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[Suggestion] Dynamic changes to clubs over the years

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This suggestion comes as a result of long games feeling a bit stale in the visual side. It feels rather unnatural to look at every single club, and literally everything is as it was by the time the game came out, especially those that are constantly morphing in real life. 

So this is a list of ideas that would add realism on this matter.

  1. Updated away / third kits for teams every season (or most seasons, depending on tradition).
    1. These changes would be often extreme, as it would be common to experiment with different colours.
    2. Rise in merchandising sales.
  2. Minor detail updates in a club's main outfit.
    1. Commonly seen when striping patterns receive stylistic updates, just like Barcelona and Juventus in recent times. This could however, extend to shorts/sock and different kinds of pattern.
  3. In extreme cases: outright club purchases could result in a complete rebranding and perhaps a relocation process.
    1. Obviously a lot more likely in clubs with lower tradition and lower reputation.
    2. Infamous example: FC Wimbledon to MK Dons.

I hope you find this interesting!

PS: I am completely aware, of course, that this would be absolutely impossible for licensed items.

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