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Íþróttafélagið Völsungur


Season 2028 (Season 9) Review - Úrvalsdeild - Iceland

League | Squad | Transfers | Finances

A much harder season for us this time around, and we failed to retain the title we have had for a couple of years. We started quite well, but had a 3 loss in a row streak pretty early on. 3 losses might not seem like much, but that's 3 of 22 matches out the window and we had to try to play catch up from then on. And we did well from then on, but couldn't catch up with Víkingur R. They have been hot on our heels for a few seasons now, and been one of the better teams since the start. We also fell short on the real surprise package this season, Haukar. They were recently promoted from the 2nd tier and actually finished in 2nd place with a negative goal difference! Still, we are heading into Europe next season as well, so that's the best thing. Hopefully, we can fight for another title next season.

In the Deildabikar we won our group ahead of FH, Haukar, Grindavík, Fjarðabyggð and Vestmannaeyja. In the semi final we beat Breiðablik before winning on pens against Víkingur R. in the final.

In the Mjólkurbikarinn we beat HK and Leiknír R. before losing to Víkingur R. in the quarter final.

We had another go in the Champions League this season. From the 1st qualifying round we beat Dundalk of Ireland, Hapoel Be'er-Sheva of Israel and Qarabağ of Azerbaijan before losing to FC København in the playoffs.

So we went into the Europa League group stage were we drew Lille of France, Dynamo Kyiv of Ukraine and Astana of Kazakhstan. It's still in progress, so I'll update when it's done.

Edit: We actually somehow finished 2nd in the group and went on to the knockout rounds. Here we got thumped out by RB Leipzig...

I also thought I'd restart the map, so here it is:


We've been to Finland, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Israel, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, Germany, Malta, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, France, Belgium, Ireland and Portugal. So quite the travellers.

Notable Players

Steinar Einarsson 27d - He didn't start the season as a regular, but when I gave him a chance due to injuries he just took it and rolled with it.
Helgi Bjarnason 27a - A great season as our DM from the youngster.
Emil Birgisson 24a - He is becoming a physical monster, but also had a great season and contributed a lot.

Youth intake

Youth intake - The poorest intake we've had in a while, and I hope we can do better in the future.

Steinar Heimisson 28a - Another promising central midfielder, although we have a lot of those at the moment.


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 Brave calling !


Caledonian Braves - Season 2026-2027 (Season 7) review - Scottish League one

Pre-season |Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Past positions | Season review

Our best performance in league one and we spent most of the season round spot 2. Because we still went down to fourth place after an weaker February and March month, we had to play the second last out of the championship in the play-offs. I won three of my three play-off rounds in earlies season.. could I be succesfull again ?

Championship level  ? no problem.

Leeds in disguise ?

Proud but we missed it and this hurts !

Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances
Because we switched to a 4 3 3 at the end of last season, we needed some new options. Certain youth players got (new) chances. Others confirmed the high expectations. Mclaughlin went deep into the attack. and the three youth players from the previous intake played it all to pieces. Michaud 26C in midfield, Zia Doumbia 26B on the flank and Garnier 26A on the left back.

Player of the season


First time that Kelly  didn't won this. Mclaughlin had a great season alone up front. He won the player of the year award.

What a performance !

Young player of the season

Michaud 26c was my destroyer and runner in het middle.


Youth updates

Class 21 : Paulle 21C had a great season as a central defender. 4 players of this class featured this season.

Class 22 : Nabab-Aquilon 22C was the partner of Paulle 21C and had again a good season. Only 1 player of this class in the first team.

Class 23 : Bultel 23E remains first goalkeeper and is the only  active player from class 23 .

Class 24 : Henneuse 24A played some games as inside forward and was the best of his class. 2 players from 2024 featured this season.

Class 25 : Desbordes 25C was my backup right wingback and he had a few good moments. Not good enough yet.

Class 26 Michaud 26c was the best player of a great class. 4 from this class in the first team, 3 played every game.

 Youth intake - Class 2027

Youth intake preview

A good central defender and fullbacks.. we need a good WBR .. begging for this since the start.
Class 2027

Signed 11 players, not as good as last intake but that one was reallly amazing. Maybe one of those three will be promoted into my first team.

Below the best three :


Ouadah 27A could be our next good left wingback (we already have a few good options).  Mason 27B scored good as BWM , determination is high ! Lemoine 27C wait.. a WBR ?? let's hope he'll progress. his personality is good, his determination is not.



We got lucky because we don't have any money.. but they agreed to upgrade our Youth recruitment and junior coaching.


Next season

Can we confirm our fourth place? If I can keep all my players, yes. Hopefully they'll grow and I'll get playoffs again. Championship clubs are very often bidding for our three good players from class 2026. And maybe i'll promote two more good prospects from class 2026 : Schmitt 26D and Poiret 26E




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2023/24 (Season 4)

National League North

Finish: 3rd

Season Summary

Our best season yet. At times we were superb but our inconsistencies came back to haunt us at times. In the end we couldn't put together a strong enough run to challenge for the title but we comfortably finished in the play offs in our highest position yet. 

Going into the play-offs with our high finish meant we went straight into the semi-final with a home game against Gateshead. We won, just, 1-0 to go into our fourth successive play-off final, but our first at home. Curzon Ashton had beaten Telford, who finished 2nd, so we started as favourites for a change. It was a close game but....


Finally, promotion!!


