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1 hour ago, SRL88 said:

Unfortunate to miss out on the play-offs, but still a solid season.

Cheers mate. We didn't deserve it really and wouldn't have fancied our chances! Happy to have a good finish to the season. Gives me hope.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

Starting Line Up 2024/25



Magnus is our starting GK. We got him halfway through last season.


I lost patience with Josh Barnes. He won't play unless injury.


We were once again top scorers in the league so we need better defending.


Luca is still our starting RB. I'm waiting for him to reach his Potential Ability. He finished last season with average rating of 6.78.


We had to fight to keep Chris Kelly. I'm happy we managed it. Average of 6.73 last season.


Daniel was in and out the team last season. I've stuck with him...because I couldn't get a new CB. Average of 6.75 last season.

The Left Back is Hakan who I showed in the previous post. He is on loan from Luton. Happy with the signing. LB has always been a worry position for me.

Defensive Midfielder


Bashir is primarily a CB but I'm going to use his pace as a CDM. 


Tom Dinsmore is our best Midfielder following Smith's departure. His screenshot is in the previous post.


Billy comes to us from Luton. Another no wage signing. He will be a starter.

Tommy Anderson will be playing AMR his screenshot is in the previous post.


Claudio keeps finding a way into this squad! AML is the biggest weakness in the side and I will be looking to strengthen. For now Ofosu will have to do.



We keep Jay. He's a great striker. He played AMR last season so hopefully he can get more goals this season.


The best of the rest are...


Prince can play all along the defence making him a perfect player to come off the bench.


Finn Azaz will see a lot of football. Wouldn't surprise me if he hits the first team during the season.


The man, the myth, the legend. Dylan Parker. No words needed.

James Waite will be the other substitute.

These are the men hopefully firing us into the playoffs.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

Odds and Predictions 2024/25


We are expected to finish just where the board want us to. I'll take those odds! It sounds like it could be a good season for London clubs. The usual teams near the top. Bromley need to survive.


Welling as high as 8th! Kingstonian and Sutton set to do well. Hornchurch could struggle, we can still afford to lose 2 teams and have 20 so I'm not too worried.


Leyton Orient are the only team in this division just like the opening season. Hopefully they won't struggle.


Charlton should have a better season than they did last year. AFC Wimbledon hopefully will be looking up rather than down!


Brentford are our best chance for a new Premier League side. Fulham could potentially challenge. QPR and Millwall could struggle, fingers crossed they can avoid the drop.


Palace are set to struggle again but have the same chance of survival as the rest.

Lets get to it!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

August 2024

Historically we get off to good starts. We are unbeaten in opening days. Hopefully that continues here.


Who knows how its going to go?

No point in waiting lets get to it!


6 seasons unbeaten on opening day! This was a tight game that could have gone either way. We struck when we were on top and managed to hold on after the sending off. Very good start.

That's the reason why Ofosu keeps finding a way into the squad.

First away game of the season. I'd love a breakdown of the home/away split since I took over but I'm far to lazy for that.

Maidenhead is always too tight to call.


Strictly speaking its our turn.


And that will be 5 star Stansfield gone. I will start looking for a replacement now! Tried offering him a new contract but can't get close to affording him.


Another even game, only this time it didn't go our way. Very tricky place to go, as you saw the games are always tight. Fingers crossed we can smash them at our place.

Back home now and hopefully a quick chance to bounce back. Its encouraging the fact it was Dylan Parker who got our goal because he will be the starter very soon.


Is that a parting gift from Jay Stansfield (if he has a brain it will be). Good performance and solid result. We hammered them from start to finish. First domineering performance of the season.

We have back to back away games now as we look to pick up our first away win of the season and start the season strong.

Starting with Dover who won promotion back to the National League after spending just one season out of it.


There he goes. This is what happens when you are Semi-Professional and can only get some players with a Non-Contract. No safety net of the contract and they are free to leave for a better team.

Squad was unhappy with the option upfront. I told them I'm in the market for a new player...which I am...

Fingers crossed Dylan Parker can come in and make everybody forget about Jay Stansfield.


Not good enough I'm afraid. These are the games you need to be winning if you want to be challenging. Too have the lead and the man advantage and still not win. Not good enough.

Another away game to finish the month. Still looking for that first win. We face another newly promoted team.


Say hello to our new striker...I mean he's no Jay but hopefully it will make the squad happy. He's actually on a contract at least and worth 52k!

At least there's one thing we don't need is a new Goalkeeper.


Here's our new Goalkeeper. When an improvement is there, free, it would be stupid not to take him!

I promised I wouldn't sell my backup keeper Josh Barnes.


He's going to be maaaaaaaaaaaaaad.


Shout out to Chris Kelly who is doing all he can to save me money. Second time hes been sent off in 4 games meaning he's been fined half a weeks wages. Another shout out to Dylan Parker who is filling a void. Maybe we shouldn't have won that game.

It leaves the way to early table looking like this...


Bromley struggling as predicted. I'm fairly happy with the start, only a win off top. We haven't scored loads but for once the defence has been solid. I'll take it. 

Kingstonian top, Welling in a playoff place (we all know how that will end). Sutton 2nd bottom as they continue to sink like a rock. Hornchurch just doing Hornchurch things and chilling in the lower mid-table places. Hoping when time comes to leave Hampton and Richmond (in like 40 seasons) I don't need to start in the National League South.

Leyton Orient haven't started brilliantly but could be worse in 18th.

Charlton in a placeoff place. AFC Wimbledon in a relegation place. Chalk and cheese.

Fulham have started well, currently in a playoff place. The rest have room to improve with none of them in the relegation zone at the moment.

Its only been 3 games in the Premier League so I won't go into it just yet. Detailed leagues next month!


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Hampton and Richmond Borough

September 2024

Its been a steady start without being spectacular. 


September has some tricky away games but we need to take advantage of the 4 home games this month.

Bromley have started poor, we need to pile on the misery with a win to start the month. Don't want to wait until March for back to back league wins again!


Awful game of football. Neither side deserved to win so a point was the fair result. Disappointing performance.

Ebbsfleet at home next. This won't be a walk in the park. It seems it depends which Ebbsfleet turn up.



I honestly have no words. How do you have 62% of possession, more shots and an extra man for half the game and lose 4-0!?

Me thinks this is going to be another tough year! It doesn't get any easier next as we travel to Stockport. There are losses and then there are bone crunching, soul destroying losses.

Heading to Stockport with zero hope of getting a results, this is normally when we smash somebody...may God have mercy...or at least Stockport have mercy...


This isn't a surprise. They deserved it. This is the sort of result we should have got against Ebbsfleet based on the performance.

Have we hit the slump early? Normally doesn't get to us till October/November time.

I think this is going to be reminisent of Croatia Berlin of @Makoto Nakamura's brilliant save. I think I'm going to really struggle getting out the National League but once I do I really think I can kick on. At the moment I just can't get and keep the players who can fire us up because (and rightly so) bigger teams are coming in and poaching. 

Solihull Moors away next. Never an easy place to go to. Our first appearance on TV as well. Lets hope we can do ourselves justice.

In the same month I've had the same legend praise our recent form and question our recent form. It not just the fans who are fickle!

Well well well...BT Sport won't be happy. The game has been called off at the 11th hour. I did the press conference and everything! Wealdstone at home is next. Always cagey affairs. If there's one good to play to turn your fortunes around...its this one! The funny thing is despite the poor start if we win our game in hand we go level on points with 7th and a playoff place.


When it's not going your way it just doesn't go your way. I just cant find a tactic which consistently works! Chris Kelly has been sent off 3 times now this season. Its not even been 3 months. I think I may have to rethink his involvement.

The really worrying thing is the complete lack of goals we are scoring. Normally its the defence not doing this job. Now the problem the completely the other side. I can't seem to have all cylinders firing at once.

As it stands I'm looking over my shoulder and not up, probably for the first time this save.

We finish the month with an already must win game against a team who historically have had our number.

I don't want to change tactic. I've spent all summer building around a tactic that at the end of last season worked. But one more bad result here and I might not have a choice.


That has to be the last straw. We smashed them from start to finish but couldn't find a goal. That's 4 games without a goal now. Something needs to change.

League table looks horribly like this...


Its all the same problems that plagued last season until something just randomly clicked. No consistency. Only this time it comes with a lack of goals. Normally its lack of defence. Do I persist with this tactic and hope the strikers get out of their slump or do I change things? Bromley look like they are going to have a difficult season while the rest of the London Clubs haven't started to badly at all!


Two ends of the spectrum. Kingstonian and Welling doing well. Hornchurch and Sutton doing woeful. If 2 go down it means we are back to 20 in the playable leagues with no more room for wiggle.


Leyton Orient have made a decent enough start. Enough to make us think that relegation shouldn't be a worry for them.


Charlton continue their good start and find themselves challenging for Automatic promotion back into the Championship. Not bad but not great for AFC Wimbledon only 3 points off the drop.


Fulham in the playoffs with QPR and Brentford pushing. Wrong end of the table for Millwall but still plenty of time to go.


3 London Clubs in the bottom 5 is not good reading. Still plenty of time to go though. Chelsea and Arsenal are normal!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

October 2024

What a horrible month with no end in sight it seems. 

I am going to try something new with 2 strikers. Its goals we are lacking something needed to change. No idea how this will go.


And on paper its a tricky month to test it.

I really want an easy draw in the cup. If we could just have that big run to give us some much needed funds it will make another disappointing season all the more worth it.

