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1 minute ago, XaW said:

Well, I only got promoted in my 4th season, but I played a lot more youth players from the first intake, so for me it makes sense in the long run. I also often swap out "ok" players with poorer youth players with high potential if I can. The player might screw up and cause us to lose now and then, but young players quite often respond well to it. I also try to track the new "ability curve" for the players. If that goes down I try to do something else than I'm doing at the moment, except with injuries of course.


This kid are improving, so I continue to give him matches. The drop in the middle was an injury.


This guy even more!


This guy played too much, I think, so I gave him a break, then he did well playing, but has had a bit of a drop off lately, so I'll leave him a bit again.

I've got you, nice one for your help anyway i'll try it when I get back on later

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Vikeologist's Palermo 2035/36 Champions League Report

Image result for palermo fc

Group Stage

We were drawn in the same group as Liverpool (winners of 5 of the last 6 Champions Leagues, and runners up in the other) and cannon fodder Shakhtar.

Therefore the battle for the second place spot was between us and Sevilla. In both ties we equalised deep, deep into injury time to keep our hopes of progression alive.

We went into the last match at home to Liverpool the projected 3 points clear, but obviously I was worried that Sevilla would be able to overturn the 3 goal difference.

We quickly went 2-0 up against Liverpool though, and even though their late onslaught meant that the match ended in a draw, we were safely through.


1st Knockout Round (if applicable)



Palermo 2-1 Tottenham (agg)

I thought that we’d missed our chance. With the aggregate score at 1-1 we were awarded a penalty. I allowed our normal taker to step up, even though he had picked up a thigh injury. A conversion would have given us an away goal and all but secured victory, but he completely missed the goal.

In the end our away goal came in injury time. It was a fantastic solo effort by my gaygen Varsallona. He doesn’t score enough, but when he does it’s often a work of art. Not quite as late as our goals against Sevilla in the group stage, but this seems to be turning into a last minute victory campaign for us. I’m not getting my hopes up though. There are better teams than Tottenham left to go.




It’s a sign of our domestic challenge that all 4 Italian teams made it to the quarter final. However, we drew the one that is struggling the most in the league in Milan.

Quarter Final (if applicable)



Palermo 4 – 1 AC Milan

Milan are a hot mess at the moment. (11th in the league with 7 matches to go), so we met them at the right time and despatched them easily. The bigger story was that Inter nearly eliminated Liverpool until 2 goals in the last 10  minutes.

Anyway they’re in the other half of the draw, so it’s top place in Serie A Roma next.

This is the furthest we’ve ever got in the Champions League, but then again, it is only our third time. I came into this season not expecting much from this competition, but now we’re within smelling distance. However, we really stand no chance of beating either Roma or Liverpool, never mind both.


Semi Final (if applicable)



Palermo 3 – 4 Roma

It’s disappointing to go out so near to the final, but this was quite a close run tie. Who knows, maybe we’ll never get this close again, but…vlcsnap-2019-05-15-11h37m22s219.thumb.png.6c9f13b09b00a2ce158f6f2ede0c9d20.png



Final (if applicable)




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                                                                                                                           Season 2026 / 2027

                                                                                                                     14th in Segunda Division

                                                                                                          League Table                   Transfer History


A step back this season. End of January it looked like I would compete for promotion like last season, but then we just fall apart and had a very bad end to the season.

I'm expecting to do alot better already next season tho, I feel its a big unrealised potential in this team.


Finances are stable but not enough for any upgrades yet. Wage demands from my players are increasing so it might change.


Youth intake was like the end of the season, very bad. Wont even bother to highlight any players.


GL ALL !!! :) 



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Season 14 2033/34


Finally ! After 14 seasons we managed to get promoted after a stunning season. A crazy good start with 19W 5D 1L in 25 games. I was expecting a backfire as we were overperforming (predicted 19th). We lost 3 games in a row conceding 9 goals, then we took back the rhythm until the end of the season, setting new records in VNLS with 108 points (104) and 34 wins (32). The first title of our save ! Yeahhhh :) Several players overperformed, most notable ones are 2 youths back up from which i was not expecting much, they end up with 7,4+ rating with more than 25 appareances. I want also point out that 2 players in my squad are rated 1,5 star. Despite it, they perform consistenly with ratings over 7. As long as they perform, star rating is not really important !


We lost in FA Cup to a VNL team 2-1 after drawing 0-0 at home. In Fa Trophy we reached 3rd round for the first time, thanks to good draws. Unfortunately we lost in the last minutes to a VNLN team 2-1 despite a clear dominance.

The promotion led to a 400k debt, to upgrade the stadium to VNL standards. Hopefully, the VNL spot will lead to higher incomes from attendances. Otherwise, we will need an other FA Cup run !