Ciaran Dunne 21A - firmly placed as by far our most important player. 30 goals this season, despite his finishing dropping from 5 to 4! Apparently he is currently performing at league 1 level but I've had no interest shown in him. Keeping him is key.

Tony Wilkie 22B - A poacher who got his chance at the start of the season and took it well. Steadily improved as the season went on and chipped in with 20 goals. Currently playing at national league level but I'm informed he has the potentialto be a league 1 striker so he'll be leading the line next season as well


A good start to the season saw our board happily improve our youth intake to exceptional, which is frankly nuts for a team at our level. Our first preview with an exceptional youth intake wasn't as exciting as I'd hoped


more yellow than green and no golden generation!

the intake itself was ok, with the top two looking really promising


none of them will head straight into the first team but within a couple of seasons I'd hope one or two will be challenging

I'm at that stage now where my best XI are all from our youth intakes. I'm not sure I have the guts to play a whole team of under 21s in the league though

Finances and Improvements

Another improvement in youth intake and a good season financially. Our first team has 7 youth players in it now so is relatively cheap. We finished with 750k sitting in the bank. The next step, now we're promoted, is to try and go professional.

Next season I think I'll be aiming to just stay up. I have a really young team still and I'm not sure how we'll cope against the professional teams in the national league. We'll see!




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I'm looking at giving this one last go, before the new game comes out. I was looking at Spain. I take it we can promote players from a clubs B team?

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1 minute ago, Shankly84 said:

I'm looking at giving this one last go, before the new game comes out. I was looking at Spain. I take it we can promote players from a clubs B team?

As long as the B team doesn't buy any players, then sure. So you need to make sure YOU are in charge of the transfers there.

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1 minute ago, XaW said:

As long as the B team doesn't buy any players, then sure. So you need to make sure YOU are in charge of the transfers there.

Ok thanks. Real Jaen it is then!!

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Íþróttafélagið Völsungur


Season 2029 (Season 10) Review - Úrvalsdeild - Iceland

League | Squad | Transfers | Finances

We took it back! It was quite hard, mostly due to fixture congestion towards the end when we had to play 4 league games in the last 8 days, but we held on and got crowned champions again. The season overall were pretty good, but we still have some potential to do better. We sometimes struggle to break down really defensive teams, but I'm working on it by tweaking things a bit here and there and I think we are getting better.

In the Deildabikar we won our group ahead of Akureyrar, Akraness, FH, Leíknir F., and Fjarðabyggð. Then we beat Fjölnir in the semi finals to reach the final. Here we lost on pens to Víkingur R., a team who are becoming a personal rival to me.

In the Mjólkurbikarinn we beat Leíknir R., Þróttur R., Stjarnan and ÍR to reach the final. Here we beat Akraness to claim the title.

We were back in Europe, but only the Europa Conference League. We beat Feronikeli of Kosovo, Anorthosis Famagusta of Cyprus, Ferencváros of Hungary and Zorya of Ukraine to reach the group stage. Here we've drawn Red Star of Serbia, Brøndby of Denmark and Sparta Praha of Czechia. It's still ongoing, so I'll update when it's done.

Update. We actually won our group! So we went into the 2nd knockout round where we lost 2-3 in both matches to Haugesund of Norway.

So I've added Kosovo, Cyprus, Hungary, Serbia, Czechia, and Norway to our list.


Notable Players

Helgi Bjarnason 27a - An amazing season from our brilliant DM.
Steinar Einarsson 27d - Top scorer and our best striker, but were injured quite a bit this season.
Hilmar Jónsson 27c - A real breakthrough season and he did amazingly. Lots of goals and assists.

Youth intake

Youth intake - A much better intake that last season with a lot of promising players.

Bjarki Þórðarson 29a - Got a lot going for him, but his finishing is his main drawback.
Óliver Bjarnason 29b - We have a great DM, so I don't think this kid will knock him over, but he will be a great backup.
Hafþór Sigurðsson 29c - Missing a bit of pace, but other than that a good full back.
Rúnar Valdimarsson 29d - Finally, a talented central defender! Much needed that!
Fannar Ásbjörnsson 29e - And make it two talented central defenders!


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Aliados Futebol Clube Lordelo 2028-29

Schedule / Transfers / Statistics / Manager


Campeonato de Portugal: our best season so far, fighting for the promotion spots until the end. We were in playoff position for a while, with our first loss only after 24 games. However, in the last month of competition we were not able to win a single game, finishing 15 points away from the top two.

Taça de Portugal: disappointing campaign, losing to Salgueiros from the regional leagues.

Youth intake: a few interesting players coming this year, like Aliú Dabó, João Ferreira and João Parreira. We also had two players poached by teams from Campeonato de Portugal. I was offered an interview by Braga from the Primeira Liga.