 Good to see the Solihull Moors game is live. People will now see how uninspiring we are. As of now we have the 10th best Defence but have scored the 19th most in the league. Its been flipped completely on its head!


Well its goals at least. Still waiting for that morale boosting win.

I don't expect it to come next away to Oldham.


So it just seems I can't have it both ways. Finally scoring goals but Jesus the defence doesn't show up. 

Going to persist with this tactic and see how it goes over the next few months. 2 tricky away games when morale is very low is quite an unfair test on this tactic.

We are at home to Yeovil next. Another tricky game but at least its at home.


Currently 15th in the National League South. This on paper should be a ticket into the next round but the way we are playing I'm not expecting anything.


Another game that could have gone either way that didn't go ours. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I'm at a loss.

The only thing making this bearable is the fact I'm using IR and know I can plough through a season. At the moment I'm actually worried for my job for the first time.

I'm sick of losing players to International Games and not having any option to call off games! Its another thing that potentially costing me!


Oh sweet Jesus a win! I forgot what one of those felt like. just before the FA Cup game as well meaning we have a chance for back to back wins.

This needs to be the turning point right here. I can't afford to wait another 9 matches for another league win!


Wow love a ref who takes control of the game. We should have won really. 1 step forward 2 steps back.

If we get through and truth be told its a pretty big IF we will be at home to Nation League opposition. Its our best chance to reach the 2nd round of the FA for the first time this save.


To say we only won because of the red card after 4 minutes is unfair...but I think the only reason we won is because they were down to 10 men after 4 minutes. 


Eastleigh at home is a winable tie. If we could get to the 3rd round and get a huge game then I will be happy with this season regardless of what happens.

Dulwich Hamlet away next. I said I didn't think they would be back in the football league, they currently sit in 4th and are doing everything they can to prove me wrong...


Except beat us! Fantastic result and fantastic comeback. Its officially 2 wins in a row in the league. Mini revival?

One more game this month at home to Barnet. If we win this it would go a long way to think we are on the road to recovery.


Another win and another comeback fantastic stuff. These are the result I wanted!

It does come at a price though, we have lost Jay Williams (CB) for 3 months.


The league table is looking a lot more favourable. 4 points off playoffs after a strong end to the month. Bromley a little bit of a bounce back. Still in the bottom 4 though. 5 London clubs in the top half is lovely to see. Could this be a very good year for London clubs?


Kingstonian and Welling going well as they near the half way point. Sutton and Hornchurch look doomed already! We could be back to the 20.


Leyton Orient still up the right end but with work to do.


Charlton still up there with a decent chance. AFC Wimbledon are in a battle.


I lost QPR so had to go back and do another screenshot! Fulham are finally showing some fight and battling for a playoff place. The rest of the teams are looking safe and mid-table.


West Ham and Palace haven't had the best of starts. We expect that from Palace but not West Ham! North London very mid-table. Chelsea challenging for the title.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

November 2024

We need to build on the end of October.


Looking like a great signing. Historically players who win this award go missing in the next month. We can't have that!


Back to back Eastleigh, both at home. If I had to chose I'd take the cup win right now. Keep that prize money coming!

Lets keep this good feeling going!


Well its not a defeat at least. Disappointing to have given up the lead twice. In fact we were only ahead for 6 minutes of that game. Still as I said, its not a defeat at least. It was 100% the fair result as well.

Big game in the cup next. Never made it past the First Round on this save. Lets do it here!


Say hello to another new striker. Just because we don't have enough players going away on International Duty as it is.


Outstanding stuff!

It just means no longer back to back with Eastleigh. In fact we won't play that game until December!


Excellent result. We head into the Second Round of the Cup. Our new striker didn't score, instead he twisted his knee. Will be out for 8 days. We were fully deserving of the win.

Quite a massive break now between games thanks to the International Break. Just very glad I'm able to postponed the game!

Praying for an easy home tie in the Second Round...


Well pretty much the opposite of what I wanted. If God does exist he isn't a Hampton and Richmond Borough fan.

It will be a good day out though and it will finish off this post! It means 2 out of the expected games this month actually won't happen.

Managerless York at home next. We can't underestimate them. Despite the unbeaten run.


The next step on the ladder is complete.


Always looking for ways to improve the side and I think this guy fits the bill! It says U18 but he won't be staying there I can assure you.


Honestly I thought I would get more money for TV but 6k is 6k I suppose. It mean though it won't finish this post but start the next! This month has been a month of change.

It feels like its been absolutely ages since we last played so lets hope we make it worth the wait!


It was another very fair result. We just cant seem to get any momentum going! We seem incapable of keeping a lead as well. 

Away to Fylde finishes off what was a very short month in the end. We are on a nice unbeaten run but I'd like to turn these draws into wins.

If there is one screenshot that sums up this season so far...


Played 18, won 6, drawn 6, lost 6.


First time we have been in both cups at the same time. First time we will have 2 cup fixtures in the same month. Happy its at home, happy its against a team in the division below us. Happy extra time has been arranged.

December is shaping up to be a very busy month.


I've said it before that some draws feel like wins and some feel like losses. This one feels like a massively deflating 4-0 loss again. To be 3-0 up and not win a game is completely inexcusable in my eyes. 2 massive points dropped. I'm not disappointed, i'm angry.

It means after a smaller month the table looks like this...


We couldn't be any more mid-table if we tried. We are unbeaten in 6 league games but we have drawn 3 out of the last 4 games. We need to start holding onto leads. If we do I suspect we can fly up that table. Bromley need to pull their finger out or we are looking at another team relegated from the National League. If we play our cards right there's nothing stopping 5 London teams finishing in the Top 7 here.


Welling need to be careful they will be getting a nosebleed soon! Kingstonian still kicking on. When is it acceptable to start being worried.


Leyton Orient neither here nor there. Another season in League Two will do me for now.


Charlton have dropped a place but still very much in the fight. AFC Wimbledon have had a good month and find themselves challenging for the playoffs again. Can they make the leap this season?


Millwall are 6 points clear of the drop, I'm not too worried just yet. The rest all have their eyes firmly on the Playoffs. Hopefully one of them can make the push.


Palace and West Ham are surviving by the skin of their teeth but there is so much football left to play its not even worth mentioning just yet.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

December 2024

I mentioned in the previous post that December is shaping up to be busy...


Just the 9 games this month. Make or break I think in regards to the league. A great month and we are going to be right back up there. An average month and we will have work to do in the second half of the season. A bad month and its aim to finish in the top 12 just to complete our board expectation. 

But we start in the Cup with a big game against Plymouth. We can expect nothing from this game. Be nice to play a game with the pressure off to be honest.


Absolutely no surprises to be had. We gave them a good game and maybe the scoreline would have been fairer at 2-0. No complaints.

Back to league action and I still maintain an unbeaten month will see us skyrocket...as long as they aren't solid draws constantly!

Away to Darlington kicks things off, tricky tie but winable. The games are going to come thick and fast this month however so rotation is key.


The inconsistency is just crippling! Absolutely crippling.

We have 2nd placed Kings Lynn next watch us spank them 6-0.



I don't know what else I can do now other than just keep going year in year out and hoping something finally clicks. We are just a solid midtable team and I can't seem to make that push to the playoffs.


Good win. Feels like its been a while since we won. Chris Kelly has been sent off 4 times, will miss the next 4 games and has just been fined 2 weeks wages. Seriously the guys an animal.

Woking in the Cup next. Nice to have another Cup run in the FA Trophy. Plays a nice distraction from the league form.


Well its a win but its by the skin out of teeth, they also missed a 95th minute penalty to force extra time. We can score for fun but just can't defend for toffee. We can't get the whole team firing on all cylinders.

We have had the Dag and Red game postponed as they needed a replay in the FA Trophy. It takes away a fixture in this very busy month. It means our next game is Yeovil away. They are having a similar season to us at the moment. We haven't done well recently with the close call games.


The draw could have been better. I don't think we will be progressing very far this season. I've decided not to bother with extra time. Rather a full 90 at our place.

2 wins on the bounce, neither of them convincing. Can we make it 3?


Nope. It needs to be pointed out as well we are only 4 points clear of relegation at the moment.

Away to rock bottom next. If we lose this game then questions are going to be asked.

We need to start winning more games, not to challenge for playoffs, that's long gone. I don't want to find ourselves in a relegation battle.


Things have gone very south. Very quickly.

One more game this year. I'm thinking it could be my last with Hampton and Richmond Borough. Its against Dulwich Hamlet. I've just lost all confidence in the squad.


And isn't that typical? A good performance against a team going well.

A win out of the blue it seems.

It leaves the table looking like this...


Can't believe I have to say this but we open a little gap over the bottom 4. For the first time this save we are underperforming. Bromley look doomed to drop once again. 3 London teams in the playoffs but it looks like Harrogate are going to run away with it a little. We are 6 points from the drop and 9 points off playoffs. I maintain we are a 100% month away from being right back in with a shout. We just need to build on that win!


Things still looking good for Kingstonian and Welling! If Welling make the playoffs then I think that will be AI achievement of the save. Sutton have recovered but still have work to do. Hornchurch look doomed to drop back into Tier 7. We had a resurgence of teams now it seems we are falling back to the 20. Kingstonian the only ones who have stuck.


Leyton Orient are only 5 points off playoffs and only 6 points off automatic in a very close League Two playoff race. A big second half of the season and who knows.


Charlton have dropped significantly and are now challenging for a playoff place rather than a automatic place. AFC Wimbledon have also dropped, neither here nor there, steady season for them. I've actually applied for the vacant AFC Wimbledon job.


