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Leicester 2020

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Last year played a 5 year save with Leicester and really enjoyed it. Planing on doing another one this year. Was wondering if anyone else has plans to give them a go and to potentially persuade a few to try.

Leicester are more than ready to break into the 'Top 6' and have a good crack at champions league football. The squad has a good mixture of experience and youth and always has money to play with, and a few players that can be sold to increase funds.

Experienced Pros: Schmeichel, Evans, Vardy

In these 3 we have a strong dependable keeper, a reliable centre back and a prolific goalscorer. All 3 are getting old and will need replacing but they all have at least 2 seasons until you need to do so.

Young Stars: Chilwell, Ndidi, Tielemans, Maddison, Barnes

All 5 of these are 22 or under, have high potential and are good enough to start straight away. Lots of offers will come in, so tie these down early. 

The best of the rest: Ricardo, Soyuncu, Choudury, Gray, Justin, Perez, Iheanacho

These will make up the rest of the match day squad. This is a very strong 15 which can be relied upon to break into that 'top 6'.

GK - Schmeichel
RB - Ricardo
CB - Evans
CB - Soyuncu
LB - Chilwell
CM - Ndidi
CM - Tielemens
AMR - Perez
AMC - Maddison
AML - Barnes
ST - Vardy

Subs - Choudury, Gray, Justin, Iheanacho 

From here I would look to off load some of the deadwood within the squad to raise extra funds. 

Personally, the way I play is to have a strong XI supplemented by a handful of promising players and youngsters. With any money available I would look to recruit younger players for the future as the squad is currently very strong, and with a strong english core of the team already that is how I would move forward.

Areas to improve/ Recruit Youngsters

Goalkeeper - I would look to recruit a young goalkeeper who could play in the cups and begin to challenge Schmeichel in a season or so. Personally I will be targeting Angus Gunn, as I feel Southampton will struggle this year and I will hopefully be able to get him at a discounted price.

Centre Back - I would look to target 2 centre backs. One who can compete/cover the starting pairing immediately and one youngsters who can play in the cup games. 

Left Back - Chilwell will be first choice for a long time and isn't very injury prone, so target a youngster who can come in for cups and learn from him but is able to cover when required.

Centre Midfield - A wealth of options in the current first team who can play CM, once again I would look to target a young CM who can develop in cup games.

Winger - As CM.

Striker - Vardy isn't getting any younger however he has a couple seasons left in him and with Perez and Iheanacho available there is no need to splash large amounts on a new striker. I will be targeting a youngster, as i want to try and break some youngest scorer records.


With these targets in mind, I only predict large outlays for a GK and CB. The rest will be young players under 18 who can develop together and gel with the squad with no large expectations to produce immediately. They will also be available for the under 18's so we can have a go at winning that. Hopefully a strong CB, LB, CM, AMRL and ST in the youth will help us be competitive.

Doing this will (hopefully) enable me to be competitive in the league and cups this year and develop some  youngsters.

Let me know your thoughts on this and any suggestions are welcome, and if anyone else is interested in Leicester I would like to hear your plans.

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I think Leicester are a team primed for anyone who wants to go into top end management at a club to challenge the status quo of a league.

I would suggest having a look at Scott McKenna as a CB who can come in and play in cup games and cover for you. Only 21/22 still and always seemed to get a big move in FM19 and do well.

John Souttar from Hearts would also be a tip for CB, didn’t seem to develop quite as much as McKenna on FM19 but still very able.

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I would say they are playing 41221 most of the time . 

                                 Vardy ( PF ) 

Barnes (W)                                               Perez  (IF )

          Maddison (AP)      Tielemens (BBM ,CM)

                                Ndidi (DM)

Chilwell (FB)     Soyuncu          Evans     Ricardo (WB)

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I settled on Leicester for my beta save this year, so I'll definitely be interested in keeping up with your progress!

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Unfortunately, Players like Soyuncu and Barnes are massively underrated i think.

Soyuncu has better mental attributes then this surely- and as for Barnes, his tech attributes are an insult if you watch him irl 

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Barnes is killing it on my game. He will get an England call up by the end of 19/20.


currently out of both cups and sitting 5th in the league in Feb. 

Really enjoying Leicester on this game so far 

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No call up for Barnes.


finished 5th in the league. Serious transfer market business needed to cope with Europa competition 

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