Season League Position Cup Top scorer Top rating Notes Coaching badge Corporate facilities Training facilities Data analysis Youth facilities Junior coaching Youth recruitment Average attendance
2019/20 AF Porto Divisão de Elite ? - - - AI Controlled - Adequate Basic Poor Average Fairly basic Limited -
2020/21 Campeonato de Portugal 12th 3rd Round Jorginho (10) Pedro Gouveia (6.93) Survived relegation National B Adequate Adequate Poor Average Average Basic 748
2021/22 Campeonato de Portugal 9th 2nd Round Flávio Carvalho (15) Flávio Carvalho (7.09) - Continental C Adequate Adequate Poor Average Adequate Fairly basic 762
2022/23 Campeonato de Portugal 13th 3rd Round Basílio Guimarães (9) Basílio Guimarães (6.94) - Continental B Adequate Adequate Poor Average Adequate Fairly basic 668
2023/24 Campeonato de Portugal 8th 3rd Round Flávio Carvalho (25) Flávio Carvalho (7.49) U19s promoted to 2nd division Continental A Adequate Adequate Poor Average Adequate Fairly basic 893
2024/25 Campeonato de Portugal 4th 4th Round Flávio Carvalho (18) Flávio Carvalho (7.14) U19s promoted to 1st division Continental Pro Adequate Adequate Poor Average Adequate Fairly basic 941
2025/26 Campeonato de Portugal 8th 4th Round Flávio Carvalho (18) Flávio Carvalho (7.26) Not showing any progress... Continental Pro Adequate Below average Poor Average Adequate Fairly basic 798
2026/27 Campeonato de Portugal 5th 4th Round Flávio Carvalho (22) Jorge Coelho (7.17) New board Continental Pro Adequate Below average Poor Average Adequate Fairly basic 990
2027/28 Campeonato de Portugal 10th 3rd Round Flávio Carvalho (13) Luís Dias (7.01) U19 relegated to 2nd division Continental Pro Adequate Below average Poor Average Adequate Fairly basic 789
2028/29 Campeonato de Portugal 3rd 2nd Round Flávio Carvalho (17) Abílio Sousa (7.31) - Continental Pro Adequate Below average Poor Adequate Adequate Fairly basic 1034
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2024/25 (Season 5)

National League

Finish 18th

Season summary

Overall, a strange season where we found ourselves in a relegation battle out of the blue. We'd started excellently and were sitting 6th in September. A run of 1 win in 10 scuppered our play off plans but we'd been playing quite well so I wasn't too worried. Trouble was, we were now 20th. The gap between 10th and 22nd was stupidly small, and although our record was pretty good we were somehow in a relegation battle. we picked up points but so did the teams around us and it wasn't until there were 5 games left that we started to pull clear. In the end we stayed up by 9 points, but it was pretty scary at times


Ciaran Dunne 22A - a relatively poor season from him, he seemed to struggle with the step up

Tony Wilkie 22B - Seemed to handle the step up a lot better, scoring 19 to be our top scorer



A really intriguing preview. Only an excellent group but we were prommised a Spanish striker!


the actual intake awas amazing. How was this not a golden generation? and my little spanish striker was worth the wait. I played him for the final 5 games of the season and he scored 4!


just in case you missed him:- Miguel Angel Orta - I am very excited!

Trouble is, I have 6 really good prospects as strikers now. Looks like 4-3-3 will be around for a while. I really need defenders and central midfielders in the next couple of intakes...

Finances and Improvements

I took a calculated risk in the January transfer window..


He was our best midfielder but 500k was just too good to turn down. The 50% sell on is nice in case I really made an error of judgement, but at the minute I wan't to concentrate on going proffessional and improving our facilities. 500k will really help there.

So next season I think i'm looking at consolidation. The first team is now full of youth players - nine of the first choice are under 21 and it's likely to be 10 before too long. And if our youth intakes carry on, it's likely to get even younger. I still can't quite believe it's excpetional junior coaching and youth intake at National league level. That's better than some premiership teams!



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On 20/09/2020 at 10:59, OlivierL said:

First international call-up

Doumbia 26B has three nationalities (Ivorian, French and Scottish) . This is my first international player (not easy with al my French regens to get call-ups).



First senior international call-up !


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11 hours ago, libbyshuss said:


17 years old, 5 games in the National League.....


Sad to see him go but that's an amazing deal

What a talent. And a great deal for you. Realistically, he will set the Premier League on fire before being sold to Real/Barca/PSG within the next five to six years.

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Season Review 2236/37

Decent season, promoted as Champions with 102 points and a huge 149 goals!


My Son, Ellis, had his best season with 15 goals and 23 assists. I have him taking all set pieces (I know, I know its really sad!!!) Got a huge bid of £40.5 million, considering he isn't that good, during the season.

Obviously rejected it. Just scored first goal for Scotland as well


My Youth Intake was poor


One of my best players, a wonderkid wouldn't sign a new contract and left for Bayern on a free (I dropped him to the U23s once confirmed)


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CD Mensajero



LaLiga 2– 7th Promotion via Playoffs

Fixtures (1) -- Fixtures (2)Fixtures (3) -- Stats -- Awards -- Season Review -- Transfer -- Overall Best XI -- Key Player -- Hot Prospect -- Finances

League: In the league results wise we started incredibly well, losing just once in the opening 21 matches and finding ourselves flirting with automatic promotion. Our performances in that period however, were far from spectacular and on a few occasions losing a 2 goal lead. So, when in January we went on a significant downturn in form I was disappointed but not at all surprised such was the form that we did drop from challenging for automatic promotion to being in danger of losing out on the playoffs. A formation change towards the end of the season did arrest our slide and ultimately lead us to confirm a playoff spot with a game to go.

Yet another playoff campaign, this time starting out with a 1-1 draw with Levante before a very good 3-1 victory away to send us to a second consecutive playoff final. An all Canary Island affair as we faced Las Palmas in the final and started fantastically recording a 3-0 victory in the first leg which all but secured our promotion which was confirmed with a 1-0 victory in the second leg.

