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Funniest player name

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Called Hulk because hes a big guy and used to play for Tokyo Verdy in a green shirt

Hence he actually uses the name : Hulk

True story

He also got his nickname due to the fact he looks like Lou Ferrigno, the Hollywood actor who played the Hulk!

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The best I've seen was a regen called Lee Leigh, who played for Leigh.

A bit like Wolfgang Wolf being manager of Wolfsburg a few years back.

tbh Wolfgang Wolf managing Wolfsburg is probably the best I have ever seen!

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just got a regen called michael jackson...probably been said before and i'd imagine its a reasonably common name, still funn though :L


There was a player a couple years back who played for Preston (In real life) called Michael Jackson. He was BAD!

Also, i remember a striker called Digital, and he was actually pretty good!

Ooo and one guy makes me giggle alot, he's called Stefan Giglio.

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In FM08 which i am still playing, i had a defender in Dortmund with second name "Amedick" he probably was happy he wasn't playing in england

When he retires you should hire him as a physio. ("A-Medic") :p

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funniest player in my opinion in FM09 is Kermit "Pancake" Erasmus, for 2 reasons. He plays for Feyenoord, of which I have a season-ticket.

First, most obvious reason: Kermit. He doesn't play a lot of games, but as far as I've seen him, he's not as much of a jumper as the name would suggest.

Second reason: Erasmus. He plays for (Feyenoord) Rotterdam, which is the city where the famous philosopher Erasmus wrote most of his books and essays during The Enlightenment. When Kermit came here he didn't know who Erasmus was, so he was VERY surprised to see his name everywhere in the city, where I live. We have an Erasmus Bridge, an Erasmus University, a Cafe Erasmus, a Tube-line called Erasmus. That was a huge shock for him.

Third reason: IRL they've given him the nickname "Pancake", because according to our captain Giovanni van Bronckhorst that's all he eats nowadays.

Anyhow, because of his first, last and nickname he's already a fan favorite, without having played many games.

haha, i love the thought of him introducing himself, no-one would believe him!

The name's Erasmus. Kermit Erasmus. :cool:

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