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In need for a lower league tactical guide.!

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Soo Hello guys! Recently started a journeyman save on fmm and chose Rotherham as my starter club! It's been a hard time at Rotherham really... Preseason went alright got 2 wins out of 3.! But the championship is falling apart for me!! In 8 games I've only won 2, I drew 3 and lost 3 sitting 23rd position 2 points above Bolton.! I had a Man United save before and had done sooo good! I won the Prem, the FA cup and got to the quarters of Carabao cup and semi's in the UCL! But my run of form at Rotherham isn't the same as ManU. so I would love some tips for Lower league management! 


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suck at lower league management. Nothing frustrates me more than the lack of a HUGH or sizeable transfer budget to work with and inability to get good players on loan.

I rarely go lower league except for the Sky Bet Championship and sometimes a League 1 team. 

I'm kinda an amateur at FM 

But 1 thing I have noticed is the formation is very important. I dunno which style you play but maybe you should get more defensive. 

Now, I absolutely hate the whole "Sit back and defend. Hit on the break" idea. But maybe it'll work for you. 

I use a 3-1-2-3-1 system with a balanced mentality and it works to an extent. Maybe you should try it 

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Main thing I tend to do in the lower leagues is to look for players who are physically fitter, faster and stronger than the opposing players ... skill costs money and the chances are you don't have a lot of it, however speed (especially up front) will get you chances and with enough time and space most players will score eventually ...

(so I normally play with a fast striker up front and two advanced wide players who are also as fast as possible ... in defense/midfield look for physically strong players and go for somewhat cruder tactics than you might higher up the leagues, I don't look for silky passing - I look for direct balls over the top for my fast players to chase ...)

PS - The guide @NickThomas posted looks fantastic :D

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