Cup: One season we'll have a good cup run, but not this one as we lost in the second round this time in a disappointing penalty loss to lower league opposition.

Squad: Jose Bonilla 10a, Zebunzui Guerra 10b and Jose Miguel Frangillo 10c all broke into the first team this season and ended it as first choice players which with the former two contributing the most assists and goals to our team respectively.

Club Infrastructure: Further training and youth  facilities upgrades were made this season which is only ever going to be a good thing, and further upgrades will be taking place this summer also.

Players of the year

Adolfo Delgado 1d: Ever a valuable member of our team and contributed 3 goals and 2 assists as he surpassed 400 league appearances for the club.

Alexis Calonge 2b: Long term centre midfielder had a good season for us with 4 goals and 6 assists over the season.

Alexis Davila 8b: A clean sweep for our midfield contingent as the other of the midfield three Davila contributing the most with 7 goals and 7 assists.

Youth Intake

Another a little underwhelming intake but a few players that may be able to develop to first team players in the future.



Juan Duarte 12a: A decent looking attacking midfielder that will probably end up being retrained as a striker given he’s the first attacking midfielder we’ve generated so far.

Luis Suarez 12b: A midfielder that could potentially develop but does have a long way to improve to be a good option for us.

Mingo 12c: A right winger which is the biggest area of weakness in the side though I changed formation to not use one so if he does develop potentially could prompt a change back.

Sekou Soumano 12d: A left winger, but again with a lot of growth required to be a real option for us.

Overview/Looking Ahead

Given we’ve been towards the top of the table for the last couple of seasons it’s not that surprising that we were promoted, but this season we were significantly worse defensively than previous seasons which is going to be a worry in the division above.

Hopefully we can survive relegation, however, I think it’s most likely we’ll have another tough season in the top flight and be relegated straight back down.

The story so far


Youth Record Holders


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Season 25/26 (Season 6)

National League

Finish: 5th


Season Summary

A really good season in the end but it started fairly poorly for us. We slipped into a pattern of losing against teams below us but beating teams in the top 6 straight after. This was summed up by christmas, where we were comfortably mid-table. 5 games, the first two against poor teams, the last 3 against teams in the top 5. We lost the first 2 and I started worrying about how 5 straight defeats would affect us and drag us into a relegation battle. But we took 7 points from those other 3 games. 

February and March saw us on a run where we won 7 out of 9 and catapulted us into the top 6. We managed to stay there and qualify for the play offs.

The first round saw us easily beat Curzon Ashton and set up a semi final away at Cambridge. They'd finished way above us in second and hammered us twice in the league so we were huge underdogs. And so it showed as they beat us quite easily.


Shaun Evans 24A - Stepped up to become our key player this season. Finished it as a leading league 1 player with championship potential! 18 goals and 15 asssists meant he was at the centre of everything good we did

Tony Wilkie 22B - Carried on where he left of and scored a lot of goals for us. NOt sure how far he can take us though...



Another preview that looked fairly measly, but it did promise us a central midifelder, which we are desperate for


When it came through my HOYD tried to convince me they were a golden generation again. He might be right. I was pleased with the number of midfielders and defenders anyway, as they are exactly what we needed



Finances and Improvements

Amazing! after selling Orta for 2.5m the vultures swooped in for Liam Winter, a left back who came through at the same time he did. I managed to get 1m plus 50% future sale which meant we finished the season with 4m in the bank!





I've also started improvements on our training and youth facilities, it's all looking good!



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                                                                                                                                                                                 Season 2028 / 2029

                                                                                                                                                                    5th in Serie A - EURO Cup Qual




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FC Energie Cottbus - 2029/30 Review - Bundesliga


Our first season back up in the Bundesliga was what I'd like to call a successful one, even if it was somewhat plighted by what was an incredible start to the season, where we won five of our first six matches, at one point taking us to the top of the table with 15 points from a possible 18 points to begin our season really strongly. That start, honestly makes the fact we only won the next 8 of 28 matches somewhat concerning, we only managed to pick up 27 points in 28 matches after all and lost 17 of those matches, but we still finished 22 points clear of the relegation and relegation playoff places this season. There is still room for improvement, we had the 3rd worst defence in the league again, but we've still managed to secure our best ever finish in the Bundesliga, so while we need to work on some things, it could have been a lot worse.


Speaking of things we'd need to work on, if there is one area I don't think needs improving right now, it is our striking position. Finn Goossens before this season in the Bundesliga had only scored 12 league goals and provide 5 assists in 61 Bundesliga games. This season, he has managed to score 22 goals and provide 4 assists in just 32 Bundesliga games. He has been 100% the main reason that we have done as well as we have done this season, coming up with the goals that helped us secure points when we looked like we weren't getting any. He has been our best player this season, and with the younger players getting game time getting better over time too, this side can 100% be built around Finn Goossens with a team that's average age is just 21 years of age. With Goossens at the front banging in the goals and the defence and midfield getting better with the more experience they are getting, the future looks very bright indeed.


With another good intake, the future continues to look rather bright, even if we're only getting rather promising strikers instead of players who I'd like to play in other positions, but I can wait, we're got plenty of time to wait.


With these two players coming in our youth intake as the two most promising players, I can already see them being players that I can train to play on the wings as inside forwards. With Adebayo having a strong left foot and being able to play on the right, while Erbs being very strong on either foot and being able to play on the left, I am spoilt for choice for what I can do for new positions for these two young talents.


