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53 minutes ago, streety said:

Dont for the love of god come to sweden...im finding it a struggle

Chickened out.  Went to Germany

My Profile.

Rot-Weiss Essen Information

Rot-Weiss Essen Facilities

Rot-Weiss Squad 2020/21


I do have two transfers coming in that I do not seem to be able to cancel.  No idea why they have signed two brand new keepers...


Looking at the Under 19's, I have a couple of possible future stars already.  With Philip Berbig and Eduard Danzer

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Was going to attempt this in switzerland but with one of the teams from Liechtenstein who can play in the swiss leagues. But after holidaying realised the team that could be promoted was already in the league to start with. Back to the drawing board. I want to try a random country but no doubt just start an england save as im determined to have another crack at it. 8 games still to go though in my current game 15 points behind from safety.

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1 hour ago, ATW said:

Chickened out.  Went to Germany

My Profile.

Rot-Weiss Essen Information

Rot-Weiss Essen Facilities

Rot-Weiss Squad 2020/21


I do have two transfers coming in that I do not seem to be able to cancel.  No idea why they have signed two brand new keepers...


Looking at the Under 19's, I have a couple of possible future stars already.  With Philip Berbig and Eduard Danzer

You didn't pick Essen but Erfurt my friend. :D 

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Well it finally happened with 5 games to go we were relegated. A horrible second half of the season saw we tweak with the tactic and change formation in the end to try and not be too attacking and hope to grind some results out.

The same sort of goals kept happening and i could nearly tell you how the highlight was going to pan out, the amount of goals from corner and free kicks played short and scored from outside of the box. Over the top balls and throw in goals i did concede was a lot throughout the season. Back to the drawing board. We did have the 8th top goalscorer and the top assist player in the league of my sacking what was a week or two away from seeing what the youth intake would have been. 








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2034/35 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 2

The League

It was a miserable season on the field. After several poor performances we finished in 18th position and a relegation playoff against the 3rd placed team in the French National. We defeated USBCO 3-1 (1-1a, 2-0h)

It says a lot that the highlight of the season was the 2-0 home leg of the relegation playoff where we broke our attendance record (from 5k to 11k) and gate takings (from 80k to 210k). I'm thinking we should aim for 18th each season and this little financial boost.


The Players

Despite the poor results, Alaa Saibi still managed to get 16 goals to be player of the season and top scorer.

The youth intake was poor overall, but there was one promising player. Francis Papon YP35a looks like he could make an impact. If we can keep hold of him.



Auclair, Renouf, NDoye were all promising players sold against my wishes.



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Just now, syemo said:

@Fastbasher good win to stay in ligue 2, slow process. But hopefully you can keep it going. Team should be a year older and slightly stronger?

Thanks. Yeah, they're improving fast now we are full time and facilities are getting regular upgrades.

It's frustrating having our chairman sell the players just as I think they're making progress.


We have a pattern of starting well, then it all goes bad. I think it's because the 1st eleven is pretty decent, but we don't have depth. As soon as injuries and suspensions build up, we're in trouble.

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i guess its hard at beginning but as long as your slowly getting players through and the ones that are selling bring in funds i guess thats classed as progress.


You seem to progressing quickly through the seasons.

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Eendracht Aalst (2021-2022)


League  Facilities  Squad  Finances



What a season in the league! After a slow start, we slowly climbed the ladder. A lot of teams were battling for the play off places. With 1 team which was miles ahead of the other(Beerschot). After some tense final matches we did it. We got second place and qualified for the promotion play offs. In the Play Offs you get 50% of your points that season. That meant we were 10 points behind Beerschot. With 6 matches to play (the best 4 teams play a home and away match against eachother, only the champion gets promoted). It looked like an impossible challenge. But we kept on winning, and winning and winning. Beerschot suddenly couldnt win anymore. And with 1 match to play we found ourselves level with Beerschot! The last game.... Beerschot away. A heartbreak. Just missed out on promotion and becoming champions. But i couldnt be more proud of my team. In the end Beerschot deserved to get promoted. We'll go again next year.

Youth Intake

An OK youth intake. Some players who could become useful. 