Fulham, Millwall and Brentford have clustered in mid-table. Still chasing the playoffs. QPR down hear the bottom but have an 8 points cushion on the drop.


Are Spurs now just a mid-table team? Good season for Palace so far. West Ham like Spurs should be doing better. Chelsea and Arsenal battling for Champions League.

Regarding the AFC Wimbledon job I applied before the Dulwich Hamlet game but once again the team gives me a very small reason to hope.

I think January will be a big month in terms of where this save is going to go. Hampton and Richmond could be ditched.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

January 2025

Big huge month in terms of the future of this save.


I've once again changed tactic. I did it before the Dulwhich game. Maidenhead at home is always a good litmus test for any new tactic. Then we travel to the league leaders.

League One London sides are all without managers. I've applied for the Charlton job. 



Do I jump before I'm pushed?


More possession more attempts and its not one but two penalties that make the difference. Its made my mind up. If I get offered a job this time I'm not sticking around for anything.

I've had an interview with a team, but not one I've mentioned.

I'm not expecting anything about Warrington, other than a thumping.


We were by far the much better team. I'm getting sick of having absolutely no luck in the slightest. 

Hoping that's my last game in charge. I need new walls.


Then come get me!


Well I'm still at Hampton and Richmond Borough which means I get to see them out the FA Trophy :lol:

We were the way better team away to the league leaders. We didn't get the result but the performance was very encouraging. A positive result here and who knows where the mentally will be.


Well it wasn't a horrible result. Another good performance and we have a shot of getting through to the next round that's for sure. 

It means for the 3rd time the game against Dag and Red has been moved.

Will I be in charge of the replay?


3 jobs applied for and 3 interviews. We just have to wait and see now. I'm be very surprised if I didn't get offered one.

I have an order in my head as my preferred destination and will delay and wait to see if I can get my number 1.

Its Ebbsfleet or York away in the next round if I get there. The draw hasn't been too kind this season.


Damn we have had 3 good performances in a row. Into the 3rd Round we go. More than deserved over the two legs.

Have we turned a corner just when I'm ready to jump ship?


It will be York and not Ebbsfleet in the next round. Either way we weren't going to be favourites.

We have Barrow away next who are a few places ahead of us. A good performance here and...I just don't know.


Ok Charlton were my second choice. First is still out there...


Writing on the wall?

They want 8 points in the next 5 games otherwise its the boot.

Its amazing how quickly this season has gone south.


This is the result that triggered it. Once again a bang even game that hasn't gone our way. 

If I was having second thoughts of leaving before I will 100% be going now.


Oh crap. These were my first choice and honestly the one team I thought I was a shoe in for. I'm not confident of getting the AFC Wimbledon job now. 

I'm left fighting for my job.

So 5 games to save my job its not a case of jumping ship anymore. 2 of them are against Dag and Red, including the first one at home. 3 out of 5 of them are against London clubs.


Once again a lead slips through our fingers. Every game we are either the better team or its an even game and yet we can't win. We Just Cant Win!

7 points from 4 now. We finish the month at home to Warrington which has turned into a relegation 6 pointer!


There it is officially. Hampton or bust. I have applied for the vacant Fulham job but have zero expectation of getting it.


An absolutely massive win to give us 4 points from 2 and get us half way to the target. 

It means the league table looks like this at the end of January.


3 London clubs still doing really well. While one looks set for the drop. We picked up a huge win against Warrington but it might not be enough. We have set ourselves up well with 3 games to go to reach the points target set but I'm not going to start counting my chickens just yet!


Just look how high Sutton have climbed. I think we could quite easily have 3 London teams in the National League South Playoffs. Writing is on the wall for Hornchurch. We will be back down to 21 teams in the Playable leagues.


Leyton Orient mid-table. Another season in League Two is better than nothing.


Charlton still have work to do. AFC Wimbledon aren't in danger of relegation.


I think the playoffs has gone for all London Clubs. QPR having a decent season but Fulham have sunk like a stone. I'll turn them around!


Palace back to their usual position of just above relegation. Spurs back to normal.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

February 2025

Well if January was stressful I have a feeling February isn't going to be much better.


Will we see out the month? Bromley and Dover games are winnable. 4 points needed from the 3 league games. Would be nice to go through in the cup but its not important at all.

I've gone from not wanting to be here to fighting just to stay!

I think we need 4 points from next 2 games because I don't fancy going to Dag and Red needing a result.


Absolutely huge result. Yes upset about the red cards but we held on and picked up a vital win.

Just the 1 point needed in the last 2 games to keep my job. We can't let this slip now.

The funny thing is after that Bromley game we are 8 points clear of relegation and 8 points off a playoff place. So at this point in the season we are just as likely to go up as down.

Dover at home next. Its a very winnable game. Lets just avoid defeat and put a pin in sacking for now.


300 games. Some have been better than others!


We should have won as we once again surrender a lead but its a win. It keeps us in a job and gives us another chance to rebuild.

We get a bit of a break from the league now in the FA Trophy. We have York away which is a very tough game. We haven't arranged extra time thinking we have a better chance of winning at home. Either way we will do well to get anything out of it.


A very good draw. Happy I didn't arrange extra time after the sending off. For those keeping count that's Chris Kelly's 5th red card of the season. Liability.

It means we have another replay in the FA Trophy. It will be our 6th game in the competition this season. It also means we will see the 4th Round Draw.


He has form bless him although 25 yellow cards but no reds last season. I'm not even mad that's impressive.

Its Hereford or Eastleigh away if we get through to the Quarters.


Fantastic result and the cup dream continues! It took 200 minutes of football for us to be separated for good. Fantastic stuff. It means for the first time this save we have Cup football in March.


It will be Hereford away in the Quarters. Its a winnable tie! Once again Extra Time hasn't been arranged. I will take a draw and fancy our chances at home if need be.



A good point against Dag and Red and a much deserved point. 

Board are appeased. We just need to get to the end of the season now still in a job and I can rebuild in the summer.

We are 5 games unbeaten, we just have 3 draws in those 5.

2 home games to finish the season, if we win both of them then who knows where we will be in the table and in relation to the playoffs. Am I crazy or stupid for thinking we can't give up on the playoffs just yet?

Ok I've made another decision. I've been using IR all season and its really detached myself away from the side and I don't like it. Maybe its not a coincidence its been a horrible season as well. Therefore I'm back to watching the game. I miss the elation of last minute goals and the general drama. Let the suffering and torment recommence!

Darlington next, we haven't beaten them once in this save.


Good second half after a poor first. 88th minute highlight was my sub striker mazing run and delicious shot that went out for a throw in. Got to admin despite the constant frustration I've missed watching game.

Chorley at home next, avoid defeat and it will mean an unbeaten February. Who would have thought it.


The unbeaten month is ours. Not a fantastic game but a great finish for a great win.

It leaves the table looking like this.


4 London teams in the Playoffs as it stands is a brilliant achievement. Fair play to Dulwich who have completely proved me wrong. Bromley are plugging away but still face a massive uphill battle. We have put behind us any worries of relegation. Only 4 points off 10th which would be our season objective.


Kingstonian are looking good for an Automatic push and Welling are still in a Playoff place. Shocking I know! Sutton have done brilliantly to recover and if they finish in the Playoff's it would be an amazing achievement. Hornchurch are just waiting for the R next to their name. I'm not too upset as it would mean we still have 21 playable sides.


Leyton Orient have an 11 point cushion so not the end of the World. Shame they couldn't keep a playoff push going.


Its still not over for Charlton but they have some work to do. AFC Wimbledon are 6 points clear and have some work to do just yet.


Fulham have once again let themselves down. QPR are probably going to miss out but can still class it as a good season. Same probably goes for Millwall. Brentford want another go at it and sit agonisingly close.


A nice cushion for Palace. Hopefully they can see it through. West Ham very mid-table. The others are where you would expect them. 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

March 2025

I feel like I've been given a second chance here. I think I took this team for granted and maybe gave up on them when they didn't deserve it. 

We have a big month ahead. It all starts with the Quarter Final of the FA Trophy.


Another replay! That's 4 replays in 4 rounds. We deserves something out of it at least but struggled to hit the target despite creating chances. 

We will fancy our chances at home in the replay.


Its not a bad month on paper. A chance to consolidate a mid-table place.

If we get through to the Semi Final we will play Sutton in a Two Legged Semi Final. What a fantastic chance we have in front of us to reach a Wembley Final.


Great performance and we reach the Semi Final. We were deserving of it. Two brilliant Pajaziti goals.


A trophy would be a brilliant way to finish what has been a difficult season but a long way to go before we can think of that.

The rest of the month now looks like this...


It means it will be our 2nd 9 match month of the season. It also means if we go all the way we will have played 11 games in the FA Trophy this season.

Back to league action. York are on a downer like us. We have to think with our current run we can take something from this game.


We weren't good enough. 2 late goals made it look better than it was. It we lost 3-0 we couldn't have had many complaints. 

First bad performance for a while. Lets move on. Another away game against Eastleigh. Another game we have to think we can get a result.


What went wrong in this game 1) CB got sent off for the SIXTH time this season 2) All 3 of my strikers at one point missed a 1 v 1 3) Their goal came off the backside of my keeper after it hit the post then hit him. Football eh. Other than that it was a good performance and really on any other day we would have won comfortably. Chris Kelly will not be coming back next season.