A decent YT with a ML has hot prospect which is nice :) It is one of my weakest area. I have big expectations for next years YT due to the reputation boost after the VNLS title.


Aim: Survive !


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First time I've been in this situation in Real Jaen. Happy to see the board listening to me :) 

Its a good bid but dont need the money and he is happy at the club.

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Vikeologist's Palermo 2035/36 End of Season Report

Image result for palermo fc

We got off to another bad start. Historically I’ve always started season strong, and I need to consider that something may have changed in the game and I need to rethink how I conduct pre-seasons. It may just be a fluke though.

We secured our top 4 place with a match to spare, and qualifying for the Champions League is definitely something that can never be taken for granted with so many strong teams. We have to be in it to win it, so every top 4 season is a small victory.20200324122341_1.thumb.jpg.fa862c90ad653ebfaf370590d287a4c1.jpg

I’m seeing the season as a glass half-full. Although we only finished 4th, we did set a club record for points in Serie A and were only 3 points behind the winners. Perhaps this season was an opportunity missed. It will probably be a long time before anyone wins the league again with only 77 points. I can certainly think of matches that we would have expected to win instead of lose.


Top Goalscorer – Corrado Varsallona YP8a - 14

This is a really awful goal tally given that 6 of them came in the Champions League though I can attest that a few of those goals were both critical and wonderful. None of my main 4 strikers had their scoring boots on this season. How different it may have been if they had. But I don’t think there’s a real problem there.

One of the 4 though, Alessio Fantini YP3g,  did have a dire goals per minute ratio. He’s never been that prolific, and is now 30 years old. He only got as much action as he did because he was unhappy about his playing time, so I think I’m going to make it clear to him that he’s now just a fringe player and let him leave if he wants. I’ll keep him around for cover though if I can. It looks as though he’s happy at the moment to reup for an extra season as a fringe status player. A very, very well paid fringe player, because I have more money than I know what to do with.

Highest Average Rating (minimum 10 matches played) – Luciano Campi YP5g – 7.26

Eighth year in a row. Still only 28, so hopefully we can still complete the challenge with him in the next 2 or 3 years.

Most Capped Player (not for Italy) - Manuel Baldini (YP4) – 4

Loads of our ex-players end up in Australia, andI keep expecting one of them to end up gaining Australian nationality and caps, but the only one who has is this guy who never made a first team appearance for us. He wasn’t even good enough to earn a proper tag. We did pick up £7.5k for him in transfer fees. It’s not an opportunity missed. I scout all my ex-players and he’s rubbish. His scout recommendation number is 24.

That does give me an idea for next season’s special award; Best ex-player, based on scout rec. It’s not close actually.

And then that player gets a bad report, so basically we have no good ex-players. Mind you, some of our scouts have the job because of personality, and couldn’t spot Messi if he was playing in a pub league.

Man of The Match – Luciano Campi YP5g- 6

Most Valuable Player– Luciano Campi YP5g


Season	Division		Position	Notes										
20/21	C/C			8th		Eliminated in 2nd round of promotion playoffs.
21/22	C/C			8th		Eliminated in 3rd round of playoffs
22/23	C/C			2nd		Eliminated in Quarterfinals of playoffs.
23/24	C/C			1st		Won league and Super C Cup easily.
24/25	B			4th		Lost in playoffs S/F
25/26	B			2nd		W7 D1 of last 8 matches. Automatic promotion.
26/27	A			13th		Flirted with relegation, but it never got inside our pants.
27/28	A			16th		Went backwards.
28/29	A			10th		Changed formation. Missed out on European qualification on last day.
29/30	A			5th		Dropped out of Champions League qualifying spot at the end, but still qualified for Europe for first time.
30/31	A			5th		Same position, same points. Reached S/F of Europa League
31/32	A			3rd		Champions League qualification. Europa League winners.
32/33	A			4th		Terrible second half league performance. CL Q/F, Won Copa Italia.
33/34	A			6th		Regression season.
34/35	A			3rd		Secured CL qualification with a spurt of instant resulted win at the end.
35/36	A			4th		CL S/F. Record points tally.


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XaW - Íþróttafélagið Völsungur - 2028


Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

After the amazing title win last season, I hoped we could do it again. I'm now constantly haunted by Middle Eastern clubs trying to snatch up my players for a pittance, but so far I've managed to keep hold of them. We finally got rid of our intervening chairman last elections, and the new one haven't butted in yet. And I hope it keeps like that, at least as long as I manage to keep us in a positive balance. As usual we started a bit slow in the league and had to play catch up from the start. Valur ran away with things from an early point, only sort of followed by Fylkir and Fjölnir. We managed to get within distance of the latter two, but Valur were simply too good. In the end we finished in 2nd place. When looking at the points total though, we actually did better than when we won it last year. It was just Valur doing amazing things.