Silvano Graziano 2A. A good leftback who looks promising. I consider him a starter for next season.

Jamal Willen 2B. Solid centre back. Will probably play for the reserves next season because my squad has enough centre backs at this moment.

Willy Neve 2C. Right winger. Could become a back up for right winger next season.



Changed the tactics a little bit in the middle of the season. And it worked. Just like last year Gianne de Neve was just brilliant. He is by far the best player in this squad. I'm also happy that Mitch Dekuyper had a really good season. He was our top goalscored with 17 goals. Our talent Stephane Durand 1A had a mediocre season. But i'm still confindent he will get better.


Because the finances are pretty bad. The chairman has refused to upgrade any facilities. I did however managed to get the first coach license. And also i managed to upgrade the budget for the Youth Devolpment. Its hoping that the finances get better. Otherwise it will be difficult to make progress.

Next season we will fight for that play-off spot again!



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of 2022/2023 season

The season started with a good run in the cup, reaching the 6th round. In the league we were able to avoid relegation by 9 points, getting 39 (3 more than the last 2 seasons).  Liked a lot the evolution of benmoussa and Aydin. In their first year in the team they were able to make a difference being starters. We scored a lot less than last years, due to losing my 2 best strikers but we were able to concede a lot less too.

The youth intake was preety good too, another goloden generation (3 in 3).




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Season 2 - 2021/2022


This season was more complicated than the first one. With a conversion rate dropping from 12 to 8%, we had some rough times. I had to rebuild all my tactics/set pieces around november, due to poor results. This allowed me to perform slightly better and keep our spot in VNLS for one more year (52 points to avoid relegation, this is scary for next season lol) I was able to improve our youth recruitment and our junior coaching. Hopefully the next youth intakes will bring a lot of promising players.


Some decent runs in cups, bringing some cash in our finances.


"Golden generation"youth intake, but no one looks really promising. A full back is my best prospect. 



Next year goal is to avoid relegation and improve youth recruitment if possible.



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Palermo Season 2021/22 Review


League - turned out to be a decent season in the end. With only 1 point from our first 4 games we were set to struggle. I took a break and came up with a new formation designed to keep us tight as I knew scoring goals would be an issue for us. So we went from my usual 433 to a 4231 with 2 DMs. We started to grind out results. We really did tighten up as we then ended up with the 5th best defence, attacking wise we got better as the season went on, just after the new year a run of 2 wins in 8 (with only 3 defeats in there) had the board demanding better, I asked for a month to turn things around and they gave it to me, the team responded with 3 wins and 2 draws and the board were happy. In fact from the board meeting we didn't lose another league game all season as we won 7 of the nest 8 games (and a draw) meaning we ended the season in an insane 5th place. This meant playoffs again. In the 1st round we 10th place Reggina at home. Our goal scoring struggles returned here as we drew 0-0 but progressed by being the higher ranked team. In the 2nd round we were home to Foggia, another dull 0-0 and we were through again. In the 3rd round we had Spezia who has been in Serie B the previous season, in the home game they blitzed us and won 3-0. In the return leg they again were too good for us winning 3-1 and 6-1 on aggregate. Season over. 

Cup - not in the coppa Italia this season so just the serie c cup, we drew both games meaning we failed to progress

Transfers - the Accardi sale annoyed me as I felt we needed him for one season but the board accepted the offer, I protested it once and it worked but not the 2nd time

Squad - filling out now, still full of players either too young or too old though. I was lucky that that I inherited some very good young player like Pistone, Paoloni and our first international (U19 at least) Montepiano

Finances - Shows why the board were right to accept the money for Accardi as a result I couldn't even get any upgrades

Youth Intake - A solid one with a couple to be excited about

Kevin Ruso YP02A - right winger, will need to develop in the AMR position though
Loris Zanotti YP02B - a striker! Our highest rated one already! Gave him so runouts in the final few games and he didn't really do much but I'm excited for him
Paolo Antico YP02C - can play across our AM roles but will likely progress as a wide option
Riccardo Fabbri YP02D - same as above really but could likely be a good understudy for Montepiano in our AM role

Career Progress

Year		League		Position	Youth Coaching		Youth Recruitment 	Notes
2020/21		Serie C		9th 		Adequate		Adequate		Lost in 1st round of playoffs
2021/22		Serie C		5th 		Adequate		Adequate		Lost in 3rd round of playoffs, got 1st coaching badge, won manager of the season

Edit: Forgot to actually link the pictures :D 

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I got fired in Austria as well after 8 straight losses XD . Thinking who to take next. I'm NOT giving up this challenge!
it was hard being the only semi-pro team in the league.