Back to back losses. We need to bounce back at home to Fylde if we are to have any chance of finishing in the top half of the table. We haven't beaten Fylde in 5 previous attempts drawing 4 of them.


Great performance and fully deserving of the 3 points. Keeps us in contact with as high as 10th! 

Ebbsfleet away next, they are just above us. It will be a tricky game. The first leg of the FA Trophy Semi is the next game so I will have one eye on that. 


Its a win but at what cost? The cost is 3 of my CB's are suspended and another is cup tied. I am currently playing 3 CB's. Huge blow ahead of one of the biggest games in the clubs history.

I am playing my 5th, 6th and 7th choice CB's.

And now 3 players have been called up for International Duties one of which is my 5th choice CB.

Why it's not giving me the chance to postpone the games I'll never know. 


Wish me luck!


I just get the impression this entire season has just been some sort of sick joke. Amazingly my 5th, 6th and 7th choice CB couldn't keep them out. 

We aren't completely out of it but we need a massive 2nd leg. Hopefully with most of my first choice squad at least!

We at at home next in the league against Solihull but God knows what sort of team I can put out with suspensions and Internationals.


We didn't deserve to lose so delighted with the last minute equaliser. Probably didn't do enough to say we deserved to win although they did score with their 2 shots on target.

We finish the month with the Second Leg of the FA Trophy. We have a massive uphill battle.

It doesn't look like there's any away goals so the job is simple. Win 3-0 :lol:


The scoreline was unfair completely. Over the two legs we out shot them 22-17 and yet lost 5-1 on aggregate. I just feel everything has conspired against us this season. Brandon Stroud is a newgen so I feel no guilt when I said I hope he suffers a career ending injury the *****.

End of month table looks like this...


Still 4 London teams in the playoffs. Surely one of them will be going up! Bromley will be going down the other way for the second time this save. We are just the middle team that nobody cares about! Look at York drawing half their games.


We could be looking at 3 London teams in the National League South playoffs. Don't think either can catch Eastbourne. Hornchurch already gone.


Leyton Orient chilling in 16th. No drama.


Another nothing season for Charlton. AFC Wimbledon still not out of the woods just yet.


Brentford had a good FA Cup run hence the games in hand. Millwall won't have given up just yet. Think its time to accept Fulham are a Championship team and nothing more.


Palace are looking good. Still work to be done though. West Ham chilling in midtable. The rest just clustered.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

April 2025

Welcome to one of the most pointless posts I'll ever do! Its the final month of the season and we have absolutely nothing to play for.

We are record breakers though...


Woooooooo go us.


Its a very tricky end to the season and I'm not looking forward to it in the slightest. I don't think my job is safe.


Getting real tired of our ill discipline. This was a good game until a stupid player made a stupid decision. I'm going to be much harsher next season in my code of conduct.

Wealdstone away. If I wasn't worried for my job I'd let them win to ensure a playoff place.


Just fire me already. Put me out of my misery. I don't want to be here anymore. I don't want to be around a side who cant beat a team playing with 10 minute for 87 minutes. I'm tired.

Barnet away next, and I really couldn't care less.


Another bang on close game. Another lead lost. Would absolutely love to know how many points we have lost from winning positions. Would also love to know where we would be if EVERY SINGLE ONE of these close games we have lost we won instead.

I swear to God if Karma exists in football and everything evens itself out in the end we are going up next season with a record amount of points.

3 more games till this nightmare is over.

Ali Al-Hamadi questioned why I subbed him in the last game...he had a 6.60 rating and we were 2-1 down. He will never kick a ball for this club again.

Oldham at home next, they are bang on mid-table but we are 8 points off them. We need to win to stand any chance but its obviously a long shot from here.


And with this result we officially avoid relegation. Its truly a glorious feeling.

Kings Lynn next in our final away game. I think its going to be the first time we finish the season at home....(second, I double checked). Lets finish strong. Please! I'm hating life at the moment but honestly I think its the only job I can get at the moment so I need to keep it!

The Charlton job is free for the second time this season. I will of course be applying. Although I have zero expectations of getting it.

Regardless of what happens I'm going to stick with this tactic now till the bitter end. I'm getting the performances just not the results. 


We deserved it. We left it late but we deserved it.

It means getting into the final game of the season we can finish as high as 13th and as low as 15th.


Well the good news is we have less yellow cards...


He broke the record by 1 yellow card. And with one game to spare!

Hereford round up the season...they still have something to play for. Beat them and we give Eastleigh a chance to survive.


So we finish the season with 3 straight wins. Typical. Just when I'd given up hope they throw me a decent finish. Hope going into next season perhaps?


We were only 9 points off the Playoffs in the end. That's only 3 of those close games going our way instead of the other way. Still I promised a Top Half finish and only delivered 14th. Should I be worried? Bromley struggled all season and were relegated. Dag and Red started the final day in a playoff place and missed out. Still 3 out of 6 teams in the Playoffs is good going. Fingers crossed one of them can join Barnet.


Sutton and Welling went close to catching Eastbourne but they will both have to rely on the playoffs. Kingstonian also there. The only way Havent won't join them is if they lose their last game 6-0. Another one falls off the face of the Earth.


Leyton Orient mirrors our season. 9 points off the playoffs and 14th.


League One isn't finished but neither have anything to play for. Charlton disappointing while AFC Wimbledon I suppose will be happy to maintain their place in League One.


Brentford have another crack at the playoffs. Millwall gave it a good shot but will fall short. Good season for QPR and Fulham will be disappointed yet again.


Palace are almost there. Just 3 more games. West Ham, nothing really. The top teams stay up there.

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Hampton and Richmond End of Season Report


I can't afford to keep Taylor-Crossdale so he will need replacing. Amazing to see Chris Kelly in there because he hardly had a chance to play!


Nothing about this looks good really.


I think its fair. I'm not going to push anything next season. If they want to avoid a relegation battle that's what I'm going for. Although it looks like the pressure will soon be on. They want promotion in 4 seasons.


I don't think I've shown this for a long time so here's the dynamics. The team love me. Although the Atmosphere needs to improve.

So the good news is it looks like I'm going to keep my job and the better news is a repeat of this season is expected so I should be ok. The bad news is the board are wanting a promotion soon and I might be running out of time.

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Playoffs 2024-25

We aren't in it but there's lots of interested from a London club standpoint with teams in the Championship, National League and National League South playoffs.


Amazingly the Wealdstone dream continues while its more playoff agony for Barnet.


Kingstonian are just not cut out for playoffs it seems. If they had gotten through we would have bee guaranteed a London team in the final.

Sutton, Welling and Dulwich all come in for the Semis.


Poor Wealdstone, great effort. We look forward to continuing our battles next season. Can Dulwich head straight back to the Football League?

I think I'll still in shock Welling have actually got to the playoffs.


All that wait and they lose at home in extra time...the Welling way! Sutton looking for an immediate return to the National League. Only Maidstone stand in their way.


Brentford have taken a massive step towards the playoff final for the second year in a row.

We could still have 3 promotions this season with the only meaningful relegation being Bromley.


Palace have survived another season. Great result for them.


We shall see Sutton next season! Amazing to think they spent the first bit of the season in the bottom 4. The Yo-Yo Continues!


A mini scare but Brentford have done it. 90 minutes away from the Premier League once again. Its Huddesfield that stand in their way this time.


All teams survive in the Premier League. Spurs another disappointing season.


And Dulwich have done it! Great effort from then and absolutely proved me wrong.


More heart ache for Brentford. 

It means the state of play looks like this...


And then there were 21 in the playable leagues. 18 of them in the top 5 divisions. Lets build on this!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

Season 7 (2025-26)

Match Day Squad

I actually started the season somewhere with no internet access so here has been the main starting line up.

First of all this is the formation I am rocking with this season, from start to finish no matter what happens.




I've tried to ensure all starter are on a contract so I don't have a repeat of the start of last season. Very happy with my number 1. Hoping he will be our keeper for a while.


You'll notice 3 CBs.


First up is a new signing. Young and room for improvement. You'll notice that theme.


You'll remember Chris Kelly as the sending off extraordinaire last season. I'm 6 games into the new season and not a single red! He's probably the weaker of the 3.


I had Luca Vega on loan at the end of last season and was impressed. He was free in the offseason so I snapped him up. Very happy.

Wing Backs

I want to play Wing Backs although I am struggling for players who can actually play in those positions.


Bashir is a good CB not so great WBL but that's where he's playing!

You'll have noticed an African vibe going through the squad...I maybe back to my old ways!


Not as out of position as the other guy but still not his strongest position. Although after 6 games he is my leading goalscorer...with 2.

Defending Midfield


Another not playing in his strongest position but he has started brilliantly. On loan from Luton so he's free to me for the year. Massive signing so far.

Center Midfielders


I like Aziz. He does go missing occasionally but I like him. 


The one player I couldn't tie down to a proper contract and with good reason. He's far too good for us. 



Dylan Parker. Captain, leader, legend. Need I say more. 15 last season in a very hands off year.


I wanted to give this guy another year. Only 10 last season but I feel he will hit the ground running this season (although after 6 he hasn't in the slightest.)



Bradley has come through our academy. I didn't want to waste valuable wage on a back up keeper. Hoping I never have to use him.


Tuck is another new signing. In all fairness hes started 5/6 games this season so he's probably a starter more than sub. It could honestly be one of about 7 CB's who are there or thereabouts starters for the side.


My chosen CM of choice for the bench. Been a good impact player to bring on and has changed a few games this season already.


