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5 minutes ago, andychar said:

Don’t worry I noticed my mistake later on and stopped giving a crap about them. 

Brain fart.  

Coolio :)

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

February 2020

I'm halfway through the month so can't give a fixture list.

Safe to say its all league action.


Don't let the late goal fool you we more than deserved this win. We keep pressure at the top.

Lots of fixture changes, waterlogged pitches means we play 3 games in a week. Starting with a London Derby.


We were 1 defensive screw up away from a huge win. 

I've not been impressed with the defence this season, individual errors are mounting up.


Another defensive mistake. To give the lead away not once, not twice but 3 times its unforgivable. The title and automatic promotion has 100% gone, we now we need to keep hold of 2nd.


Morgan Brough bagged his first goal for us but it wasn't enough. Very frustrating as all 3 games we haven't won we have been the better side. Just defensively shocking.

That's you caught up! Join the frustration!

Bottom of the table at home next. This is suddenly a massive must win game if we want to keep 2nd in our hands.


This game can just take a flying leap sometimes! 2-0 up at home against the bottom team and the 3rd goal was ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. 

Get me out of this damn month!

One more game and honestly I have zero expectation.


Well isn't this nice. Maybe now they believe me when I say I want to be out of this league in 3 seasons at the most!


Not happy at all about this. They offered him a contract but I wasn't able to offer one as he's recently signed one. So now our nice young striker is going. That being said there's no way in the World I would have been able to offer him 1.5k!

Regardless of what happens this season we are going to be in a much better position next season financially. I will be able to bring players in without worrying about the wage budget. I want a new LB, CB, RB, LM and now need a new ST or 2. Not asking for a lot!


Horrible month comes to an end. We need to find our winning form again, picked the worst time for a bad run!


Suddenly we aren't even flying the London flag!

Dulwich have over taken us and with 8 games to play we would have to play 3 games in the playoffs. We need that 2nd place finish or at least 3rd! Welling still in the playoffs and Wealdstone just missing out. All 4 London teams could easily finish in the top 7 this season.

Bromley amazingly have shown a bit of fight. They are still rock bottom but only 9 points adrift of safety. Sutton are still hanging on. Barnet and Dag and Red are gonna be mid table. Neither here nor there.

Leyton Orient 3rd bottom 1 point off the relegation place.

AFC Wimbledon find themselves in 16th. 5 points off the drop.

Millwall are 4 points clear of relegation with Brentford 16th, won't be relegated or promoted. I'll take that. Charlton are 11th 6 points off. Fulham and QPR are 8th and 7th still very much chasing the playoffs.

Crystal Palace sit 14th just 2 points off the bottom 3. It will be a tight finish. West Ham comfortable in 12th. Chelsea 6th Arsenal 5th Spurs 4th 2 points separating them.  



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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

March 2020


Even the fixture list is laughing at us. Huge opening game against Chelmsford. Last time we played it was top v 2nd this time its 2nd v 4th and we need the win!


Puts things into perspective. I'm not happy the wheels are coming off yet we weren't expected to do anything like this so maybe I should be happy with the season as a whole.

Wealdstone drew their game in hand so if the season ended today all 4 London teams would be in the playoffs.

Not for the first time a home game has been postponed. It means Eastbourne are up next.


You'd think I'd be happy with a last minute equaliser but really we shouldn't have been behind. Another individual error, well 2 actually both by the keeper. He's been solid all season so hard to criticise but if its not one person its another. Never mind the fact Tyrone missed a sitter at 1-0. 

We are sleep walking our way through the end of the season, keep it up and we could miss a playoff place altogether.


Huge win! The sending off obviously helped. We were on top before hand though. 


6 to go.


And there's the 2 steps back. Piece of crap performance. I can't wait to have the wage budget to overhaul this team. We are finishing the season as we expected the season to have gone and its going to be a waste of a golden opportunity.

I really don't want to complain but its been so frustrating watching exactly the same set of players perform so differently.

Braintree finishes the month. I'd kill for a win.

Player unhappy that I didn't try and loan him out. I told him there was no interest.



Thank you for your time. Your services will no longer be required.


Brilliant win. Huge goal by my player of the season McAuley.

4 games to go 1 month to go and the table looks like this...


Dulwich have come out of nowhere really. 3 points and a worse GD isn't too bad but I think we need a little luck. Wealdstone are just in a playoff place and have 1 foot in the FA Trophy final! Welling have fallen like a stone. 5 points off playoffs but I don't fancy their chances.

Bromley aren't bottom! They are 2nd bottom and only 2 points away from safety. What a turnaround. Hopefully they can finish the job. Sutton are up in 18th but only 3 points off bottom 3. Barnet and Dag and Red are mid-table. Nothing doing there.

Leyton Orient 2nd bottom, 1 points off the bottom. Its going to go down to the wire.

AFC Wimbledon 1 place above relegation 1 point ahead. Its going to go down to the wire!

Millwall 1 place above relegation 2 points ahead. Its going to go down to the wire! Brentford and Charlton are mid-table and won't be making the playoffs. Fulham 8th 3 points off and QPR 7th 2 points off playoffs. They both have a good chance of making a late charge.

Crystal Palace are 1 place above relegation 1 points ahead. Its going down to the wire. West Ham 11th and safe. Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs 6th, 5th and 4th although Chelsea cut adrift.

Lots of teams can still go down. It could be a terrible season or it could be ok.

Edited by andychar

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This challenge is impossible in my eyes as long as the game is played realistically. You're relying on teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United et al getting relegated.

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50 minutes ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

This challenge is impossible in my eyes as long as the game is played realistically. You're relying on teams like Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United et al getting relegated.

That I am. Going to be fun trying though. 

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it looked too good to be true, just need to stumble over the line now and do your best in the playoffs.

At the least, take it as a dry run for next year, when you won't have tweedle de and tweedle dum taking up all your wages.

Plus, didn't you say this save isn't about you? and the London teams further up the pyramid are getting it done this season?

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

April 2020

We start the month (technically its March still...but hey)


We have a new keeper on the way. Our current keeper is only on loan and this free transfer will be coming at the end of the season on a none contract. I'll take it for now.


4 fixtures left. We should have playoffs secure but the position is still in question. I'd love 2nd, I'll take 3rd. Anything less and things will get trickier.

My player of the season and now...



Cheers youth! (He's older than I am).


Brilliant win. Top class performance. 


Well that's one less thing to worry about.

The youth candidates came through, not fantastic, here are the two players which stood out.


You'll be happy to know they aren't on 3,800p/w.


I love this board.

London Derby next, big game, our last of the season. Not counting playoffs.


Huge goal. It keeps us in touching distance of 2nd. We more than deserved it as well. They scored with what was their only shot on target all game.


Another draw where really we should have won. We just don't take enough chances.


That bye week is out of our hands, annoyingly. 

We finish away to 8th place Dartford. Chelmsford are away to 11th place Welling who still can make the playoffs!


Huge win! Very tight game, these have been the games we have been losing recently so to get the win just before the playoffs is massive! But was it enough?


Welling won! But it wasn't enough for playoffs. 3 out the 4 London teams in the playoffs is great though with 2 of them having a bye into the semi final.

What happened throughout the leagues though?


Bromley went down. They gave it a good go. Sutton survive. Barnet and Dag and Red nothing really in mid-table.


One team went down and Leyton Orient managed to find it.

The other leagues are still going but AFC Wimbledon are in the bottom 3 with 1 game to go. They need a miracle.

Millwall, Brentford, Charlton and QPR nothing left to play for. Fulham on the outside looking in but can still make the playoffs.