Two more things to add before the end, we had a new board takeover partway through the season with the Italian Massimo Secondo taking over the reigns, after he had departed from F.C. Pro Vercelli 1892, during the summer of 2029. I also managed to convince him to not only expand the stadium by another 9,026 seats, but also upgrade the Youth Facilities and the Data Analysis Facilities too. So we're going to be busy throughout the season with upgrade facilities and expanded stadiums. Oh, and did I mention that RB Leipzig might also want me to be their next manager after they sacked their last one? Good times. 


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40 minutes ago, libbyshuss said:

most frustrating thing is there's nothing you can do with it either :seagull:

Nope, had to give a new contract couple of years ago as expiring

Minimum fee was locked in contract negotiations every time for nearly  a year 

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Season Review 2238/39

Relegated again!


Getting really fed up with it now

Can't stop conceding goals. 108 this time which is a joke

Try so many different formations, doesn't matter

My GK is worth £85k and my two centre back worth £400k and £250k

No decent defenders and not had a decent goalkeeper for 40/50 years

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Koninklijke Voetbal Klub Tienen-Hageland - Belgian First Amateur Division - 2038/39 Season


I think this is my first post in this thread since back in about February, I just haven't played FM much at all since then but I did finish the last handful of games this season to finish off the year. I suspect I will wait for FM21 to start up a new save but who knows, maybe I'll continue on with this one.


I don't recall much about the season now but looking at the results, it wasn't very pretty. But we did stay up in the top league in Belgium, so that's not too bad. We finished in 10th last year, 11 this year. Mark Moens (32g) was the revelation this season, providing 19 first team goals, 17 in the league. He was a guy I thought would break through soon and he finally did.

My star defensive midfielder (Glenn Andries 32e) would not sign a new contract with me, I was asking over and over again. I actually benched him at some point this season, even though he was my best player, I figure I better get some playing time in for the guy who would have to replace him. But after badgering him forever, he did finally relent and resigned at midseason.


Justin Smets (39a) looks to be a really good one from the youth pull. Of course, as I recall the AMC is overloaded with players. I've moved players over to AMR and AML just to get everyone playing time.


I'm not sure if this will be it. Now that I have finished the season, I kinda want to continue on for a bit. But trying to continue to improve against the likes of KRC Genk, STVV, Standard doesn't seem promosing. But then again, I never thought I'd get to where I am now.


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Just started this with Scarborough Athletic in VLN

Youth Candidates (Will post proper screen in season 2)

First Youth Intake looks ok, signed everyone of the players to a youth contract:





New John Terry ;)


Transfers (to prove that you haven’t signed any players)




League Table


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Season 26/27 (Season 7)

National League

Finish 2nd


Season Summary

A milestone seasons for us as it was the first season where our first choice XI were all youth academy products. And what a season they had. It started with them being upset with me for being too optimistic for thinking we could avoid relegation but they never ever performed like a relegation side.

We stayed in play off contention all the way through to January, where a poor run of 4 results threatened to derail our season. But in February and March we went on a run of only one defeat in 18 to challenge for the title. Unfortunately there were a few too many draws and although we beat Halifax in that run they just pipped us to the title.

To the play-offs again! We were seeded first so got straight through to the semi final in a home match against Ebbsfleet. We got vertigo, played terribly and lost 1-0


Shaun Evans 24A - had an outstanding season, scoring almost a goal a game. He played the season unhappy as he wanted to move to a bigger club but I was hopeful he would stay if we got promoted. In January clubs started sniffing around making derisory offers. I kept calling their bluff and raising the asking price until Bristol City offered 3.9m and 50% future sale. For a National LEague player that's insane money so...evanssale.thumb.JPG.5b7ef63743fa23f1cec43031fee405bf.JPG

Joe Short 23A - one of the reasons i let Evans go was Joe's performance in the reserves and whenever he had to cover in the first team. He took his chance and proved me correct with 13 assists and 12 goals from 30 games

Curtis Deegan 26D - At last, a midfielder that lives up to the hype and his potential! Central to our success at only 17, hopefully he'll stay with us for a while.


Another intriguing intake ful of stikers. Belgian this time!


And the intake didn't disappoint! the amount of strikers i get through is crazy


and look how good Cherubin Mutumbo 27A is!!!


i have loads of money, i don't need to sell him and already the vultures are circling.....

Finances and Improvements

Orta was rotting in Everton's reserves with only one really poor loan spell in league 1 behind him and his value was dropping so I took a calculated risk and sold the sell on for 5.8m. That, added with the 4m for Evans meant we had over 10m to invest in facilities. We are now youth level 3 and on our way to youth level 2. Only problem is the youth set up now costs us 1m a season!



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CD Mensajero



LaLiga – 18th Relegated

Fixtures (1) -- Fixtures (2)Stats -- Awards -- Season Review -- Transfer -- Overall Best XI -- Key Player -- Hot Prospect -- Finances

League: In parallel to our first season in the top flight we started out pretty well, though in the first two games we threw away comfortable leads to end up drawing but did win the 3rd game of the season. In keeping with the parallel, we then went on horrendous form getting ourselves into a 4 team battle to survive the relegation spots with us losing a large proportion of our matches. In spite of our poor form for the majority of the season we were still within touching distance of survival and an inexplicable run of 3 wins on the bounce actually saw us outside the relegation zone going into the final game. Unfortunately we lost 1-0 and the two teams below us were playing each other which saw us relegated on the final day.