Mainly used as cover for the DCM but also plays well in the centre of the field where he played 39 last season with an average of 6.77.


I swore this guy would never kick a ball for us again. I moved him to the U18s and put him on the transfer list of surplus to requirements. Then we had a bid which was rejected by the head of youth developer. Because he was officially in the U18 team he had the decision. Ali then came to me and dropped all worries and complaints. I decided to then give him another chance because, well look at him, he could be very good in this division.

You'll have noticed a lot of youth and a lot of potential. I have 4 seasons...


The board want to be in the Football League in 4 seasons. This season the pressure is off. Next season they want to challenge but won't be disappointed if miss out. Then the pressure ramps up. I am hoping to get this team used to this tactic and for them to reach their potential. If they do then in a few seasons we could be unstoppable.

So in short this season is almost a right off. As long as I'm mid-table or so then I'm not fussed. 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

2025/26 Odds and Predictions


14th but at 12/1 I'm won leagues with teams with longer odds than that. If we finish 14th it will be a disappointment but it will be the board expectation. Barnet are always going to be there or thereabouts representing the London Clubs. Us and Dag and Red maybe have hopes of challenging for a playoff place but would be happy not to be sucked into a relegation battle. Sutton if they avoid the drop it would be brilliant. Don't like seeing Wealdstone down there so hopefully they can do better than predicted.


Bromley will be hoping to bounce straight back again. Welling and Kingstonian set for another season in and around the Playoffs. If you look close enough you'll see another London team has emerged. Harrow Borough. Although they are favourites to drop straight back down. The rest of the promoted sides are noway near London (I googled just to check).

I should take this time to apologise for my awful Geography knowledge.


Leyton Orient will be hoping for a playoff push this season. Its nice to see Dulwich projected to finish as high as that. Fingers crossed they can do just that, bare minimum is staying in this league and establishing themselves as a Football League team.


Charlton have turned me down twice now, they are predicted to have a fist of playoffs this season. AFC Wimbledon also up there. Can they make what would be a massive step in the right direction?


Brentford have back to back Playoff Final Defeats to their name. Can they make it over the line this time? Millwall and Fulham will be hoping to push for a playoff place themselves. QPR have had a good few seasons in the Championship. Set to struggle this season, fingers crossed they can avoid a battle altogether.


Familiar sight in the Premier League. Palace will be down there again. The more seasons they stay up the better chance they have of taking the next step. West Ham shouldn't struggle. The worrying thing is the top 6 (7 if you count Everton) haven't been dented in the slightest. This save is relying on not only getting teams from the Non-League to the Premier League but getting them in a position where they are better than the top 6. 

I think we are in a better position as a whole than when we started. Lots more lower league teams have reached a higher division but the Premier League hasn't seen a new team in it for even just one season. It seems to be the same teams going up and down. Something big needs to happen just to break the Status Quo. I think at this point I'm praying for a Tycoon. It doesn't have to be me, just any London team.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

August 2025

Not going to lie I'm getting sick of typing out the words "National League".

As mentioned before I've already played this month so to give the fixtures would be a mini spoiler.

We started off the season away to newly promoted Bradford City who are predicted to be very good. It was a tough game.


The 47 people were drowned in the sea of Bradford fans but boy did they leave happy! Its the 7th opening game of the season I've played and its now 7 unbeaten. Its a record I'm actually really proud of!

We needed to build on this...


2 goals 2 set pieces. It was their only attempt on target all game. We battered them but just couldn't get the winner. Highly frustrating game to watch and it felt like home. Still it isn't a defeat I suppose.


Two identical goals. 2 corners 2 headers 2 goals. Great way to bounce back following the frustrating game. We have started well...but then again...we always seem to.

First London derby of the season followed...


And it was dull. We deserved the win. This felt like a game that last season we would have lost 1-0. Spanking teams is fun but sometimes you learn so much more with results like this.

Nice unbeaten start, can we make it an unbeaten month?


I'm a fair guy. Yes I get VERY salty when I feel hard done by. Here we weren't hard done by. If anything the late goal flattered us. We were beaten by the better team and single handedly destroyed by a striker on form. Tarrelle :applause:.

I'm going to give you a bonus game because I've played one game in the next month and it will mean we are all caught up.


I thought this was going to be a typical game against Maidenhead. They sucker punched us with a goal but we fought back and deserved the win. It came late. Its twice this season we have dominated and found the winner. Pleasing stuff.

I say typical game against Maidenhead because...


Barring 2 games (1 each) every single game has been won by a single goal. I don't like playing Maidenhead and will not look forward to the away return game.

Anyway the table right now looks like this...


I absolutely refuse to get carried away. We always seem to start well then just poop the bed. It can hit us anywhere between late September or even Late November. Either way its going to hit us so lets just enjoy the good times while they last. Good to see Wealdstone going against predictions.

No updates on the other leagues as its far too early. First update at the end of September. You are all caught up. Lets get cracking with the rest of September.

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2 hours ago, Carninho said:

I think a realistic target of this save is to get all the London clubs in the top 2 divisions. still a mammoth task, but one that could be possible

I think the task is very impossible but right now (even though it might not seem it) I’m enjoying it. Good to see movement lower down the leagues.

2 hours ago, SRL88 said:

Nice start

Cheers! Problem is we always seem to start well, just can’t maintain it. 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

September 2025

Something amazing happened to start September. I had an option to postpone a game for International Call Ups! Which I obviously took.

It means the gap between the game you saw last and the next is huge.


Its a belter as well. 3 VERY tricky away games this month that realistically I can't expect to get anything from. I adds more importance on the home games.

There was a CB who has on the fringe of the side but just not good enough. He has great potential so wanted to give him a chance. I loaned him out to Ebbsfleet in the same league as us. Go there and get the experience needed!


Ok never mind. At this point he might as well have a screen put around him and shot.

There was obviously a set of fixtures played without me, including my next opponent Stevenage...


Oh boy are they going to be maaaaaaad.


Football and very much this save is cruel. We were minutes away from a very good away point and instead have a settle for a what could have been. On the whole they probably just about deserved it. Doesn't make the pill any less bitter.

If we can maintain this level of performance all season then I think we could be on for a good one. Maybe not promoted but a good stepping stone with the potential this side has.

Fylde up next at home. I mentioned the importance of the home games with 3 very hard away games this month.

I'm trying my best to keep rotation to a minimum. Get those relationships between players.


Well I mentioned the importance of the home games. Disappointed to let a lead slip. The result was fair but if we just held on till half time it would have made a big difference.

I have zero confidence in any of our away games this month. I can't even call it a slump, its games on paper we would struggle to win regardless.

Yeovil away next.


Worst possible start but fantastic recovery. We more than deserved the win so I'm delighted with a fantastic result.

We have rock bottom winless Ebbsfleet at home next which is our game in hand. I've played way to much FM to expect this to be anything other than an away win. Its just the way it always seems to go.


We had to rotate heavily but still not fantastic. Well its not a defeat but it was still so frustrating. For the second time this season a spectacular free kick stops us getting all 3 points. The team didn't get the memo about the importance of homes games this month.

Dylan Parker has found some form at least. Before his 4 goals in 2 games my strikers had combined for a total of 3 goals in 7 games. If another striker catches fire then we could be in a good position. Just need Parker to carry on at least.

From one extreme to the other now. We face unbeaten top of the table Crawley away. No pressure in this game. I'm expecting a thrashing so irregardless of the result I'd be happy with a performance.

"Hampton and Richmond face the impossible" for once I agree with them!


Stunning. Absolutely stunning. We deserved this win. I was delighted with the point but to snatch it at the end was magnificent. 

So the only loss this month was a 2-0 very late loss away to Stevenage. I think you can class this as a good month. It leaves the table looking like this.


I've missed being up there. Annoying we played the bottom 2 at home this month and didn't beat either of them! Sutton are down there and probably will be all season. All the other London clubs have started ok. I'm worried about October and November, these are the months normally the wheels come falling off. 


Welling have started strong up there with the best in the division. Doesn't looks great for Kingstonian but they are only 1 point off the playoffs. Bromley have started poorly but just remember where Sutton were this time last season. Harrow have started well I'd say only in the relegation places on goal difference. They look like they are going to give it a good go this year.


Leyton Orient are only a point off the playoffs and Dulwich currently have a nice 6 point gap over the bottom 2. They had a good start last time and still went down so fingers crossed they can maintain it a bit better this season. The more teams we have in the football league the better!


Much better from Charlton. Seems Ian Holloway was the right man for the job and not myself. AFC Wimbledon the right side of mid-table. Long may it continue.


You get the impression Newcastle are going to run away with that league. Millwall have started very strongly. Room for improvement for Brentford based on the last few seasons but plenty of time to do so. Now this would be a full blown disaster for QPR an Fulham. I won't panic just yet. Plenty of the season to go. 


Is it me or does West Ham always seem to start slow? Palace the right side of the red. I just don't think Spurs are a big club anymore. Looking very good for the others early on.

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Chris Kelly scores an 86 minute penalty? That must be a record for longest time spent on the pitch?

This has been a painful catch up read! 

That some point slump every season is just a killer! Fantastic read though, fingers firmly crossed that last seasons dance with relegation is the springboard you needed to kick on

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50 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

Chris Kelly scores an 86 minute penalty? That must be a record for longest time spent on the pitch?

This has been a painful catch up read! 

