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I'm a LLM and following our promotion last season, my LB recently gained his first international cap. This appears to have prompted his agent to ask for a new contract on a significantly higher wage (+50%). The player has 6 months left on his contract; IIRC I gave the player a new contract towards the back end of last season shortly before promotion was confirmed, and he's on quite a modest salary for this level. As a LLM, I tend only to give out longer term deals for key players or leading young prospects.

I had the option to suggest to the player that he should sack his agent rather than offer a new deal. As I'm on his preferred staff I went for this option and he promptly fired his agent and got another. Both agents have in their description 'friendly towards me', so it seems I saved myself a wage hike for 6 months at least by doing this.

Are there any hidden negatives to doing this I haven't thought of however? The original agent is still friendly (so presumably hasn't got wind of my role in his sacking lol) so I don't appear to have obviously upset him. I suppose if I'd given him a new contract (not unreasonable in fairness given he's been at the club a while and is one of my favourite players, though my coaches don't rate him highly) his agent may have gone from friendly to being bezzie mates, giving me better terms on signing his clients.

Anyone have any insight they can share here?

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