In the League Cup we did great and won our group to go through. In the semi final we beat Breiðablik and then beat Fylkir in the final to claim the trophy. In the VISA Bikar karlá we beat Breiðablik, Akraness, Þór and Valur to reach the final, here we lost to Fjölnir on pens.

And we were back in Europe, this time in the Champions League! We started in the 1st qualifying round against Glenavon of Northern Ireland. We beat them in both legs to go through. In the 2nd qualifying round we drew Dinamo Zagreb of Croatia, a very tough opponent for us. We managed to hold them to 0-0 at home, but got crushed in Croatia and got knocked out.

That, however, put us into the Europa League were we entered in the 3rd qualifying round. Here we faced Dunajská Streda of Slovakia. We drew 0-0 away before beating them at home to go past them. In the playoff we got Scottish big guns Rangers. They beat us in Scotland, but we managed an impressive 1-1 draw at home, even though we got knocked out.

Again, that put us into the EURO Cup II (you can see last years final matches as well in that screenshot). Here we went into the group stage were we drew Sporting CP of Portugal, Qarabağ of Azerbaijan and Lokomotiv Plovdiv of Bulgaria. So far we've played two matches and we've won both, including an amazing win away to Sporting. Update: We beat Qarabağ and Lokomotiv Plovdiv in both legs, but lost at home to Sporting. That still gave us the 1st place in the group!

It also meant we went into the knockout rounds, and since we won the group we skipped the 1st knockout round and went into the 2nd knockout round were we drew Cork City of Ireland. We lost 0-1 away, but beat them 4-1 at home to go past them. In the quarter final we faced Zenith of Russia. They were far better than us and beat us in both legs to knock us out. Still, an amazing run from the youngsters.

I thought I'd bring back the European map as well, now that we've played in Europe a few times.


We had a really good youth intake this season with some great players. The two best seems to be Hallgrímur Mar Pálmason 28b and Guðmundur Jónsson 28d.

The leading players this season have been Aron SindrasonPálmi Rafn Guðmundsson 27a and Ásmundur Heiðarsson 23d.


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Hello you lovely people

Some of you might remember me from Dafuge Challenge 4/5 years ago and the epic challenges I had to get promoted.

I have being doing the Youth Challenge for a the last few years

In FM19 I spent the whole game without getting the into the Football League

In FM20 I have put hundred of hours into a Scarborough Athletic save. I am not in 2053!

It took me 22 years to get promoted into National League

I then got relegated the following season

Then took another 9 years to get promoted again

I am then unbelievably won National League


I noticed that we went full time. Which really helped with the quality of the youth players coming through

My best player was a young French lad. I got him on a two year contact. I couldn't get him to sign a new contract so had to sell him for £1.3m


He was showing ability of a Sky Bet Championship player when I was in National League. I had to sell as didn't want to lose him for a free

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On 23/03/2020 at 19:39, Quacky said:

My player of the season - Simon Dressel, the best youth prospect 2 seasons ago, rejecting bids constantly for him of up to £4.5M. He has improved dramatically this season, by far our best player, I fully expect the board to sell him.



I'm a big fan of Schweinfurt in my game - I've made over £30m selling players I've nabbed from them for very little! (They've never reached a playable league, but do seem to produce a good prospect every couple of seasons). 

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Finished a very respectable 6th in League 2



Some good performances by a lot of the players


Finances are not looking good. Can't sustain losing £1.5m a season



Latest Youth crop nothing special


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The sponsorship bug in this game is really annoying and you really feel it when playing this challenge. I play in the Championship and my sponsor income is still basically zero, like when we were in the Vanarama National. 5 months after the game was released, what a joke. 

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Scarborough Athletic – Season 5 (2024/25)

Vanarama National

League: We keep on improving. After a great first half of the season we sat in 1st place and the only automatic promotion spot. But the usual December/January collapse saw us fall behind and we never quite caught up, finishing 3rd and qualifying for playoffs. Our form turned bad again towards the end of the season and we annoyingly limped out with a 1-0 extra time home defeat to Swindon in the playoff semi.