That some point slump every season is just a killer! Fantastic read though, fingers firmly crossed that last seasons dance with relegation is the springboard you needed to kick on

:lol: he’s got 2 goals this season! He hasn’t been sent off this season so far! My theory is he needs to let his parole officer know where he is between 3pm and 5pm every Saturday!

Yeah it was a bit of a wake up call. Glad I managed to come through the otherwise and fingers crossed we can at least keep the board happy! 

24 minutes ago, SRL88 said:

Pretty solid month. Fingers crossed you keep things up

Oh God I hope so! Big home month followed by a big away month. If I’m in and around the playoffs heading into December I’ll start to believe! 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

October 2025

Ok this month normally sees the beginning of the end of our season!


On paper, other than Hereford away we should be winning all these games. If it indeed goes south then I'll know something is wrong!

We start the month at home to Barrow. Should be winning but for once our home form isn't fantastic. Which doesn't bode well for the month!

I picked up a new striker because other than Dylan Parker nobody has turned up this season...


I'm really hoping he can hit the ground running.


Well no goals from the strikers but 3 goals is always good in my eyes. Not saying the red card was the reason we won but it certainly helped. Good to see attendances are back up to over 1000. I think when things were at their worst we were struggling to get 700.

Hereford away next who are having a great season. Its another tricky away game, one I'm not expecting to get anything out of.


Oh man I'm not going to lie its soooo good to see that again! It feels like its been a while!

Annoyingly we have 2 players on International Break which is 1 less needed to rearrange.


First game against Dorking for a while in the Cup. Yes THE Dorking.


Got to fancy my chances.


Ok I will try and remember this and not complain next time. Unbelievable result and once again a late comeback sees us grab a huge away win. We are playing some good football. Long may it continue.

FA Cup action next. We should really win. There is a bit of a break however so hopefully players will be fit. Once again we will be a game behind everybody. If we win this game in hand we can go only 3 points behind Crawley.

We just need to keep this winning feeling going.


Late goal goes against us. There was only 4 minutes added on and they scored in the 95th so yeah...not happy about that. This better be just the shock of the cup rather than the slide into decline.

To test this out we return home against 21st place Warrington. Must win based on that performance. We are in dire need of a cup run and a big draw. The finances are just in constant decline. The bank loan to pay the stadium isn't helping!


Yep. Here it is. There are only 3 things that are certain in our life...death, taxes and Hampton and Richmond Borough's season collapsing between the months of October and November.

I'm obviously joking. We didn't play fantastic against Dorking and deserved to go out and the 1-0 loss was a penalty and we did everything but score. We can't let this worry us...

Home to 22nd place Sutton next to finish the month. We will lose. Its a certainty.

Well if we do it won't be this month....our first postponed game since we moved to the new stadium. 

It means the league table looks like this after an underwhelming end to the month.


Not a fantastic month but we have a few games in hand which can help cement a place in the playoffs. Only problem is the next month we spend a lot of it away. Sutton are in the relegation zone but they should beat us so will be fine. Other than that its us flying the London flag!


Welling up there. Kingstonian still in earshot. Bromley have improved but still need to work in order to compete for the playoffs. Harrow have fallen and face an uphill battle already to survive.


League Two is looking glum for London clubs. I fear for Dulwich.


It pains me to see Chesterfield at the top of League One. Charlton are still there or thereabouts. AFC Wimbledon mid-table and it will do for now.


Brentford are back to where they belong. Millwall have fallen but it will do for now. QPR need to pull something out here. I don't want them going down again!


I'm worried about Spurs. Palace are in the same place they spend their time and West Ham are slowly recovering. Yes that is Villa. Yes I'm confused as well.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

November 2025

So will the mini slump continue?


Bigger month than expected but those postponed games at least break up the away games and make them seem more manageable.

We start the month with a trick away fixture against a team just outside the playoffs. If we can get through this month still in the playoffs then I will start to believe.


In the grand scheme of things this has to be seen as a good point. We were terrible. We managed 1 shot on goal all game so based on that I'm happy with a point.

Back to back home games against 2 teams in the bottom 4 next. Huge opportunity to cement a playoff place for now.

I don't have any confidence. Something about October and November just destroys my confidence and hope.


Now this is more like it. I'm not fussed about the defending if we keep knocking the goals in. The worry is still the strikers.

Sutton at home next. On paper we should win but a London derby absolutely anything could happen. 

Another Postponement for Internationals means the away fixture against Kidderminster has been moved to December...it now means we have 3 away games in a row in December! It also means this once away heavy month has seen 6 fixtures and 4 of them at home :lol:.


Oh boy was that game bad. We had a goal disallowed after 5 minutes then 5 minutes from the end a sending off but other than that absolutely nothing. It was the sort of game you wish both sides could come away with 0 points. 

With Parker suspended our most potent striker is missing. I honestly have no idea where our goals are going to come from. Chris Kelly also picks up a suspension, he managed 17 games! Unbelievable effort from him. 

We have 15 days gap between games. So nothing to do but sit back and wait for Barnet away.

Not really expecting much from this game.


Two identical goals from crosses and a laughable OG were the difference here. The strikers are all going to get a telling off now. Its getting beyond a joke. Can't win games if strikers aren't scoring. Its that simple.

Doesn't help our next game is against York. There are so many teams I want to see the back of, and these are one of them. I don't care how. I just don't like playing them. Same goes with Barnet!


FA Trophy draw sees us away against a team in the division below us...because that went really well last time!


This game seriously needs to do one sometimes. Smashed em, watched strikers miss chance after chance after chance. Finally get the breakthrough thanks to one of my CB's. Cruising. No worries then out of nothing they grab a completely undeserved equaliser. Do one FM and do one York.

Home against Solihull Moors next. Can't wait to destroy for them 90 minutes and lose 1-0.


Well I was half right. We dominated them from start to finish but had to rely on a late goal. I don't know how long we are going to stay in the playoffs if my strikers carry on like this.


Shambolic numbers across the board. Luckily goal machine Dylan Parker is back from suspension! 

The league table looks like this heading into a month where we spend most of it away from home.


9 points off top with a game in hand. Can't say I'm no longer chasing Automatic promotion because I am. That being said I'm happy with the 6 point gap between us an 8th. I said if I was still there or thereabout by the end of November I'd start to believe but I think I need to extend that to December with the flood of away games heading our way.

Us and Barnet flying the flag, Barnet are always there or thereabouts it seems. Sutton the right side of GD. Fingers crossed we don't lose any (or at least going down anyway).


Welling back to normal! I was beginning to worry. Bromley bouncing back much like Sutton last season while Kingstonian are still in touching distance. Harrow still fighting but its going to be a long battle.


Leyton Orient down in 15th but only 3 points off playoffs. Dulwich with their head above water as it stands but the cushion is disappearing. 


Charlton falling but at least Chesterfield aren't top anymore. AFC Wimbledon looking over their shoulder rather than to the stars!


Brentford going well, can they push for an automatic promotion? Millwall still with a good shot of playoffs themselves. At least 2 would be brilliant in the playoffs. Down at the other end and I get the feeling QPR are going to make us sweat all season. Fulham not fantastic either. Although they are currently closer to the playoffs than we are the Title.


Look at Palace! Nosebleed position for them! West Ham haven't been able to shake off their poor start and I'll be honest when I took the screenshot at first I didn't even see Spurs that low down! Are they going to be the first major casualty? I was kinda hoping it was going to be a team outside of London! At least Arsenal and Chelsea aren't letting us down!

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2 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

Move your money to Switzerland and don't pay tax. Then it's just death and decline as a certainty

I've missed your positive approach on everything :lol:

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9 minutes ago, andychar said:

I've missed your positive approach on everything :lol:

It's either that or graduate from Jose Mourinho's school for ball boys and i'll sign you up in Zimbabwe                      

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

December 2025

Ok we get through this month still in the playoff race then I'll believe!


I'll be doing a shed load of "Driving home for Christmas" this month. Lets get through it! 

We start with a tricky London derby. Am I confident?


One of my wins was a friendly so I don't count that. Things are too close! They did the double over us last season as well.

God I'm hoping its new month new strikers...


The keeper had a mere with the goal but had his blushes spared. Dylan Parker back in the side and back in the goals. Without him...the last time a striker scored for us...was the 18th of October. Yet we still keep the points coming.

Away to Harrogate next who are having a fine season, I don't expect anything.


This was a bang on even game. Difference? They actually have strikers who can score.

Lets bounce back straight away.


Not happy in the absolute slightest.


My strikers better start scoring soon its getting absolutely ridiculous.

Margate in the cup next and honestly I couldn't give a crap its league I'm focusing on.



Suppose the Margate game is a good chance to get out of this mini slump and a good chance for these strikers to finally find the net!


5 goals not one from a struggling striker! You'll notice Dylan Parker's name there. The only striker I can count on!

Hereford at home next, could do with a win in the league but it will be a tricky game.


Dan Cashman is my latest attempt at a striker. His finishing worries me but that's about it. Small wage loanee.


It was either Boston or Stevenage. Glad its Boston, gives us a better chance. They are going well in the National League North. We should win but it won't be easy.


Getting REAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYY damn sick of this now! You are literally paid to do one thing. Score goals. Not a single striker other than Dylan Parker has scored for over 2 months and its absolutely pathetic.

Warrington away now and honestly I am expecting to lose.


Merry Christmas! Very happy with the result but please please please let a striker score!

We finish the year at home to Crawley. Very difficult game even at home and we really can't expect to win.

We scrap that, for the second time this season the game has been postponed at the end of the month to give us such a anticlimactic end to a month!