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Bildresultat för nybro if

Nybro IF Season 2023

So this season i decided to go for it...AGAIN no messing about title challange, And this time it did not start well hovering around the relegation zone before changing my tactic to the previous season and we started shooting up the league but the damage had already been done and the top 2 were miles ahead 


Final League Table

Finances Nearly 1 mill in the red

Facilities   - No change



Next season..I have decided to call it on this save. But i will be coming back and definatly in a new country my intrest in the save was dying so im turning this save into my Carear save and will set up a new save to have another go at it...Maybe find the next Prosenetski or Modric or Biscan



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Well. I got fired by Manisaspor during the first season. lack of depth really cost us as we got a injury wave. after six loses in a row saw me drop to bottomm the board was through with me.


I'll be back for a retry at this challenge, but will do a  different save in between.

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31 minutes ago, karax268 said:

Well. I got fired by Manisaspor during the first season. lack of depth really cost us as we got a injury wave. after six loses in a row saw me drop to bottomm the board was through with me.


I'll be back for a retry at this challenge, but will do a  different save in between.

Yeah, Turkey can be a real pain in the neck.

I think I am going to have another crack at this in South America. I don’t think anyone has ventured down there this version?

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Been loading a few leagues today nothing taken my fancy, Not been to south america for a few editions.


Only thing i find is SOuth American seasons can be long

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17 minutes ago, syemo said:

Been loading a few leagues today nothing taken my fancy, Not been to south america for a few editions.


Only thing i find is SOuth American seasons can be long

Yes they can be. Very, very long!

But Europe is doing nothing for me at the moment and I have a Spanish small to big game happening. It’s just for something different.

I’ve been searching and I’m struggling to find the reset date. I suppose I’ll just go by the fixture list.

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1 hour ago, karax268 said:

Well. I got fired by Manisaspor during the first season. lack of depth really cost us as we got a injury wave. after six loses in a row saw me drop to bottomm the board was through with me.


I'll be back for a retry at this challenge, but will do a  different save in between.

I was fired from maniaspor jut after 7 games, turkey is hard

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For those interested in trying Brazil, I think I have found the appropriate date to save at in order to have a variety of clubs on the reset date.

Save game on 7 November 2019.

League Reset Date: 2 January 2020.

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1 hour ago, syemo said:

What country you looking to start in? I was either thinking Brazil, Uruguay or Peru. 

Going Brazil mate. Find a weak state championship to blood the young guns and go for gold. Interestingly there seem to be quite a few teams that have graced Serie A that come up.

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6 hours ago, OrToDaRy282 said:

I got fired in Austria as well after 8 straight losses XD . Thinking who to take next. I'm NOT giving up this challenge!
it was hard being the only semi-pro team in the league.

I didn't survive at Neustadt either.  On to the next attempt at this challenge!

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Calcio Foggia 1920

From Wikipedia: "

Calcio Foggia 1920 S.S.D., commonly referred to as Foggia, is an Italian football club based in Foggia, Apulia. It currently plays in Serie D, having last been in the higher Serie A in 1995.

The team gained nationwide popularity as Foggia Calcio in the 1990s when coached by Zdeněk Zeman because of its attacking, spectacular style of play, which brought Foggia continuously on the verge of UEFA Cup qualification, launching several players who later broke through at international level such as Giuseppe Signori, Francesco Baiano, Brian Roy, Igor Kolyvanov, Igor Shalimov, Roberto Rambaudi and Dan Petrescu. However, Foggia Calcio went bankrupted in 2004 and was replaced by U.S. Foggia, which itself was declared bankrupt in 2012.

