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Neil Brock

*READ ME* What to do if I encounter any kind of crash?

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Before you post a thread, please check the Technical Support Section of our FAQ - https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2020/239_technical-support/

There is support here for both Mac and PC, so please do take the time to read it as there's likely the troubleshooting answers to solve your issue.

Here are three specific  across:

I’ve encountered a crash dump, nothing happens or Steam error message on launching the game
I’ve encountered a crash dump/quit unexpectedly message whilst processing or clicking something in the game
I’ve encountered a crash dump message/quit unexpectedly at random points or when entering a match

If you can't resolve your issue by reading and following the information listed within the relevant FAQ entry, please create a Support Ticket explaining everything you've tried so far to solve your problem.

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