Well the table looks like this at the end of 2025...


The table is all over the place at the moment but the bottom line is we are still in a playoff place. Its been a somewhat rough month. Its soon going to be 1/4 of a year since any striker other than Dylan Parker has scored. If we can get through this rough patch still in with a shot of playoffs one or two of those strikers are bound to come good soon.

Looking good for London teams. None are in danger of going down as it stands.


Bromley and Welling are currently in the playoffs. Its close however. Kingstonian have fallen off and look set to miss the playoffs for the first time in a while. Harrow are giving it a go and that's all we can ask of them.


Leyton Orient are sinking like a stone. Dulwich still have that little gap. Its going to be close. Leyton Orient hopefully will improve.


Charlton just on the wrong side of playoffs. AFC Wimbledon have improved and should be looking ahead rather than down. Although they are closer to the drop than the playoffs.


Brentford still battling for the automatic spot. That would be brilliant. Millwall mid-table. QPR out of the drop for the first time this season. Fulham have improved and hopefully will start climbing the table. 


Just what has happened at Spurs! West Ham in trouble as well. Palace are flying and shouldn't be in bother really. No worries elsewhere.

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9 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

by your own admission you have to believe now... i'll cancel your ball boy interview 

I might have to change this to “if we get to the end of January...”.

Recent form is not great and strikers just can’t score goals. I’m finding it hard to believe! The bell just doesn’t ring for me. 

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On 05/12/2019 at 20:32, andychar said:

:lol: he’s got 2 goals this season! He hasn’t been sent off this season so far! My theory is he needs to let his parole officer know where he is between 3pm and 5pm every Saturday

I have a vision of him filling out the form, forgetting a game was postponed and having to sit in his car, outside a locked stadium for two hours to avoid any problems with the parole

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

January 2026

January is shaping up to be a big month.


Oldham away proves a test to start the season. Come on new year new form for the strikers!


A win! A comeback win! A win with the two goals being scored by a striker other than Dylan Parker! Happy New Year!

I really hope that's it. I really hope Ali Al-Hamadi is going to go on the tear of his life!

We play rock bottom at home next, I've played enough FM to know exactly where this is going!


Well that was a good performance. We had to wait but it was worth it. No goals from the strikers though.

Crawley at home next. We have a little bit of a winning streak so lets keep it going.


3 huge points. Fantastic result and 3 goals from strikers!

Boston United in the cup next, I want to win but not going to lose sleep if we don't.


We were awful. It was clear they wanted it way more than we did. Shocking performance. 

We better pick ourselves up for the league now. To go out of both competitions against lower league opposition is shocking. No excuse for it.

Bradford at home next, not going to be an easy game.


Absolutely brilliant game. Dylan Parker has just been a mainstay this season. Obviously unhappy to concede at the end but I'll take it any day. Chris Kelly managed 28 games before picking up his first red card of the season. He's trying bless him.

Maidenhead away next and this is a big game. They are currently 15 points behind us, sounds loads but they have 3 games in hand. Keeping a close eye on them.


I've had worse points. We had 2 glorious chances to nick the 3 points but it was a fair result all things considering. Not a bad point at all.

Kings Lynn at home to finish the month. I want revenge for the loss at the start of the season.


I haven't seen a scarier sight than this all season!


Good win. Good performance. Very happy.

Its been a brilliant month and the table looks like this...


Maidenhead are 12 points behind us but with those 2 games in hand I am still looking over my shoulder at them. Other than that the gap between us and 8th is very encouraging. I hate to say it but @Mandy42.....I'm starting to believe.

Wealdstone haven't had a great season but if you'll remember they were predicted to struggle. Fingers cross they can keep their head above water. Sutton look like they are actually going to stay in the league which would be great. I think Dag and Red have left themselves to much to do. Barnet challenging for the title.

082d1729bff21c6d5b32a9efba516e2b.png9839913caf12186b1843d3604aca973b.png 00d9263259523fdff0a94a7b7d9fd4ae.png

Bromley are only 5 points off top and only 3 from missing out on playoffs to give you an idea of how close it is. Disappointing season by Kingstonian's standards. Thanks for coming Harrow. Maybe see you again soon?


Leyton Orient and Dulwich have a nice little gap over the relegation zone. Fingers crossed its enough to keep them afloat another season.


Charlton started with so much promise but it looks like another disappointing season. AFC Wimbledon are 9 points above relegation and 9 points off playoffs.


Brentford are continuing their battle for Automatic Promotion. How brilliant would that be? Millwall and Fulham will have to be content with mid-table obscurity. QPR just need to stay in the division by hook or by crook.


Arsenal and Chelsea no worries. Spurs have recovered enough for now. Palace have a nice 6 point gap over the bottom 3. Hopefully they can see that through. West Ham. What's happened? Didn't see this coming at all. Fingers crossed they have a strong finish to the season.

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7 hours ago, scousevasey said:

I have a vision of him filling out the form, forgetting a game was postponed and having to sit in his car, outside a locked stadium for two hours to avoid any problems with the parole

He'd still find a way to get sent off.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

February 2026

I have something I haven't had in a while...something very dangerous...I have hope.


Its a month of London Derbies and a month of away games. This has the feeling of a make or break kind of month. I'm glad I don't have the distraction of the cup to be honest.

Our first game is a home game which automatically makes it a must win, especially as its against a team who is currently struggling.


Player of the Month Dylan Parker who will likely miss the entire month. He will be missed massively.


It feels like an absolute age since I've won one of these so I'm very happy.


Must win but already its plain to see we are missing Dylan Parker. Chance after chance came and went. They took their chances and we didn't.

I think its going to be a long month this one. I think its going to a month which puts our playoff chances to the sword.

Luckily there is a big gap now between games. Gives Dylan Parker a chance to come back.


Fantastic recovery, absolutely brilliant result. This is the sort of game that can define a season. 

Solihull Moors away next. Sort of game we need to be targeting a winnable.

We are 1 point away from matching our total from last season.


2 minutes of crap was enough to sink us. Chris Kelly has become such a liability. Gave away the penalty and was at fault for the 2nd. This is on his return to the team following suspension. Fantastic stuff!

I thought this was going to be a hard month, if we can beat Sutton away next I will be content with 6 points. Other than that we might be looking over our shoulder again.


What a game of two halves. We battered them in the first half and deserved our lead. The second half they destroyed us. Luckily we held on for a vital win.

It means with 2 months to go the league table looks like this...


We are still in 4th and we still have hopes of 3rd place which would mean a bye into the semi of the playoffs. We have a nice 9 point lead over 8th at the moment. Still 11 games to go and I don't think I'll actually believe it until we have a PL next to our name.

No London Club should be going down for the first time in what feels like forever which is great! Its us and Barnet or nothing for the playoffs. 


Bromley will be disappointed not to get playoffs from here. Welling have found their usual 10th. Kingstonian are mid-table and nothing else. Harrow have cut the gap but they will be disappearing. I'm hoping we can see a team go up here so we have 19 teams in the top 5 divisions. The idea is to cut this league out completely!


Leyton Orient are safe. They are 10 points off playoffs so have a small outside shot. Dulwich will be very happy with the 8 point gap and with 10 games to go hopefully its enough to see them through.


Both sides mid-table and nothing really. AFC Wimbledon will be content. The Charlton job is free again, I will not be applying for a 3rd time!


Brentford probably won't be getting automatic but are looking good for playoffs. Millwall and Fulham have an outside shot and will be battling for that final playoff place. QPR have dragged themselves away a little bit but the battle isn't over yet.


Can Arsenal hold on? Who would have thought Palace would be the 3rd best London Club? Its not over for West Ham yet. We can't go down to 4 again. West Ham better pull their finger out!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

March 2026


Some big games this month with York and Barnet on the agenda but other than that every other game is winnable! This is the month where we could properly cement a playoff place and maybe wrestle 3rd place from Barnet!

It all starts at home to Kidderminster. We were poor in our last home game but that was so long ago its easily to forget it.


This isn't good at all. We were already over our budget. Now we are over it by over 3k p/w. 

Contracts running out in the summer equal 2700 p/w which is still short of the wage budget. I only wanted to give one player a new contract and I won't even be able to do that now. Things are going downhill quickly.

The new stadium and the loan taken out has really not helped!

It's made me think that promoted this season is absolutely vital!


I'm not going to say anything else.

We go to York next. We battered them at our place and they still managed a 1-1 draw. Nice theme developing.


A fantastic result to make up for the home loss. 

We have the points we would have expected to get at this point in the month just in the wrong order. Not going to lie my morale has dropped massively after that message about the wage budget. It means we aren't going to be in a position to afford decent players next season, never mind keeping the ones we have. We just managed to get into a position where we weren't heavily relying on loan players but it looks like we are going to need all 5 next season.

Barnet at home next. Our recent home form is absolutely shocking so I really don't know if we are favourites at all here. A win will take us level with Barnet for that 3rd place.

I've applied for the Charlton job, the idea is to squeeze a new contract out of them and reduce my wage all the way to as low as possible. I need to help in anyway I can with the finances.


I'm showing the stats so you can get a full appreciation of how p***** off I am right now.

There goes 3rd place. Battle to finish as high as possible now.

We are having the performances but not the results and once again it all boils down to how awful my strikers have been all season. No point bringing anybody off the bench when you know they are going to make no difference in the slightest.

Quite frankly the whole financial situation has really put a dampener on the end of the season...especially when you see this...


If it drops that low then there will be absolutely no chance of going forward this this team.