On 23 April 2017, the club regained promotion to Serie B after a 19-year absence, but folded only two years later, to restart from Serie D in 2019.




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Club Information | Manager Profile | Club Vision | 

Advanced Options | League Setup | Database Setup 1 | Database Setup 2


And so it begins again! I think I have outdone myself by creating an avatar that will make women blanch, men vomit and children weep tears of fear long into their adult lives, but I digress...

Decided to give this a run in Brazil. Yes the seasons are long and rather convoluted but the State Championships usually give you a good chance to blood your younger players which is of benefit in the long run. Joinville have been in Serie A before and won Serie B as late as 2014. But the usual kind of mismanagement has led them to the desperate situation in which they find themselves, because let's be honest, anyone who hires me MUST be very desperate indeed.

Their squad is pretty decent (especially for the level) and has ample players who are all quite young in the reserves and a surprising amount of youth players. All in all, it becomes about keeping our better young first teamers for the time being and attempting to catapult into Serie B as soon as possible. We shall see.

Youth Squad | Reserves | First Team

There are some quite good players floating about and they should form a nice strong core for the rest of our youth to develop. Here are the best of them...

Caique | João Vítor | Dalberson | Eduardo Person | André Baumer

I'm beginning to suspect that Eduardo is, in fact, an alien infiltrator. I mean, "Eduardo Person". Person? Who's he kidding?

Anyway, we are also involved in the Campeonato Catarinense de Futebol which will kick off soon. Given that we are up against Avaí (Serie A), Chapecoense (Serie B relegated from Serie A last season), Cricíuma (Relegated to Serie C last season) and Figueirense (Serie B), we are likely the 5th best team in the Campeonato at present (at best), but we do have form having won it on 12 occasions. Also, it is close to the perfect State competition. Not too long and the competition is decent enough that any younger players will develop faster.

So, wish us luck! 

By the way, here is the lovely city of Joinville. And I think we have a lovely stadium. It's a 22,000 all seater built in 2004. Cozy with a dash of intimidation.

Until next time...


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2035/36 Annecy  FC season review - French Ligue 2

The League

After 22 games, we were sitting in 9th position, only 5pts off the playoff spots, and looking at the possibility of a great season. Then on deadline day of the January transfer window our chairman went and sold two of our best players. We slid down the table, but managed to hold on to 15th position.

We have a lot of money (around 20m) and another round of Youth and Facility upgrades coming, but the playing squad is weaker than it was at the beginning of last season. The youth intake was poor.

On the positive side, there's no one left of value for the chairman to sell.


The Players

Alaa Saibi YP24c was once more the player of the season and top scorer with 23 goals.

Jonathan Marques YP31e was the young player of the season.





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@DrPoods good luck. Might have a little look today in starting this again. I'll try the reset dates. That's always a good thing with Brazil later on you could pretty much give youth most the state championship games. Alot of game time to offer

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Belfast Celtic FC (N. Ireland)
Season 1 - 2020/21

Posted in the wrong thread... :rolleyes:

We survived in the Northern Irish third tier and finished 9th. Given that we had no goalkeeper and no right-back in our squad, this is a success.

For some reason, my Head of Youth Development kept making offers for players to my first team. I haven't found the correct setting to change yet. I managed to cancel most offers, but one went through as you can see in my incoming transfers. As you can see from the outgoing transfers, I released him on the same date. I hope this is ok and not a dealbreaking violation of the challenge rules.

League (Results 1, Results 2, Cups) - Not much to tell about the cups. In the league, we started ok with a draw, a loss and a win. But for the next ten games, we did not win and managed only 5 draws. After a particularly poor 2-5 loss against Banbridge, I rejected my tactic and switched to a simple long-ball 4-4-2. Luckily, this improved the results somewhat, and we won 4 of our next 7 matches, effectively avoiding relegation in the process.
The last two games of the season were both won and were our first back to back wins of the season. Whether this was due to us finally having an actual goalkeeper and right back, I don't know, but we played quite well, so hopefully we can keep improving in the new season.

