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FM17 - Full match details are not available for this fixture and missing carrer stats - Please help

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So I have this long term save that I really enjoy, but I have some problems with it as I can show you from the pictures.

Whenever I want to see a match report from any other matches but mine, I can't.I get this message.

seematch.thumb.jpg.a0be6fbc82b1e8308fa9f38de3c8a5c5.jpg   527446204_nomatchreport.thumb.jpg.528782d80ece0d52ba0874caf572490a.jpg


Another thing is missing information in player history. For example, I just get the stats from the current season when I'm watching a player career stats. All other seasons are gone.



It's been a while since I have this problem, and I'm not sure when it started, because I did a long FM pause after that but I guess it happened when my computer was running low on storage. However, I'm not sure if it was that the reason for this.

Did anyone ever had this problem? Is there any chance to solve it? I'd really like that because I enjoy this save a lot and I'd like to play it without these problems.

Thank you.

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Unfortunately it would appear the histories within the save game has become corrupted. This is a rare occurrence in game but can sometimes happen when an anti-virus program scans and causes problems with temporary files which are only open when the game is active. If that's happened then unfortunately the histories cannot be restored. Only if you have a save game prior to this occurring would you be able to continue without this problem.

Apologies about that. 

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