Crystal Palace are 4 points clear with 3 games to go, they should be safe. West Ham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs are 7th-4th. Good showing.

Its been a bad season for the London Team as we have had 3 relegations. Fingers crossed they can bounce back. 

Next month are the important playoffs! 



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So far a pretty good season mate! Even if you don't get promoted right away, next season you'll reinforce a bit and get even better to attack VNL.

Good luck for the playoffs

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

May 2020

We start the move with a finish.


Fulham won the final game of the season but it wasn't enough. There are going to be no promotions unless one of the 3 London teams in the National League South can go up.


4th place Chelmsford crash out while a Wealdstone win means a London team will guaranteed be in the playoff final.



What a horrible way to finish the season. No highlight or anything just "here's a penalty". No idea who gave it away or anything. Very deflating.


The Final is all London at least. 

I'm still lost for words at my game though to be honest.



It seems the media are also lost for words.


Tried to get rid of make most of set pieces and be a bit more ambitious regarding the league but they didn't accept either so here we are!



Plenty of records.


So Dulwich Hamlet go up. They came out of nowhere to finished the season in 2nd and did their job in the playoffs. 

I wish it was me but the silver lining is its a London team.


Very tight finish the Premier League!


Norwich win to save their skin. Bournemouth drew which wasn't enough and so did Watford. Wolves have gone down because they scored 2 less goals than Brighton. Imagine how many goals VAR chalked off!


Here is the situation after 1 season. Too many reds! Not enough greens!


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5 hours ago, Mandy42 said:

it looked too good to be true, just need to stumble over the line now and do your best in the playoffs.

At the least, take it as a dry run for next year, when you won't have tweedle de and tweedle dum taking up all your wages.

Plus, didn't you say this save isn't about you? and the London teams further up the pyramid are getting it done this season?

London teams failed me. Big time!

1 hour ago, Thomas_Spurgeon said:

So far a pretty good season mate! Even if you don't get promoted right away, next season you'll reinforce a bit and get even better to attack VNL.

Good luck for the playoffs

Overall good season! Upset with how it ended but I'm full of hope for next season!

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

2020/21 Off Season

With the two freeloaders off the books we have some wage budget! I intend to use it!


Two players who we would have kept but couldn't. Tyrone is going to be a big loss, he was our top goalscorer last season, Jack Strange only made one appearance so not a massive loss but he had a good potential.

New Signings


Our new first choice Keeper. I mentioned him coming last season and here is he. Always good to have somebody between the stick you can rely on.


Hines is somebody I was trying to get on loan all last season. His Spurs contract ran out and he has come to us. Big name signing and an improvement in RB although for the time being he will be used as an LB.


100% one for the future. I got criticised last season for not buying enough u23 players. Well here's a 17 year old!


You'll notice a mini trend. Another one for the future.


One for the future who is almost ready for first time action. He will come off the bench a lot.


We are stacked in midfield now. I didn't go out looking for this guy, but with those stats at this level he should be great!


Roman comes in on loan to replace Tyrone. We need somebody who can score 30+ goals with a bit of consistency. I don't think he is this guy but I'm happy.

We have also brought back Morgan Brough on loan from Alfreton. He only bagged the 1 goal but he was always a threat. Nice to have to come off the bench.

Potential Starting XI


Youve already seen our new Starting number 1. Very happy with him. We don't have a back up at all, we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


You've already seen Hines who will be the LB.


Dean Inman was in and our the side last season, coming to me twice asking for more time. He impressed me enough to give him another contact and he will be our starting CB. Although I am in the market to replace him!


Fox played 36/42 games last season and finished with an average rating of 7.17. He will be key to our success at the back.


Webb is very hit and miss. Like massively. He was either brilliant or bad. Average rating of just under 7 last season. I am looking for a replacement at LB so Hines can come to his natural RB position.

Other notable players are Ruddick who can play all along the back line. He is a man who can come off the bench and Brandon Ball who is still young. 


You've seen Holmes and Carter.


Hill was a mainstay last season and has kept his starting place. 40/42 games played with an average rating above 7.


McAuley was our player of the season last year. 12 goals, 4 assists and 6 potm in the league alone. Average of 7.28. Maybe his final full season.


Flannigan won't be too far away from the starting line up. 41/42 appearances. Average over 7. He will a good player to bring off the bench.


You've already seen the new loanee signing.


13 goals last season, not spectacular but kept us ticking. I am looking for a replacement but as it stands he's up front leading the line.

I feel our squad is stronger than last season with better strength in depth. We also have so much wage budget left in order to improve. I'm ready to be hurt again!


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Hampton and Richmond

National League South 

2020/21 Pre-Season


Dean Inman with the solid start! Its a shame because I have no idea what the team can do now against a team in the division above us.


And I certainly learnt nothing from this game! Surprised Bournemouth put out such a good side. I'm quite happy only losing 5-2!


The last 3 fixtures are for fitness rather than anything else. Neither strikers scored which is always encouraging!


AC London not much of a challenge. Good to see Roman Campbell bag a brace.

Next up we play a Sonic Level.


Josh Martin comes in as a first team/sub player.


Well Forest Hill not quite a Sonic Stage but will do! 

Semi Decent preseason but we are ready and rearing to go.

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On 05/11/2019 at 14:31, andychar said:


Here is the situation after 1 season. Too many reds! Not enough greens!


If I could suggest, giving a distinct colour for Premier League teams would look better, maybe blue or something.

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South


If you are a follower of my previous threads you'll know how much I love a good Prediction table!


Down in 14th we are the worse predicted London team. At 9/1 though its better than last season. Bromley expected to go straight back up. Welling and Wealdstone should be there or thereabouts. I'm happy with our prediction.


Leyton Orient are favourites to bounce straight back up. Barnet are expected to do well, while Dag and Red predicted to squeeze a playoff place. That would be a great result. At the other end of the table Dulwich Hamlet will do well to stay up following their promotion. Surprised to see Weymouth so low after they walked our league. Sutton hopefully can keep their head above water.


In league 2 AFC Wimbledon favourites to bounce straight back up with my beloved Mansfield Town.

No London teams are in League One this year following AFC Wimbledon's relegation.


In the playoffs much like the National League is rangers from the great to the worrying. Fulham predicted to go one better than last season and reach a playoff place. Brentford will hopefully be knocking on the door.  QPR and Millwall are predicted to be battling but should have enough about them to stay up. Charlton are predicted to struggle. If they hit their prediction it means survival which at the moment is all that matters!


The Premier League shouldn't give us the same heart attack as last season. 4 out the 5 predicted comfortable in top 10. Crystal Palace are predicted to be there or thereabouts but I think they should be safe.

Edited by andychar

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

August 2020

I could do with a nice quiet start to the season...


Or not. Big month. Lets get off to a go start.


The starting line up for our opening game of the season it very youth orientated apart from the 33 year old Shaun McAuley obviously.

6 players are making their debuts with a few more waiting on the bench.

So we start our season at home to newly promoted Farnborough.


Steady start to the season. Did the job. 2 goals from debut players but either from the forwards!

Games are coming thick and fast to start the season.

We play Havent and Waterlooville next. Last season we drew once and beat them once. 2 changes ahead of the midweek clash. According to the media, we are expected to get thrashed.


Name me something more pointless than 1 on 1's. Go on...I'll wait. We 100% deserved something out of this game, expect strikers couldn't hit a barn door. 4 goals now this season not one by the front 3.

No time to dwell the next game is already here. Newly promoted Gosport visit us. Getting all the newly promoted teams at home out the way it seems! Same starting XI as the opener. Gosport have conceded 8 goals in their opening 2 games. There isn't going to be a better time for the strikers to start some form.