Players: Russell Jebbison 02c (DLC/DM) is an absolute beast and miles ahead of everyone else. Abdul Acquah 04b (DMC/MLC) from last year’s intake has developed nicely and is pushing for a first team spot, and David Anderson 03c (ST/M/AMRL) is another youngster who is developing nicely.

qes5bxp.png8chE8Hs.png  GMF4rxR.png

Youth intake: There’s talent there but no meaningful additions in goal or fullback where I am most lacking. Joe Anderson 05a (AML) and Sam Fletcher 05b (DMC) look the best of the bunch, but in a testament to the steady of my squad neither of these will be a nailed on first team starter immediately, and may not even get into the match day squad to start with.

gznCC88.png6oPFgvQ.png  S4UJjAX.png

Facilities: We had a board takeover, and the new board pumped 200k into the coffers. Together with a solid season this gave me enough money to fund a youth facility upgrade, although I fear this will make the board sell Jebbison as I’m now low on cash.


Transfers: The board purchased two players during the takeover and I could not cancel the transfers, so I released one and sold another without making any appearances for us (I got the appearance screen for Cheshire but not Jones-Griffiths because Jones-Griffiths is no longer in the game, guessing nobody wanted to sign him after we released him so he had to retire).

RgzeWFg.png  AzkMusD.png

Season    |  League        | Pos. |   Europe  |     Notes
2020/21   | Vanarama North |  7   |   n/a     | Lost in playoff semi final. FA cup first round
2021/22   | Vanarama North |  2   |   n/a     | Promotion through playoffs  
2022/23   | Vanarama Nat.  |  16  |   n/a     |
2023/24   | Vanarama Nat.  |  8   |   n/a     |
2024/25   | Vanarama Nat.  |  3   |   n/a     | Lost in playoff semi final
Season    |  Coaching     |  Recruitment      | Training Fac.  | Youth Fac.      |  Stadium
2020/21   |  Adequate     |  Fairly Basic     | Below average  |  Basic          |  3208
2021/22   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Basic          |  3208
2022/23   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Below average  |  4000
2023/24   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Below average  |  4000
2024/25   |  Excellent    |  Average          | Below average  |  Below average  |  4000

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A small January update. This intake of winger would have been very good news. But the irony is that I have changed my tactic with no wingers :seagull:

Training them in new position have worked very well for me so I'm not worried.

My new tactic looks very promising. Had to make a change after a awful start to the season. I might fall apart like last season so I will save my excitement :) 


GL ALL !!! :) 

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NK Zadar: 2049/50 season review

What a frustrating season as we crumbled after the winter break after bossing the league beforehand. Shocking form cost us dear as we only just managed 2nd on the last day of the season. Our CL campaign ended after being drawn against Man Utd depsite winning our group. United went on to win the trophy.

511947_TABLE50.thumb.png.c7654a989b198ef22f1aaf090a2763e3.png   1524114346_RESULTS50.thumb.png.ee3fd8dea8e87f2a0dea71aa5dfa8b8b.png

Some good numbers. Assist totals were a worry as our right back got the most.


Youth intake. A few potential stars coming through again.





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Thought I'd give this challenge a go as it seems interesting. I seen that Iceland had shorter seasons so I thought that would of be a good way to go so I can get through seasons quite quickly. I'm expecting the first season to be quite difficult as I only have 14 players ,so the first youth intake will be very important for our team. Will do an end of season update when I finish it but only expecting a mid table finish for this season with a squad that small.


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4 hours ago, Owenhide said:


Thought I'd give this challenge a go as it seems interesting. I seen that Iceland had shorter seasons so I thought that would of be a good way to go so I can get through seasons quite quickly. I'm expecting the first season to be quite difficult as I only have 14 players ,so the first youth intake will be very important for our team. Will do an end of season update when I finish it but only expecting a mid table finish for this season with a squad that small.

Good luck! The intake is usually around the end of August or start of September. Unfortunately, that meas you'll only have the players for a match or two the first season they enter. Then you'll have about 6 months pressing continue while trying to keep the wolves away from your talents! ;)

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Got my best player Kevin Macleod being targetted. Rejecting all offers but he is unhappy now


Only 18 months left on his contract. Could be another I have to sell


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A little late to the party with this but 12 weeks self-isolation seems as good of a time as any to start such a mammoth task.


I'll be starting in the Vanarama National League North with Tamworth. The board only want me to stay clear of relegation for the next 5 seasons, so hopefully will be patient with a nice, slow build.


Manager Profile

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Good news but when renewing contract, wants new attackers, a large pay rise and treat club like stepping stone


SO won't renew when I removed all them!

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5 hours ago, thomas_e said:

@grff, I really like following your career. But would like some more screenshots of your key performers! :D 

Much appreciated! I'll add some in for future seasons.

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I sold a very good midfielder to Saudi Arabia.


He is very good, but at the same time, I do have a lot of good midfielders, so when I got a 50% of next transfer clause, I think I can get some good money through that.