Cup: A very disappointing first round exit, the board wanted 3rd round as minimum.

Squad: Zebenzui Rosa again moved down to back up keeper as Aycomo 9c moved to first choice. Armando 11b also took the place of long term centre back Victor 1e as he was retrained from defensive midfield. Eduardo Lobaton 9b also saw himself become a regular starter in the centre of midfield.  

Club Infrastructure: Our training and youth facilities continue to get upgrades as they edge closer to their maximum. I also swapped HOYD this season, my previous one whilst did bring through a number of players who are featuring in the first team most of them were in the first of his 3 year stint with the following intakes less impressive.

Players of the year

Adolfo Delgado 1d: Continued to play at a high level in spite of an overall poor season by the team as a whole. Just the 1 goal his contribution in that sense, however. He also passed the 500 mark for all time appearances for the club yet somehow isn’t even in club favoured personnel.

Armando 11b: He was pretty poor in his first introduction to the first team, but once he mastered centre back he was a very solid player for us adding 5 goals and an assist to the team.

Jose Bonilla 10a: A solid season from the young striker, though didn’t quite hit double figures recording 9 goals and 5 assists this season.

Youth Intake

A decent number of players with potential, but nearly all of them centre midfielders – the strongest area of depth in the squad already. The screenshot didn’t take for whatever reason, but every high potential player is covered here anyway.

Ayoze Echeverria 13a: The first of 3 decent centre midfielders, the most physically gifted of the bunch and doesn’t have awful attributes so could be a good defense minded midfielder for us in the future.

Iriome 13b: A bit more of a rounded midfielder, no real stand out attributes except maybe passing does look to be an interesting option.

Nauzet Gutierrez 13c: Yet another striker for us that lacks finishing. Like most our strikers probably better suited to being a winger.

Daniel Abal 13d: The 3rd centre midfielder, and potentially the best. His attributes are very well suited to being a playmaker. He is lacking a little physically though.

Ayoze Ortiz 13e: Not the best player of the intake but the one I’m most happy with as we are lacking depth at left back so hopefully he can develop nicely to provide that depth.

Overview/Looking Ahead

It’s obviously hugely disappointing to be relegated on the final day but really for most of the season we were not good value to stay up and it was only a late run of form that gave us any real shot. If I’m honest, we probably are better off for being relegated whilst putting up a good fight against relegation. Defensively we were not strong at all this season which is a worry but hopefully with Armando 11b we should be better in the future.

Unlike our last spell in the top flight none of our players left midseason nor do any of our players have a relegation release fee so we can continue to see our best players develop. Interestingly, fellow relegated side Zaragoza big for about 4 of our players on January deadline day.

I’m cautiously optimistic that we can actually bounce straight back and maybe do so automatically. That said, I wouldn’t be against us spending a little longer in the 2nd tier just so we don’t end up being relegated straight down a 3rd time from LaLiga.

The story so far


Youth Record Holders


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On 13/09/2020 at 15:42, libbyshuss said:


Isaac Mensah 46B - Part of my disappointing youth intake from 2046, he originally was a 3 star potnetial player with a poor personality. After comkng into the team last season he kept his place for this and suddenly his personality turned to fairly proffessional and his potential to 5 solid stars. He was attracting interest from all over Europe and I turned every offer down, the most being 33m and 40% of next sale., which is crazy money. Still only 20, he had a fiarly stop/start season with lots of silly injuries, but his physicals are insanely good for our level

He became the second of our player to win the golden boy as well


Kristoffer Jorgensen 45A - Same age as Mensah and outperfroming him as well. No real interest for him though, even though he's great. these two have left Rene Anderson far behind, who is still really no better than when he wsa 20 and won the golden boy

How do you find players who win Golden Boy tend to do in their careers? My 18 year old half Italian/half German striker who won it last season was absolutely lethal in front of goal for 1.5 seasons, then he won Golden Boy. Fast forward to Xmas the following season and he has one solitary CL goal to his name and four cup goals in one match against a regional side. Nothing in the league and has performed absolutely abysmally!

Is Golden Boy a blessing or curse generally?

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7 minutes ago, Padders said:

Season Review 2239/40

Another new tactic 4-4-1-1 and promoted as Champions, 108 points and 129 goals


Let's see how we fair in the PL!

Fair play, couldn't do anything with the youth prospects i was getting with Scarborough.:seagull:

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4 hours ago, IbrahimAliMaher said:

How do you find players who win Golden Boy tend to do in their careers? My 18 year old half Italian/half German striker who won it last season was absolutely lethal in front of goal for 1.5 seasons, then he won Golden Boy. Fast forward to Xmas the following season and he has one solitary CL goal to his name and four cup goals in one match against a regional side. Nothing in the league and has performed absolutely abysmally!

Is Golden Boy a blessing or curse generally?

My one player so far that got Golden Boy has scored a colossal 10 goals in all competitions in the 3 seasons since he won it and two of those were in the second tier so safe to say he hasn't kicked on. Though I'm fairly sure he only won in because at the time I didn't have any other leagues loaded.

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5 hours ago, IbrahimAliMaher said:

How do you find players who win Golden Boy tend to do in their careers? My 18 year old half Italian/half German striker who won it last season was absolutely lethal in front of goal for 1.5 seasons, then he won Golden Boy. Fast forward to Xmas the following season and he has one solitary CL goal to his name and four cup goals in one match against a regional side. Nothing in the league and has performed absolutely abysmally!