Great first half. Bad second and if it hadn't been for a few disallowed goals the game would have been closer. Still nice to see 1 striker score a goal and Matt Carter now has 3 in 3 from midfield.

Bath City away now, we have had a tricky start for away games which has offset the easy home start.

Fatigue starting to set in. 3 changes made this time. Although 8 players will have started all 4 games. Trying to create a bit of consistency.


Nope not happy. We take the lead then immediately forget how to play football. This team on paper is suppose to be better than last season but I'm seeing nothing to suggest it is.

Another away game. The first London Derby of the season and quite frankly I have zero hopes of getting a result.

I've amended the tactics a little bit to not be as gung ho away from home as I am at home. Maybe that's why historically my away form hasn't been great.

Should mention as well its Wealdstone so a chance for revenge for last seasons Play Off Defeat.


Yeah I'm straight up not having a good time. 3 away games this season we have had the lead and lost all 3 games. This game we even had the lead twice and with 5 minutes to go and still found a way to lose. 

Getting close to just release everybody back into the wild. The defenders can't defend and the strikers have 1 goal between them all this season.

I'm going to leave it there for this post with 2 games to go because I need to restart my machine, before throwing it out the window!

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Hampton and Richmond 

National League South

August 2020 Part 2

Just the 2 games left this month. We could have had a better start. We are showing positive signs but quite a lot of negative!

We are at home next at least. I'd be more worried if we were getting spanked but all 3 losses could have gone either way.


This has just been typical of this season. All the ball all the attempts. Lose 2-1.

Do I stick or twist. I'm obviously controlling games just not getting the results.

Away to bottom of the table next. Relegation 6 pointer!


That's more like it. A better performance. Good goals. I'm not even bothered about the goal conceded.


Mid-table. Only 3 points off playoffs. Its been a disappointing start but we need to maintain a positive vibe!

Welling have started well, but they did last season as well. Wealdstone are top 3, can they keep it up? Bromley just outside playoffs, they would have expected to be higher. The 3 away losses this season have come against teams currently 3rd, 6th and 8th so maybe no need to panic just yet.

In the National League Dulwich sit rock bottom but only a handful of points off safety. Sutton 13th, Dag and Red 11th. Barnet 8th just outside playoffs while Leyton Orient sit inside the playoffs in 5th.

AFC Wimbledon currently top the table. Good stuff.

Fulham are managerless and rock bottom of the Championship. Charlton 20th, Millwall 17th. Brentford are 10th but knocking on the door while QPR have had another great start. Currently sitting in a playoff place.

Spurs are the worst Premier League side as it stands in 15th. The others stand in Top 10 for now. Decent start for London clubs.


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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

September 2020

August was busy, September can't be as bad right?


Ooooook I was wrong. Tricky month.

A few new signings.


A right back on loan from Southend. There are no decent LBs so Hines will stay that side.


A new Striker! I needed a go striker. I went out and got one. With 13 finishing I'm hoping he will fire 30+.

I also need a new Keeper. I like my keeper but he's going to be on International Duty every now and then. I need a competent back up.


Don't like the look of that B- need to turn it around this month.


We start this epic month with a brilliant performance. Matt Carter has been signing of the season so far and Tyrell is always good for an impact sub. First time this season I've no complaints. 

Our home form hasn't been bad. Its away we need to improve. Hopefully starting here against Concord.


Another away defeat by 1 goal. Another lead blown. Another game were we dominated but individual errors cost us. Getting real tired of this.

They seem to be scoring the same type of goal either mistakes or keeper saves straight into the path of the striker for an open net. I'm getting no luck in the slightest.

Once again we face bottom, it seems we do every other week.

This is going to be a slow and painful season I think where the task is keeping my job!


We have been lucky with cup draws being at home. Lewes are in the division below us. We can't assume it will be easy, not with our form.


Just no consistency. We were brilliant here. If we played anywhere near this every week we will be very hard to beat. Can we please get back to back wins!

We have won 5 lost 5 with a GD of 10!

Only just noticed there are 2 more teams compared to last season in the league. I'm a very observant man! 

The only time Dean Inman plays is when he comes to me to complain about playing time...here we go.

Chippenham next. Time for back to back good performances!


More frustration. We were dominant until the sending off and even after it we should have scored more. We had a goal disallowed not long after the equaliser. 

Another London Derby and its Welling away. Our away form/form altogether has given me no reason to believe we are going to get anything from it.

Id change my tactics but we are dominating games! We are just missing that one thing you cant plan for...luck.


Decent result. Both teams missed good chances to take all 3 points. I'll take it.

Cup action now. I want a good cup run this season after tasking the First Round last year, although our league form isn't as good as maybe it won't be the end of the World to focus on it.


Well we tried our best to make it a tight game! Job done. Into the 3rd qualifying round.

We stay at home for some league action next. 2 wins back to back please.


Another home draw in the cup against a team we have already beat 3-0 this season. Not a bad draw really. That game will open the next post.


More shots on target than they had shots at all. 58% of possession and hit the bar twice. Last straw. Change of tactic incoming. Just ahead of back to back away games to finish the month. Starting with a London derby.

All our London Derbies have been away this season so far.

According to the media I "face the impossible" and for once I agree with them.


3 up front and we rely on an own goal! That being said I would have taken this point at the start of the day. Good result.

One more game this bumper month.

Dorking away will finish this very difficult month.


We huffed and puffed in the second half and finally got that breakthrough. From then we took control. Obviously the sending off helped massively. I felt we were due a bit of luck.

It means the table looks like this.


We sit in 13th but amazingly we are only 3 points off playoffs. I'll take that after the month and start we have had. 

Looking good for the London teams, top 2 and Bromley in playoffs. In fact its only us letting London down!

In the Conference National Dulwhich are 2nd bottom but only 3 points off safety. Barnet 11th only 3 points off playoffs. Sutton surprising everybody in 9th. Leyton Orient and Dag and Red are playoffs and looking good.

AFC Wimbledon are 3rd which is an automatic promotion place.

Fulham have climbed out the bottom 3. They are 20th, just below Millwall. Charlton are 13th 6 points off playoffs and the drop. QPR and Brenford leading the charge they are 10th and 9th respectively.

Palace have dropped a little and sit in 13th, a couple of places below West Ham. Spurs have recovered and find themselves in 9th. Arsenal top, Chelsea 2nd.


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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

October 2020

A new month and a new set of luck, hopefully.


Another absolutely crazy month!

We start with a cup game against a team we have already beat this season. They are rock bottom and have conceded 43 goals in 15 games so far. 


Only C+. I'm used to A's!

The Forth Qualifying Round is the expectation from the board. We need to hit that at least.

We have yet to have back to back wins this season...


We started terribly but my God after that it was fantastic. We looked liked scoring every time we went forward. Very happy. Most I've scored in one game and I'm delighted.

First time all season we have back to back wins! We are now only one win away from the First Round Proper of the FA Cup.


We really can't grumble with an away tie. Oxford City are just above us in the league. We play them in the league just before this game. Always seems to happen!

3rd place Slough at home next. Can we rack up back to back league wins? I'm hoping these past 2 games, 11 goals scored is the turning point we needed.


We have a new player as well. He will be utilised as a CM. 

The reason why is because the new tactic has 3 CM.

We didn't beat Slough last season. Losing 1 and drawing 1.


Two late goals added icing on the cake but we played very well here and deserved the win. 

Jack Barham started very slowly indeed but has hit 10 goals in 11 appearances in all competition so far this season. 

We go away next against the team currently in 22nd place. That 22nd place seem to follow me around! My first choice keeper is on International Duty so its time for the back up to step up.

