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Hi guys, 

Just wondering what the impact is of changing tactics? I currently play a 433 but have toyed with the idea of playing a 532 in big games such as if I get a hard draw in a cup (currently playing as a relative minnow) 

Can my players adapt to do this effectively or will it be detrimental to their performance? 

I guess what I'm really asking is if the game punishes you for being adaptable as a manager (thinking more Mourinho style management vs Pep for eg) 

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If the new system you switch to isn't one the players are familiar with it can have an impact.

Personally I wouldn't call familiarity a significant impact but rather one of those smaller issues that whilst isn't significant on it's own, collectively those smaller issues (weather, pitch size, morale, team cohesion, jadedness etc) can become significant.  It's like Tesco says: "every little helps".

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