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[Germany] Data Issues

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Please post any data issues related to Germany here.

As much of the data is subjective we’d ask that you respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our club researchers and our heads of research.          

We also request you please adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics:

·        State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.              

·        State what you think the data should be.                            

·        State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.                         

Please note that any non-data issues for Germany should be posted in the appropriate thread within the League Specific Issues Forum. This would include issues such as league scheduling and league rules.

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Top Posters In This Topic

Some remarks on the club cultures chosen for the BL teams:

Bayer Leverkusen is one of the few teams in the league that doesn't have "play offensive football", which is odd, as if there is one team besides Leipzig, Bayern and Dortmund (+ Hoffenheim under Nagelsmann) where every coach in the last 10 years has been offensively minded, is Leverkusen. (Also questionable that Gladbach and Bremen do not have this tag)

The opposite is happening with teams like Freiburg, Augsburg, Mainz. Very questionable to give these teams the tag, particularly Freiburg and Augsburg who have for years now played very structured, defensively-minded football. Of course they sometimes press high, and play offensively, but both are teams that are visibly marked by focussing on exceeding at the absolute fundamentals of football: Defensive stability, physicality and structure.

Also i'm surprised to see that Schalke (and others like Bremen etc.) only has a single culture attributed to it, while Dortmund or Leipzig are stacked with them. It doesn't feel finished. But maybe there are limitations. For example, i would say that Schalke, even more so than Dortmund, values work rate and aggressivity in their teams tactical style. If this can't be reflected with anything but the pressing-culture, then i goes the researchers cant do much. Yet a bit disappointing to see Schalke only with a single cultural demand.


Another strange thing that immediately caught my eye is the rating of Jadon Sancho. He has a finishing of 13, despite it being apparently one of his weaker aspects, while passing 12? What is brilliant about Jadon Sancho is not really his dribbling, which players like Nelson or Dilrosun amongst other young aspiring talents posess, but his very intelligent passing, timing and his great vision. I am glad that his excellent decisionmaking has been recognized, but the beauty of his passes is not reflected. I would like to hear the reasoning behind this rating.

There are a few other things that stand out, like Bittencourt having a better dribbling rating than Kingsley Coman.

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1. FC Kaiserslautern - Michael Clemens was released at the end of 18/19 season and is retired as a player, now working as 1. FC Köln U19 data analysist. In-game he's still in 1FCK's first team... I'm not sure how this was missed.

Kevin McKenna is Schommers' assistant manager, I don't know what the status of Alexander Bugera is as I haven't seen him in training videos or club images since Schommers took charge.

Mohamed Morabet (central/attacking midfield) is missing from the game, he has been training with the first team squad since last winter and should be included in the FCK II squad, ahead of Anil Aydin in the pecking order as he's not incredibly far from the first team, but not quite ready yet.

Carlo Sickinger should probably be upgraded from competent at DC to accomplished, as when he's been utilised there he looks very comfortable (compare to Gino Fechner who has accomplished status there, and hasn't excelled there)

(edit) Timmy Thiele should probably be given improved competency as AMR, to reflect his current playing position.

(edit) Antonio Jonjic is missing 1899 Hoffenheim (2012-13 season) from his playing history

Appreciate some of these are subjective so might not be included.


(edit) SC Fortuna Köln - I think Yannick Filipovic (central defender) should be included into the game, he's made 2 appearances as a substitute in the regional division (vs BMG II and Lotte) and has been included in the matchday squad several other times, as well as playing in the regional association cup.

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i usually dont do this .. but yeah, i also looked up Dortmund, and i found some Stats i dont know how they fit..

Brandt - he isnt a ML or AML anymore, he played most Games last Year as an CAM, and also under Favre this Season  mostly CAM

Sancho and Brandt .. both arent the best GoalScorers i know it, and i think the Stat kinda fits BUT! Passing?

Sancho 12 Passing , Sancho had the most Assist´s in all of the Big Leagues last Season, he ended up with 17! Assist´s in Bundesliga, 6 again this Season. In Total 18/19 & now .. he has 42 BundesligaGames 15 Goals and 23 Assist´s. His Dribbling Stat fits, but Passing? i mean as the best Assist-giver?

Brandt 13 Passing, kinda the same as i stated for Sancho. He had 14 Assist´s and 7 Goals in 33 Bundesliga Games, he had an awesome Season,and not the first Season with that amount of Assist´s.

Reus 12 Passing, same .. but for some more Years. i know he is already 30, but 12 Passing for all his Chances he creates? he doesnt only score them, he also creates most of BVB´s chances.

More BVB Stuff.