I asked for an extension to my contract which runs out the end of this season and basically they told me I didn't deserve one. Better earn it then!


What can I say that hasn't already been said. Different set of tactics same away performance. Take the lead then lose by 1 goal. Id hate to think where we would be if we had managed to keep hold of leads away from home this season. The open topped bus would be planning as we speak.

1 step forward 2 steps back.

Its back to back games against Oxford City now. They are as inconsistent as we are so to call these two games is impossible!


God I wish every game was a home game. 

We currently sit outside the playoffs with the best GD in the league. If that doesn't tell you everything you need to know I don't know what will!

Cup time now, only problem is its away from home.


Honestly its like watching two completely different teams. Yes I made 2 changes but Jesus its Worlds apart. That's the cup adventure over in the Qualifiers. 

It makes me think there's no point trying this season. We will bust a nut trying to get a playoff place squeeze 7th then be away from home anyway!

We are away next in the league which at the moment is an automatic terrible performance and a 1 goal defeat.


This has been the season in a nutshell. Even game and 2 sucker punch goals. Getting fed up now. Really fed up.

No time to sulk. Another game fast approaches.

I'm going to do something I've never really done before in order to combat this terrible away form. I've got a different tactic for home and away. Obviously sticking with what's been working at home but away I've got a more defensive tactic in place. Hopefully it leads to a better set of results.

We have Maidstone at home.


Great fightback from 3-1 down against a team in the playoffs. Obviously would have preferred to win but its nice to show some fight!

Boreham Wood away next, they came down last season so maybe not the best time to test my new tactic! We then finish the month at home to Torquay. Tricky end to a testing period in my managerial career.

I've been stubborn and stuck with the same tactic...


For all the times its happened to us this season it feels brilliant to nick one. We were second best throughout, so to get a win is brilliant!

As it stands we are closer to relegation than top. Makes you feel alive!

Torquay at home. Back to back wins against two teams who came down would be massive.


My heart! I was annoyed but somewhat happy about a point. Disappointed to lose a 2 goal lead but accepting it was a good point. Then the stoppage time goal went in. I went crazy, then they attacked and had the ball in the back of the net. Disallowed!

Is this the turning point of the season?


Amazingly we squeeze into a play off place. Although there are teams below us with games in hand who can overtake us. Bromley top and the other 2 London Clubs in the playoffs. We are still in the worst in 7th!

Dulwich Hamlet are 2nd bottom and getting cut adrift a little bit. Barnet are 14th and are having another disappointing season. Sutton, Dag and Red and Leyton Orient all in a playoff place. Stockport are running away with the league so playoff might be the best finish for our London clubs.

AFC Wimbledon have fallen down to 7th. Still in a playoff place but could be better. 7 points off automatic promotion.

QPR and Charlton are 19th and 18th, 5 and 6 points off the bottom 3. Fulham and Millwall are midtable neither here nor there. Brentford find themselves in a playoff place. Hopefully they can keep it!

Crystal Palace are 14th, only a few points ahead of the drop. West Ham 11th, comfortably in mid-table. Spurs 7th, Chelsea 6th and Arsenal 6 points clear of top!

Not looking too bad for London clubs Dulwich Hamlet aside.

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

November 2020

The first quiet month...


Not going to know what to do with the time!

Two home games and a potential easy away game against Farnborough, they could be a big month!

Its an amazing 10 days between fixtures. I've forgotten my players can have 100% match condition.


Good on him!


Its an improvement but I miss my A!

Salisbury at home kicks off the month. Its a game if we have any hopes of playoffs we need to be winning.


I wasn't expecting this because we are in the red but it will be my first coaching badge. 600 quid well spent!


Just can't get anything going at all. A set piece is what we conceded this time. Plenty of chances but just couldn't take them. 2 steps backwards.

Havent and Waterlooville next. They aren't having a great season either. We need to take advantage of these home games!


Fantastic 2nd half after a tight cagey first. When we win we will well it seems! If anything comes down to GD I'm not going to be worried!

FA Trophy next, we still don't know who we are facing.


There it is! A nice home draw. We win we at least match the expectations of the board. Wouldn't mind a nice cup run, help the finances a wee bit.

Both sides agree to extra time.

Took this time during a decent run of form to ask for a new contract...


I got a 2 year deal and didn't fiddle with the wages this time.

We are favourites for the cup tie. No excuses.


Very good performance. Not even going to sweat it about the goal conceded. Safely through to the First Round Proper.

We play Farnborough next, guess where they are in the league? Yep 22nd!


Dag and Red are in the same position as us but a division higher. I'm not hopeful. I've rejected extra time. I've got a better chance of a replay at home rather than extra time.

Farnborough away to finish the month. On paper it should be an easy game. Away from home, I take nothing for granted.


Great win. Job done in the first half really. Nice clean sheet as well.

Its been a good month. I'm glad I've stuck with the tactics.

The table looks like this...


It couldn't be any closer really though those last 3 playoff places. Bromley have a good chance to open a bit of a gap but 5th-7th occupied with London Clubs. If the season ended today we would face Wealdstone in the playoffs.

Dulwich Hamlet are rock bottom and 8 points off safety. Looks like they will be dropping straight down. Barnet closer to playoffs than relegation. Dag and Red finish the month in 8th just outside the playoffs. Leyton Orient still 2nd and they are joined by Sutton in 3rd. Hopefully we have interest in the National League playoffs this season.


Its very close in League Two and I imagine it will be like that all the way through the season.

QPR find themselves only 2 points clear of relegation. Charlton are 17th with a bit more of a cushion, still could easily be dragged into a relegation battle though. Fulham have recovered from the bad start they are 15th. Shouldn't challenge playoffs, shouldn't go down. Millwall are 11th knocking on door of playoffs. Brentford are 7th just missing out as it stands. All to play for yet.

Palace are 15th only a few points off the drop, they are going to be there or thereabouts again I think. West Ham comfy in 11th. Spurs 8th, Chelsea 6th and Arsenal still top!

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

December 2020

Another small month.


Couple of big games in there near the top of the table.


3rd best player of the month. He's been a brilliant signing.


2nd best manager! Still waiting for my first award.


Steadied the ship. We should be safe.

Away to bottom to start the month. As before on paper it should be easy but I take nothing for granted away from home.


Yeah sure ok.

So moving very quickly on from that absolutely typical result. Its Dag and Reg in the FA Trophy next. No expectations. Lets just give it a good go.


We should have won. Plain and simple. The CPU is making a habit of scoring tap in goals. Keeper makes a save directly into the path of the striker for an open net. Without that they didn't trouble us at all. Maybe a mistake not asking for extra time. 

We are in the hat for the Second Round and get another stab at beating Dag and Red for the second time in as many seasons.


If we get through it will be a home draw against Stockport, they are currently running away with the National League.


What can I say? We were the better side in both games and we are going out. Football just isn't fair sometimes.

Right we have nothing else now, lets get a playoff spot.

First home league London Derby this season and our 3rd in a row thanks to those games against Dag and Red.


Our first win of the month and its a big one. We dominated the game after the sending off but had to wait. Luckily we got the breakthrough and a massive 3 months.

Boxing day fixture and its a trip to Eastbourne Borough. Second year in a row we have been away on Boxing Day.


Merry Christmas! Fantastic second half. The scoreline flattered us but we deserved the win.

Second time in this career we have beaten Eastbourne Boro 4-0!

We finish the year with a home game against Bath City. Only 2 days rest for us both.


Would we have turned the game around if it hadn't been for the red card. I don't know. I don't care. They had a man sent off and we took full advantage. 


