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A new FM2020 challenge

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Hello there!

Would anyone with a great mind and some time on hand create a new fun and challenging task for FM2020?

I would like it to include:

- Multiple leagues to play, so you don't stick in one place forever
- Mostly or only focus on club football, but can include some sort of national management.
- A point scoring and/or set of achievements to reach

Any contribution is mostly appreciated, as it will have a influence on whether to buy the game at all.

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Maybe a twist on the pentagon / hexagon, whereby say you when you win the champions league of a continent, but you have to win it twice before moving on? Or you have to win it with teams from different nations before the next one, I.E Win the Asian Champions League with a Korean Team, then you have to the Asian Champs League with another Asian team, but not a Korean team, before attempting another continents champs league?

As for a points scoring system, why not have a SI Forum hall of fame challenge? Give points based on a league / cup's reputation and when people post what they've won have a hall of fame similar to the in game one? So if you win the English Premier League, and has a rep of 150 (not sure what it actually is) if someone wins it they get say 150 points to their total. Then you could factor in who they won it with, if they won it with Man City, as they're the top rep team in England you may not add additional points, however if you won it with Newcastle, maybe after a few seasons in game they may be the 10th rep team, you could add ten points? Or something along those lines?


I'm always game for challenges, however as I didn't have much luck with FM19 due to bugs I didn't post on the challenges forum much, however I've decided I am getting 20, and will definitely be more active on the challenges forum, so if you do set something up, count me in!

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If no one else makes one, I will try, just I don't have the same time as before. I also can't connect to this page at work, only from home.

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