Team - Our strongest area is the attack where our striker Darren Stuart scored 11 goals in 20 league matches. In addition to the positions where we have no players, we are very thin in central midfield as well as central defense. There is not much quality. Our youth intake prospects are very welcome additions to the team.

Facilities - I managed to force through upgrades to the Junior Coaching and Youth Recruitment, so they are now both Average. This is very pleasing.

Finances - We still have black numbers on our bank account, but we are loosing money every month, so it will be a matter of a few months before our finances are negative. This means, that our average intake facility levels will have to do for the foreseeable future. This is ok, as I am confident, that the player quality will be enough for this level. 

Youth Intake - Very good intake. The goalkeeper Mark Harrison and the right back Mark Murphy went straight into the first team. I am also hoping that Glenn Teer can turn into a decent striker, and Darren Lavery looks very promising in central midfield. So all in all a very promising youth intake.

Goal for next season: Avoid relegation. Improve on this seasons position of 9th.


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East Kilbride still bugged, so going to try again in one of my favourite nations in FM to play - Norway.

Quick question.  Norway has four tiers in Game, but like France, only the top three are playable.  So I assume I holiday for a year and take over a newly promoted club into tier three?

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Aliados Futebol Clube Lordelo 2020-21

Schedule / StatisticsTransfers / Manager / Facilities


Campeonato de Portugal: First season as a manager of Aliados and we completed the expectations, not getting relegated. To be fair it wasn't as bad as I first thought it would be. We were never on relegation spots (variation), however we were really inconsistent throughout the season. We've finished 12th out of 18, only one point from relegation.

Taça de Portugal: a good run, winning the first two rounds against teams from our tier, only losing to Penafiel (Liga Pro) in 3rd Round.

Youth intake: a pretty decent preview, labelled as a "golden generation", became a really useful intake, with a few players going to the first team next season. The main star, Flávio Carvalho, already played 4 matches with us, scoring twice in the league.

Overall I'm really happy with this first season, we made some upgrades on our facilities and two manager badges. I was second place in Manager of the year award. Our main goal for next season is still avoid relegation. We need to be defensively consistent, since we were one of the most beaten in this division...


Season League Position Cup Top scorer Top rating Notes Coaching badge Corporate facilities Training facilities Data analysis Youth facilities Junior coaching Youth recruitment Average attendance
2019/20 AF Porto Divisão de Elite ? - - - AI Controlled - Adequate Basic Poor Average Fairly basic Limited -
2020/21 Campeonato de Portugal 12th 3rd Round Jorginho (10) Pedro Gouveia (6.93) Survived relagation National B Adequate Adequate Poor Average Average Basic 748
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On The Pitch
Well that was a season that exceeded expectations and managed to end in disappointment at the same time!
A switch back to a 442 saw an uptick in performances overall, especially up front as we were not so reliant on one player.  Jeroen Bosch (00C) certainly enjoyed having a partner up front, breaking his seasonal goals tally of 9 with 22!  Eric Stegeman (02A) enjoyed playing up front as well netting 11.  We fought our way up to 5th place, which with 3 of the reserve team taking up the top 3 spots was actually the 2nd automatic promotion spot!  We held 5th from matchday 30 to 34, but then we fell apart :(
Our last 6 league games were DDLLLD!  This left us in 7th and a playoff spot for the first time.  Here we played SC Telstar who were also out of form.  Away leg first and we went 0-1 down but fought back fantastically and won 2-1!  The home leg and we got a first half goal, 3-1 on aggregate.  The disaster, 2 second half goals conceded and 3-3 on aggregate and extra time.  A second yellow card for left back Yassine van der Horst (03G) in the 97th minute and we were up against it.  Held on and we went to penalties.  4-4 after the 5 penalties and then ......... urgh.
No-one expected a promotion challenge and even though we fell short, it was a great season on reflection

Off The Pitch
July - Physios from 3 to 4
August - Sure sign we are now an established (and dare I say rising) entity.  A lot of offers for our stars at the transfer deadline.  Rejecting and just about keeping them happy afterwards....
Sept - Academy Coaching & Youth Recruitment improvements
Feb - Youth Recruitment turned down on financial grounds
March - Offered Willem II job interview
May - Youth Recruitment improved
Our youth set-up is now exceptional and that is great news.  Our healthy bank balance is no longer due to this though, and our seasonal projections show losses of about 1.2m per year now and a current balance of 30k :(