So there it is. We still have more than a year of Brexit.


So what do the tables look like heading into 2021...


We find ourselves in 4th! Only 4 off top. Suddenly Automatic Promotion is a real possibility. You could throw a blanket over that top 7. Once again Welling are the only team currently letting us down!

Dulwich Hamlet have shown some fight and are only 3 points off safety. Barnet are making a go of it in 11th. Sutton are 9th only 1 point off the playoffs thought. Dag and Red and Leyton Orient in the playoffs. Stockport still running away with it.

AFC Wimbledon find themselves in 9th, 4 points off playoffs. Hopefully they can improve.

QPR are only safe thanks to Goal Difference at the moment. Charlton in 16th looking safe enough. Brentford, Millwall and Fulham are all on the same points 5 points off playoffs. Still plenty to play for.

Palace are 1 point above the drop. West Ham 9th and are in no danger. Spurs 6th, Chelsea 4th and Arsenal 2nd. 

Only 1 in the relegation zone at the moment but its looking good for a few promotions.


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Looking good as of late. The goals from Jack Barham have certainly helped improve things! I've been reading since (almost) the start, so thought I'd give my two pence and let you know how much I've enjoyed reading so far. Hopefully more of the same to come. :D 

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1 hour ago, DefinitelyTaylor said:

Looking good as of late. The goals from Jack Barham have certainly helped improve things! I've been reading since (almost) the start, so thought I'd give my two pence and let you know how much I've enjoyed reading so far. Hopefully more of the same to come. :D 

Thanks for the kind words :). This season hasn't gone as well as last season yet we are probably in the better position!

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Good luck with the promotion challenge. Yesterday I chose St Albans to play around with on FM20 so it's at least the same division ;)

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Hampton and Richmond 

National League South

January 2021

New year, hopefully same form.


This guy has been a bit trash all season yet last month absolutely smashed it. If he can carry this on I will not be complaining.


One day there will be a 1 next to my name...one day!


Middle of January will be very brutal.

I've missed the A+!

No New Years Day game for some reason.

Lets jump straight into our home game against Hungerford.


Great win. Not every game needs to be a 4/5 goal win. The 1-0's tell me more about the team sometimes.

Great start to 2021. 

We now start our away run. Not looking forward to this.


Great first half! Delighted with the result. Its brilliantly seeing the strikers bag all the goals.


Another great performance. Thought we were gonna be sweating but nice late goal to take the pressure off. 

Things are looking good. One more away game left this month.


We were the better team before the goal, after the goal, before the sending off and after the sending off. A point is the minimum of what we deserved. Could have been 3, but wasn't. 

A return to London wraps this month up. If we can win it then it will be classed as a very good month.


If this game had come at the start of the season we would have lost it. We have that little bit of luck now which means these close games are going our way. Great result and a brilliant month.

With 12 games to go the table looks like this...


Oh my. 4 points split the top 6. Its literally anybodies at the moment. All 4 London clubs currently popular the top 7.


Dulwich Hamlet are still keeping up with the pace. Its much like Bromley last season. Everything seemed down and out but they came back before ultimately falling short. But on the other side of things Barnet are still in with a good shout of a playoff place. Sutton just on the outside while Dag and Red just inside. Leyton Orient you'd think are going to finish in a playoff place at worse.


AFC Wimbledon all the way down in 11th but only 4 points off a playoff place. It will be close there.


QPR bottom 3 with Charlton just on the right side of things. Quite a few still looking over their shoulder. In the top half all 3 London clubs together with a small outside chance of playoffs. Still a long way to go yet.


At the top the 3 London clubs battling for a Champions League place. West Ham happy in 8th. Palace with a gap and a decent GD and a few games in hand. Fingers crossed they can climb the league a little.


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1 hour ago, deltablue said:

Good luck with the promotion challenge. Yesterday I chose St Albans to play around with on FM20 so it's at least the same division ;)

Thanks Delta :). I'm learning very quickly that its a very competitive league and very difficult to get out of. Much like the Conference National!

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

February 2021


3/4 games at home. We play 7th, 12th, 1st and 9th. Not an easy month but its one that if goes well we could finish the month top!


He has been a brilliant signing and finally we have found that consistent striker.


Its finally happened! My first Manager of the Month award. Its crazy how happy this had made me!


Nice to see.

So me thinking that getting rid of the bottom feeding youth players would help the finances...


Not really worked out that way!

So we start the month with a huge London derby against Welling. They sit just inside the playoffs.

We have played Welling 3 times so far and drawn all 3 times.


Great result! Welling kept us in touch every time we threatened to walk away with it. We managed to hold on though. 


Didn't realise this. Jinxed?

Our only away game this month is next.


Great win. We were the better team so I'm more than happy with the win.

Bromley up next. London Derby. Top of the table clash. Huge.


Just how big could that 90th minute goal be? Costly error in midfield. 

I will show the table now for obviously reasons...


Things are pretty tight.


Bad start but we responded well. We have now beaten Dorking all 4 times we have played them.

It means the league table looks like this at the end of February.


8 games to go and not only are we top but we are top on our own. Some big games yet including hosting Boreham Wood. Welling have dropped out of a playoff place. Fingers crossed they can bounce back.


Dulwich still have a great chance of staying in the division. They are certainly making a fight out of it. Sutton have fallen but they have done well to still be up there. Dag and Red and Barnet level but GD mean one is playoff bound and the other misses out. Leyton Orient could still go up automatically. Great result that would be,


AFC Wimbledon have done well to get into a playoff place and have a good chance of challenging for the automatic promotion places.


QPR and Charlton both find themselves on the right side of relegation. Its going to be tight but would love it if the season finished like this. Millwall are making a fist of it but still 8 points off. I don't think there will be any London teams in the playoff this season.


Palace have a little daylight. Enough for now. Still not safe. Spurs and West Ham battling for 6th. Chelsea and Arsenal battling for Champions League football.

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I worried at the start of the season! but has turned around fantastically!

Just need to finish it off now.

What the hell are you spending money on?

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56 minutes ago, Mandy42 said:

I worried at the start of the season! but has turned around fantastically!

Just need to finish it off now.

What the hell are you spending money on?

Oh I my mardy face on! I update my posts as I’m playing. So the bad results have just happened so I’m salty and haven’t had chance to calm down. 

New tactic has helped massively. Strikers finally scoring goals!


The wage budget is still 10k p/w. 
It goes down to 7.5k next season so I’m hoping that helps. My squad is pretty massive which doesn’t help. Either way there are ways to make it better and start aiming for the black. 
I need it because if I’m going to be doing this I think I’m going to be heavily relying on loans and youth. 

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

March 2021

8 games to go. 4 this month 4 next.


Opposite to last month. If we are still top after this month then we will go into the final month full of confidence.


2nd this time.


Fair result. We missed a penalty at 3-1 down but we deserved the late equaliser. There are good points and bad points. This is a good point.

Oxford City away next. I don't know how its going to go!


First badge of the career.


Despite 2 early goals neither side really did enough to win the game. Fair result. 2 draws so far this month. The only home game is vital we get 3 points.

Truro sit 23rd in the league. 3 points are a must.


Good win. Good performance. It was chosen as a fan day, which explains the higher than normal attendance.

Its worth noting that with 5 games to go a playoff place hasn't even been secured yet.

13th place Salisbury rounds up the month. We are without our first choice keeper who is on International Duty. I could have withdrawn him from the squad but I don't like doing that. Doesn't matter who its for you enjoy those International Caps.


Fantastic result after conceding so early. We are made of strong stuff.


It means the table looks like this heading into the final month...