Steven Ruprecht transfered to BVB II, he has nothing to do with BVB´s First Team, Same with Marco Hober, he also isnt a Member of the First Team.

Mateu Morey is a Part of the First Team, and was bought for the First Team.

BVB II & BVB U19 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/borussia-dortmund-ii/startseite/verein/17      https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/borussia-dortmund-u19/startseite/verein/1464  some guys are missing

U17 ? did we lose the U17?

Loan Players:

Andre Schürrle -> he has an Buy-Option for 8Mil € -> at the Start it shows already as an "done Deal" for 7.5Mil €



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First Glance Issue with Schalke: The Chairman is Clemens Tönnies, which is perfectly fine. However, then the confusion starts. In game, Peter Peters is then listed as the 'managing director', while in real life, he is only responsible for the finance department. You can leave him like that, but then the member of the managing board who is responsible for sports, Jochen Schneider, is completely missing.  



To make him a viewable member, I'd suggest to make him the 'Sporting Director' instead of Michael Reschke, who fits into the new role of the 'technical director", which he also is in real life. 


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On 25/02/2019 at 16:38, duccio said:
  • I suspect that SG Bad Soden's stadium Sportanlage Bornwiese (91151556) has been placed in wrong city. It should be located in Bad Soden-Salmünster (92063890) and not in Bad Soden am Taunus.


On 01/07/2019 at 18:28, duccio said:


On 02/07/2019 at 17:02, duccio said:


On 03/07/2019 at 15:32, duccio said:


On 11/07/2019 at 19:55, duccio said:



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Some things are wrong with German side VfB Stuttgart (2nd division):


- Wolfgang Dietrich stepped down as president of VfB Stuttgart some time ago already, the new president will be elected on 15th of december 2019. The tenure of that new president will be until summer 2020 when the next meeting of members will take place.




- In the transfer history of the club it says Daniel Schwaab left the club in 2019 on a free transfer although he left years ago already (probably down to the fact his contract at PSV Eindhoven ran out and he signed a new contract at PSV a few weeks later - in his player profile his transfer history is correct)


- It also says in the transfer history of the club that Atakan Karazor and Hamai Al Ghaddioui joined from Holstein Kiel 2nd team and Jahn Regensburg 2nd team respectively but both joined from the respective first teams


- Thomas Hitzlsperger isn't sports director, he's CEO (since a few weeks ago) and head of sports (since february)


- Sven Mislintat is sports director, not chief scout

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Jonathan Benteke - Alemania Aachen

Sascha Schünemann - Hansa Rostock
Kevin Bönisch - FC Oberlausitz Neugersdorf
Hendrik Ostermann - SV Eichede


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Lukasz Piszczek has still the retirement date set to end of 19/20, while he officially said he might play another season.





Also: Kingsley Ehizibue broke the record for the fastest sprint ever in Bundesliga history (since 13/14) - faster e.g. than any sprint Aubameyang ever did. Yet his Sprintspeed is 16...


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I have found some inaccuracies and mistakes on Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen has no "Technic director" although Thomas Schaaf was introduced as Technical Director end of april 2018.  (https://www.werder.de/en/news/news/werder-bremen-news/20172018/schaaf-technical-director-30042018) *Edit: Maybe it fit's better as Loan Manager: "Thomas Schaaf in this position will be key in dovetailing between the professional and development sectors." 

Also Iliya Gruev is named as assistant-manager, but doesn't have the skills of an assistant manager, while Thomas Horsch, listed as Coach, has the skills of an assistant manager. It should be Horsch as Assistant Manager and Gruev and Borowski as Coaches.

Dieter Eilts is not part of the coachstaff at Werder Bremen, but was head of Werders football school until august 2018 and then left the club (https://www.weser-kurier.de/werder/werder-bundesliga_artikel,-eilts-verlaesst-werder-_arid,1746575.html)

Mirko Votava gets sacked as assistant manager of Werder II but is actually scout of the second team (https://www.werder.de/de/teams/u23/trainerstab/) Actually the overview of the second team looks quite buggy to me (can't choose staff directly in the menu) and the whole status as "affiliated club" is quite difficult since it is the second team and not another club.

HSV should not just be "other rival" but "fierce rival" in view of the history of the fans of the two clubs.