Is Golden Boy a blessing or curse generally?

i had 2 golden boy winners in my Denmark save and they were both pretty disappointing afterwards. one of them could barely hit a barn door by the time he was 24 and had a lower value than at 19 when he won it. So yeah, more of a curse sadly

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Season 2027/28 (season 8)

National League

Finish: 3rd

Season Summary

Well. We made such a good start, unbeaten in our first 15 games to put us right in the title race. November saw us slip up a couple of times and when we lost 2-1 at home to 23rd place Curzon Ashton in December I pretty much knew automatic promotion was off the cards. We scraped through christmas and entered the new year a good 12 points behind the leaders Aldershot. Our March and April were much better and with only 5 games to play we were 8 points behind with a home game against Aldershot. We won 3-0 and were suddenly only 5 points behind with 4 games to play and in form. Sadly the final push just didn't happen and we had to settle for third but our form after christmas was really encouraging, encompassing a 17 game unbeaten run

That unbeaten run had also taken us to the final of the FA Trophy where we were playing South Shields, who had finished mid-table in the National League North. A play off semi final win against Chester meant our final two games of the season were both at Wembley.

First up, the FA Trophy, on paper by far the easiest game.


So, that didn't go well. Suddenly we weren't looking as confident for the play-off final but.....



which meant, at last....


The FA Trophy was a disappointment but the play-off final was the important one. Even if we did just scrape through


Cherubin Mutombo 27A - started the season as a naive 16 year old, finished as a 17 year old goalscoring machine who is apparently already playing at a Championship level. The only question is how long can I keep hold of him?

Curtis Deegan 26B - As our only really good midfielder he is a hugely important player. 21 assists from DLP just shows how much we rely on him

Tony Wilkie 22B - Still our main goalscoring threat, got 30 this season, seems to thrive off people like Mutombo around him


At last, a promise of a golden generation! I really needed defenders and midfielders, anything but strikers really. So obviously they offer me two strikers in the preview....


The intake itself didn't suggest golden generation but there's definitely a good chance of some first teamers down the line. None good enough just yet though



Finances and Improvements

I spent a bit more of our transfer windfall improving the facilities. We now have ridiculous facilities for what was a non-league team. The bank is empty now though, we may be forced to accept one of the offers that keeps flying in for our better players. I can definitely afford to lose a striker or 2, we have 5 ridiculously good ones for our level now. We'll have to see....




Edited by libbyshuss
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Had to restart this challenge 4 times , so thought i would start a little higher up and try it with Ipswich who have a good youth setup. 

I will then go back to the lower tiers and try again, it has opened my eye up to how i setup my teams and how player development works. It is a very thought provoking process when you get a big bid for one of your players, have i got a replacement in the current squad, can i use the money to invest in training or coaching courses or better staff. It almost turns into a pay to play format where you can unlock finances to improve your current coaches.

Also, I now realise the limitations you have with lower tier players and this has led me to delve deeper into how a tactic is influenced by player stats. 

Fair play to anyone that sticks with it and a huge well done to anyone who has achieved the CL Win.:applause:

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On 25/09/2020 at 14:20, Padders said:

Season Review 2239/40

Another new tactic 4-4-1-1 and promoted as Champions, 108 points and 129 goals


Let's see how we fair in the PL!

You mind uploading this save file? I would like to manage Tottenham in it. 

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10 hours ago, Padders said:

its nearly 500mb, that ok?

Yes please. Does response seem slow when moving through the seasons? I will most likely read up ways on how to shrink it further down. 

Edited by Sir Cristao
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 Brave calling !


Caledonian Braves - Season 2027-2028 (Season 8) review - Scottish League one

Pre-season |Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Past positions | Season review

After I lost the playoff finals last season, my ambition was to reach the playoffs again. We started the season pretty well and were always in third and later second place. We got to play the playoffs against Dunfirmline, a big club nevertheless. In the other semi finals Stirling (4th) had to compete against the second last but one of the championship, Inverness CT.  We had to play those four games without Doumbia 26B,our star player.. he was on international duty with Ivory Coast U20 :( 

We reach the finals again, and Stirling defeated Inverness !

We did it ! Championship here we come !

We also did better in the Scottish Cup, beating Ross County out of the championship after replay. In the end we got a nice galamatch against Celtic in the 5th round, they won only narrowly.

Squad| Best eleven| Transfers | Staff | Finances
First full season in a 4 3 3 system so the team got a number of new players .
Henneuse 24A got a starting place and Robert 24B got a lot more playing minutes. On the right, Lemoine 27C got a spot in the team and seems to be finally solving our problem at WBR.  Really Happy with our first internationals . Doumbia 26B (U20 Ivory Coast) and Amewou 21B (togo).

Player of the season


McLaughlin was the topscorer again in League one but Zié Doumbia 26B was our main man with many assists and goals. He signed a new deal after playing for 30 euro / month for two seasons.

Young player of the season

They have to be U20 for this trophy, that is why Michaud 26C is winning it again. He provided 10 assists and had a good season.


Youth updates

Class 21 : Paulle 21C was again the best player of his class. 4 players from class 2021 got minutes.

Class 22 : Nabab-Aquilon 22C  was our best defender. He is the only one that's got a spot in the squad.

Class 23 : Bultel 23E remains first goalkeeper and is the only active player from class 23 .

Class 24 : Robert 24B was the first sub for the MC positions. He played a lot of games and did good. 2 players active from Class 2024.