We have put a bit of daylight between us and Wealdstone, other than that its stupidly close. Welling are going to fall short of a playoff place you feel.

My final 4 games of the season are against Maidstone, Boreham Wood, Torquay and Dartford. Not in that order.


With 5 games to go in the National League Dulwich Hamlet still have the chance to pull off an amazing recovery. Sutton nicely in the top half. Good season for them. Dag and Red and Barnet still have an outside shot of the playoffs but its not looking good. Leyton Orient will still have hopes of the title and Automatic Promotion. Either way playoffs at the least.


AFC Wimbledon still can get back to League 1 automatically, keep the fingers crossed.


6 games to go in the Championship. Like to think Charlton have done enough to stay in the division. It couldn't be closer for QPR however. Fulham have had a fairly disappointing season and will finish midtable. Millwall and Brentford on the other hand still harbour hopes of a late playoff run.


Crystal Palace continue to hold on by the skin of their teeth. Nothing to worry about with the other 4. Battling for European places.

It seems we are similar to last season, a few teams could go down still while a few more are battling for promotion, including us!

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

April 2021

4 more games. 2 at home. 2 away. All tricky. 


These are the teams that stand between us and the National League.

Crazy to think by taking on 8th place Dartford we are getting the easiest game out the way!


Not for the first time this season. He's been superb.

Lots of contracts up for renewal. Won't be offering anybody a new contract until we know what division we will be playing in next season.


Been a quick 100 games!


Big 7 minutes gave us control of the game. We didn't look back from there. They also missed a penalty after just 2 minutes. 1 down 3 to go.

Maidstone away next. Just got to take it 1 game at a time,


Absolutely huge win. 2 quick goals gave us the lead and 2 late goals added gloss on the finish. Either way brilliant result. Brilliant win. 

2 more needed!


Bromley and Boreham Wood have kept up with us. Boreham Wood at home next. The good thing is that top 3 is all but secure meaning we will avoid the first playoff game.

With Bromley breathing down our neck not even a point could be enough. We need to win.

On the plus side, a win and a Bromley loss and the title is ours...


That's not a bad draw really. Especially coming from behind....


This hurts. Like really really hurts.

It means heading into the final game the table looks like this...


Its Bromley's to lose.


Bromley are at home to 12th place Hungerford.


Boreham Wood travel to 9th place Slough.

We are away to 7th place Torquay.

It truly is Bromley's to lose.

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3 hours ago, JonasAjax said:

Very difficult run-in you are having. Good luck with the last matchday!


2 hours ago, deltablue said:

Good luck with the final day.

Thank you both. Just about to play it and I'm not going to lie I'm nervous!

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

Game Week 46

The stage is set. We need to win and hope Bromley don't. Its as simple as that.


Boreham Wood strike first and amazingly as it stands they are Champions. Still 86 minutes left though!


A huge goal for us. It means with 68 minutes left on the day we are Champions.

It also means all 3 teams have tasted top at some point today.


We were top for 6 minutes. Is that the last lead change of the day?

So at Half Time all Top 3 are winning 1-0. Still plenty of time to change.


The goal that gives us the cushion. We just need help elsewhere.


Job done on our end. Just got to hope and pray.


And with that late goal there goes our title chances.


Don't do that. Don't you give me hope!


That's all it was. Hope.


Absolutely gutted!

It means Wealdstone will face Torquay and Dartford will face Maidstone. Add a positive at least it was Bromley who went up so its another London team promoted.

To go all American we have home field advantage throughout the entire playoffs. We need to make it count!

So how has all the other London Clubs done?


Dulwich Hamlet did it! They survived. Amazing effort.


Barnet recovered well and bagged a playoff place. Leyton Orient fell short but at least have the playoffs. Good season from Sutton and Dag and Red, unlucky for them.


AFC Wimbledon are on the outside looking in but have playoffs in the bag.


Charlton are safe but QPR face a very nervy final day.


Brentford have done well to give them a chance of playoffs. The rest have done well to finish top 10. Very close league.


Its going to go down to the wire for Palace. Keep fingers crossed.


No dramas anywhere else.

Playoff action incoming!

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Hampton and Richmond

National League South

Playoffs 2020/21

I would have taken playoffs happily but to miss out on the title by a single point is gutting.

Luckily we are at home all the way through. Fingers crossed we don't fall at the first hurdle again.


AFC Wimbledon have done it. Straight back up to League One. Well done to them.


No playoff action in the Championship. The London clubs queuing up!


QPR have gone down though. We have gone from no teams in League One to having two. Hopefully they can bounce back!


Wealdstone through by the skin of their teeth.

It means the Semis look like this.


Strong case of Deja Vu.


Barnet fall meaning only Leyton Orient can give us a promotion from the National League.

So here we go Wealdstone at home in the Semi of the Playoffs. I've been here before...

0-0 at half time. Again I've been here before...


I need to show this goal...


(My first attempt at a video/gif so please be gentle).

Crazy mistake and a breakthrough!


2 goals in 4 minutes and we have one foot in the playoff final!


Surely too little too late?


It was!

What a fantastic game of football. Shame somebody's season had to end but I'm delighted its not ours.

90 mintues. That's all that stands between us and the National League.

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Hampton and Richmond 

National League South

Play Off Final

Surprisingly we are facing...


Dartford. We have just played them at home and beat them 2-0. Good omen.


Leyton Orient have their own playoff final to look forward to where they will take on Fylde. Don't know if its at home or neutral. Either way it won't be away.


Crystal Palace survive with a game to go. It means we still have 5 London teams in the Premier League. We are still 1/4 of the way there!

So just us and Leyton Orient to go.

So here we go the biggest game of football in the history of Hampton and Richmond Borough...probably.


Fantastic start from the lads!

1-0 at the break and we have had most of the game. The worry is we weren't able to add a second when on top.


Is that the goal that fires us up!?


We are going up say we are going up!

Pop the Champagne!


The Hampton and Richmond boys are National League bound!


Up the Beavers!


The wage budget has increased from the planned 7.5k to 11k. Which is obviously a massive plus.


100% agree with all of this. Signing Jack Barham turned this season around. Matt Carter from midfield was brilliant although I would have put Shashouna in the starting XI. He came late on which is the only reason I can think to him not being there.

Would love to have Rob Howard back on loan for another season but I don't think I'll be able too.


That 3-1 loss against Dartford started the unbelievable turn around. Need a higher average attendance than that next season.


Building a new Stadium sounds good but at the moment is pointless when we are only filling 22% of the current stadium. I hope we use what little money we have better than that.


Absolutely deserved.


Oh for f....


So it turns out we have no choice. Fair enough. The Kingfield Stadium is in Woking, So for the time being this London only challenge I will be managing a team who play outside London. Whoops!


So enough about us...what about Leyton Orient?


They were 1 minute away from a return back to the football league. Heartbreaking.

It means the league structure looks like this.


The 5 original Premier League sides have stayed. Championship has lost 1. AFC Wimbledon are back to where they started. Just look at the National League. 7 London Clubs in there. We have halved the amount of London clubs in the bottom playable division. Problem now is I can't influence that in the slightest.

My task next season? Survival by hook or by crook.

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Those last 4 games were a horrible set of fixtures! nobody outside the top 7

Shame it wasn't automatic but promotion is promotion.

This is probably away from the "realistic" but as you get to the business end couldn't you allow yourself to manage one team in every division? Might not be the purest way to do it but might give you a chance of getting closer to the hallowed 20


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Hampton and Richmond Borough

2020/21 Off-Season 2021/22 Pre-Season

I'm not going to waste time here. I need to get a team together here that will stay up in the National League.

Nice surprise to begin with.