At last a few little details on Numbers: Claudio Pizarro got "his" 14 back and does not wear the 4 anymore, which Michael Lang wears now. Christian Groß wears the 36 not the 20 (https://www.transfermarkt.de/sv-werder-bremen/kader/verein/86)


Luka Jovic was first transfered from Benfica to Frankfurt for € 5 Million and then for € 60 Million to Real Madrid. Ingame he was just transfered from Frankfurt to Madrid for € 5 Million (https://www.transfermarkt.de/luka-jovic/profil/spieler/257462)

Also Frankfurts Transferbudget looks pretty small since the earned € 101,80 Million and spent € 59,5 Million  (https://www.transfermarkt.de/eintracht-frankfurt/transfers/verein/24/saison_id/2019)




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1. FC Kaiserslautern - Philipp Hercher is playing as a left-back this season, and can also fill in as a right-back. He hasn't really played as AML/AMR, more as MR with some ML.

I'd probably give Manfred Starke and Simon Skarlatidis more proficiency in attacking midfield, as well. Janik Bachmann is more of a defensive midfielder, rather than a centre-back.

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I actually have some additions for Uerdingen

Hakim Guenouche is playing for Uerdingen now, not for Zürich U21.


Stefan Effenberg is no longer unemployed he is Uerdingens Director of Football.


Also Stefan Reisinger is listed in game as Uerdingen Coach but he is actually their Manager, Daniel Steuernagel is only his Assistant who is officially called Manager due to the fact that he has a Continental Pro License which is required to be a Manager in the 3. Liga.


And one issue not related to Uerdingen, Denis Jäpel is missing from the game he is a member of Zwickaus first team squad though, already made a sub appearance this season.


Also Gunther Metz is Kaiserslauterns Loan Manager I would say from the desription of his position. He is currently unemployed in the database.


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In the squad of Hamburger SV the player "Ewerton" has a wrong player-picture. The picture is actually from a different player, Douglas Santos, who now plays for St. Petersburg and who left Hamburg this summer. The actual "Douglas Santos" does not have a player-picture.

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I actually had a very thorough look through the German database so this post will be quite comprehensive. This will only cover the 3. Liga I'll take a look a the other two divisions another time.

Rainer Zietsch is not Würzburgs U19 Manager, he is actually their Assistant Manager. Also the database is missing Coach/Data Analyst Philipp Eckart and Fitness Coach Philipp Kunz who is also U19 Fitness Coach. Kickers actual U19 Manager is Claudiu Bozesan, his Assistants are Nico Wagner and Adrian Przybyla. Sergey Zimin seems to be no longer working for the club. Also Daniel Sauer is Würzburgs Director of Football not Benjamin Hirsch who is leading the clubs Law Department and should probably be a Director.

Ralf Santelli is Würzburgs Nachwchs-Cheftrainer and might be added to the game as a Loan Manager





Eric Verstappen is playing for Würzburg since January and is no longer at TeBe Berlin. He was actually Würzburgs Nr. 1 goalkeeper at the beginning of the season.


Dominik Widemann should have some proficiency at AML because he has been playing their most of this season.


Johannes Kraus, Kevin Frisorger and Dominik Meisel are missing from the database. Meisel at least was regularly a part of the match squad this season.




Hamed Saleh on the other hand is no longer playing for Würzburg.


 Würzburgs U23 no longer exist.


Wolfgang Kellner is not Unterhachings Goalkeeping Coach, Sebastian Wolf is currently filling that position, he is in the database unemployed. Coach Sebastian Friedl is missing from the database. Frank Thömmes is not their U19 Manager, he is U19 Fitness Coach. 


Florian Dietz is now playing for Unterhaching and not for Bremens U23.


Uerdingens squad is missing Philip Bachmeier who is not in the database but actually their Nr. 2 goalkeeper.



Dirk Orlishausen is now only Hansa Rostocks Goalkeeping Coach and no longer a Player.



Stefan Karow is no longer a Goalkeeping Coach at Rostock, he is now their Head of Youth Development.



Rostocks third choice Goalkeeper Ben Alexander Voll is missing from the database.


Elsamed Ramaj who already made 3 sub appearances for Rostock this season is also missing from the database.


Jörg Hahnel retired and is now a Coach in Rostocks Academy.



Münster Fitness Coach Tim Geidies is missing from the database.


Seref Özcan who is a first choice player at Münster is missing from the database. As is Dominik Klann.



Joel Grodowski is playing for Münster now and is no longer at Hamm.


Markus Antczak is not Meppens Goalkeeping Coach, Richard Moes who isn't in the database is. Also Meppens Coach/Fitness Coach Daniel Vehring is missing from the database. Antczak is Meppens U19 Goalkeeping Coach.



Matthis Harsman who recently played his first 3. Liga game and Leonard Bredol who is regularly part of Meppens match squad and made one sub appearance already are missing from the database.



Sandro Loechelt is not a Free Agent he is playing for Waldhof Mannheim U23.


Silas Schwarz who already made a sub appearance for Waldhof this season and is regularly part of the match squad is missing from the database.