Class 25 : No players active this season.

Class 26 : I could make a special update for this golden Class 2026 (United would call it the class of  92). 6 players active at the moment but Doumbia 26B is the star.

Class 27 : Lemoine 27C played almost all the games as WBR and did a good job. Only one active player.

 Youth intake - Class 2028

Youth intake preview

Fullbacks and wingers.. maybe one or two good ones but no quantity?

Class 2028

Signed 14 !! players, almost everyone had a positive personality . very good from my Hoyd (his third intake ).After the golden 2026 , this could be the next golden class from 2028.

Below the best four :


Fritsch 28A Is the best youth intake player (rating) i've received. He could play on WBL but maybe i'll retrain him as a BWM. He played in the last games of this season. Ferreira 28B is a new option for the MC spot and with his resolute personality could get into the first team very soon. Dufour 28C is a new prospect for the wings or AMC spot.  Hamon 28D played in a few games already and will be a contender for first team DC spots next season. 



No money but we improved our Youth recr. again.


Next season

Championship... now it really starts! Survival in the coming seasons and hopefully some good youth intakes ... Prize money is normally high enough to get our balance back positive over time without having to sell players. I will stay semi pro for the time being and expansion of youth or training facilities are still impossible.


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This are my overall best players in season 9 (rating - own calculation technical - mental - physical attributes):


Zié Doumbia - Class 2026 (B)  - 48.71%


Lemoine - Class 2027 (C) - 45.24%


Fritsch - Class 2028 (A) - 45.13%


Henneuse - Class 2024 (A) - 44.89%


Garnier - Class 2026 (A) - 44.18%

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FC Energie Cottbus

FC Energie Cottbus

Season Summary 2026 - 2027

Mid table finish

Last season we finished 7th in the league and even though I thought we played some better football this year, we weren't able to improve on our table finish. We finished 8th place with 52 points, one point less than last season. 

This season saw the introduction of three new youngsters in the starting eleven. The fact that I had to re-train two of them to new positions always makes it a bit more difficult. We experimented a bit with formations this year, but in the end we returned to our 4-2-3-1 wide tactic, using a high defensive line and high press in most home games and even some away games against weaker teams. It is quite sad that the high press is so overpowered on this years match engine, but you have to play the game the way it is. 

As I said before we played some good football this year, but our quite terrible right full back got exposed way to many times and we conceded so many goals down his side! We have a huge CB talent in our U-19 and he is finally old enough to play Bundesliga. I decided this season to start re-training him as a full back and he will be our first choice next season. It will take time for him to get used to this role, but we have to do something! 

We got new training facility upgrades this year and a new stadium expansion. 

Everything is going quite well really, but we might have big problems ahead. Our two best players, Gunter Hollwitz and Igli Krasniqi, both have two years left on their contracts, and they are demanding really low buy-out clauses.. How we cope with that will define this save I imagine.. 

I have a huge talent in Angel Lopez who will be playing AMC next season. He is still not comfortable in that role, but we have a great striker that he won't be able to compete with. Peer Becker has also been re-trained form left full back into a central midfielder and will be playing next year. 


Season Summary

1105939437_2020-09-2711_56_05-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.2039c741218c7c7d9a738db1cc113522.jpg     1317188663_2020-09-2711_56_15-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.171d7763802c216399bf3e6be6df58ac.jpg     1547458725_2020-09-2711_56_26-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.248843aa0d4f92ab86907185f75f6936.jpg     683804977_2020-09-2711_56_33-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.27c52a4319159dcf32db5182e8e517fd.jpg


Key Players

1930804012_2020-09-2711_56_51-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.418f305e6b4073e3f9b6803e7afffb69.jpg     376613962_2020-09-2711_57_01-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.c9f67b095b6985793303abb78195c0d1.jpg     2111374062_2020-09-2711_57_38-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.c57dc29113a857981672afa99643418a.jpg


Key Talents

804229751_2020-09-2711_57_56-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.ab9ffd2691ba4b9153de09ac0fe575b3.jpg     651322649_2020-09-2711_58_10-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.40207741b61aa89711ab4536433896bb.jpg     437014513_2020-09-2711_58_19-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.9a828333d75e4cca74e52fc927cd29f5.jpg     1373482280_2020-09-2711_58_39-FootballManager2020.thumb.jpg.9dc30696114ae87196a2fecd926c5b79.jpg


Season	|	League              |   Position    |      Cup     |  Continental
2020/21	|	3rd Bundesliga      |	  2nd       |      N/A     |     N/A
2021/22	|	2nd Bundesliga      |	  7th       |   1st round  |     N/A
2022/23	|	2nd Bundesliga      | 3rd (promoted |   3rd round  |     N/A
2023/24	|	Bundesliga          |     13th      |   2nd round  |     N/A
2024/25	|	Bundesliga          |     14th      |   3rd round  |     N/A
2025/26	|	Bundesliga          |     7th       |   2nd round  |     N/A
2026/27	|	Bundesliga          |     8th       |   3rd round  |     N/A


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Just taken on the challenge with AFC Weston-super-Mare. There was only 13 players in the 1st team for some reason, but luckily for me the team has two reserve teams so I promoted the youth (U23 and U18). The odds for survival look great...


Also the AI Youth Intake was pretty good as they got a centerback called Steven Naylor who was valued at 1.6 K.


This is how the team currently looks:







Edited by Broxima
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