He played 33 out of the 46 games with an average rating of 7.42. He has deserved his chance in the National League.


He was player of the season, top goalscorer in the league. 31 goals in 41 appearances with an average rating of 7.65...yeah hes not worthy.


Keeper signed for a few more years. Happy with that. 42 goals conceded in 42 games and 17 clean sheets. That will do me.


Oh they like this one! Matt Carter 18 assists and 7 goals. 7.46 average rating. Very happy.


CB who did his job. He's our best CB so I thought it was important to get him signed.


WOW! Now that's a huge offer. I will 100% be attending. I won't be going but it will be nice to see what happens.

Bolton have also offered me an interview. As have Dover but I didn't attend that one.


And this is why they all want me.

Lots of contracts have been signed without my knowledge...i have no idea why...


Anybody have any idea let me know.


Hahaha fair enough.


He doesn't want a new contract but doesn't want to leave!

Ok so getting players to the club is going to be a lot harder than I thought. I might need to keep most of the squad as it is and improve if and when I can.

Very early preseason game against Brentford, no reason other than getting some extra money!

Ive managed to get Campbell back on loan, he wasn't terrible but I don't think I'm going to be able to improve much this season. I'm hoping the same XI have enough about them to stay in the National League.


First day of preseason or not that was a brilliant result.

We head into July with a nice full list of preseason fixtures and a few bids on free agents, all of which will improve the side. We are hopeful!



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1 hour ago, Mandy42 said:

Those last 4 games were a horrible set of fixtures! nobody outside the top 7

Shame it wasn't automatic but promotion is promotion.

This is probably away from the "realistic" but as you get to the business end couldn't you allow yourself to manage one team in every division? Might not be the purest way to do it but might give you a chance of getting closer to the hallowed 20


I thought that doing exactly that but people put me off. Its hard enough running one club at times never mind 3/4. I think I will see how things go. My aim in the long term is to get some clubs as affiliates and help them through the leagues that way. 

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

July 2021

So my preseason line up looks like this...


All at home in order to maximise profits.

I will do these games, conduct my transfer business. Give you all an in depth look at the starting line up then give you a rundown of the predictions for the season. Sounds good!

First proper signing of the new season...


Mylo comes with youth on his side. I am quite stacked in CM but he was somebody I've been keeping my eye on and his contract ran out so I nabbed him.


Good win against an old enemy.


Giddings comes as an actual improvement to the team.


Ofosu comes to us and will be used as a ST. Hopefully he can fill in the gap well.


Not going to lie I'm disappointed we didn't hold on for the win. Still a good performance and a good result.


2 games in 3 days to test the fitness and it was another good result. Happy with preseason so far.


Brought in another striker so I actually have an impact player off the bench. On loan from Forest Green. Hoping thats not the end of my incomings.

Millwall at home next. A nice little test.


Another draw. Its been a better preseason than I thought it was going to be. 

Only the 2 games left before it all starts again.


Ok I wasn't planning a new keeper but when he's in free agency it would be silly not too. We have 2 good keepers now.


First loss but still a good performance. One more preseason game and its against Liverpool!       's U23.


James Cook bought in on loan from Dorking. He will be first teamer in defence and give me a decent back up. Cost a bit more than I wanted to spend but I felt it was necessary.


A great way to finish preseason. We are as ready as we will ever be! 

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16 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

Second time lucky with the playoffs. Well done.


15 hours ago, DefinitelyTaylor said:

Congratulations on winning promotion. The interview offer from QPR shows how well you've performed so far.

Cheers guys. I didn't get any of the jobs I interviewed for. I have no intention of leaving, I was going to see what I could rinse from the board. With the new stadium thought I don't think I'll be getting much anytime soon.

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Hampton and Richmond

National League

Starting XI


I am not sure who to start here. I think for the time being I will be starting the new guy, Josh Barnes, who I showed you in the previous post. Hill is still a good back up however.


I think the season will be shared between the two.



On loan from Southend. Had a brilliant season last season. Hoping the rise in competition isn't going to affect him to much.


Same with Charlie Fox. He's out captain. Hoping he can make big advances this season.

James Cook (previous post) will be partnering him but there is still space for Dean Inman.


He was a nice surprise last season. I think the National League might be too much of a step up for him though.


Hinds is hit and miss. Sometimes brilliant sometimes shocking. Will give him a chance to continue his improvement this season.


Its a midfield 3. You've already seen my new signing Jake Giddings.


Joining him will be Matt Carter. Not quick but doesn't need to be. Excellent on the dead ball.


Ryan Hill was in and out the team last season although played most games even if it was off the bench. Hoping he can have a go at being a mainstay.


We have 2 out of 3 new signings leading the line and last seasons Player of the Year.


Hoping for big things from him!

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2021/22 Odds and Predictions

Its worth pointing out that 2 London clubs came up from Tier 7 into the National League South so for the first time this save there are more than 20 playable London sides.


The two new teams are Kingstonian who are predicted as high as 16th and Hornchurch who are predicted rock bottom. Wealdstone will be hoping 3rd times the charm in the playoffs although they are predicted to just miss out. Welling in 10th, that sounds just about right!


The bottom 4 are cut adrift and it includes us and Dulwich Hamlet. Fingers crossed we can both survive! Sutton in 17th they finished midtable last season. In the other half of the table you feel Bromley, Barnet, Dag and Red and Leyton Orient will all fancy their chances of a playoff push.


In League One QPR are predicted to be there or thereabouts in going straight back up. AFC Wimbledon would be happy if they could finish where they are predicted in 19th place.


Is this the season we get a promotion from the Championship? Fulham are predicted to finish in the playoffs at least. It could be a long season for Charlton looking at that but the other 2 London teams should be more worried about breaking into the top 6 rather than going down.


Crystal Palace have been flirting with relegation for a few season and it looks like they will be battling again. The other 4 London Clubs should be battling each other for European places.

So there we have it. A few promotion pushes predicted but it seems we could have a lot of doom and gloom. Our objective is to finish 5th bottom and survive.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

August 2021

It feels like its been a long time since we won promotion. 


Will be a nice fast paced start to the season. Looking forward to being at home and seeing what sort of attendance to expect. We finish with a new London Derby to us.

We don't really have much to lose this season, apart from our place in the National League of course.


Because we are higher up the league surely it stands to reason we could get a better affiliate?

So Yeovil away kicks off our National League journey. Very tricky fixture to start with.

One thing worth noting.  We are still a Semi Professional club. Meaning we can't offer full time contracts and we don't train full time.


What a fantastic result! We fully deserved it as well. Lets just hope it isn't a flash in the pan.

First home game of the season. Looking forward to seeing if the attendance has picked up.


Well the attendance was disappointing but the result wasn't! Brilliant win! We missed a penalty at 3-0 up as well. Fantastic start!

The first London Derby of the season next (of many). Leyton Orient away. Chalk this up to a "nothing to lose" game.

Couple of changes as fatigue starts to play a factor even this early in the season.


Some late goals added a lot of gloss to this win but wow! I was not expecting this start at all. We deserved this win, we deserved this start.

Early top of the table clash next as we host top of the league York. Could we possibly make it 4 out of 4?


Solid point. Evenly matched sides. I think they probably had the better chances but both of us really blew some good chances.

Little bug I've noticed. 3 times this season I've not played with everybody else. Every fixture plays on a Tuesday but mine is a Wednesday. Very strange.


I thought we were going to labour to another 0-0 but Shae popped up and drilled the ball home. He's been a good loan signing so far. 

I couldn't have predicted this start at all. I don't expect it to continue but I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

2nd London Derby of the season. Barnet away. Another game where I'm not really expecting much.