Markus Scholz currently has damaged cruciate ligaments.


As he is Stefan Krämers only Assistant Silvio Bankert should be Assistant Manager at Magdeburg not just a Coach.

Marvin Temp and Anton Kanther are missing from the game database, both of them were already part of the match squad this season.



Anthony Roczen is missing from the database, he made several sub appearances for Magdeburg this season.


Philipp Harants main position is CB nowadays.


Lars Dietz is on loan at Viktoria Köln this season.


Dario de Vita, Hamza Saghiri, Kai Klefisch, Jan-Lukas Funke, Suheyel Najar and Ernesto Carratala Jimenz who all made at least one appearance for Viktoria this season are all missing from the database.







Moritz Fritz, Bernard Kyere out with longer term injuries.



Kilian Pagliuca is playing for Jena not Halle.


Maximilian Rohr and Niklas Jahn who both made several appearances for Jena this season are missing from the database.



Christian Fröhlich is Manager at Jena II not a Coach at Jena.


Lucca Strolz and Carsten Sträßer are no longer working for Jena and are both Free Agents.




Jan-Philipp Hestermann is no longer working for Ingolstadt and is now a Free Agent.


Filip Bilbija and Georgios Pintides who both made several appearances for Ingolstadt this season are missing from the database.



Gordon Büch is not a Free Agent he is playing for Ingolstadt U23.


Thomas Kurz is no longer playing for Ingolstadt he is now at SV Manching.


Joey Breitfeld is also no longer at Ingolstadt he is now at BFC Dynamo


Felix Drinkuth is currently on loan at Halle,


Jannes Vollert is not a permanent Halle player he is only on loan from Werder Bremen for two seasons.


Niklas Kastenhofer who made several appearances this season for Halle is not in the database.


Tobias Schilk is out with a long term injury


Markus Lang is Großaspachs Assistant Manager/U19 Manager not just their Assistant Manager.


Großaspach Fitness Coach Axel Mäder is missing from the database.


Timo Röttger is a Player/Coach at Großaspach not just a player.


Leroy-Jacques Mickels is now playing for MSV Duisburg not Velbert.


Nils Blumberg should have some proficiency as a RB as he played all of his games this season there.


Tobias Müller (Chemnitzer FC) should have some proficiency as a CM as he played all of his games this season their.



Sönke Günther, Tim Campulka and Pelle Hoppe are missing from the game database.




Noah Awuku is currently on loan at Chemnitzer FC.


Thomas Sobotzik is no longer Chemnitzer FCs Director of Football he is now a Free Agent.


Markus Unger is a Coach at Eintracht Braunschweig not at Braunschweig II. Braunschweig Coach Jonas Stephan and Fitness Coach Johannes Thienel are missing from the database.


Dominik Franke is now playing for VfV Hildesheim not Eintracht Braunschweig.



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Some mistake or corrections


- FC Gütersloh stadium have the wrong name Energieversum Stadion --> Heidewaldstadion(https://fcguetersloh.de/aus-energieversum-stadion-wird-wieder-das-heidewaldstadion)

- Adrian Babic is the new Chefscout(Schalke) (https://schalke04.de/personal/fc-schalke-04-verpflichtet-adrian-babic-als-chefscout/)

  - Uwe Vester should be a normal scout 

- Temel Hop doesnt play for FC Güterloh (https://www.haller-kreisblatt.de/sport/lokalsport/22432522_Verstaerkung-aus-der-Oberliga-SV-Haeger-holt-Temel-Hop-vom-FC-Guetersloh.html)

- Ivan Porobija isnt a physio from Schalke. I cant find any Information about him 

- Dennis Schmitz and Tim Roussis are physios from Schalke (https://schalke04.de/funktion/funktionsteam/)

 - Michael Reschke is the technical director and not the director of Football.  The better choice is Jochen Schneider he negotiate with players and clubs.(https://schalke04.de/personal/michael-reschke-wird-technischer-direktor-beim-fc-schalke-04/)

-Stambouli main position shoud be Defender(Cebtre) he played this position two season in a row.


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Additions to Schalke issues mentioned above;

Name of the Schalke II player Berkhan Firat needs to be corrected as "Berkan Firat". (https://www.dfb.de/datencenter/personen/berkan-firat/spieler)

Nabil Bentaleb was transfer listed in summer, made some transfer negotiations but remained in the club, he is not featuring in the squad currently. He should be transfer listed in the beginning of the game and his playing time should be downgraded to Squad Player from Regular Starter. (https://twitter.com/s04_en/status/1144196409194926081



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Post for the 2. Bundesliga

Michael Guthörl should have some proficiency as a RB because Wehen signed him for that position. Amd he played it for most of last season.




