems to be a high number of cross field passes in bizarre situations especially when considering the team/player instructions.

I have both wingers and both wing backs set to 'cross more often' yet in the match stats there were only 2 crosses attempted, there are a lot of cross field passes, my favourite one being for their winner. My player decides to try the cross field pass rather than the wing back who is on the overlap.

pkm is Boston United vs Telford United wide players

81:02 is their winner. Adebayo Smith tried the cross field pass rather than the simple pass for the overlap.

And the crossing is hard to highlight times because of the lack of crosses in the game.

For cross field passes, if I highlight my two wing backs and wingers in the passing analysis, this is what the pass map looks like.


Boston United v Telford United wide players.pkm

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