Youth Intake
Wow!  A very deep intake of potential.  11! tagged (and could have been a couple more...) and the u19s should look great now.  The highly upgraded and expensive facilities look to be paying off.
Edwin Mommers (04A) - A very handy looking striker!  Will immediately go on the bench as our primary back up forward as we are actually lacking a little there in first team terms (often dropped to a 4411 if a striker had to come off).  Hoping his high flair will help create a spark at times.
Kevin Boer (04B) - Tall and two footed.  Thinking of trying to retrain him into our left midfield spot, which is currently a weak link.  Needs to work on his passing though.
Bjorn Roelofsen (04C) - Professional youngster, so hoping he kicks on due to this.  Right sided midfielder for now toying with the idea of being an attack minded right full back
Jahmill Beekink (04D) - Another right sided midfielder.  Needs work on his personality.
Rene Bosch (04E) - Another forward, a little slow but a decent finisher.
Robbert den Boer (04F) - Tall central defender, who looks solid for his age
Dirk Sluyk (04G) - A two footed right back who is unfortunately lacking in techincals.  
Yusuf Kurniawan (04H) - I like the look of this project :)  I think I will follow the Sidney Meefout (02B) template and retrain as a Ball Playing Defender.  He has some of the basics and a trait for it.  Need better tackling and a bit more pace before I start looking at him seriously though.
Walter Harlaux (04I) - Versatile defensive minded youth.  Decent mentals, needs work on his marking for the end of the pitch he plays at.
Eneo Kapzhiu (04J) - A lightweight midfielder with a poor personality
Nick Hendriks (04K) - Youth keeper!

Challenge History

Season League Position Highest Average Top Goalscorer Top Assists Top POTMs
01 Eerste 18 / 20 Stef Brummel - 6.89 Ahmed El Azzouti - 9
Danny van den Meirsacker
Many - 3 Ahmed El Azzouti - 2
02 Eerste 12 / 20 Eef van Riel - 6.88 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Mike van der Laar - 4 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 4
03 Eerste 10 / 20 Mike van de Lar - 7.03 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 8 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 6 5 players - 2
04 Eerste 07 / 20 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 7.04 Jeroen Bosch (00C) - 22 Matthijs Janssen (01A) - 10 Jordy van den Hooff (00A) - 4


  Training Youth Training Academy Coaching Youth Recruitment
Start Poor Poor Fairly Basic Basic
End of Season 01 Poor Poor Average Fairly Basic
End of Season 02 Basic Basic Good Adequate
End of Season 03 Below Average Below Average Excellent Good
End of Season 04 Adequate Adequate Exceptional Exceptional
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S.S.D. Latina Calcio 1932

Season 8


On The Pitch

You might think: Okay 13th place again, decent gap to the relegation places, that was an easy season. No, it was not.

We started really great: 2 wins, one draw, top of the table and then it happened: Nothing worked anymore for a full game. We had so many freak games, highlight was this one:


A 3:0 lead after 5 minutes, 4:0 after 20 minutes, and we lost 4:6 with 2 goals in injury time.

A few weeks later our best goalscorer in past years Fabio Fiori had a major injury, and we lost game after game.

In the winter, I had enough. So spectacular the 3-4-3 was, we needed to get a solid defense again. I changed to 4 in the back, one defensive mid in front of them and the new 4-3-3 was much more solid. We scored less, but we conceded a lot less. A win here, a draw there, we crawled out of the relegation places. Very slowly, because there was a big gap, but we did it


Key Players

Mario Mone (05A): With Fabio Fiori out injured, he became our main goalscorer – and our first national player on senior level (for Albania). I think he has a great future

Francesco Indelicato (03B): Voted best goalkeeper in the whole league again. Do I need to say more?

Maurizio Cenci: A total disgrace that he is not in our best eleven of the season. Putting him from central midfield back to defensive mid was the key for our better second half of the season.