Cedric Euschen is currently on loan at Saarbrücken.


Philipp Gründler who is a Scout/Data Analyst for Wehen is missing from the database. Goalkeeping Coach Marjan Petkovic and Wehens whole Medical Department are also missing.


Bochum Coach David Sieber, Fitness Coach Jörn Menger, Sports Scientist Rexhep Kushutani and Data Analyst Niklas Honnete are missing from the Database. Norbert Lemcke is now a Fitness Coach at Bochum and no longer U19 Physio at Wolfsburg. Matthias Lust is Coach/U19 Manager and not just U19 Manager. U19 Assistan Manager Marc Andre Kruska a former Bundesliga player is missing from the database.



Luca Mack should probably be in the database, as he recently signed a pro contract at Stuttgart.


Marcin Kaminski is out with a long term injury.


Stuttgart Fitness Coach Martin Franz and Sports Scientist Emiel Schulze are missing from the database.



Uwe Gospodarek is Goalkeeping Coach at Stuttgart now and no longer at Bayern


Rainer Widmayer should probably be Assistant Manager at Stuttgart not a Coach.

Stuttgart Physios Matthias Hahn and Manuel Roth are missing from the database.



Stuttgart U19 Goalkeeping Coach Markus Krauss is missing from the database.



Thomas Krücken is no longer U19 Coach at Mainz, he is now Stuttgarts Head of Youth Development.


Paco Vaz is no longer a Free Agent, he is now Stuttgart II Manager. Stuttgart II Coach Tobias Heizmann is missing from the database.




Erik Zenga and Emmanuel Taffertshofer shouldn't be Transfer listed at the beginning of the game, they both regularly featured this season. And Zenga is out with a long term injury now.



Stefan Kulovits is a Player/Coach and no longer just a Player at Sandhausen.


Sandhausens Director of Football is Mikayil Kabaca (not in the Database) and no longer Otmar Schork who is now a Free Agent.



Frank Löning is not a Scout for Sandhausen he is Sandhausen II Manager.


Daniel Keita-Ruel shouldn't be Transfer-Listed he regularly featured for Fürth this season


Fürth U19 Manager Marco Ried is missing from the database.


Robert Hilbert has a contract as Fürth II Fitness Coach but doesn't show up in the teams staff page in FM. He also probably should be a Coach not a Fitness Coach.

Daniel Adlung is not a Fürth player, he is Assistant Manager/Player at Fürth II.


Merlin Polzin should be Assistant Manager at Osnabrück not Tim Danneberg. Polzin has been with Thioune since the beginning and is his Assistant they recently signed new contracts together. Danneberg should be a Coach.


Osnabrück Fitness Coach Patrick Jochmann is missing from the database.


Floran Fulland is not a Free Agent, he is Osnabrück U19 Manager.


Markus Miller is now Goalkeeping Coach at Karlsruher SC and no longer U19 Goalkeeping Coach at Wolfsburg.


Nicolas Wähling is not a Free Agent he is playing for Regensburg.


Tim Knipping is not injured he is fit and got subbed on for Regensburg yesterday.


Philipp Sander who played a couple of games for Kiel this season is missing from the database.


Fabian Wohlgemuth is no longer Kiels Director of Football, he is now a Free Agent. Uwe Stöver is Kiel Director of Football.


Andre Filipovic should be a Fitness Coach not a Coach at Kiel.


Hannover 96 Coach Lars Barlemann is missing from the database. Alexander Klitzpera is not a Free Agent, he is now working for Hannover 96 (Assistent der Sportlichen Leitung), could maybe be classified as a Scout or Technical Director. Gerhard Zuber (Sportlicher Leiter Hannover 96) is missing from the database, he could probably be a Chief Scout in the game.


Rainer Graf is a Scout for Hannover and no longer U19 Assistant Manager.


U19 Assistant Manager Steven Turek is missing from the Database.


Tom Mickel shouldn't be transfer listed he is HSV Nr. 2 goalkeeper. Julian Pollersbeck might be, because he was supposed to leave the club in the summer.



Kyriakos Papadopulos should definetely be Transfer-Listed since he is only playing for HSV II these days.


Khaled Narey shouldn't be transfer listed he regularly plays for HSV.


Markus Günther is a Youth Fitness Coach at HSV, he isn't working for the First Team anymore.


HSV Data Analyst Alexander Hahn is missing from the database.


Tobias Kurbjuweit is no longer U19 Assistant Manager but still works in the HSV Academy. U19 Assistant Manager Thomas Johrden is missing from the database. As is U19 Fitness Coach Stefan Adler.