This is the guy I'm thinking will replace him:


And I have this kid coming through soon as well:


And then this in backhand if we have an injury crisis:


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                                                                                                                                Season 2027 / 2028

                                                                                                                            3rd in Segunda Division 

                                                                                                               League Table                    Transfer History


Finally I preform a full season and get rewarded with a promotion to La Liga. Had to win the last match of the season but the boys delivered. 

Made a new tactic after a bad start to the season and it made me more clinical and creating better quality chances. 

Even if its a very attacking tactic I have been solid i defence, but I think I will get big problems in La Liga. 

In midfield and attack I have pretty good quality but my defence is average at best. If I can survive I will be delighted.


Finances have gone from good to very bad this season because of higher wage demands from my players in general.

So the money I get from a season i La Liga is the most important. Finally I can start doing some upgrades. My facilities are pretty bad and its reflected in the last youth intakes.

This years youth intake was bad like last season. Nothing to even highlight.


I will instead highlight this seasons best players. Especially my start striker Brayan Ibanez. He have had alot of injury problems but this season I could use him most of the season.

Delivering 17 goals and 13 assist, involved in 50% of my team goals. Have got alot of bids for him, but they dont even bid his value,  just an insult !


GL ALL !!! :) 





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XaW - Íþróttafélagið Völsungur - 2029


Table | Squad | Transfers | Finances

With Valur doing amazing things last season, this was our time to strike back. And strike back we did. Although we only finished on a point above last year, it was enough to reclaim the title! Valur couldn't match their previous run, so we were leading the pack this season with Fjölnir, Fylkir and Breiðablik at our heels for the most of the season. Still, we clinched it with two games to go. The other main thing was the big sale of one of our key players to Saudi Arabia that I mentioned above. I'm not getting to the phase were I can talk the players around for a few seasons, but I still have to sell if the big boys come along. Now, the task is to become the clearly dominant force in Iceland, and then get to focus on Europe more.

In the League Cup we did great. We won our group, then beat Akraness in the semi and crushed KR in the final to win it. In the VISA Bikar karlá we beat Fram, Fylkir, FH and Breiðablik to reach the final, here we beat Akraness to claim a domestic treble.

This season in Europe we didn't join the biggest boys, but were back in the EURO Cup II (You can see the last part of the previous season at the top). We started in the 2nd qualifying round were we drew Neftçi Baku of Azerbaijan. We beat them comfortably in both legs to go past them. In the 3rd qualifying round we played St. Johnstone of Scotland and won both legs. In the 4th qualification round we drew IFK Göteborg of Sweden. Once again we won both legs to go into the group stage.

Here we are currently facing Atalanta of Italy, Dynamo Kyiv of Ukraine and Crusaders of Northern Ireland. So far we've lost to Dynamo and Atalanta. Update: We lost away to Crusaders and Atalanta, but won at home to Crusaders and Dynamo. That means we finished in 3rd place in our group and thus got knocked out.

Here is the updated map with the countries we've been to, or have plans to go to so far this season. The ones added are Sweden, Italy and Ukraine.


We had another pretty good youth intake and the two most talented are Hjörtur Geir Þórarinsson 29a (who are currently wanted by West Ham!) and Hreggviður Haraldsson 29b.

The leading players this season have been Ásmundur Heiðarsson 23dPálmi Rafn Guðmundsson 27a and Brynjar Gauti Hafsteinsson 25a.


Edited by XaW
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Volsungur 2020

Season went exactly how I expected with a nice mid table finish considering that I only had 14 players for this season and one of them was injured for 6 months. With the youth intake now I'm hoping to play a lot of them next season so they can develop rather than trying to get promoted quickly. 


Youth intake wasn't the worst in the world needed a lb and cb as was lacking there this season so they should slot in to the starting 11 next season. My idea is to start giving these as much game time as I can next season and to not get promoted too early so even though these youth players are not as good as some of my starting 11 now they should hopefully be miles better in the future.


These 3 were my best players this season.

Wardle was my rb which I played quite attacking and got a lot of goal contributions this season he's only young too so will probably be my starting one next season but also got a good young one coming through

Baldvinsson was my advanced playmaker and was my most consistent player easily thinking of changing to 442 next season so he might move out onto the right side because I was forced to play 4231 because of the players I started with. Will probably still start next season but because of his age I'll be looking to replace him soon

Olgeirsson is my best player but had to play on the right side this season because of the players I had hoping to move him up front next season in the 442 so he gets a lot more involved in the play


Nothing in the transfers hopefully my chairman doesn't force any sales for my key players.


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We did it

Sky Bet L2 Champions


Huge surprise after the very average season before.

