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Inverted wingbacks and DMCR/DMCL

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An idea for future tactics amendments to the game...


Currently inverted wingbacks are, understandably, coded such that they will not move inside if your tactic also utilises a player in the wide DM slot on that side - e.g.  an inverted wingback at DL will not come into midfield if you use a DMCL.

I think it would be sensible to make this restriction dependent on the role employed at DMCL/DMCR.  For example, a Segundo Volante on attack will quickly vacate the DM space and move up the pitch.  It makes perfect sense, therefore, to employ an inverted wingback to cover this space in the attacking phase and preparing for transition.

This could apply to segundo volantes, roaming playmakers and registas.

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I definitely agree that this lack of appropriate movement from the interconnecting roles is frustrating. The IWB's failure to cut in on these phases is a prime example.

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