Christopher Avevor is out with a long term injury.


St. Pauli Fitness Coach Christoph Hainc and St. Pauli Coach (or Chief Data Analyst?) Hans Schrijver are missing from the database.




Andrew Meredith is now Chief Data Analyst at Manchester United and no longer at St. Pauli.


Henk Grim is now Chief Scout at De Treffers and no longer a Scout at St. Pauli.


St. Pauli U19 Manager Timo Schultz is missing from the database.


Andreas Rettig is no longer Managing Director at St. Pauli.


Cenk Sahin is no longer playing for St. Pauli.


Dynamo Dresden Fitness Coach Matthias Grahe and Data Analyst Maximilian Hahn are missing from the Database. Patrick Mölzl is not unemployed he is Dynamo Dresden Assistant Manager.


Philippe Hasler is no longer Fitness Coach at Dresden, he is now U19 Fitness Coach.



Dresden U19 Manager Willi Weiße and his Coaching Staff are missing from the database.


Florian Stritzel shouldn't be transfer-listed he is Darmstadts Nr. 2 goalkeeper


Florian Meier is no longer a Scout at Darmstadt he is now Leiter der Lizenzspielermannschaft at Nürnberg, this could maybe be reflected as Chief Scout in the game.


Brian Behrendt is out with a long term injury.


Arsenije Klisuric is U17 Manager at Bielefeld not U19 Manager. U19 Manager Oliver Kirch and his staff are missing from the database.



René Müller is not unemployed, he is Director of Football of Bielefelds Youth Academy. This could maybe be reflected in game as Loan Manager or Scout.


Hermann Grümmer is unfortunately deceased and no longer Bielefelds Chief Scout.


Patric Klandt and Christian Mathenia are out with long term injuries.



Peter Laudenklos is no longer 1. FC Nürnbergs Head of Youth Development. Michael Wiesinger holds this position now.



Dnaiel Wimmer is no longer Nürnberg U19 Manager, he is now Director of Football of the Youth Academy could probably be reflected in game as Scout or Loan Manager.


Fabian Adelmann is no longer an U19s Coach at Nürnberg, he is now U19 Manager. His Coaching Staff is missing from the database.


Raphael Schäfer is no longer working for Nürnberg.


Andrew Owusu who occasionally features in Heidenheims match suad is missing from the database.


Tobias Reithmeier is now playing for Austria Lustenau and no longer for Heidenheim.



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Bundesliga post

First one further addition for the 3. Liga: Münsters new signing Marcel Hoffmeier is missing from the database.


Oliver Mutschler is now a Fitness Coach for Wolfsburgs Academy, he no longer works for the First Team.


Henning Bürger is no longer unemployed he is Wolfsburg U19 Manager.


German Andreev is Union Berlin U17 Manager not a Coach for the First Team.


Union Berlin Data Analyst Adrian Wittmann is missing from the database.


Andre Vilk is Union Berlins U19 Manager not an U19 Coach. His Assistant Manager Jan Walle is missing from the database. Daniel Schulz and Christian Stuff are no longer working for the club.




TSG Hoffenheim Data Analyst Timo Gross is missing from the database.


TSG Hoffenheim Chief Scout Bastian Huber is missing from the Database. Hans-Martin Kleitsch seems to still be at the club as a simple Scout.



Dominik Drobisch is now working in Hoffenheims Academy Administration and is no longer U19 Assistant Manager, he could maybe classifeid as an U19 Coach or as a Loan Manager. U19 Assistant Manager Jens Schuster is missing from the Database.



Christoph Bühler should be Schalkes Assistant Manager, as he is David Wagners long term Assistant. In the game he is currently not even working for Schalke. Frank Fröhling should be a Coach. Matthias Kreutzer is not unemployed he is a Schalke Coach. Schalke Fitness Coach Bob Schoss and Data Analyst Lars Gerling are missing from the Database.


I would also second the suggestion to make Jochen Schneider, who is currently not in the database, Schalkes Director of Football and Michael Reschke Technical Director, as this reflects their positions in the club.



Mike Büskens is now Schalkes Loan Manager and no longer unemployed.


Adrian Babic is Schalkes new Chief Scout and no longer just a simple Scout.


Charles Takyi is no longer a Free Agent, he retired and is now Schalke U19 Assistant Manager. Tomasz Waldoch is not unemployed he is Schalke II Assistant Manager.


SC Paderborn Data Analyst Philipp Maier is currently not in the Database.


Daniel Lingfeld is no longer Paderborn U19 Manager. Sc Paderborn U19 Manager Bernd Wiesner currently not in the Database. Also currently not in the database is U19 Assistant Manager Dustin Hamel. Thomas Bertels no longer holds that position he is now U16 Manager and could be made an U19 Coach in the game.