Off The Pitch

Something great happened. We have still not much money (but finances are solid). So I tried since years to get an affiliate club, who wants to share training grounds with us. And it finally happened. We are partnering with amateur club Cynthia. For just 16k a year we can use their training ground. And they are GOOD! We've good training facilities for the near future. My board was so happy seeing their grounds that they improved our youth facilities, the first facility-upgrade since 6 (!) years.


Okayish intake, some useful players, but need to work on some personalities and would have preferred other positions.

Giulio Bizzaglia (08A): We can start a collection of center mids, but I don't see the potential to re-train him to a full-back

Riccardo Coco (08B): a central defender is very helpful, because it's a position where I want to get rid of some backup players without potential. Unfortunately very slow (and needs to improve his tackling)

Massimiliano Bilotta (08C): another central defender. I we can fix his determination through mentoring he could even be the more helpful one



Next Season

Let's see if the massive upgrade of the training facilities from Below Average to Good, from 1.5 stars to 3 stars, will do something for us. The goal is to improve players and be in mid-table again (without a nerve-wrecking relegation battle for most of the season)

Through The Seasons
Season Division League Pos. Playoffs Coppa Italia Coppa Italia di Serie C Europe Squad Key Player Best Goalscorer Intake Best New Prospect Team Of The Season Miscellaneous
2020/2021 Serie C Girone C 16th - - Group Stage, 2nd - Squad Salvatore Ciulla Federico Cardella - 6 Intake Carlo Di Mambro (01A) 4-3-2-1 National C Licence
2021/2022 Serie C Girone C 9th 1st Round 1st Qual. Round 2nd Round - Squad Luigi Fontana Luigi Fontana - 13 Intake Alessandro Colella (02A) 4-4-2 National B Licence, National A Licence, Youth and training facilities upgraded, Youth recruitment upgraded
2022/2023 Serie C Girone C 12th - - Qtr Final - Squad Fabio Fiori Luigi Fontana - 15 Intake Emanuele Esposito (03A) 4-4-2 Continental C Licence, Continental B Licence
2023/2024 Serie C Girone B 15th - 2nd Qual. Round 2nd Round - Squad Fabio Fiori Fabio Fiori - 16 Intake Angelo Polverini (04A) 4-4-2 Continental A Licence
2024/2025 Serie C Girone C 11th 1st Round 4th Qual. Round 1st Round - Squad Emanuele Esposito (03A) Fabio Fiori - 16 Intake Mario Mone (05A) 4-4-2 Continental Pro Licence, Training facilities downgraded
2025/2026 Serie C Girone C 4th Winner - Group Stage, 2nd - Squad Fabio Fiori Fabio Fiori - 24 Intake - 4-4-2 Promotion to Serie B
2026/2027 Serie B 13th - 3rd Qual. Round - - Squad Francesco Indelicato (03B) Fabio Fiori - 20 Intake Giuseppe Romani (07A) 3-4-3  
2027/2028 Serie B 13th - 3rd Qual. Round - - Squad Maurizio Cenci Mario Mone (05A) - 18 Intake Giulio Bizzaglia (08A) 3-4-3 Youth recruitment upgraded, Shared training facilites


The Facilites
Year Training Data Analysis Youth Junior Youth R.
Start Below Average Poor Basic Fairly Basic Average
2021 Below Average Poor Basic Fairly Basic Average
2022 Adequate Poor Below Average Fairly Basic Adequate
2023 Adequate Poor Below Average Fairly Basic Adequate
2024 Adequate Poor Below Average Fairly Basic Adequate
2025 Below Average Poor Below Average Fairly Basic Adequate
2026 Below Average Poor Below Average Fairly Basic Adequate
2027 Below Average Poor Below Average Fairly Basic Adequate
2028 Good (Shared) Poor Below Average Fairly Basic Good


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                                                                                                                      Season 2024 / 2025

                                                                             League Table        Squad         Youth Intake          Transfer History


12th first season in Serie A I'm really happy with, even if the end to the season was abysmal. Hopefully I dont bring that with into next season.

Still starting to have trouble keeping my best players. My star striker is in his last year of his contract. I will probably keep him in hope he will sign a new.