On paper the last 3 games this month are winnable. In reality we will dominant and come away with very little.

You can tell my mood has changed :lol:


And yet no choice to postpone. It seems this season is just crumbling before my eyes. 


Beyond a Goddamn joke.


Jesus was this needed! I hope the chairman never leaves! Wage budget still projected to be as low as 8k next season. We will have to see what happens. We just now need to start turning performances into points! The gap is falling. I've not worked this hard all season for it to collapse at the end.

2 home games to finish the month now and I demand 6 points.


Well it's not going to be 6 points. We came from 2-0 down which is good. Taylor-Crossdale got his first goal since God knows when. No complaints about the result it was a fair one.

We are at home to rock bottom next. This has to be a win. We need to maintain a little gap.


Nah I'm done. One or two result not going our way when we dominate is one full but a whole month of them. I have seriously lost the will.


If we do get playoffs which at this point I doubt it will be just and we will lose in the first round like last time.


Bromley holding on. Welling still with an outside chance but they have gone back to the usual self. Kingstonian crap but safe. Harrow never really got going and will be dropping out of playable again.


Dulwich have gone from safe to really in trouble. They have just fired their manager. Guess whose gone for the job. Leyton Orient still have a bit of work to do.


Charlton have turned me down 3 times now. Just when will they learn?


Brentford will be hoping its 3rd times the charm in the Playoffs. Millwall won't have given up yet. Fulham have dropped just for a change eh. QPR are finishing strong which is good to see.


West Ham still rock bottom by my God its close. Palace in the top half after a fantastic season. Spurs still just rocking the mid-table look. The title hasn't been in London since 16/17 and it doesn't look like it will be going this season either.

Summary heading into the Final month. This save is going to kill me.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

April 2026

I can't even blame the tactics for this slump. I can blame the players however. I would say I need a new set of strikers next season but I don't think I'm going to be in the financial position to get any!


We have picked the worst possible time to go 4 games without a win. Just look at that final game of the season. Will it be a winner takes all for playoffs?

I honestly have no idea what do expect this month. We dominate game but don't win them. I'm at a loss as to what I can do.

I'm being really negative but we are only 5 points off 3rd!

Let's just play these 5 games and see what happens.


Its the first time we have won this award. Shame it was for nothing in the end.

Fylde at home next 7 games 1 win apiece and 5 draws. Place your bets!


Massively needed win! We were hanging on towards the end but luckily we did just that. The gap reminds 4 points with 4 games to go.

Chorley at home next, our home form is absolutely shocking. Its a role reversal of normal. Not going to lie I'm very nervous heading into this game. I don't know if I should expect anything from it.


Patience gone.

Lets just blow this season to pieces. I'm ready to move on.


Cant win when we dominate. Can't win when we don't. Somebody please tell me what the damn point in trying is because I've honestly forgotten.

Darlington next. Regardless of what happens here we will have a chance to secure playoffs in the final game, that being said I have zero expectation. We really have blown it.


Fantastic result. Much much much needed win! 

It means heading into Gameweek 46 the situation looks like this...


We can finish as high as 4th or as low as 8th. I'm going to hate this final game.

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3 hours ago, Mandy42 said:








(or burn in the flames of failure) AGAIN!

looking good so far, just need some luck to get you over the line this time

The worst thing I did this season was start to believe!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

Gameweek 46 2025/26

The situation is simple. Win or draw and a playoff place is ours.

We have Harrogate Town at home, who are currently 3 points behind us but with a much better goal difference. Meaning a loss puts us in danger.


Hereford are away to 22nd King's Lynn who are already relegated.


5th place Maidenhead are against 20th Eastbourne Boro, they are safe and have nothing to play for.


Bradford have a home game as well against 9th place Barrow. All we need to do is match their result and we will be in the playoffs regardless.

Ready for a fun filled not stressful at all 90 minutes?

We have gained a playoff place and dropped out of a playoff place in previous Gameweek 46 before.

In other news...


Millwall have reached the FA Cup final. Excellent effort there.


Wow...erm...I wasn't expecting this.

I have delayed by a week for 2 reasons. Playoff would be a good season regardless of the final limping so I want to see if we can get there. Dulwich face final day drama themselves. They are currently 23rd and level on points with 22nd. If they get relegated then I won't want to switch.  Basically it all comes down to the final day as to where I will finish this season...

Worth pointing out that Barnet can still win the league heading into the final game as well.

So here we go a long season all comes down to this. Playoffs or no...


Early goal at Eastbourne means if we win we leapfrog them. Remember the higher we finish the better chance we will have in the playoffs...on paper anyway.


We couldn't have asked for a better start!


As it stands we are 4th.


Its all going to well! Where's the sting?


There's the pressure.


As it currently stands after half an hour.


Maidenhead level but we are still 4th.


That mini cushion over Maidenhead is back.


Just before the break it looks like Bradford have the win in their sights.


Just after the break we get the goal which surely will see us into the playoffs!


Good game at Easbourne. We are still 4th.


Hereford level.


It means on the hour mark we drop down to 5th. It would still be a home game in the playoffs...


Good comeback Hereford and it likely means 5th is the best we can hope for now.


Bradford have surely secured their place.


Surely even we can't blow it from here.



We had an awful wobble but not only have we secured a playoff place we have given ourselves at least 1 home game.

Barnet's game was postponed but they know if they win 5-0 they are champions.


Spoiler Alert. I won't be going to Dulwich Hamlet.

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2025/26 Round Up

So you have seen how the National League finished (minus Barnet), but what about the others?


Bromley ensured the run of London teams in the National League South goes on. Welling in 10th...its been a while. Kingstonian a disappointing season while Harrow tried but are heading straight back down. It means there could be as little as 2 teams in the National League South next season.


Dulwich have dropped again and once again I'll make the prediction they won't be back. Leyton Orient a bad season for them really.


So it's York who have won promotion to the football league. Good riddance.


Player of the Month. Fingers crossed he's hit hes best form when it matters the most!


One team will be happy with this finish. The other not so much.


Brentford go again. Millwall have had a very good season but just miss out. Again one team will be happy with the finish the other not so much.


West Ham very disappointing. They look doomed. Palace have had a very good season. Spurs not so much. Arsenal have fallen while Chelsea are just 5th.

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One does not simply get themselves promoted from the National League...

I can't be bothered going looking for the picture, you will just have to visualise the cheesy Sean Bean face! 

One last push! so you can get promoted with no wage budget and well yeah :D

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League


So for the first time in a long time we are going to be playing football in May!

We have been drawn against Maidenhead at home. This is far from an easy win.


A 3-2 home win and a 1-1 away draw this season gives us hope but its far too close to call.


This is good for us. We finished ahead of Bradford meaning if they get to the final and we get to the final. Its a home game. Look at me looking forward to the final :lol:.

So lets go. Potentially the biggest game in the history of the club. 


We started poor but got ourselves gradually into the game. We got this game just when we were on top. Great lead to have.


We deserve to be winning. Can we hold on?


Yeah I can never read the yellow cards either. We held on! They came at us a bit more in the second half but we gave as good as we got. Brilliant result and we march on.


Is this a bug? I would have thought with seeding I get Crawley and lower seed Bradford get Barnet? Or is it just the two teams with a bye get a home draw but its drawn out who? Well there will be a London team in the Final regardless.


Bromley turn it around and go one step closer to a return to the National League.

We played Barnet at the Hive last time we reached the playoffs and were out played.


Our head to head record is woeful and we have lost the last 3 games against them. We are very much the underdogs here.


This is huge! Hardly any time on the clock and Barnet are down to 10 men. This is a monster chance to get to the Playoff Final.


Its not been a great half. They have looked more like scoring to be honest. Come on big 45 minutes!


Me thinks it will be Crawley in the final.

The ball is in the back of the net in the 91st minute but its chalked off for offside. We were so close.


We haven't been good enough to say we have played 10 men for 85 minutes. They had the bye and it means they will fancy their chances as a gruelling extra 30 minutes start.

0-0 at half time in extra time. 15 more minutes to find the goal to send us into the final.

The ball is once again in the back of the net on the 111th minute. This time the Bradford striker was a million miles offside and there was no chance.

And its Penalties. I really don't fancy our chances to be honest. We had the chance playing 115 minutes against 10 men.

Barnet go first....



Right back at them. My heart can't take this!


Barnet retake the lead. Pressure back on us.


Perfection so far.


Ah that was the chance. Straight down the middle and it literally went through the keeper. I think we are going to miss our next one.


I was wrong. Back level. My heart can't take this.


All the pressure goes onto Al-Hamadi. He's had a good second half to the season...


And he makes no mistake...we are now into sudden death really.


5 out of 5 for Barnet, perfection, I have no hope about this penalty going in...


5 out of 5 for us! Please, please, please, just miss.



Are we just to go on forever?


That's not a mistake! If we score we are in the Final.........


We did it! We are in the Final! Absolute scenes!

There is a huge 17 days in between games. At least fitness won't be an issue.

And it won't be Crawley away. It will be Crawley at Wembley. Delighted with that.


Bromley are also in the Final. Excellent stuff.


West Ham are down and I wouldn't have predicted that at the start of the season. Shocking season. Fingers crossed they can bounce straight back.


A late goal gives Brentford a fighting chance for the second leg.


It wasn't meant to be 3 in a row for Brentford. Real shame!


Bromley have done it! They are back in the National League. Great stuff. 19 teams in the National League and above.

All that's left to work out now is...what league will we be playing in next season?

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