Ewald Beskid is now SC Freiburg U19 Assistant Manager and no longer U19 Manager. Thomas Stamm is now U19 Manager and no longer an U19 Coach. Mohammed Ali Gasmi is now a Freiburg Scout and Bahlingen II Manager and no longer U19 Assistant Manager. 



Babacar Wane is no longer working for Freiburg and is now a Scout at Eintracht Frankfurt.


RB Leipzig Assistant Manager Moritz Volz is missing from the database.


Lars Kornetka and Paul Mitchell are now working for Red Bull alongside Ralf Rangnick and are no longer at Leipzig, not sure how to reflect this in game, but they shouldn't be at Leipzig anymore.


Wolfgang Geiger is Head of Youth Development at Kairat Almaty and no longer working for Leipzig.


Laurence Stewart is now Leipzigs Chief Scout and not just a simple Scout. Rene Grotus is no longer working for Leipzig and is now Kaderplaner at Schalke, could maybe be reflected as Scout.


Sebastian Arenz is no longer working for Leipzig and is now a Scout at Milan.



Frieder Schrof is no longer Leipzigs Head of Youth Development and has retired, the new Head of Youth Development Sebastian Kegel is not in the database.


Thomas Risch should probably be an U19 Data Analyst not an U19 Coach.


1. FSV Mainz 05 Coach Michael Thurk and Fitness Coaches Sven Herzog and Axel Busenkell are missing from the database.


As already mentioned by another user Benjamin Hoffmann is now Mainz U19 Manager and no longer Dortmund U19 Manager.


As already mentioned above Thomas Krücken is now Head of Youth Development at Stuttgart.

Mirko Dickhaut is no longer unemployed he is now a Coach at Hertha BSC Berlin.


U19 Assistant Manager Ilja Hofstädt is missing from the Database.


Andreas Neuendorf is no longer Hertha U19 Coach, he is now Hertha II Manager.


Fortuna Düsseldorf Fitness Coach/Data Analyst Andreas Gross is missing from the Database.


Bayern München Assistant Manager Hansi Flick is missing from the database. As are Fitness Coaches Peter Schlösser and Simon Martinello


Timon Pauls is now Chief Scout at Augsburg and no longer a Scout for Bayern.


Bayern Scout Oliver Rathenow and Bayerns youth scouting team are missing from the Database.




Sebastian Gunkel is no longer an U19s Coach at Eintracht Braunschweig, he is now U19 Manager at Augsburg, his Assistants Markus Marchner and Roland Settele are missing from the database. Ludwig Schneider seems to be no longer working for Augsburg.


As mentioned above Timon Pauls is Augsburgs Chief Scout.

Eintracht Frankfurt Fitness Coach Andreas Biritz is missing from the Database. Werner Leuthard seems to be no longer working for Frankfurt.


Marco Pezzaiouli is not a Coach at Frankfurt, he is U19 Technical Director, he could be put into the game as an U19 Coach or as a Technical Director. Tomislav Stipic is no longer U19s Manager, he is now Manager od Slaven Belupo. Andreas Ibertsberger is now U19 Manager and no longer an U19s Coach. 



Michael Fabacher is no longer working for Eintracht Frankfurt.


Karl-Heinz Körbel is not Frankfurts Head of Youth Development, Andreas Möller is.


Eintracht Frankfurt Scout Rudolf Gores is missing from the Database.


Oliver Neuville is now a Coach at Borussia Mönchengladbach and no longer U19 Assistant Manager.


Eugen Polanski who I would classify as a Loan Manager is missing from the Database.


Borussia Mönchengladbach Fitness Coach/Sports Scientist Markus Müller is missing from the database.


Jörg Schwanke is now Borussia Mönchengladbach U19 Assistant Manager and no longer an U19 Coach.


Michael Skibbe is not unemployed he is Borussia Dortmund U19 Manager.


Philipp Kaß is no longer working for 1. FC Köln



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On 01/11/2019 at 07:07, Nick Abbott said:

Benjamin Hoffmann no longer working as Dortmund Under 19 Manager

Moved to Mainz 05 in summer to work as Under 19s Manager


And the new BVB U19 Manager/Trainer is Michael Skibbe



Some more BVB Stuff,

Youssoufa Moukoko isnt in the Game, yes he is 14years old right now. But he is a starter for the U19 BVB and U19 UCL Team. He´ll get 15yo on the 20.November .. he should be in the game!