Not sure the league was very strong with losing 13 games and still winning it

Best two players Jason Proctor (top scorer again)


Shaun Peers also had another good season


Overall squad


Potentially a couple of players in my U18s squad


Hopefully L1 will give more some more money. Currently £1.5m in debt


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Tamworth FC - 2020/21 - Vanarama National League North


On the Pitch


Table - A respectable 9th place finish in our first season at this level. We started slowly and remained inconsistent up until Christmas, mainly due to the high number of games taking its toll on the small squad meaning players were often starting at 80% fitness. As the number of midweeks games thinned out in the new year form improved, and although we briefly found ourselves in a playoff spot through games 38-41 in truth I never thought nor expected us to be in the shake up at the end of the season. That being said, more than happy with a top half finish and hopefully something to build on next season.


Cups - A mixed bag really. Our biggest win of the season came in an FA Cup replay at Barwell after a goalless draw in the first tie. We eventually went out to Chesterfield in the 4th Qualifying round. The money from a run would have been nice but the build up of games was pushing us dangerously close to the bottom four at this point. A short run to the Third round of the Trophy was ended in a high scoring game at Dagenham.


The Squad

Squad Overview - Perhaps a little disappointing in the average rating stakes but a number of solid performers nonetheless. Having a striker make 55 starts and 7 more players make 44 starts or more tells the story of how I really ran the players into the ground at times, often to the detriment of our results. Although there are undoubtedly some quality players in the squad, the there is a noticeable drop in quality when looking to the bench. On a positive note the average age is fairly young, so I shouldn't have to be too gung-ho when throwing academy players into the side in the coming seasons.


Chris Lait - Our highest rated player and a real driving force from midfield, I retrained him as we started the season with 5 strikers (2 soon left), and found he fitted the role so well I didn't want to move him back up front. One of the few players at his peak so will no doubt continue to be a driving force for the next 3 or 4 seasons.

Charlie Shaw - Our most talented winger with an excellent return of 10 goals and 11 assists. His dribbling is a little low, even for this level so he often whips in an early cross or cuts inside and chips a ball over the top. Only 23 so intend to get plenty more seasons out of him.

Michael Elstone - An unusual player who was far more effective from the bench than when he started, back up by 13 of his 16 goals coming from his 28 substitute appearances. Although naturally a striker I'm in the process of retraining him as a right winger as we only have one other player who can play our there, plus we have better finishers at the club to play up front.


Youth Intake

Youth Candidates - Considering there is no Dutch connections at our club, it was somewhat a surprise to see the giant man from the Netherlands as our top prospect. A lot of potential here it seems but a dreadful mix of personalities, and as I haven't really got into a version of FM to this extent since 2015 I'm going to have to learn the art of mentoring very quickly looking at this lot. No-one who I expect to make an instant impact but certainly some potential squad players amongst this group, all were signed to make up the numbers for the time being.


21a - Roelof Van Der Vlag - An odd mix of stats that will definitely require some fine tuning. I don't know the exact attributes behind each personality but I don't like the look of Mercenary and will be aiming to change that as soon as I can. All that said, I'll definitely be giving the big man some minutes next season.

21f - Brian O'Driscoll - Although only marked as the 6th best prospect by my HOYD, Brian is easily the most rounded and skilled of all the candidates. With pace and flair already matching some of the better players at this level I'll be looking to get him some minutes sooner rather than later in a position we are noted for being light in numbers.

21c - Dave Dawson - A centre midfielder with double figures for passing is a luxury at the moment and although some of his other stats are rather ragged there's definitely something to work with here.


Off the Pitch


Transfers - Just the three out. With the small squad size I didn't really want to lose anyone but these three were all on rolling contracts and unfortunately refused to sign part-time terms, leading to them being poached early in the season.


Finances - Losing money as expected, though nothing too serious at this point. With the intake bringing extra bodies I'll likely put more effort into the cups next season to try and make a profit.



Season    |  Division        | Pos. |   Europe  |  Top Scorer      | Most Assists     | Av. Att | Notes
2020/21   | Vanarama North   |  9   |   n/a     | Tyrell Waite(22)   Charlie Shaw(11)   903       Mid Table, National C Licence



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Vikeologist's Palermo 2036/37 Youth Intake Report

Image result for palermo fc

Another horrible intake. Hopefully at this stage it doesn’t matter too much, but once again the preview got my hopes up.

Mind you, our team is quite good now, so if any of these guys get to 3 stars, they’ll be in good company.

But honestly, let’s move on to 4 years ago.

Fiorenzo Pascali YP13a – Released on a free. Playing in Serie C/C. I’m pretty sure, my worst ‘a’ player ever.

