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[Russia] Data Issues

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how come none of the Russian teams have there soviet history in regards to past titles they have won

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11 часов назад, AcademyAllTheWay сказал:

Denis Yakuba joins FC Chertanovo on loan (Source). How is it even possible? According to SI Games, FC Chertanovo can't sign any players!

that's partially wrong rule in game. This is true that Chertanovo uses only their home-grown players, but they can return them from other clubs. Denis Yakuba was in Chertanovo structure in 2010-2013 years.

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12 часов назад, steff13 сказал:


nope, that's just impossible to make this. and this is hard to hardcode this only for one club

Actually I guess it's pretty simple to code. Something like

IF 'player's homegrown status = Chertanovo' so transfer is allowed.

Another case - this is really need just for one club without big reputation of own or league's.

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Dynamo Moscow has the payment from main sponsor VTB-Bank by 67 mln euro (4 200 000 000 rubles). Please add this payment in database

And second, probably its time to change Dynamo's status for sugar daddy?

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Instances of Dynamo Moscow being spelt incorrectly as 'Dyamo Moscow'.




Edited by Bry

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Erik Vardanyan
Giannelli Imbula
Adil Rami
Players of the FC Sochi 


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В 28.10.2019 в 17:58, Simon Tipple сказал:

Please post any data issues related to Russia here.

As much of the data is subjective we’d ask that you respect everyone’s opinion and accept that the final decision is that of our club researchers and our heads of research.          

We also request you please adhere to the following three point plan when posting in the data topics:

·        State what you think is specifically wrong with a particular piece of data.              

·        State what you think the data should be.                            

·        State reasons/proof for your suggested corrections/improvements.                         

Please note that any non-data issues for Russia should be posted in the appropriate thread within the League Specific Issues Forum. This would include issues such as league scheduling and league rules.


I played in Germany and noticed that some newgens and regen staff are halfafrican. We have some african and halfafrican inhabitants (residents? not sure about word) in Russia too.
I dont know a numbers but its few hundren thousands at least, including multi-culture families.
For example Brian Idowu is player of RPL, borned in Saint Petersburg.

Take into account a lot of factors (I described just a part) I guess it reasonable to add a small % of newgens of players and staff for double citizenship of Russia and African countries.
As I know FM-Russia newgens have a chance for double citizenship with ex-USSR countries so its need to raise for issue isn't?


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Georgy Yartsev (id: 114514):

1974 Gomselmash Gomel 37-16

1973 Gomselmash Gomel 31-11



Nikolai Gontar (id: 477727) full history found in the link below



Vadim Nikonov (id: 483604) full history found in the link below



Vyacheslav Chanov (id: 494314) full history found in the link below



Alexandr Novikov (id: 477729) full history found in the link below



Leonid Nazarenko (id: 494107) full history found in the link below


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Alexandr Tarkhanov (id: 477933):

1985 SKA Odessa 37-14


1974 SKA Khabarovsk 34-8

1973 Avtomobilist Krasnoyarsk 25-3



Mikhail Biryukov (id: 477998) full history found in the link below



Victor Losev (id: 494101) full history found in the link below



Alexandr Shmarko (id: 2014787):

2006 Spartak Kostroma 13-1


1990 Kuban Barannikovsky 16-0



Sergey Kolotovkin (id: 2014716):

2001 Sodovik Sterlitamak 26-1



Yury Matveev (id: 477798):

2004 Fortuna Nizhni Tagil

2003 Atlant Yekaterinburg 8-3

2002 Atlant Yekaterinburg

2001 Yuzhny Yekaterinburg


1997 Suwon Samsung Bluewings 20-4


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Andrey Chernyshov (id: 485342):

00/01 BSV Bad Bleiberg 5-0

99/00 DSV Leoben 16-1

98/99 DSV Leoben 4-0



Andrey Kobelev (id: 478810) missing history found below



Dmitry Cheryshev (id: 4204316):

2004 Volga Nizhny Novgorod 4-2



Andrey Tikhonov (id: 2014799):

12/13 Sparta Shchyolkovo 4-0



Artur Pagaev (id: 2014756):

2006 Alania Vladikavkaz 9-0


1991 Spartak Vladikavkaz 14-0

1990 Spartak Ordzhonikidze 3-0


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Seen it posted above, but Chertanovo Moscow have no way of signing players. I fully understand the concept of the club, but you cannot even sign Youth Candidates! Surely that is the whole premise of the club? Has it been coded incorrectly?

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Posted (edited)

Vladislav Tselovalnikov (58032473) - retirement. Now he is gk coach at Volgar (130515) youth academy http://volgar-fc.ru/football_school/coaches
up 1
Ilie Cebanu (16002560) - retirement. Now he is working in bank https://news.sportbox.ru/Vidy_sporta/Futbol/spbnews_NI1153221_Spokojno_obkhozhus_bez_Louis_Vuitton_i_jezzhu_po_Moskve_na_metro_Kak_eks_vratar_Rubina_stal_menedzherom_moskovskogo_banka

Edited by Stoker

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