Kamal Bafounta, was a Wonderkid last Year, but now he is one of the worst at BVB U19? he had a long injury but that doesnt erase all of his Skills or potential



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Kingsley Ehizibue has recently broken the Bundesliga speed record and is now ranked as the fastest Kingsley in the league, ahead of Coman who has 19 pace so Ehizibue's pace should be higher than 16, especially in a database filled with high ratings for that attribute.

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more BVB

Dede isnt a Club Icon, he is a Club Legend.
Jakub Kuba Blaszczykowski is a Fan Favorite, so Favoured Personnel.

Matthias Sammer  ( right now an external Consultant for BVB ( Zorc & Watzke) he won everything with Dortmund as a Player. Championchips, Club WorldCup, UCL .. he won the Bundesliga Title as a Manager/Trainer with Dortmund, got to the Uefa Cup Final with them .. -> he is an Icon.

Stefan Reuter Favoured Personnel -> Icon. Played 12 years for Dortmund, won everything with them. Was Captain for a long time. 6 Years.

Michael Zorc -> Icon -> LEGEND
1 Player - 1 Team for his whole life.
17 Years as a Player, 450+ Games. 131 Goals.
9!! Years Club Captain, and since 1997, he still works for Dortmund.
He is a LEGEND.

Sebastian Kehl - is an Icon. 13 years BVB, stayed in the bad times, had ups and downs with the Team, long injuries, Titles, was Team Captain for 6 Years, and works for them again.

Marc Bartra - is Favoured Personnel .. he was here for a short time, but he never left our Heart. he loved and still loves the club. Fan Favourite, Club Favourite. He never stopped working, and thats what we love. He got injured during that Bomb Attack against the BVB Bus ...

Alexanders Isak ( now plays für Real San Sebastian) fee was 6.5Mil €
+ Dortmund has an BuyBack Option for 30Mil €
+ his ReleaseClause is 70Mil€ not 26,5 mil €

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Thore Jacobsen is loaned from Werder Bremen to Magdeburg: https://www.transfermarkt.de/thore-jacobsen/profil/spieler/236986

Jonah Osabutey is loaned from Werder Bremen to Mouscron: https://www.transfermarkt.de/jonah-osabutey/profil/spieler/269766

Park Gyu-Hyun and Park Kyu-hyun is the same player (loaned from Ulsan to Bremen): https://www.transfermarkt.de/kyu-hyun-park/profil/spieler/639240

Louis Poznanski has been transferred to Werder Bremen reserve team: https://www.transfermarkt.de/louis-poznanski/profil/spieler/393922

Björn Dreyer is new assistant manager at Werder Bremen reserve team: https://www.transfermarkt.de/bjorn-dreyer/profil/trainer/39907

Christian Brand is coach at Werder Bremen youth team: https://www.transfermarkt.de/christian-brand/profil/trainer/4610

Clemens Fritz should be added to the game as loan manager: https://www.transfermarkt.de/clemens-fritz/profil/trainer/74148

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David Odonkor the WorldCup 2006 German Hero ;) is no longer the Trainer/Manager of Bad Pyrmont ( ended 30.6.2019) after that he was DoF and Assistent Manager for Eskisehirspor ( 2.League Turkey). ->> https://www.sport1.de/fussball/2019/07/david-odonkor-wird-sportlicher-leiter-von-eskisehirspor-in-tuerkei

BUT some Days/Weeks ago, he said that he wants to play and help his Friends at Wilhelmshaven, and he wants to play for them. so he came out of retirement, and is allowed to play for them at 01.january.2020 because he couldnt be registered.
7.League ( Bezirksliga ) Side SV Wilhelmshaven


I dont know it its the right Thread,

Social Groups:  Borussia Dortmund

Im kinda confused here.

Why is Sancho in "others"? he is Friends with everyone in the Team, has awesome chemistry with them, talks with them and all that. Yes he had 1 Problem in his BVB Time, he came late onces that was some weeks ago. But thats no reason to put him in "others"

Secomdary Group B: " mostly speak Spanish, and have been at the club for roughly the same length"
Guerreiro 2016, Zagadou 2017, Hakimi 2018, Balerdi 2019

Guerreiro, Zagadou, Hazard, Witsel, Akanji are our big French Connection, they are always together and are totally integrated in the Team.

Balerdi Hakimi Morey Alcacer +- Guerreiro are our other big Connection, with Spanish Speaking Players.

so its kinda confusuing, because its kinda mixed up?

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Josha Vagnomon (HSV) - In game, he's now primarily left footed, LB/LWB, with the ability to play RB/RWB; however, he's not even a 'natural' for any role on the right side. Last year, that was reversed. Everywhere seems to list him primarily right footed (and sided), with the ability to switch to left. 


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