Accursio Terranova YP13b – Was in contention to be our starting left midfielder, but living up to his name, was cursed by injuries a few times. However, is currently getting a prolonged run in the first team, because our one good player is injured.

Renato Riello YP13c – In our U20s. Hasn’t developed.

Enzo Toso YP13d – Maybe the best player in the intake, but that’s not saying much. Anyway, I sold him for a reasonable amount of money. He’d be challenging for first team action now in centre midfield as my starter has a long term injury, but I have a couple of other identically vaguely promising players still with us.

So to sum up. YP17 bad. YP13 bad.20200327154752_1.thumb.jpg.6443a09a4e7ee9cdafb2ae23a758c086.jpg

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Decided to start in Poland this year, with Widzew Lodz. Can't say I relate much with the club or even its name but i welcome the challenge of getting more confortable with Polish names and to get to know their league a little better!

The plan is to establish a disciplined and high intensity playing style. Looking forward to it as their facilities are already "Good".

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Volsungur 2021

This season was hard like I expected I let a lot of my team go on a free only really played 4 players who were at the club when I first come in the rest I froze out or let go at the end of last season. Even though I got less points this season then last season but it went very well with a lot of my youth prospects improving a lot more then I expected for some. Got a very good youth intake too with a striker who's already bagged 3 in the last 2 games of the season. We improved a lot in the second half of the season which is a positive sign cause it shows my youth are getting used to this level and we even finished the season with a 5-1 away win so hoping to have 2 more seasons in this division then my team should be ready to make the step up. We went out in the first round of the cup due to our poor early season form whilst I was giving my youth players there first few games and also only picked up 2 points in the league cup.


Youth intake was a lot better this season with a lot of them being ready for the first team straight away Valgerrisson was the striker who impressed at the end of the season so hoping for more 0of the same next year


These are my best 3 youth prospects at the moment hoping for more from Kristjansson next season as he has improved a lot but his sats aren't as good only scoring his first goal of the season on the last day but my cam always struggles to get involved when I play 4231. I'm also expecting massive things from Valgeirsson next season after how he ended the season. I normally do a best player section but I'll leave its this season as we struggled for most parts of the season and there was no real standout performer.


I decided to sell my first team rb as I had a good one coming through and even though he was one of my best players he was unhappy at the club and only had a year left on his contract so I decided to take the money whilst I can as we are struggling in the finance department . For next season I'm going to let go of the players I froze out last season to hopefully fund a new contract for olgerisson who is my best player by a mile and hoping to hopefully get around 5th next season to show an improvement.




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Tamworth FC - 2021/22 - Vanarama National League North


On the Pitch

Table - 10th place this season, just one place and three points worse off than our previous campaign. We started off much slower this season, though again never dropped any lower than 18th and after a change of tactic at the end of September never looked in any danger of going down. You have to feel for Hereford who have somehow racked up 199 points over two seasons and finished second both times! I haven't moved past the playoffs so don't know if they've managed to get up yet this time.


Cups - We made it as far as the FA Cup first round proper before succumbing to Accrington, though needing a replay in all three qualifying rounds was a killer to our league form as we ended up with exhausted first teamers once again. I put a much younger side out for the Trophy and we went out respectably at National League side Stockport.


The Squad

Squad Overview - A similar story to last season with me heavily leaning on the much stronger senior players, with six players racking up 47 or more starts. Encouraging to see Kris Howe (21d) and Nikolas Eleftheriou (21k) making a total of 31 appearances between them, though this was more due to our lack of defensive depth and I don't see either as more than a squad player in the long term. I kept our big Dutchman in the u18's for most of the season due to us switching to one up front but when he did finally get a chance he scored on his debut and also managed 16 goals and 10 assists for the juniors. I can't seem to shake his poor personality (in fact it's now Fickle so I think I've made it worse!) but he'll definitely see more game time next term.


Rob Walker - Rob was a youth product of the AI's season before I took charge who in truth I didn't think much of initially, but in this breakout season he more than proved me wrong topping the charts for assists with 16. His potential ability has also shot up with more game time and I'm excited to see how much more growth potential he has.

Terrique Anderson - With last season's top scorer Waite pushed out to the wing due to a change in system, the lone striker responsibility feel to Terrique and despite not scoring in his first 10 games, he came roaring back to finish with a more than respectable 20 goals. He'll get more competition from Van der Vlag next season but I still expect him to be a key player for us.

Chris Lait - Didn't reason the same heights as last season but still managed a very handy 10 goals and 5 assists, again from central midfield. I tinkered with his role slightly to try and get more out of Walker and in hindsight this probably affected Lait's performances over the course of the season.