Both traning and youth facilities are under construction and money wont be a problem for a while.

Hopefully it will bring me some quality players.


Youth intake was at most decent. Got the GK I wanted and an attacker. Marco Di Cara and Rosario Ciancimino


GL All !! :) 



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This guy only played 30 games for us over 7 seasons, but it seems he's found international football late in his career. While at the same time, not playing for a club. I guess that's after his career then.




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Salisbury FC - Season Review 2021/22

With the new faces filling out the squad, it seemed realistic to expect we could match last seasons 6th place finish. After a mixed start, we hit a difficult patch and really seemed vulnerable defensively. From the previous youth intake, we brought in a couple of lads to rotate at centre back and I will try and explain some of the poor performances down to this.

We entered the new year bouncing between 15th and 17th position, with respite only coming in easier home fixtures. The fixture list was a factor, in that we played many of the top 7 teams in quick succession and really struggled to maintain morale. We came out of this and started picking up wins against weaker teams. At this point I had made peace with the season being over in terms of the playoffs and used it to try some things out. Overall a 12th place finish is still very respectable for us and with three youth players featuring in over half the games, our 'First Team' is evolving and should help in season three.

Our cup performance this season was non-existant, we were knocked out in the first match in both FA Cup and FA Trophy.

One frustration I have is that my Under 23s and Under 18s are still not playing in a league, so just have friendlies throughout the year, not sure what I can do to remedy this?

Youth Intake

A couple of exciting prospects in this year's crop. We now have a depth in a couple of positions we were very thin at last year.

Jacob Parrott (YP22a) The best of the bunch, has a good mix of physical and technical ability and will get plenty of chances in the squad.

Stuart Legg (YP22b) I need to decide to do with this lad, most likely get him training as a striker to make the most of his acceleration.

Jack Baldwin (YP22c) A fairly well balanced full back, not a great defender yet, but has a great work rate and will take some of the burden from our regular right back.

Edited by Sanno11
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2036/37 Annecy FC season review - French Ligue 2

The League

On the field it was a good season. We were in 12th place going into the final game of the season, with potential for a new record high. Unfortunately we lost and three teams overtook us to leave us in 15th. But I was still pleased with our performance throughout the season.

In the cup we had a disappointing 7th round exit. 7th round is when Ligue 2 teams enter the draw and we lost to fellow Ligue 2 team, FCSM on penalties after a 1-1 draw. The board expects 9th round as a minimum each season. Historically this is where we usually bow out. The reason is because Ligue 1 teams enter in the 9th round. All of our seven 9th round exits were to Ligue 1 teams.

National and National 2 teams enter in the 5th round.


The Players

Alaa Saibi...... copy/paste from previous seasons. 16 goals.

Julien Aubert YP28c was a key player in midfield.

Cyrille Rostand YP33g was the youth player to make the move to first team.



We had no decent players left for the chairman to sell, but the top prospect from last years' poor youth intake was poached for compensation only.




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Bilderesultat for nk zadar


Youth Intake 2027


A very good intake! I wished for another CB, that didn't happen, but we seem to be pretty good at producing strikers. Roko Jaksic and Fran Gabrijelic looks really good, and our "exceptional academy coaching" and "exceptional youth recruitment" is paying off. Just a shame that the board wont give me any farmer clubs that can provide us with players. 

We completed our upgraded training facilities and youth facilities this year. They are now adequate (training facilities) and average (youth facilities). Luckily the board gave us another upgrade straight away, and the sales last season of £16 million is paying off! 


90.thumb.jpg.a9e6aa519147db350b9e4ad826fd48bb.jpg    91.thumb.jpg.4e6f2da0b6874ae2a81047c224641a7b.jpg    



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Our biggest talent, Drazen Surbek, has taken some big steps forward out on loan this season. 17 goals and 7 assists to far in the 2nd division. We will be changing tactics next year, going from a 4-4-2 to a 4-2-3-1, and I think Surbek can do great as a striker or a Ramdeuter on the right wing. 

He just signed a new contract, but demanded a release clause of £10,75 million. I expect that clause to be met sooner rather than later... 



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