First defeat of the year and we were unfortunate. We were the better team but we can't dwell. If we carry on performing like we have been then losses will be rare.

That being said we need to bounce back. Our first home London Derby of the season next against Sutton. They haven't started well.


What late drama! Brilliant effort to comeback. Very good end to the month.

It means the table looks like this very early...


We are top! Sure Hartlepool have a game in hand but at this point I don't care. We are top!

London top and London bottom. They are the only team letting me down so far.

Wealdstone and Welling are in the playoffs at the moment. The other 2 are avoiding the drop. Good stuff so far in the Division below us.

AFC Wimbledon are 1 place above the drop. That will do. QPR 1 place outside the playoffs. Not good enough for them.

Millwall are in a playoff place. They are the best London team in the Championship at the moment. The rest are just midtable. No harm no foul.

Crystal Palace coming up trumps in the bottom 3. West Ham haven't started great in 15th. Other 3 currently in the top 5.

When we are further in the season I will post tables but for now...we are top!

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22 hours ago, kidthekid said:

Good start to the season. Consecutive promotions perhaps 

Cheers mate. Obviously that would be amazing but my objective is still just stay in the division!

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

September 2021

Disclaimer before I start. I downloaded a logo pack. The Hampton and Richmond side must have changed their logo recently so ironically in order to get Premier League logos the only side that's really properly changed in any other league is the one I'm currently at! That's why it looks different.

Nice to start with some awards.


Didn't realise our on loan striker had made such a good start!


Two seasons in National League South and I got 1 MOTM. 1 month in the National League and I've already matched that!


September is not as busy as we are used to. Probably because we don't enter the FA Cup until the 4th and final Qualifying Round.

Tricky start with 2 away games then a big London Derby. Finishing off with another big away game. If we are still top after this month I will change my stance from "survive" to "ok lets see what we can do".


Back to Earth with a bang. Quality showed here. Very even game but they took their chances and we didn't. They even missed a penalty at 3-1 so it could have been much worse.

No time to panic, we are losing games but they are very tricky away games.

Next up...a very tricky away game. Although Solihull are currently winless.

I've obviously added the new patches and have noticed changes in the way the game plays. Lots more 1 on 1s are being scored. The tactic I'm using is somehow become booking central when before it wasn't anything out the ordinary and I seem to be playing fixtures with everybody else again.


No way in a million years did we deserve to lose this game. Strikers need to start taking chances. Got away with it in the National League South. Not getting away with it here.

Need to bounce back we have lost 3 out of the last 4. I don't want this great start turning into a what could have been.

So I've figured out what I'm going to do with my 2 keepers. Play one until the other becomes unhappy then he plays for a it!


Late penalty a little dampener but still great result and a great way to bounce back.

Fitness is starting to be a little issue but not nearly as bad as last season. 

A few changes made ahead of our next home against against Halifax. 


Hard fought point. To be honest I think we were pretty lucky. I'll take it. Points are points at the moment.

We finish the month with a tricky away game. Recent away form has matched the overall away form of my stint here in Hampton and Richmond really. Not fancying turning it around here either.


Don't let the late goals fool you we 100% deserved something out of that game. Brilliant comeback. That point feels like 3.

It means the table looks like this...


We still claim a playoff place after what was a trick month. Sutton are winless and already cut adrift. Dulwich and Dag and Red are at the wrong end of the table. Leyton Orient on the outside looking in but as it stands we have 3 London Clubs in the playoffs including us. Absolute scenes if we can claim a playoff place come the end of the season. But at the moment I'm just happy with the 12 point gap between us and relegation.


Kingstonian with their head just above water. Welling are currently in a playoff place but we know how that normally ends up. Wealdstone will be disappointed to be down there but Hornchurch will be delighted.


AFC Wimbledon are going to face a tricky season all year you feel. QPR have been disappointing but are only 3 points off a playoff place.


Brentford have had a bad start to the season. Fulham are 15th but only 3 points off playoffs. Charlton have started well for what was expected of them. Millwall are having a good go this season it seems currently in an automatic promotion place.


I worry for Palace this season. Its too early to make any real comment however. West Ham at the wrong end. The rest we have no real reason to worry for a good couple of years yet.

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Hampton and Richmond Borough

National League

October 2021


October sees the start of our FA Cup journey. Our best record was 3 wins. If we match that we are in the 3rd Round. We can dream! Other than that its just plod on in the league and look to pick up as many points as possible.

Only 1 win last month but finishing with 2 draws shows roots of recovery. Officially we are unbeaten in 3.

So after winning Player of the Month Shea Hutchinson didn't find the net once last month. We need him back...


I honestly had no idea of this result before my comment about Hutchinson. 6 goals all by strikers. Brilliant stuff!

Bromley at home next, they beat us by a point last season to go up automatically. They currently sit in 2nd place. Two newly promoted teams in the top 6. We are going to be without a few injured midfielders and a couple of suspended defenders. I don't fancy our chances.


Surprised at this to be honest.

FA Cup draw has been made. Its an either or so I won't post. We are away from home against a team from the National League South.


Wow I wasn't expecting this at all. We fell behind but responded straight away. Most of the goals were on the counter. We were probably second best by the stats, we were just devastating going forward.

Eastleigh away next, can we keep the good times rolling?


Would have liked a home draw but at least its a team 1 division below. Played them twice in 2 seasons 1 win and 1 draw. Will be strange to be the favourite.


Bore draws seem to be quite common this season. 3rd one already. I can't be too harsh, any away point in this league is a good point.

Cup time now. I really want to get through but also don't want a replay. Not asking a lot!


New signing alert! From National League South side Dover. I don't need a new CM but any addition to the squad which will improve it has to be jumped at right?

He is cup tied so won't play in the next game.


First time I've been aggressive with the full time team talk this season. We were awful. So awful. The keeper who wanted more playing time isn't getting it after this. Simple.

Annoying as could really do with a good cup run to help ease financial pressures. Wasn't meant to be. Still in the FA Trophy. Hopefully we can have a good run there.

Be nice to bounce back in the league.


Urgh. Absolutely nothing happened in the second half. Absolutely nothing! Frustrating.

Hartlepool away so not expecting much at all.


I just...I just don't understand this game. Brilliant win! 


Come on now losing against us isn't that bad!

One more game this month at home to Oldham, I have no idea which Hampton and Richmond is going to turn up.


Turns out its was the good one. Although this was an even game that could have gone either way. It went our way and I'm delighted.


I'm starting to take this personally.

We have bounced back well from 2 very disappointing defeats.


We sit in 5th only 2 points off top and a nice 4 point cushion over 8th. Absolutely brilliant season so far....apart from the FA Cup!

Sutton looks doomed. Dulwich and Dag and Red at the wrong end of the table but surviving as it stands. 3 teams from London currently in the top 7 and all of them still have a good chance of automatic promotion.


Wealdstone have recovered well and are in a good place to challenge Boreham Wood for automatic promotion. Welling are still sticking around...we know how that ends! Hornchurch and Kingstonian head above water. Good season in National League South so far.


QPR are on the outside looking in. Looking like Playoffs is the best its going to get. AFC Wimbledon on the wrong side but with 2 games in hand have a chance to get out of danger.


16 teams are separating by just 8 points. The Championship is crazy. Only 2 London sides there. Charlton are surprising everybody. Millwall only 2 points off playoffs. Fulham continue to disappoint and are only 3 points off the drop. Brentford need to fight. We can't afford to lose another team.


I said I was worried about Palace. They are rock bottom and winless. It's not looking good. West Ham have had a slow start as well. Usual suspects...and Newcastle.


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