Youth Intake

Youth Candidates - Another dreadful set of personalities signalled the end for my first HOYD who was sacked with immediate effect. My new HOYD has a Resolute personality so hopefully that will spark an improvement next time around. I signed the first 8 from the list but realistically only see a future for two or three at most.


Richard Todd - 22a - The highest rated by my coaches, Richard comes with pace and not a lot else at the moment. Coupled with what I think is the worst personality in game and my lack of suitable mentors at the moment I've got my work cut out to make something of him.

Antton Lahti - 22c - The second Finnish player to come through in two seasons (despite no link to the country at the club), and with an ageing starter in this position coupled with decent base stats I think Lahti will have a role to play in the next couple of seasons.

Alan Mullen - 22d - A big but unfortunately weak centre half, I do think I can do something with him however and am optimistic he may help out with some of my defensive troubles.


Off the Pitch

Transfers - No-one out, though my best centre half Magunda is retiring in a months time.


Finances - Further into the red but still no real cause for concern. The cup run had us in the black for a while despite not pulling a big draw so I think this can easily be rectified if we get a bigger team.


Season    |  Division        | Pos. |   Europe  |  Top Scorer           | Most Assists     | Av. Att | Notes
2020/21   | Vanarama North   |  9   |   n/a     | Tyrell Waite(22)      | Charlie Shaw(11) | 903     | Mid Table, National C Licence
2021/22   | Vanarama North   |  10  |   n/a     | Terrique Anderson(20) | Rob Walker(16)   | 1021    | National B Licence


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Starting my save today with Welsh team Port Talbot.

751c04ac5e8bf7263010ec2367c62a1a.thumb.png.157e5dbb32d8c3ff53249377b8cf31e3.png                             49ce86d1cf47aba6015e2d509942e37d.thumb.png.9576d109999fbb0c8c45a5b285546196.png




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Vikeologist's Palermo 2036/37 Champions League Report

Image result for palermo fc

Group Stage

We were drawn in the same group as Sevilla again.

A reminder. Last season in the group stage we scored last, (and I really do mean last) minute equalisers against them in both group stage ties, which resulted in us progressing and not them. Don’t cry for them. They went on to win the Europa League.

I thought this season would be easier as the other big team was Bayern. However it was not easier. We lost our first ties to both Bayern and Sevilla, and 2-1 down in the home match against Sevilla I thought we were done for. However, we equalised, and then won the match, again, in the very last minute of extra time.

We then undid all this work in our penultimate match by losing (heavily) to group goats RB Salzburg. This meant that we had to win against run away group leaders Bayern in our final match.

But here’s the thing. We’re the best team in the group. We absolutely dominated the match, but had only 1 goal to show for it. I was certain that karma would bite me in the form of a last minute equaliser, but no. We won. We’re through. We’ve knocked out Sevilla again.

Good luck in the Europa League again, bitches.


Going out would have been particularly rough given that at the end of the group stage we were first in the league, and had been for a while. We’re playing well. We were very good for 3 CL matches. Just abysmal in the other 3.Real Jekyll and Hyde group stage.


And our reward. A tie against Liverpool, who won the CL group Sevilla and we were in last season. Another reminder. Liverpool have dominated the CL for the last 6 or so seasons, although like us, they were eliminated at the semi-final stage last season.

Perhaps they’re on the decline, but their 6 straight victories in the most recent group stage, including a 7-0 victory over Italian champs Inter, suggests otherwise.



1st Knockout Round (if applicable)



Palermo 1-1 Liverpool (we won on away goals)

We drew 0-0 at home, so when we equalised in the second leg to make it 1-1 with us leading on away goals, I shut up shop and piled everybody into defence.

Perhaps I should have a little more faith in my lads, but it worked. We’ve slain the wicked witch and we’re through.

Next up is Juventus, the only other Italian team to make it to this stage this time.


Quarter Final (if applicable)



Palermo 2-3 Juventus

When we drew Juve, we were at least 12 points ahead of them at the top of the table. By the time the tie came around that lead was 5 points and our team was ravaged with injuries.

We lost the away leg 3-0. We had a chance late on for an away goal but our best striker who was clear away pulled up with another major injury to add to our list.

Juve on the other hand were red hot, and it showed as they cut through our third string players like, well, they were strings.

We’ve dug ourselves out of some holes in this competition, but instead we kept digging in the home leg having a player sent off. We still almost did it winning 2-0 with 10 men, but the dream was over.


What’s worse, in between the two legs we lost at home to the bottom team in the league. Our 5 point lead was now just 2 points. Our hopes have gone from Double to rubble.


Semi Final (if applicable)



Final (if applicable)




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